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Alpha Omega 4 timmar sedan
Grace and Bill, and Taylor 🤩. Finally out of U.S waters. The outlook is on the up and up now.
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B S 5 timmar sedan
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Gene Braaksma 5 timmar sedan
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Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 5 timmar sedan
I predict another 2 years. No nastiness intended but the child will need kindergarten and playmates by then. As such, it might not make sense to purchase a catamaran, as this would cut into saved retirement funds and would not be part of a winding down strategy. Again, no nasty intention, but look at it logically. I would do the same - go with the YT revenue as long as possible. Revitalize now and then when needed with new crew / themes / destinations - then cash out, sell the boat, buy a house and semi retire. A savvy strategy. Thereafter give seminars on boat buying and cruising (Brian already has done so), at 100 to 200 $ a pop. Maybe write a book on cruising. Perhaps become a qualified vessel surveyor too. Alternately, keep the boat and do 'lite' chartering in between. I do not presume to speak on their behalf, but that's one way of looking at it.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 5 timmar sedan
What a great video I had to rewatch it y'alls little girl is so beautiful the new sale with the Buddha man on it is so cool
B S 5 timmar sedan
Feel like running through the desert wasn’t the best way to acclimatize the body before an ocean crossing. But I’m living in Lockdown in Canada in 2021. What do I know...thanks for these videos. You guys hit me like the #SailingZatara family....they got me through 2020. :/
Anne Gatter
Anne Gatter 7 timmar sedan
Missed the live stream. 😞 Taylor where is your boat?
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Wedge Antilles 9 timmar sedan
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Jeff Seifert 10 timmar sedan
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tallbikercat 11 timmar sedan
Exploring the Sea of Cortez would be fabulous. Exploring the Inside Passage along the Canadian coast would be amazing, but you would need to suffer the Baja Bash to get northwards along the coast...unless you go to Hawaii first. Fair winds and I can't wait to see what this next season brings. I hope border closures don't cramp your style too badly.
Donna Kawana
Donna Kawana 11 timmar sedan
Happy mother's day Kazza you are an inspiration to me... Thanks guys for everything coming! An Grace an Taylor Hey ladies good to see ya✌🏻💗😊❣️
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Douglas Holden
Douglas Holden 12 timmar sedan
You guys are dope - and I skipped through this live stream and just happened upon some update on Brady and Blue which was awesome -- I went and checked them out (I'm in Seoul, Korea). Thanks a bunch. I've been following Delos for... 2 years? and stumbled upon you from a long lived dream of basically doing what you're doing. Your social media content is fantastic - thanks and congratulations and I wish you health and happiness.
Douglas Holden
Douglas Holden 11 timmar sedan
and....best ending
think planet earth
think planet earth 12 timmar sedan
New to this channel. Found you on Exploring Alternatives. Loved this video. It was both funny and touching. So well done. And I really liked your brother recapping how you two met. What an adventure. I know a couple (older than you though) with a somewhat similar story/lifestyle, though they've now built a house and settled in a tiny island in the Caribbean while still doing some sailing. It'll be interesting to see how you adapt as your daughter gets older. I look forward to more of your videos.
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Colleen Vazquez 12 timmar sedan
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Carole Hitch 14 timmar sedan
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T Overturf
T Overturf 15 timmar sedan
Just a comment on the show, your show sure has lost it's color since you brother left. You two look like you're living this lifestyle because it might be the only thing you know. Your very good at producing videos but I don't see the passion for what you're doing, like maybe you have done it too long, maybe it's just a job. Your show is now like watching another familys home videos. IDK but keep the little one safe.
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 6 timmar sedan
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Johan Marais
Johan Marais 17 timmar sedan
Has Brian seen his family?
Johan Marais
Johan Marais 17 timmar sedan
Apologies - I jumped the gun...
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Javier Almillatégui 19 timmar sedan
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Ronilo Tagyab 20 timmar sedan
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W L Skyrme
W L Skyrme 21 timme sedan
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airsofter2247 22 timmar sedan
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Linda Chastain Dag sedan
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Angeles Dag sedan
I HAVE TO SAY YOU MADE MY DAY BETTER MY WEEK BETTER MY YEAR BETTER!!!!! YOU ARE COMING TO PANAMA 🇵🇦!!!! We will love to meet you here, and anything you need we can help, please let us know!!! 😁😁😁😁😁
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Gaetan A. Cincire Dag sedan
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Ghost hunter
Ghost hunter Dag sedan
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eluarda1 Dag sedan
Hi my name is Jenny Freel, I watch your videos for almost half of year and I love it. Me and my husband are trying to prepare to sail to Japan in 5 more months. It surprises me that you want to go to Japan too. I’d be happy having you guys in my house in Japan. Right now we are in San Diego, we just bought a boat almost one year Morgan 41. Well, we need a lot of advice from you guys. Thank you for posting your videos.
Andre Andrus
Andre Andrus Dag sedan
Am I hearing Vancouverite, BC accents??
Christi P
Christi P Dag sedan
That rat thing didn’t have a tail!
paul omeara
paul omeara Dag sedan
Fyi when lost in a forest with no compass, you can tell north/south by looking at the moss on the trees. The north side (northern hemisphere) and south side (southern hemisphere) of the tree will have the most moss growing on it. Pro tip for when you're lost next time. ;-)
The Hopulus Experience
The Hopulus Experience Dag sedan
Important question: what is your favorite beer? You’ve tried a few in your journeys. In any case I hope you can visit our brewery in Bogotá! More than welcomed. We would love to treat you all to a great trip in our photographic expedition vehicle. Check out our channel. ;) just staring with SEmost. Cheers.
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Bo Lorentzen Dag sedan
Hey Guys - just came across this - seems you are officially schedule programming on a 127 subscriber channel.. no idea what it is, but thought I would bounce it your way.. you can zap my post once you get the link ;-) semost.info/http/acBC-wvv1yWyqEi_hsatkA.htmlvideos
Jimmy D'Nada
Jimmy D'Nada Dag sedan
I raised two kids on my boat and they turned out to be the best kids anyone could ever have, there’s just some thing about being on a boat. I don’t think either one of them will ever get on a boat ever again, but it structured their lives in a way that they will never fail!!!
Bluuplanet Dag sedan
You don't need the vaccine! You all are young, healthy and socially distanced. We were all stunned and disheartened by the death of Patrick Childress but his case is not the norm. The mortality rate in the US is about 1.5% and those at risk are significantly older. Please watch Dr. Sam Bailey's channel.
alias alias
alias alias Dag sedan
And certainly don't tell others not to do what may save lives, because you're afraid. The odds of dying from covid may be low, but dying from the vaccine is even lower than that. Probably best to understand as well that we shouldn't take medical advice from youtuber and social media influencers.
alias alias
alias alias Dag sedan
People are not getting the vaccine just to protect themselves. They do it so they cen protect their elderly, vulnerable and pregnant, friends and family. We may survive no problem, but others around us are not so lucky. I agree that Astrazeneca and Johnson and Johnson have not been as transparent with the facts as I would like, but vaccines has ridded the world of small pox, polio and others diseases. Don't avoid vaccination yourself simply cos you're healthy, that is not the point of vaccinating everyone.
Bluuplanet Dag sedan
Oh, oh, Oh call on me! If you want a home school curriculum for Sierra that focuses on personal freedom and liberty, take a look at the Ron Paul Curriculum or The Freedom Project Academy.
stepnahalf Dag sedan
Do you have any plans of meeting Capt Rick in Panama?
NEFF Racing
NEFF Racing Dag sedan
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Lori Hutton
Lori Hutton Dag sedan
I missed the live chat but so enjoyed watching today. Sierra aka nugget stole the show again today. She is so stinking cute YES us fans would watch her cry bc she is still a cutie pie no matter what she is doing. I noticed everyone is lil browned up. You guys found sun somewhere to soak up. Wish it was in TN.we went from hi 70' s to rain back cool. Next week probably be 80. I'm a sun and heat lover so I can't wait. We don't have an ocean near by but it's lake time for me. I'm doing lil remodeling on the camper. So much cheaper to paint my cabinets change out flooring than to buy new one. I'm hoping my 2001 looks like a 2021 inside when I'm finished. I even recoated the yellowing tub. Back to white again. Yeah! Think bathroom sink needs it to now. Lol. If you two ever want a permanent nanny I'm 50 single no kids and ready. Lol I no nothing about sailing tho just moonshine ,wine and bourbon making,does that count? Lol. Can't wait til next video. Take care,be safe. ☮️, 💓 and 🐕.
laura mckay
laura mckay Dag sedan
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Tom Henry
Tom Henry Dag sedan
What is your plan of action if you believe you are being approached by pirates at sea?
Aomestl Dag sedan
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Roger Stone
Roger Stone Dag sedan
Tough sailing? Crossing the Indian Ocean, or off the north-east coast, is as bad as it gets? Guys, you need to watch this video: semost.info/award/bKishq2Yqb2P2KY/video.html - also: semost.info/award/in-KX8R3m9WPvGs/video.html - with small children aboard.
Roger Stone
Roger Stone Dag sedan
Home schooling Sierra will be much easier if you have some Zoom conferencing and you can have a volunteer teacher and 4 or 5 other kids of the same age and ability in a group. I'm only qualified for older ages, but there will be plenty of volunteers, I'm certain. How many parents would love to be able to say 'my child was in the same class as Sierra'?
Roger Stone
Roger Stone Dag sedan
You're going to go round again! Fantastic! That's the best news I have heard since... Since I found the channel, I suppose.
Roger Stone
Roger Stone Dag sedan
Hey! The star of the show just walked out, and we're only 2:30 into the chat. You're short-changing us, Delos dudes. When does Sierra get her own episode?
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David Digital Dag sedan
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Blake’s Aquatics Dag sedan
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marcello rocca Dag sedan
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Life after Life Plus
Life after Life Plus Dag sedan
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