Our very own PRIVATE ISLAND in Maine! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 295

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Sailing SV Delos

4 månader sedan

Delos has sailed to deserted beaches, tropical jungle rivers, and even bustling cities. And now we find ourselves in the amazing State of Maine, at our very own private island!
After dodging a mine field of lobster floats we finally arrive at our new home for the next few weeks- our very own private island in Maine! With deep water around us it's the perfect introduction to this magnificent cruising ground and a great place to do our mandatory self-quarantine. We begin exploring the island and planning for Sierra's 1st birthday, only to find that a tropical storm is hot on our heels. We batten down the hatches and prepare Delos for the blow, which arrives during The Little Nugget's party.
PS- A very special thanks to Jordan, crew from our 1st Caribbean season, for the incredible job helping to put this episode together. We love ya' Jordan :)
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Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 5 månader sedan
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pablo fabillar
pablo fabillar 2 månader sedan
Amazing family. I'm glad I found this channel. I look and watch you videos everyday. Happy birthday little sailor nug! Keep safe in your sailing and God bless you all. From the Philippines. 🇵🇭😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏
Hans de Vries Lentsch
Hans de Vries Lentsch 4 månader sedan
Did you fix the washing machine?
limerickcity 4 månader sedan
@GT: Ttvthx4theclips Citizen but cant be president. which these days is probably a badge of honor!
Sean 4 månader sedan
Happy Birthday Nugget!!! Congrats to you guys!
GT: Ttvthx4theclips
GT: Ttvthx4theclips 4 månader sedan
Is baby nuggs a United States citizen I’ve always wondered how it would be to have a kid on board ❤️🔥💯
Juan Bautista H jan
Juan Bautista H jan 3 dagar sedan
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Anita Hardesty
Anita Hardesty 9 dagar sedan
I can't believe your sweet baby is already 1 year old! Where does the time go?❤🤗⛵
Jim A Nonymous
Jim A Nonymous Månad sedan
When i saw the kid outside during the storm i thought of those spring harness things that you hang on something where the baby can jump up and down. It would also stay vertical at all times like a gimble.
ropshubop Månad sedan
Why not come up the bay of Fundy? Sissies! ;)
UX Assasin
UX Assasin Månad sedan
Very inspire vlog, I just find in my recommendation YT, love your adventure story 😍😍😍
Cruising Colette
Cruising Colette 2 månader sedan
I lived on a boat and izayh went right over us in the Bahamas on a logon 630 check out our channel
Samantha Ndaleni
Samantha Ndaleni 2 månader sedan
Wow just found this channel so much catching up to do. Do I start 10 years ago? 🤯🤯🤯
frawldog 2 månader sedan
arthur smith
arthur smith 2 månader sedan
make a wish little one happy birthday
fergy Ferguson
fergy Ferguson 2 månader sedan
Amazing that nugget is 1.. and how well of a mother kazza as become,just natural..I can remember when kazza was a younger care free spirit...now your a mommy..what a blessing,nice place and how beautiful America really is...
Jays canvas loft
Jays canvas loft 2 månader sedan
Love that the family shared their house with you guys such a blessing.
Larry 3 månader sedan
May God protect you all during your sea journey
Sean Mahoney
Sean Mahoney 3 månader sedan
I swear these people are Demi-gods and they just don’t give a shit about their duty’s anymore
RMH Bricklaying
RMH Bricklaying 3 månader sedan
I wonder if they ever cross paths with pirates
Tony Joyce
Tony Joyce 3 månader sedan
Have you guys ever been to Delos??
Living On The Delta
Living On The Delta 3 månader sedan
it has sucked the fun out of the videos
Kings Mom831
Kings Mom831 4 månader sedan
I love Kazza’s laugh, when she’s talking about the nugget, & Brian’s laugh when she unplugs the cord from the laptop😂😂🥰🥰
STEPHEN ARBO 4 månader sedan
oh yes... many... many times we wove the minfields of lobster pots.... lol and the water never gets cold... spent many years sailing offf the coast or maine.... and the BVI ... but no lobster pots there hahaha
Austin Weinrich
Austin Weinrich 4 månader sedan
Happy Birthday Nugget! 🥳 Awesome videos!
Francesco Ciriello
Francesco Ciriello 4 månader sedan
And Happy birthday Little Sailor !!!!😍🏝️🌼
Francesco Ciriello
Francesco Ciriello 4 månader sedan
Beautiful Family ...... Oh my God!!!! Thanks a lot .... Francesco from Milano
Liz J
Liz J 4 månader sedan
I love living in Midcoast Maine (you were about 20 minutes from us in this place) and your video highlights our special place so beautifully. There is a peace here in Maine, an internal peace.
Robert Colvin
Robert Colvin 4 månader sedan
Yes, the baby changes everything. Way for the better. Unconditional love beats anything else in the world and for awhile, you'll have experiences you'll remember all your lives. Congratulations on the year anniversary and thanks for sharing. She's a beautiful. little girl with smiles all the time so makes this weird time we're in more normal for those of us who follow you. Thank you again.
joaquin escobar
joaquin escobar 4 månader sedan
Wet Souls
Wet Souls 4 månader sedan
That's awesome guys! Enjoy this beautiful place 💙💙💙
CHRISBOOMZ 4 månader sedan
I love you guys why am I not getting notifications of your videos
Sayain Buster
Sayain Buster 4 månader sedan
R R R R Happy Birthday Capt Nugget
That's great i really love the way you live its very unique and interesting keep on sailing. Shout out pls
Sea Horse
Sea Horse 4 månader sedan
Happy Birthday Sierra!!!🎂🎉🎊You all are living the life👍☺️
John Thomson
John Thomson 4 månader sedan
Cant believe it's been a year already. I've probably been watching for two years. Where does the time go
Kuldeep kuldip
Kuldeep kuldip 4 månader sedan
Happy Birthday Siearra🥳
Robot Robert
Robot Robert 4 månader sedan
Happy B-day nugget.
Jeff Berman
Jeff Berman 4 månader sedan
Always fixing something! and you do it great
PDZ1122 4 månader sedan
Sailing channel turned baby channel. Ugh. Done, sorry.
dimml0r 4 månader sedan
holy shit, thats some cabin
Marion Kilian
Marion Kilian 4 månader sedan
She will only ever respond to Little Nugget or Nugget ❤️
Mark Barlow
Mark Barlow 4 månader sedan
Just stumbled across you guys a couple of weeks ago and have literally binged watched for two weeks. An absolutely amazing family and what an adventure. The world is a little crazy right now,you are in the best place. Stay safe guys....much 💘
Brianna Hester
Brianna Hester 4 månader sedan
Hi! I’m from Maine! So cool to see that you like it here. It’s soooo beautiful!! Have you seen snow yet where you are?? 🥶🥶🥶
Jack Eagle
Jack Eagle 4 månader sedan
East coast
akash Jain
akash Jain 4 månader sedan
Did you ever get to bump with pirates, bad waves?
Captain Jazz
Captain Jazz 4 månader sedan
I’m glad you enjoyed Maine.
Walkabout With Kira
Walkabout With Kira 4 månader sedan
My firstborn was the same with blowing out the candles on his first birthday. Wait til lil nug turns 2... granny had to light the candle 15 times so he could blow it out & say “AGAIN! AGAIN!” I got it on film too. He’s 21 now. 😉
Brandon Hambright
Brandon Hambright 4 månader sedan
I am late to watch. Happy Birthday Sierra, The Little Nugget.. So good to see you having a great time with those shoes. What modeling you do with that smile. Take care of mom and dad Nugget, and Happy Birthday to you.
Robert Jaynes
Robert Jaynes 4 månader sedan
Madagascar teenagers jailed without trial | Unreported World... you say MADAGASCAR is one of your favorite places??? why not help this
Richard LeBreton
Richard LeBreton 4 månader sedan
2020 we lived in the cone of uncertainty this year. The storm went just west of us. People on the gulf coast *shudders*
LR SABELLANO 4 månader sedan
Happy Bday nugget...
Piotr Trocki
Piotr Trocki 4 månader sedan
HERE'S THE LINK TO BRADY'S SEmost CHANNEL semost.info/award/aqGvpc6Go5-AvYQ/video.html
Just4 Youtube
Just4 Youtube 4 månader sedan
The rest of the world is broken. Take what you can and escape while you can.
tobohobo one
tobohobo one 4 månader sedan
You should hed down to NH the Piscataway is a nice river to check out
agc812 4 månader sedan
Over 3000 NM for the Nugget? Wow!
Sail Fish 'n Dive - Seychelles
Sail Fish 'n Dive - Seychelles 4 månader sedan
Amazing shots, great content! Good job guys
Nehpets kariuki
Nehpets kariuki 4 månader sedan
Happy birthday
Sandy Orlesky
Sandy Orlesky 4 månader sedan
No bloopers? 🙁
michael bishop
michael bishop 4 månader sedan
I live in maine, so cool to see you guys here.
michael bishop
michael bishop 4 månader sedan
And saint george! That's crazy that's so close to me
PERIKLIS MELETIOU 4 månader sedan
Happy Birthday! Truly sailor baby! Delos is a 54ft Amel?
HANIBAL TADESSE 4 månader sedan
i love you guys god be with u
SkyEarthOcean 4 månader sedan
Here is a question, are you required to fly the flag or the country the vessel is registered in if you go international? I'm quite disgusted with my country and flying the US flag would not put me in a happy place.
Sahin Deniz
Sahin Deniz 4 månader sedan
I wonder how long you planning to sailing and this also makes me wonder, if Sierra gonna hate your history with her or loves it when she's like enough old to think about the back 🙂 I wish you guys safe and sound days. Thank you for sharing the videos of amazing times of yours and trying hard to maintain everything in your life while doing all the things you done so far
Soggy Hogwallup
Soggy Hogwallup 4 månader sedan
Just came across your channel watching the two of you giving the boat tour. Wow ...you guys rock, your baby is beautiful. Diapers gotta be tough to manage. Good luck to you on your life's journey & I am a subscriber.
Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey 4 månader sedan
Welcome to Maine!
Dan Meehan
Dan Meehan 4 månader sedan
Great video, she doesn't know it yet but she may be the most video'd kid ever
Al Leonetti
Al Leonetti 4 månader sedan
Very cute,
Jerry Reed
Jerry Reed 4 månader sedan
I noticed that you have a handle attached to the bottom of your drone which makes great sense to me. Can you please describe how it is attached and what it is constructed of? Thank you.
Wayne Masters
Wayne Masters 4 månader sedan
Drain the tank every six months?
Donna Kawana
Donna Kawana 4 månader sedan
Happy Birthday Baby Nugs!!!! Cheers to the best sailing parents an beautiful lil Lady !!!!!❤💪😊❗
Rachel DelFrate
Rachel DelFrate 4 månader sedan
Awww I grew up in St George and learned to sail there. So sweet to share with you and see Sierra turn 1! Keep up the great work all 🥰
Rachana Visawadia
Rachana Visawadia 4 månader sedan
Happy birthday to broccoli lover little Angel..oops courageous tiny sailor nugget..Loads of Love to u guys from Mumbai..India..u all are so inspiring..😇😍🤗
Dhruv Bhavsar
Dhruv Bhavsar 4 månader sedan
Happy Birthday lil nugget 🎂♥️
Alexander Wijnhamer
Alexander Wijnhamer 4 månader sedan
So bizar, I am catching up and now watching the Q&A from May 2018. Plans for Delos 2.0, sailing to Japan etc. Still more than 100 episodes to go but I have watched the newer ones. It's a great story!
Betty-Lou Creamer
Betty-Lou Creamer 4 månader sedan
Happy birthday 🎂
nutsoks 4 månader sedan
You need to sail the Great Lakes!!!!!!!!
Draven Lively
Draven Lively 4 månader sedan
If you pass Virginia any time let me know I’ll hop aboard !!
Draven Lively
Draven Lively 4 månader sedan
I’m a patron and have been watching so much and keeping up I told you before I want to get my own someday haha I’m 21 and life’s a wreck here on land man .. I’m a mechanic and it still barely pays I’d rather be open sail !
*Air bear*
*Air bear* 4 månader sedan
At 6:30, you'll notice Nuggets little eye brows flick, just like dad.
David Holdman
David Holdman 4 månader sedan
Bluuplanet 4 månader sedan
My Bro-in-law was in the Coast Guard and was stationed at the light on Matinicus Rock back when those lights were manned. There was enough room for the lighthouse and a helipad. That's about 38km out from where you were. My wife and I spent a few days on Great Duck; a bit farther up the coast.
Bluuplanet 4 månader sedan
Lots of fog on the Maine coast. It typically stays on the coast. If you go a half mile inland, it disappears. On the other hand, the water moderates the temperature. In the winter, the coast is about 10F deg. warmer than inland and in the summer the coast is about 10F deg. cooler than inland.
Bluuplanet 4 månader sedan
I love Maine. The marine life is completely different from what you're used to. Draw a line from Cape Cod up to Nova Scotia. To the NW of that line is the Gulf of Maine. On the other side, the Gulf Stream coming up the eastern seaboard makes a right turn and goes over toward England. The Gulf of Maine is colder water. Explore the tidal pools at low tide. It looks nothing like the sandy bottom in the Caribbean.
Roan Ogoc
Roan Ogoc 4 månader sedan
Happy birthday little sierra always smile🥰 God bless you🙏🙏💯
Ron Briz
Ron Briz 4 månader sedan
So thankful you guys made it through the storm. A birthday you'll never forget!
Andy Connell
Andy Connell 4 månader sedan
Love your temp home in Maine, and love your adventure guys x
shane walker
shane walker 4 månader sedan
Happy birthday Sierra May all your dreams come true May you always sail in sunshine Happy birthday to you
Elizabeth French
Elizabeth French 4 månader sedan
Maine is my home and we live near Port Clyde and love to go there by water and by road it is so beautiful and the sunsets from there are so amazing! Can’t wait to see all your Maine videos coming up! It is special here...thanks for visiting and sharing your journey! HBD Sierra !1️⃣🎉
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 4 månader sedan
Hello SV Delos Tribe I’d sent you guys a message through the Delos website, I think I might have addressed it to Brady but was meant for Capt. Brian, A big Happy Birthday to Sierra!
Fredrick Rourk
Fredrick Rourk 4 månader sedan
Modern Kid goes after the data USB Stick.
Fredrick Rourk
Fredrick Rourk 4 månader sedan
Happy Birthday Sierra!
Jomar Manzano
Jomar Manzano 4 månader sedan
Parabéns Sierra.
Glen Webster
Glen Webster 4 månader sedan
Guys, you have no idea how you've changed my life. I've seen pretty much all of you videos and it has inspired me in many ways. I would so love to have a chat but as a musician during lockdown, I sadly can't afford, as a South African (exchange rate), to pledge to you guys, even though I'd love to. Thank you so much for your incredible and inspirational life journey. I'll for sure keep watching. Bless you all....
Sebastien R.
Sebastien R. 4 månader sedan
happy birthday nugget
Thomas Paul
Thomas Paul 4 månader sedan
Happy Birthday Sierra !
Cailan Riel
Cailan Riel 4 månader sedan
I've been watching all the Delos videos for 3 years now, and just watched the latest video! Can't believe that's it! What an incredible life you guys lead. What an inspirational crew you are. Thank you!!! Keep up the good work. Cheers!
Schalk Naudé South Africa
Schalk Naudé South Africa 4 månader sedan
Happy birthday little Sierra, she must have been thinking what the heck is wrong with my Parents Very kind of the owner for providing his pride Island for you guys, looks like a awesome place. I specially like the Outhouse, we call it a "long drop" no need to explain... 🤠
John Lemon
John Lemon 4 månader sedan
That moment when you realize a 1-year old has traveled more than you do.
mushy 4 månader sedan
I didn't realize, until you pointed it out. Thank you ]=
John Carter
John Carter 4 månader sedan
LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful!
Andy 4 månader sedan
Happy birthday Sierra.
lovemytunes kristian
lovemytunes kristian 4 månader sedan
stop moaning you got it for free. be happy
Ed L
Ed L 4 månader sedan
Toddlers are so much fun now the terrible twos are sometimes terrible and sometimes not so terrible
A 4 månader sedan
wow so many wonderful people out there! How blessed you guys are!
OutDoorzFam 4 månader sedan
Happy Birthday Nuggz 💙💚💙💚
Viketo Kiba
Viketo Kiba 4 månader sedan
I'm a new subscriber and I really love watching ur videos....❤️❤️❤️ Keep going , Hope u reach million subscribers soon... now every night i keep watching all ur videos...❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍
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