She Pulled the Princess Card but Fixed The Toilet! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 302

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Sailing SV Delos

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With our navigation pad on the fritz, a fussy teething baby, and a busted toilet we decide to make a move further North. We heard rumors of a long, white sand beach reported to be a slice of the Caribbean in Maine, just a few miles south of the Canadian boarder. So we set sail in search of this rare spot. But before we can explore Kazza gets a crash course in marine toilet repair as our aft cabin toilet is making a horrible sound when flushing :( We get a surprise visit from the USCG patrol and spend the day exploring the amazing Roque Island by dinghy and land.
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Jay Brose
Jay Brose Månad sedan
Nice to see Lisa is still involved!
Gals Outwest Treasure Hunting
Gals Outwest Treasure Hunting Månad sedan
Your videos are so relaxing. I sit back, take a deep exhale. Much needed these days. Love it. What a beautiful, happy baby.
Joker Gwild
Joker Gwild Månad sedan
I bet the rocking of the boat helps the baby sleep right ?
mike stone
mike stone Månad sedan
Hey guys! Thank you for all the good times, fair winds, and full sails. If you can crush some ice in the blender,( leave it with small chunks), pour some juice in the ice, drink it, and give the ice to “Nugget”, it will numb her gums, and she will “cut” her teeth with a lot less discomfort. Hope this helps! Hope to see you soon.....we will be shoving off soon!
Jason Schwarzman
Jason Schwarzman Månad sedan
aj calingasan
aj calingasan 2 månader sedan
when I found out about delos I immediately went to here and subbed its really nice
Capn T Baggins
Capn T Baggins 2 månader sedan
Its ok there is another end to that pot
athukora 2 månader sedan
rod hazeldene
rod hazeldene 2 månader sedan
Without doubt in the myriad of sailing vlogs this is way, way the best. Thanks guys.
funnyglow 2 månader sedan
Such stunning scenery. I enjoy this a lot. Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
Justin Ohl
Justin Ohl 2 månader sedan
The best an most inspiring videos ive ever watched on youtube and thats all i do... Honestly love you guys
Duke Elinton
Duke Elinton 2 månader sedan
Living in a milk carton that's original
Doug Kehoe
Doug Kehoe 2 månader sedan
Brian I feel guilty how the boat punishes you relentlessly...and I keep watching.
Doug Kehoe
Doug Kehoe 2 månader sedan
Err...Nickel and Dimed...
Doug Kehoe
Doug Kehoe 2 månader sedan
Just wanted to say,might be a NE thing, we nor easters do corn meal n clams in a jelly bucket to flush the sand and prime the crustacean. Muscles were shunned for years like lobster...well maybe not lobster that was fed to prisoners but long after muscles hung on rocks w the mud. The orange flesh w butter n garlic n chive came around the late need to flush. Both delish!...u did computer code job n u constantly get nickel n dined on the boat? I suffer and enjoy your toil. Love the baby!
Francis Vincent Cabalatungan
Francis Vincent Cabalatungan 2 månader sedan
Happy new year SV DELOS
AliB333 2 månader sedan
That wipe cut from Brian with his coffee, to untying that line....that was so great I almost didn’t catch it.
Ethio Ethio
Ethio Ethio 2 månader sedan
You guys are amazing!! Enjoying your life
Joe A
Joe A 2 månader sedan
Thank you for the great video when your baby started crying I felt like I could totally relate to you and your struggle of putting a baby to sleep. stay well,happy and keep on putting up great videos
Kyle W
Kyle W 2 månader sedan
I'm so glad I discovered this channel. Great content any you guys seem like awesome people. I got so excited a few episodes ago when you passed my hometown on Cape Cod.
sha kalikavu
sha kalikavu 2 månader sedan
Fitzy Holden
Fitzy Holden 2 månader sedan
Despite being an Aussie, I still ask how the hell La Vagabond has more subscribers than this channel. Got me completely stuffed.
Devin Brown
Devin Brown 2 månader sedan
Nugget going after that throttle nob like baby Yoda.
Packadapod 2 månader sedan
yo the music in this one was *chefs kiss*
Marc Abelha
Marc Abelha 2 månader sedan
Did you make a video testing Sierra's floating and harness gear? I am curious how it would work in case of an unscheduled salted bath.
Local Tradesman
Local Tradesman 2 månader sedan
I always have said, "If you put someone in a closet and take them out when they were like twenty, what would they experience.". Well this little girl is kinda like that, in a way. Interesting to see how she is when she is like 20. Just wondering!! Looks like a good life.
Brad Focht
Brad Focht 2 månader sedan
Need a baby wrestling match between baby Sailing SV Develos and baby La Vagabonde. Same weight class.
Ty Anderson
Ty Anderson 2 månader sedan
Hey guys. I just wanted to hit you up and let you know we are bailing on you tube. Your platform is now run by socialist and we cannot support that in my house. When you see me un subscribe it is not because we don't love the content, we just don't support the bullying of opposing views or group think. Face book no better so I guess all we can do is detach. Thanks for everything.
Marine Pete The Reefer
Marine Pete The Reefer 2 månader sedan
A question for MR & Mrs Delos, I have just watched Living on a Self-Sufficient Sailboat for 10 Years + FULL TOUR, where you give a great up-to-date tour of Delos and how you live on board. But I have to say you made me a little nervous when you showed the survival/ ditch bag. My question is, should that ever happen, and Delos goes swimming with the fishes, do you guys have a reserve fund that would be enough to replace Delos? If not wouldn't it be cool for your supporters to donate to create this lifeline fund?
عازف الياماها
عازف الياماها 2 månader sedan
I wish if you guys cross the red sea all the way to Suez Channel and then cross the Mediterranean and make a stop at each major city and give us a tour. That would be awesome.
Sailing Pitou
Sailing Pitou 2 månader sedan
What happend to the good old yamaha 2 stroke?
Paul Miazga
Paul Miazga 2 månader sedan
Kazza, do you speak to Nugget ever in Swedish, or have Swedish reading material for her? I really hope you guys don't miss out on the chance to ensure she grows up at least bilingual...
tlrfktm 2 månader sedan
Hi guys Thanks for all videos over the years. I saw you had some issues with your toilet, since you have French boat I think you should have a toilet made in France. I had one installed 8 years ago and since then I only pushed the flush button, ok I cleaned it but never dismantled it. Safe sailing🍺
the hockey fam hockey
the hockey fam hockey 2 månader sedan
Will u guys ever get a catamaran? What do you prefer, catamaran or monohull? Love your channel. Adrian from Muizenberg Cape Town South Africa
Scott Harriman
Scott Harriman 2 månader sedan
My grandfather was the manager on Roque Island for a few years when I was younger and I used to live and work there during the summer in high school. I know that big, beautiful beach well!
Jeff Chadrick
Jeff Chadrick 2 månader sedan
Your dock gives me anxiety.
Karl Von Neumann
Karl Von Neumann 2 månader sedan
Will delos ever come to the Great lakes?
Mathew S-E
Mathew S-E 2 månader sedan
really great video! loved the clips at the end, and the boat coming out of the fog!!
Alex Pengelly
Alex Pengelly 2 månader sedan
do you think that your baby growing up on a boat would effect her walking
Tom Mullins
Tom Mullins 2 månader sedan
Delos 2.0 17' Beam
Mike Cofojohn
Mike Cofojohn 2 månader sedan
Your editing and cinematography is incredible. Cheers & Slainte.
Sarah Geiger
Sarah Geiger 2 månader sedan
Bird was maybe a female black throated blue warbler if you're looking for an ID!
Weilah de las Montañas
Weilah de las Montañas 2 månader sedan
The music was, again, very well chosen for this episode! Very enjoyable. Thanks!
Mike Sonntag
Mike Sonntag 2 månader sedan
You guys should definitely get motor looked at that's pretty important should you guys do long sail and you loose wind.
Mike Sonntag
Mike Sonntag 2 månader sedan
Amazing for how young she is the sea legs she has being able to compensate for movement of boat.
Randy McKinnon
Randy McKinnon 2 månader sedan
That baby is so cute and happy!
JustJazzper 2 månader sedan
hey @Sailing SV Delos , on the patreon site it says u get $3o of gear, but thats supposed to be $30 right? I noticed it and just wanted to let u know.
Jacob Bol
Jacob Bol 2 månader sedan
Nice transitions guys!
Nicolas ROY
Nicolas ROY 2 månader sedan
Guys, can you tell me what is and where to find the little nugget sleeping tent ? Did you have an amazon link for it ?
TOM RADER 2 månader sedan
Good Mommy!
Thomas Manion
Thomas Manion 2 månader sedan
Pretty good explanation of motor action!
Richard Caplinger
Richard Caplinger 2 månader sedan
I have been watch delos for a long time. I miss Brady. I checked out your merchandise. Prices are way to high. Love your show.
WanagiAndMe Sailing
WanagiAndMe Sailing 2 månader sedan
Love it little Nugget is running the show. Boat Work and Adventures...I'm just buried in boat work looking forward to adventures.
bevosully 2 månader sedan
If your ipad stopped charging you should try clean out the charge port with a pin, the base of the charge port can get clogged with alot more stuff than you think!
Shawn Dowling
Shawn Dowling 2 månader sedan
I've seen most of your videos and this may be one of if not the best in many ways. Thanks!
lancedaniels 2 månader sedan
Thanks for posting and sharing. So nice to see what's going on with you all.
JD Jackson
JD Jackson 2 månader sedan
since you are in the states, are you going to catch up with Brady anytime soon?
Viktorija Lapėnaitė
Viktorija Lapėnaitė 2 månader sedan
That drone decent in fog. Wow.
Sandra Schewe
Sandra Schewe 2 månader sedan
how is it going sailing around the US during a pandemic and mass riots against our government?
Darrell Pugh
Darrell Pugh 2 månader sedan
small children and dogs...shoe thieves lol Luv the Video ... Fair Winds :)
KING TUT 2 månader sedan
Hey meat head can't hear what is going on with that crappy music , stop it
Tianheng Zhou
Tianheng Zhou 2 månader sedan
I wonder what’s the mental rack u install on ur dingy, is that for some water playing stuff? What’s the name of the rack I should search on internet?
Richard Chasse
Richard Chasse 2 månader sedan
40 seconds into the vlog and WOW ‼️ After leaving Jonesport the sailing now separates the men and women from the boys and girls, especially if on the outside. Roque Island is a place every Chassé boy has taken his girl. A very special place. You used to be able to climb the small mountain (hill) and see all the chiseled names and years (50+years ago), yet due to too many people leaving rubbish, now unavailable. . I can remember being the only boat in the harbor and waking up the next morning to 25+ boats from the New York Yacht Club enroute to Canad. The next morning, totally alone again. At low tide, one can dig up huge clams (cohogs) and make a lovely stew. 🙂 Sailing down east is certainly magical. 👍✌️⛵️✨
DarqeDestroyer 2 månader sedan
Stuart Wallace
Stuart Wallace 2 månader sedan
Kazza, Sierra is wonderful...are you going to start talking to her in Swedish?
Michael Twing
Michael Twing 2 månader sedan
I love to take walks with my daughter. Mtb rides too! 18 years of them.
Arnau Surf
Arnau Surf 2 månader sedan
gopro on the head of nugget while walking with you two? see it from her stance. just an idea
Stephen Duquette
Stephen Duquette 2 månader sedan
Great video ! So much covered including sailing and beach combing . You have maintained freedoms when all is but lost . Good for you . Your adventures gives us hope . Thank you !
You Fuck My Wife?
You Fuck My Wife? 2 månader sedan
Goodnight Moon was my favorite when I was little .
You Fuck My Wife?
You Fuck My Wife? 2 månader sedan
Gone With The Wynn’s we’re watching you guys .
The Dude
The Dude 2 månader sedan
Brian u definitely need a hair cut lol
Truth Finder
Truth Finder 2 månader sedan
The shot of Delos coming through the fog gave me chills.
Truth Finder
Truth Finder 2 månader sedan
@Paul Miazgaare you thinking folks aren't smart enough to get that? 😂😂😂
Paul Miazga
Paul Miazga 2 månader sedan
The drone shots are also spectacular!
brunsonr 2 månader sedan
I always enjoy your vids, but this one is particularly nice. The music and editing, and Sierra beginning to explore the world on foot. All great. Thanks, and sail on!
Lach Elting
Lach Elting 2 månader sedan
Just like to say that your story telling and editing skills on this one were specially awesome! Congrats on all the hard work.
ILIYAS m bagawan
ILIYAS m bagawan 2 månader sedan
If you are going to India please come to my country
Jon Beecroft
Jon Beecroft 2 månader sedan
LOL well Brian she could have pulled the princess card with two hands full of S&&t and for the drunkin sailor walk id say dad has had a few of those walks over the years daughter like father keep up the good work guys love the clips
Abhinav Shekhar
Abhinav Shekhar 2 månader sedan
You guys have a ton of patience. Kudos! keep the good work Best wishes from India
N K [Nate] Wood
N K [Nate] Wood 2 månader sedan
- Sailing SV Delos: Well... Yous guys just can't get rid of that _God-Awful_ , it's *CRA-A-A-A-AZY!* can you? *_AARGH_* !!!
Zach Greenwood
Zach Greenwood 2 månader sedan
It’s amazing to watch your lives progress. Can’t wait to see your daughter helping around the ship soon
Kenny Chang
Kenny Chang 2 månader sedan
ibkennedy 2 månader sedan
The more we go, the more we know...
Bill Vanderpol
Bill Vanderpol 2 månader sedan
You are such a good mom, Karin!
Gary Ritter
Gary Ritter 2 månader sedan
Next time you go for a repair, think maybe its time for a "NATURES HEAD"? installation is 4 screws and only a couple moving parts.
Kenneth M
Kenneth M 2 månader sedan
Awesome dad, but truly an amazing mom 😘
Camboriu Embalagens
Camboriu Embalagens 2 månader sedan
Camboriu Embalagens
Camboriu Embalagens 2 månader sedan
Stan7670 2 månader sedan
Sierra is captivating.
Diane Peterson
Diane Peterson 2 månader sedan
Do you ever come across some scary people. I bet nugget loves to be able to get off the boat n walk around and explore
Nikka K
Nikka K 2 månader sedan
Wow, the music as you descended over Delos in the fog....setting such a mood! Like a movie......
Julie Simpson
Julie Simpson 2 månader sedan
I like it when families show the real things that happen in real life and not cover them up and show only perfect moments. Sierra crying and fussing is reality. Thanks for putting that in your video.
Pamela Koenig
Pamela Koenig 2 månader sedan
That’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seen....she just so happy and beautiful. Y’all are truly blessed
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 2 månader sedan
Impressive explanation of motor to Kazza.
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 2 månader sedan
Play loads of music for her. She’ll grow up musical. As she’s falling to sleep. Erik Satie. Maurice Ravel. When she’s awake, Bach. And Strauss waltzes. And Tchaikovsky sugar plum fairies. My dad did that for me and my brother. We are now both good musicians who love music. He did not do that for our three sublimes. They aren’t. And don’t appreciate it. It’s so enriching.
Debra R
Debra R 2 månader sedan
OMIGOSH! Watching you swaying with Sierra in the dark brought back visceral memories of comforting my cubs (now 27 and 30)! Teething SUCKS, but it does end, you’ll all get through this together! Thanks for sharing such an intimate moment :D
Komer West
Komer West 2 månader sedan
She says im the Captain and the Captain never takes
Rudy O
Rudy O 2 månader sedan
Lil one is so adorable" Hang tough mom and dad" lol
Adam Thorogood
Adam Thorogood 2 månader sedan
In the chaos of life as we know it it's great to tune in to your videos for bit of escapism, keep em coming there awesome.
Ashton 2 månader sedan
4:09 Holy Sierra is that baby Yoda at the throttle??
ray jay
ray jay 2 månader sedan
Sierra has her dad's face,
Micheal Dean
Micheal Dean 2 månader sedan
Hey, Dad! Sierra doesn't walk like a drunken sailor, she's just getting her land legs back.
danceswithcarsdc 2 månader sedan
Little lady hasn't grown land legs yet to get back to, Afaict high percentage on board, so more like alien baby first steps one giant leap for little lady kind...
Jose Maria Oliveira
Jose Maria Oliveira 2 månader sedan
What an incredible video! The quality is really improving, if that is still possible. Very nice.
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