Do Babies Get Seasick? ⛵😭 + BOSTON Through Our Eyes- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 307

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Sailing SV Delos

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In this episode we show you Boston through our eyes and we set sail for the Cape Cod Canal. Delos is rocked by a huge swell and Sierra gets her first real bout of seasickness :(
We walk the historic Freedom Trail of Boston and tour the Boston Naval Shipyard where we get to explore a WWII Destroyer and the historic USS Constitution, aka Old Iron Sides. It's incredible to view naval technology spanning two centuries, literally docked right next to each other! We then continue our trip south with eyes on the Cape Code Canal. The conditions are pretty rough and Delos is getting tossed around by a huge swell from the last blow. There's nothing worse than trying to take care of a seasick baby when you're seasick yourself.....
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mchessia 4 dagar sedan
The lighthouse looks like Minot Light off the coast of Scituate? My home town. Love watching you guys!!!
Shaiful Ramli
Shaiful Ramli 4 dagar sedan
who else smiling when see baby nugg smiles 😁👍
Colin Grant
Colin Grant 6 dagar sedan
It's fun watching Sierra grow. She will have her sea legs and talking this year.
Carmelita Mamonto
Carmelita Mamonto 22 dagar sedan
Oh how I missed the Ramukanji song 🥰
Anita Hardesty
Anita Hardesty 22 dagar sedan
Awesome video. Loved the history! Thank you! Sweet Sierra is absolutely adorable!
David Mattin
David Mattin 28 dagar sedan
What's wrong with the 76 Dislike's It's not like they are being forced to watch', I think just Boring, Jealous people.
CUTIE BISAYA Månad sedan
I love to watch your all videos everyday all day I just watched your all videos guy's I love it so much 😍
Elsie Kluever
Elsie Kluever Månad sedan
Beautiful Boston. So much history.
Matt Lewandowski
Matt Lewandowski Månad sedan
That email from Nathan alone deserves a thumbs up.
Kurt Dutton
Kurt Dutton Månad sedan
Something great that SEmost has shown us is that you don’t need the classic reality format of manufacturing conflict and drama to make a compelling show. Wholesome fun
CablebobTube Månad sedan
For what it's worth.... It smells like the 40s on active new ships in the Navy today. I've been serving 18yrs. 4yrs left until I retire and we move on our Catamaran to sail the world... Thanks for inspiring my dream!
Danny Donnelly
Danny Donnelly Månad sedan
Your nugget is an absolute doll! The way she looked in her little tent when you were waking her up! And the big smile she gave her dad!!
Chan The Chinook
Chan The Chinook Månad sedan
That’s my home town! I took a 12ft dingy, with a 6hp motor, out from Winthrop once, trying to go around the airport into the inner harbor. Almost got killed. The wake from a huge container ship rolled into my bow and the little boat when straight up 90 degrees, my motor dipped and I almost got tossed into the water. I immediately turned around and surfed the wakes back into Winthrop. True story!
Carl Cantrell
Carl Cantrell Månad sedan
sea sickness is just motion sickness.
Stuart Smith
Stuart Smith Månad sedan
Ok.... look. MY bebegirl is (was-at nugget age) the MOST cutest, lovingest, buddyest. But, MAN!! that baby nuggellina! Ya KILLIN’ me! ❤️🤣🤦🏼‍♂️🤪👼🏼 BTW my girl is still the woobers. ❤️
Mand'alor te maan
Mand'alor te maan Månad sedan
You should've just put USS Cassin Young in the title card, I would've clicked sooner
Dr. John
Dr. John Månad sedan
I see a lot of your mother in the Nugget Karen. Did Maine remind you of Sweden at all?
Treecare Arborist
Treecare Arborist Månad sedan
Amazing ❤️❤️❤️
PhuketBungalow Info
PhuketBungalow Info Månad sedan
damn she is growing soooo fast ♥ hope you are soon in warmer weather ;) cheers from Phuket
Hazzar Gooleypunch
Hazzar Gooleypunch Månad sedan
Always like your videos but, as an Australian winemaker\sailor, I love that a Boston local gave you Aussie wine. (ps Not that there is anything wrong with a good Washington red.)
Jim Noorman
Jim Noorman Månad sedan
Your videos are great! Have you considered a summer trip to the great lakes?
t1harby Månad sedan
Good to see 905 still there. I served on Cutter Spencer in 1994🚢🥴
正博古茂田 Månad sedan
Wow. That giant floating steel bathtub is lighter than this wooden predecessor. That's unexpected to me.
Martin Sassenberg
Martin Sassenberg Månad sedan
Wow,... this is so interesting. People who (bodies that..) are so experience at sea, experiencing waves every day 24/7/365, do still get sea sick - suddenly. I did not expect that.
Martin Sassenberg
Martin Sassenberg Månad sedan
OMG, Nugget beginns to speak. 😍
Pamela Rowlett
Pamela Rowlett Månad sedan
I want a pulled pork sandwich now.
Pascal Santos
Pascal Santos Månad sedan
I love History, Navy and Ships, I got all that in this Video. New Subscriber from Kenya🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪 Much Love
Deborah Buccieri
Deborah Buccieri Månad sedan
Hey Guy's WELCOME to my neck of the woods!!! Your both living my dream life. I'll have to live it through you, so THANK YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU and your little Nugget!! I haven't givin up on my Dream yet, you never know Right??
Richard Chasse
Richard Chasse Månad sedan
Fabulous ✨ ⛵️ 🌊 ⚓️ 🏝 🍷 🌞 ✨ Totally love Boston. College days. Italian food in the North End. Yummmmmmmmy. Nantucket is where we got married. On the beach at Brandt Point Light House. Our 1-month wedding voyage. 😊. Best wishes.
Janette Howard
Janette Howard Månad sedan
Are you pregnant love?? ❤️
ImageX Månad sedan
Wow. I just discovered your channel and am completely hooked. What a beautiful family, boat, and lifestyle. Thank you for sharing! I will watch as many videos as I can. 👍
P Pumpkin
P Pumpkin Månad sedan
You guys are looking tired. You need to go some place warm and sunny and chill out for a while.
Kent Krieg
Kent Krieg Månad sedan
Get better Nathen from the Pacific Northwest.
Kent Krieg
Kent Krieg Månad sedan
Really interesting video. Loved the history lesson.
bebosing Månad sedan
Jason Kechely
Jason Kechely Månad sedan
Love you folks :)
Игорь Листопад
Игорь Листопад Månad sedan
The receptive vision impressively colour because ground clearly fold with a crowded dungeon. orange, devilish pan
tim regan
tim regan Månad sedan
welcome to Boston
H Lawson
H Lawson Månad sedan
You guys are living off the Nugget. Child labor laws may apply, but I don't think anyone will turn you in.
Nw46784 Månad sedan
I just started watching y’all’s channel not too long ago and wow! it’s going to take me a long time to start from the beginning but that’s what I love about how long you have been doing this. Lots of content for me to watch.
Quantex Home Inspections
Quantex Home Inspections Månad sedan
SOOOO many memories. Lived in Boston from '80-'85 and graduated from Northeastern Univ. on Huntington Ave. I lived at the corner of St. Stephens St. and Pubic Alley 818....right behind Symphony Hall. Many, many days spent at Fanieul Hall, Quincy Market, Downtown Crossing, the Esplanade, "No Name Seafood" (closed in 2020 after 103 years), the Commons, etc. We used to sit on the roof of our Back Bay brownstone and 'watch' the games at Fenway. We could see a fly ball or homer and hear the crowd but it was really more of an excuse to drink beer while sitting in beach chairs on a roof. Ya' know? Typical college stuff....
Bob Grundel
Bob Grundel Månad sedan
are you still in BOSTON ?
night trucker
night trucker Månad sedan
love you too oh sorry you three great show and like Nathan you and the other sailors kept me alive along with dog Bo. If it wasn,t for you and the other sailors on youtube alot of us would be in allot worst state right now thank you guys and women for keeping us shore lander,s alive and kicking. ALL YOU SAILORS ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
Jackman Hopkins
Jackman Hopkins Månad sedan
I'm from Boston!! Sail out of South Boston Yacht club!
Paul Campbell
Paul Campbell Månad sedan
Hi Brian/Kazza, Delos / Nugget. I'd love to see your version of the man overboard drill. Maybe the next time Brady comes to visit you can give me an accidental shove while under way and let us see how you get the boat stopped, turned and fish him out. :)
Vaughan Gill
Vaughan Gill Månad sedan
Apparently kids under 2 don't get seasick because they are already in a constant motion state with their falling over and rolling around due to loss of balance and learning to walk. The same when they are sleeping on a boat, they love the soothing rocking motion............... it's not until they find their legs and start to stiffen up that they become seasick. There ya go folks.
Market Matt
Market Matt Månad sedan
damn this hit me in the heart, and shed a tear, so amazing to see the world come together and give you gifts, and how you inspire and bring joy to so many around the world...
Market Matt
Market Matt Månad sedan
love your content, nugget it so cute!!!
Jon Jeter
Jon Jeter Månad sedan
Asleep at the wheel in the old days called for keel-hauling, be careful, be very very careful 🤨
Scott Elliott
Scott Elliott Månad sedan
I just can’t with the mask thing. America’s freedom tour with mask. The Fouci’s are a coming the Fouci’s are a coming. Love you though maybe next time
Melon Ando
Melon Ando Månad sedan
Here in Oz we just wear em so it we can get through the pandemic. It’s Worked a treat. It’s not hard and saves lives and lets us live in our amazing country as free as can be. Love to all. ✌️😷☺️
Harvey Post
Harvey Post Månad sedan
Redhed Hik-chik
Redhed Hik-chik Månad sedan
New subscriber here. Love your videos!
Keith Van Brunt
Keith Van Brunt Månad sedan
This is an excellent video, story line, history and videography. you should sell it to a network like travel or discovery channel.
Carlos pilus
Carlos pilus Månad sedan
Hi, I've been following you since 3 years ago and everything in your videos is spectacular. The diving sessions are great, the quality is amazing... this channel is absolutely brilliant and you helped me a lot with the majority of my curiosities about the world of scuba diving, thank you so much. Anyway, I would like to make a suggestion (if it's not a problem): I'm convinced that to add a really funny video on your channel, you could make a compilation of all of the moments where you or your friends get "caught" on video while peeing in the water (my uncle relieved himself in a scuba diving session and that was hilarious, he always tells me there are 2 types of divers: those who pee in the water and those who lie), it's something like a "ops and bloopers moments" compilation, what do you think? I'd be so so happy to watch it, let me know, bye!
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams Månad sedan
Just found you folks after a “house” tour video. Amazing lifestyle and what a journey your daughter will have!
Austin Friedner
Austin Friedner Månad sedan
Love the throwback intro
Ernesto Meng
Ernesto Meng Månad sedan
Nice sweet child. Wish you the best of luck. Greetings from Alp,s Switzerland.Lot of snow during this winter. But know 15 C plus. Totally crazy wether.
M J Månad sedan
Nugget 👶 🍼 is getting independent 👏
Nicholas Rui
Nicholas Rui Månad sedan
You guys are spreading love all across the world, never stop.
liam Irelander
liam Irelander Månad sedan
thought brian was stopping there for legal weed
Sophrosyne Farms
Sophrosyne Farms Månad sedan
A little different then the tropic seas!
Love Ladignon
Love Ladignon Månad sedan
Hi guys! New subscriber here! I enjoy your videos. Very interesting and informative! Keep safe always! Love from the Philippines! ❤
Stephen Pond
Stephen Pond Månad sedan
Such a great video! The history lesson, and your unique vantage point of bean-town. Just spent February vacation with the kids on the cape. The wife and I walked the jetty on the northern side of the canal with the kids. Sure would have been nice to have a beer drive by and a pulled pork sandwich delivery... 😆🍺
Robby Lafont
Robby Lafont Månad sedan
Ok, I’ll go ahead and ask the question: while Delos is without Senor Brady, would it be a good idea to have a Leyten girls reunion? For a week or two....?
Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey Månad sedan
I appreciate the gratitude you express to the folks who show you love along the way. Both that gratitude and that love inspire me that there’s more that unites than divides people and that things will get better. Chris (S/V Mahalo)
Marx Mitchell
Marx Mitchell Månad sedan
I'm a new fan! I'll be a patreon soon!
Nélio Fernandes
Nélio Fernandes Månad sedan
thas just a f... nice Sandwich... ;-)
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez Månad sedan
Thank you for sharing your amazing journeys 💙 Truly Blessed 💚
Saling Samantas
Saling Samantas Månad sedan
I had a cabin cruiser in revere years ago... Don't judge me too harshly, I didn't like the noise or the amount of fuel it could burn. I wized up and bought a crusing sailboat and would never go back!
Nicky Dunn
Nicky Dunn Månad sedan
Great video.
NICHOLE WADE Månad sedan
Brian and Kazza....I can so relate to the pilots story. Both my parents contracted Covid in November. It took me 3 ambulance calls and 2 ER visits to finally get my mom admitted to the hospital only to almost lose her that very night. My Dad they took by ambulance the day before I finally got mom admitted. All through November was a blur of phone calls and doctors and nurses asking my sister and I "do you know your parents last wishes" "they may not make it through the night" "better today but don't get your hopes up"...this went on for 11 days with my Mom. I got her home a couple days before Thanksgiving. She is so lucky to be alive. She was tied to oxygen for weeks and even though she is recovered, she still has some lingering effects. My Dad sadly passed away after 17 days in the hospital. He was also a cancer patient in remission. Miraculously I got to be with him in the Covid ward of the hospital and held his hand for his last 20 minutes watching him go home. I still can't believe it. So tell the pilot friend to keep on keeping on. I get it. I watched yours and other favorite SEmostrs during the hardest days of my life. Nugget brings joy and that I surely needed. We are doing well and will finally have my Dad interned in a Veterans Cemetery with full military honors. Its surreal. But at least he isn't in any more pain now and his life is nothing but unspeakable joy :) Love you guys!
Brian Ball
Brian Ball Månad sedan
I think it's cool that the old USS Constitution weighs more than the modern USS Cassin Young! Both are amazing ships.
Random Stuff with Joe
Random Stuff with Joe Månad sedan
I live in Boston. Its a wonderful city to visit. Enjoy your stay. :)
Dheeraj Kumar
Dheeraj Kumar Månad sedan
Your next stop is I see Your sail yatch is parked at Miami
Private Suzie
Private Suzie Månad sedan
Babies do get seasick...
General Pinochet
General Pinochet Månad sedan
Yeah the josje, brady days were awesome
h2odragon1 Månad sedan
1659:---Ginger snaps can help alleviate nausea!
SIP TV Månad sedan
Do u hav class how we learn to sail in singapore ?
ervin55 Månad sedan
Have you ever thought about sailing the Great Lakes in the summer?
Peter Bailey
Peter Bailey Månad sedan
.thanks dalos crew thank you really enjoyed this last couple of videos the history in Boston wow good stuff cheers Peter and Nuch western Australia
Marco Morosi
Marco Morosi Månad sedan
tracyleeliving Månad sedan
Great video. I really liked the USS constitution, thanks
Leon Brouwer
Leon Brouwer Månad sedan
I am curious to know what Captain Brady is doing these days.. would be great to hear what he is up to! Love your work as always 👌✌
Leo Edgin
Leo Edgin Månad sedan
expidition evans in in your neighborhood. you should check them out.
Macdaddy Månad sedan
Love your videos, and your love for the oceans. Looks like someone loves them enough to give you aussie wine and chocolate chip cookies. Your little gold nugget is growing so fast. Much well wishes from Montana.
Bernt Burnett
Bernt Burnett Månad sedan
Nugget is the best
sweatervestguy Månad sedan
Oh lord. The look on the nugget's face when you tried to take the cookie back! hahaha!
Harper Evelyn
Harper Evelyn Månad sedan
Thank you for doing what you do, thank you for sharing Nathan's covid story. I also love watching you guys as I recover from Covid, going on 11 months (33 and previously healthy). Your videos brighten my day.
byersbeachbum Månad sedan
Great video!! I hope y'all are in warmer weather!!!!
standingfoot Månad sedan
please don't puck little baby!!
Time Bong
Time Bong Månad sedan
Face diapers only weaken ur immune system do some research
Helen Murphree
Helen Murphree Månad sedan
Will you teach her to speak Danish? Too? Is that right? I don’t remember what country you are from.
Lori Woolever
Lori Woolever Månad sedan
💭 wondering the temps you are in. Anyway you could add that? Also, how old are these videos? Wondering ... about winter storms?
Pedro Le
Pedro Le Månad sedan
you were so close on Montreal ... but because of the pandemie i could not make it down the lane .,.... hope to see you around in a couple of year
Luccia Loretta
Luccia Loretta Månad sedan
I follow you from tini home giant journey
Justin Steele
Justin Steele Månad sedan
A another great VT especially the Covid email read out and Nugget keeping it real the whole time ⛵️👍
Lone Wood
Lone Wood Månad sedan
I grew up around the corner. Some amazing history. The navy yard is still one of my favorite places to visit in the summer time. Spent many days there as a kid. Safe travels 🙏
Andrew W
Andrew W Månad sedan
Love the kiwi soft toy, as a kiwi watching from NZ. 👍
Simon M
Simon M Månad sedan
Lekker Delos! Sien julle "justnow"
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson Månad sedan
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