Can You TOW A SAILBOAT With Another Sailboat? - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 304

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Sailing SV Delos

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Is our 78HP engine strong enough to tow another sailboat? This is the question we asked ourselves when our buddy boat Calico Skies stopped dead in their tracks. Unable to run their engine - with no wind, deep water and a big swell running we couldn't leave them at the mercy of the tides and currents. So we did something we’ve never done before. Towed another sail boat with Delos!!
It was quite a tricky maneuver as we had to navigate though thick fog and a minefield of lobster pots! Hope you find this episode entertaining and maybe even learned something :)
Many hugs from us! Please subscribe :D it help us out a lot! Kazza, Brian and little Sierra
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Calico Skies Sailing
Calico Skies Sailing 2 månader sedan
Thanks for the tow guys!!! You're the best 😚!!
Calico Skies Sailing
Calico Skies Sailing 2 månader sedan
@Brad Johnson Ha normally we would but there was no wind and lot of current :)
Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson 2 månader sedan
but its a sailboat lol why doesnt he put his sails up and bring it on it lol or wait for wind then go in.
Scott Harrell
Scott Harrell 2 månader sedan
@S C Yz Carlos!
S C Yz
S C Yz 2 månader sedan
Isn't the Delos crew Tow-da-lee awesome! Or should that be tow-da-windward awesome?
Pamela M
Pamela M 2 månader sedan
HOLY SH*T, Can't imagine how ya'll were feeling in that moment.
Anita Hardesty
Anita Hardesty 2 dagar sedan
I think Sierra is at that stage where if she can't see you she gets very upset
Ed Shuttleworth
Ed Shuttleworth 23 dagar sedan
There are remote oil filter mounts for autos.
Ed Shuttleworth
Ed Shuttleworth 23 dagar sedan
To all you sailors out there. If you do end up towing another vessel. Your engines are on motor mounts, to reduce noise. Tug boats and most every commercial vessel has their engines hard mounted directly to their stringers so they can pull or push without tearing the engine off it's mounts. Doesn't mean you can't, just don't overdo it.
NightSkyACC /\
NightSkyACC /\ 26 dagar sedan
NightSkyACC /\
NightSkyACC /\ 26 dagar sedan
19:27 Can i prevent charge back fraud
amejaremy 29 dagar sedan
in the aviation world there is a similar problem with oil filters. What you can do is remotely mount your filters. what you need is an adapter plate to mount on the engine that will mimic the oil filter. The adapter has lines on it so you can mount the other end (where the filter attaches) in a more convenient location. Makes sense?
Gals Outwest Treasure Hunting
Gals Outwest Treasure Hunting Månad sedan
Ok. I think there are just too many lobster pots. How is any boat supposed to get through that without hitting one? They need their own section set aside, where no boats can go. Nobody can be expected to dodge through all that. They put too many so they should expect some will be hit.
CUTIE BISAYA Månad sedan
J de la Cruz
J de la Cruz Månad sedan
Go all electric, get rid of the maintenance on combustion engines and fuel systems.
Andy P!
Andy P! Månad sedan
I've never asked you for anything but please play the full theme song! It immediately Takes Me Away ;)
BcBudGaming Månad sedan
31:50 as a Canadian just wana say god bless America, probably bought the old rifle for protection for less than $100 with ammo, just by showing a piece of ID same day
Ross derer
Ross derer Månad sedan
Hey they make oil filter relocation kits. Cars run them all the time. You could mount it so the filter is vertical
Glen Court
Glen Court Månad sedan
She could need socialising with kids of her own age, with respect.
Cheerio Månad sedan
What a gorgeous place, but wow, the lobster pots sure make things difficult! I think I'm also getting a much better understanding as to why Daley adventure went to land when Ayla was a toddler. It must be very difficult to manage their desire for mobility in a confined space when 'going outside to play' on land is such a production! I didn't get it then, probably because we didnt see much of the negative, but watching the struggle I am now remembering family toddlers and imagining what it would be like without any large play rooms or covered porches to ride big wheels etc.... Kudos to you both for managing with grace such a difficult situation requiring creative solutions every day!
francis shipton
francis shipton Månad sedan
Hi guys from Sri Lanka the videos makers it more interesting with your baby 🐧 on board thanks guys have a safe trip god bless you guys.
francis shipton
francis shipton Månad sedan
A big thumbs 👆 to you guys from Sri Lanka thanks for the beauty full videos i wish you guys a safe trip god bless
Bana Arasanz
Bana Arasanz Månad sedan
I subscribed for the nugget
Candie Harris
Candie Harris Månad sedan
Excellent trailer!!! Glad I waited! (Ok.. so I always watch all the way thru..). I keep thinking Nugget needs some kind of bouncing seat hanging from the top inside nearer the wheel.. so she can be part of things but safe and contained.
funnyglow Månad sedan
Beauty the scenery is so beautiful and stunning.Very enjoyable! Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
Andre Månad sedan
Hey was thinking about your oil filter dilemma To avoid mess from filter you could use screwdriver to puncture a hole in side and drain it into small container then remove it
chris zimmerman
chris zimmerman Månad sedan
So while I love your adventures I don’t like being left on a cliff hanger. Please fill us in on the fix on calico skies. I’m really curious what was going on with your transmission. Love you guys keep up the great videos
pooh shmoo
pooh shmoo Månad sedan
Im software engineer too and i feel the same for any hardware ( car or anything in the house ) . It is rewarding to do stuff youself
Clayton Warrington
Clayton Warrington Månad sedan
When I do oil changes on my boat and car/truck.. I poke a little hole in the filter and let it drain into a pan. Definitely works a lot better!!
Jonathan Aker
Jonathan Aker Månad sedan
For the small filters and oil changes in general puppy pads or dog pee pads are the best, forget oil pads. If you really want to keep it neat you can puncture the filter by drilling a small hole to drain the oil... one on the top too if needed to get air in to drain
Samuel Sudheer Vara
Samuel Sudheer Vara Månad sedan
Why not go to Europe - sailing Amalfi coast??
Wobbly Duck
Wobbly Duck Månad sedan
Brian, you should be able to get an 'oil filter relocation kit'(
forrest3r777 Månad sedan
Why no adds on the videos lately?
John Paddock
John Paddock Månad sedan
Also, I am told the art of sailing in and out of the cracks of Maine is called 'Gunkholing'
John Paddock
John Paddock Månad sedan
Great video! Looks like you guys need a little break and to relax a few weeks! Good luck on the return back to warmer climates!
Tom Riley
Tom Riley Månad sedan
Good job someone designed the fuel and oil filters to have non-common attachments, perhaps this was coincidence (mroe than likely) or perhaps someone was thinking about someone being tired when changing the filter :-)!
Hoover Manabat
Hoover Manabat Månad sedan
I love watching your videos guys ... keep safe
gbplay10s 2 månader sedan
Why was using both dingies thrown out?
Dan Bauhaus
Dan Bauhaus 2 månader sedan
Old oil filter: poke a hole in the top, put a pan under, rotate it 180°, catch oil that is in filter. When empty, unscrew all the way! Less mess!
Fishing 123
Fishing 123 2 månader sedan
I just discovered this channel. First video I watched you was installing heater so that you could go further north. This is the second video I watched. Just curious how the heater is working? BTW I was a instant fan of the channel and your adventures.
SoCal Gal
SoCal Gal 2 månader sedan
Have you guys thought about submitting 80 North to any of the independent film festivals? I say, Do It!
Marc Sartain
Marc Sartain 2 månader sedan
Found my new favorite show!
Kenelm Russell
Kenelm Russell 2 månader sedan
When towing another boat with your sailboat, secure the towing line or bridal to a winch or winches ahead of the rudder. This makes it much easier for the towing vessel to manuever. Tugs do this when towing. Their towing bitt or capstan is always located ahead of the rudder.
D.J. A.
D.J. A. 2 månader sedan
Thank you!
Kenelm Russell
Kenelm Russell 2 månader sedan
I too had a problem with messy oil filters leaking black oil all over the place on removal. I now fit a zip lock bag over the filter before complete removal but after loosening first so it spins easily. I stuff the bag with some soft absorbant waste paper and then turn the loosend filter off inside the bag with leaking oil going right into the paper inside the bag. No mess! Kenelm Russell
Aurelia Wallace
Aurelia Wallace 2 månader sedan
❤️Be safe. Great video 😍
Samantha Ndaleni
Samantha Ndaleni 2 månader sedan
Sierras smile is so contagious ☺️🤗
Javed Aslam
Javed Aslam 2 månader sedan
Love to see ur blog .so nice .love ciarra too much .
Mike Rattray
Mike Rattray 2 månader sedan
Im probably telling you how to suck eggs but a good trick is to use a plastic bag under your oil filter when removing. No mess. Much love from New Zealand.
ZoomB767 2 månader sedan
Hi Brian, Try a zip-loc bag over the oil filter after loosening and before un-screwing. Should catch all the oil :)
andrew 2 månader sedan
now you know you can move a sailboat with delos!!!
andrew 2 månader sedan
how much power you got on that engine on delos brian??
Branden Waltz
Branden Waltz 2 månader sedan
Cut a quart oil bottle apart to make a little drain tray funnel thingy, the oil pours in the tray and comes out the bottle mouth. You can even put a piece of rubber tubing to extend it.
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 2 månader sedan
Growing paynes
Jacob Falk
Jacob Falk 2 månader sedan
On changing the oil you can fold a piece of cardboard or use a piece of stiff plastic as a taco shaped funnel. Then just use a container to catch the runoff. Cheers :)
TheDavenator7 2 månader sedan
Save an empty oil jug and cut it with a utility knife into something that will catch the oil.
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson 2 månader sedan
Great video Delos! Enjoyed it so much.
Robert Gelinas
Robert Gelinas 2 månader sedan
is there anyone alive at any age that does not love bacon?
ramairetransam 2 månader sedan
Hey guys, they make a pliable funnel. its like silly putty but with a little more hold . It would be perfect for when you do oil changes and im sure you could find a few more uses.
nik son
nik son 2 månader sedan
Just go to the Caribean. Stop torturing your selves
gregstiles 2 månader sedan
try not to stretch the truth too far folks, the end of the dipstick is never going to engage a gear.
gregstiles 2 månader sedan
wow, you have fully morphed into a proper reality show!
Donna 2 månader sedan
You guys are the best!!!!👍🏻😉🕊
Chris Saucier
Chris Saucier 2 månader sedan
Get a Form a Funnel off Amazon or automotive store. Literally the best thing ever for oil changes in tight spaces
Isaac Vizenor
Isaac Vizenor 2 månader sedan
Always felt the same way about impeller blade direction
Mario 2 månader sedan
I love you Guys, your amazing !!
T.I.V 2 månader sedan
No link for the movie you guys keep promoting.......?
Bill Whitehurst
Bill Whitehurst 2 månader sedan
Are you allowed to dive for lobster while you’re in there?
Aaron Mohler
Aaron Mohler 2 månader sedan
I watched 80North Series last night. EPIC, AMAZING mind blowing scenery. EVERYONE should watch this film!!! Great job to all the crew!!!
Vince Cheung
Vince Cheung 2 månader sedan
many nany thanks for yours video ^^
Thomas Blesinger
Thomas Blesinger 2 månader sedan
If ever my boat breaks down, I just hope that Brian and Kazza with Delos will be around 😉😂 Great job 👍👍👍
Michael E Jean- louis
Michael E Jean- louis 2 månader sedan
she needs to be around kids of her age
Tom Petersen
Tom Petersen 2 månader sedan
never hear you talking about what your brother is doing ?
bee bop
bee bop 2 månader sedan
The Salish Sea would give you a challenge around the San Juan islands and much closer to civilization. Shoals, fast currents, and treacherous winds. PNW.
bee bop
bee bop 2 månader sedan
Changing the filter with minimal mess, first loosen slightly, punch a whole in the side with a small Philips at a convenient spot toward the end, remove the driver placing your finger over the hole to minimize leakage, rotate filter downward releasing the oil into a small funnel/container.
Duke Bass
Duke Bass 2 månader sedan
I fear for your child when you reference a couple of eagles flying around in your area. They are more than capable of snatching the baby and fly off!
Komer West
Komer West 2 månader sedan
The Nugget rules
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 2 månader sedan
the less glamorous side of boating! gorgeous country. I got a lobster pot wrapped around my rudder near Edgartown one year ages ago. not pretty!
CHRIS KARSSEBOOM 2 månader sedan
What’s the age difference between them?
ready2run1 2 månader sedan
One reason the OEM's put filters on sideways or sometimes upside down is to stop people from prefilling the filters, that practice can introduce a lot of cantaminates. especially bad for newer fuel systems. A few people already suggested but you can buy relacating kits to make services a lot eassier!
Jerome Goodwin
Jerome Goodwin 2 månader sedan
Next time clean your anchor before leaving you are spreading plant life and that is wrong.
José Kanucee
José Kanucee 2 månader sedan
Can't afford a boat, but I did manage a new-to-me hobie kayak! Love the water!
Zenek2536 2 månader sedan
Once I towed 3 28ft sailboats with 6meter sailboat having only 4hp(yamaha strong!) on inland water. It was suuper fun
Rigging Doctor
Rigging Doctor 2 månader sedan
Between the beautiful vlogs and showing how to properly help other boaters, you guys are a huge credit to the cruising community!
Kenneth Odette
Kenneth Odette 2 månader sedan
Put a couple bumpers out . then tie up side by side. then tow . You can handle them all the way to the dock. It is what we always do.
tazmun 2 månader sedan
I have a lot of reservations about doing a service when I wasn’t in Port. It’s just too easy to find a problem or cause a problem that you don’t have the parts for when you’re in the boonies. How do you say, don’t fix it when it’s not broke, when you’re not in port. And then where are you? Of course your sailboat, that gives you an extra degree of reliability at least when the wind blows, although getting out of this scenario, read obstacle course, without an engine would be icky.
fly.w4vy 2 månader sedan
Respect guys I love your channel.
Maya Maya
Maya Maya 2 månader sedan
New subscriber here😊😊really enjoy watching your videos and make me feel jealous at the same time.take care and keep updating us really inspiring how u live your life to the fullest
Chi Chi
Chi Chi 2 månader sedan
Kazza, Some days are good days, other days you need to get off the boat and go for a walk... not at sea though.
Vaughan Gill
Vaughan Gill 2 månader sedan
Hi Guys. A question please. How did you manage to enter the Untied States without being in a 14 day quarantine ?
jerryf609 2 månader sedan
Sure. I've done it.
Rylee Lewis
Rylee Lewis 2 månader sedan
to answer your question without watching the video Yes you can tow boats with a boat powered with sail. it's been done for hundreds of years.
Bruce Bennett
Bruce Bennett 2 månader sedan
When replacing your impellers, use dish soap to lubricate your impeller and cavity. That way the rubber is lubricated on first startup. Dry starts of impellers lead to premature failure.
Bruce Bennett
Bruce Bennett 2 månader sedan
I saw you put your new filter on the generator without putting oil on the gasket. That makes for difficulties when removing next time. Just put a thin film of oil on the new gasket each time you install a filter, and they will be much easier to remove next time.
Lorelei Turgeon
Lorelei Turgeon 2 månader sedan
Thank you for your wonderful videos.
Shawn Jackson
Shawn Jackson 2 månader sedan
OMG dude ......... how cold was that dip there at the end ........... NOOOOooo way !!!!!
Shawn Jackson
Shawn Jackson 2 månader sedan
Oh you did a gr8 job with sling pull . I wonder if a float would have helped with the pots ? Please write a book and include every lesson you have learned . All those little tips and trick are priceless to new sailors .
Ken Dumont
Ken Dumont 2 månader sedan
what was in front of the boats at 16:29 mark. there were the lines of something that appeared to have a bouy at the end???
Greg Fawcett
Greg Fawcett 2 månader sedan
Boy...hope Calico makes sure looks bad with that wind and the potential to be blown onto the rocks (lee shore).Hopefully their engine and transmission was working..if it was I would at least put it forward just a little (idle) to take the strain off the rode and anchor...regardless I would be trying to sail away if possible but the wind angle makes it look like that may not be possible. Not sure where the land lies from this view...Land is your enemy...Best...
Jamey Creel
Jamey Creel 2 månader sedan
Awesome video. It feels great to be able to help others, because you know may be the next. The rest very informative and things to think about!
Robert Townsend
Robert Townsend 2 månader sedan
I'll have my boat by the time I'm 90 lol
Weilah de las Montañas
Weilah de las Montañas 2 månader sedan
Thank you so much for not just sharing the Instagram life kinda moments, but also the hard ones while keeping it beautiful and interesting. It puts a nice reality touch in the whole history. Keep it up!
Rajeev Kamble
Rajeev Kamble 2 månader sedan
Clickbait thumbnail; not fair !!
Byran Herholdt
Byran Herholdt 2 månader sedan
Thanks but no thanks. The crying baby just put me off, so so long Delos...
Lucas Spaniard
Lucas Spaniard 2 månader sedan
Sierra is so funny! Good tow!
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