The reality of OWNING A SAILBOAT! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 290

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Sailing SV Delos

6 månader sedan

Imagine taking your house into a harsh environment, shaking it around and dousing it with salt water. How much stuff would break? Then move your house hundreds of miles from the nearest hardware store and we find out just what it takes to maintain an offshore sailboat.
After 1 week of hard labor the projects are coming along nicely, but there is still an endless list of that needs tackling. An upgraded lithium battery bank installed, refrigeration compressor and cold place replaced, and of course the damn toilet decided to back up in the yard and cause a disgusting mess and I'm forced deep into some really shitty work, LITERALLY!!
If you're curious about the LiFePO4 batteries check the links below:
Battle Born (USA) -
Transporter Energy (UK) -
We're also continuing our search for the best eco-friendly bottom paint! The paint we used is not currently available to be sold commercially, however if you want to check it out visit
Hope you enjoyed this episode showing the less glamorous part of what it’s like to won a boat. And also Brian’s summary on how to save some serious money on labour.
Much love from from us! Kazza, Brian and little Sierra
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cristito cabatuan
cristito cabatuan 4 dagar sedan
Hi brian and karin! have a good day! watching from Philippines...i love watching your vlog,praying for your safe sailing and give my hug to sierra a cute baby sailor..God bless!
Go Leafs Go
Go Leafs Go 22 dagar sedan
Battery technology is moving so quickly now adays its incredible. State of the art one day is old technology the next day. Its great to finally see these leaps in performance as traditionally going green has somewhat been limited by our battery technology.
Shawn Zirger
Shawn Zirger Månad sedan
ah dude! we fully cleared the room during the pumping.... respect!
TubeSurferGeek Månad sedan
13:50 - I have the same coffee grinder! 😁
O W Månad sedan
Those are some pricey batteries! Approx. $1k USD each.
Elaine Powell
Elaine Powell Månad sedan
I just started watching your videos like last Friday. I’m not nearly caught up! So I started after Sierra came onboard. What a good natured child! Great job parents! There is a common thread in these videos. One of which is how you keep running into such wonderful people. Friends forever in the Bahamas. Now this one. #290? All of these amazing, generous people. Ryan. Wow! Just wow! And Bill is around and he stood in the same space while you pumped out (and gagged) the toilet and then he ran the cans outside! I laughed so hard. People helping you paint. In the heat! I think you pay it forward a lot ! Much appreciation for your mad skills at pretty much all you do! Very impressive. 👍👍
Jerry Foreman
Jerry Foreman Månad sedan
Fresh paint anyone?
Jeff Matulich
Jeff Matulich 2 månader sedan
Must be nice to be rich and have people just give you money and their time for labour.......just because you make videos. IDK.....Sorry - but ..... Dont get me wrong - you make great videos.....
burlms 2 månader sedan
Always great information! Suggestion: take those old sails and have merchandise made, ie. boat duffle bags, totes, etc. Another money making enterprise for you possibly? I've purchased items made from sails and paid a pretty penny. Items made from YOUR sails would probably command some serious $$$ considering your following. Or, use the items for give-aways or auction for charity. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your videos which I found during Covid. Keep sailing and keep filming. All the best, a new fan!
therune2you 3 månader sedan
God, I love Sierra
therune2you 3 månader sedan
jesus, poor brian! lmao pumping out that bilge water, you're a fucking hero
shawn wright
shawn wright 3 månader sedan
What size is this boat?
Hank 3 månader sedan
Not sure if the guys workin for Brian swapped or the balded one worked under Brian for so long he grew his hair back
Bad Bees
Bad Bees 3 månader sedan
The naive great-grandfather preclinically bury because siberian infrequently bare by a pink sofa. innocent, parsimonious sack
Shawn 4 månader sedan
Wow, the patrons sure did a lot of work! What an incredible group of people.
Kamin 4 månader sedan
"The realities of owning a sailboat" is making me think I should just save up big time and just hire people to do the maintenance for me. Hahaha
Leroy Naschke
Leroy Naschke 4 månader sedan
Mustang motorcycle
terricotta9 4 månader sedan
Watch those Freezer refrigerant line quick connections, I'm sure they have gotten better over the years, but they tend to leak, thoe with that set up it's hard to do it a better way
N Frida
N Frida 5 månader sedan
NeverEnoughPyro40 5 månader sedan
Just a little advice for your next haul out! The sacrificial anodes should not be installed over or on a painted surface! The metal needs to be bare under them for optimum performance! The paint acts like insulation on a wire and prevents current going to the anodes! Also aluminum anodes should be used rather than anodes made from zinc! Happy sailing!
Travailer 5 månader sedan
You guys have a stupid commercial on your sight sorry goodbye!!
P 5 månader sedan
Doesn't zinc actually attract and accelerate scum growth and accumulation? I thought people use sacrificial zinc plates under the waterline (and even connect them as powered electrical anodes) to concentrate the biomass into small easily cleaned/removed sections while minimizing buildup on the rest of the hull? If true then why prefer a zinc-bearing paint? "Biodegradable" is good but encouraging biology to stick onto (and drag) your boat is bad.
FAB 5 månader sedan
Blessings! I just discovered you all today and love this! It’s like a family friendly deadliest catch without the crabs lol.
Roy 5 månader sedan
I apologize for not reading the comments; but, is there an epoxy coating you can use for the bottom of the boat that is longer lasting? I just found your channel and am ADDICTED! Shortly I'll look up the donation link. Good luck and safe travels!
Pelando Chauchas
Pelando Chauchas 5 månader sedan
I appreciate your sincerity, the majority of people just lie and makes you believe that all is very easy to do just to sell you content or a video. Thank you so much.
Chase Hanson
Chase Hanson 5 månader sedan
hey team im a horrible dirty bird but im a great guy im a actual sailor and we have are antennas listening to make sure brady kicks ass Montana Tahoe crew I'm not very good at spelling but i love you
Pancho Lopez
Pancho Lopez 5 månader sedan
Hello guys - quick practical question: do you carry onboard the power tools, masks, required for hull maintenance or you borrow from the marina? Thanks btw for the video updates. Good learning material for sailing wannabes like my wife and I.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 5 månader sedan
Hey Pancho, everything we have is carried onboard to repair most things. Sometimes we need to borrow very special tools but people are cool and will usually lend it to us. Fair winds and happy sailing!
Bella Cuadro
Bella Cuadro 5 månader sedan
You can do almost anything! What can you not do?
Eivind Lindefjell
Eivind Lindefjell 5 månader sedan
Love your films. Have seen them all and get inspiered
Robert Maheu
Robert Maheu 5 månader sedan
lol love having subs do the work on the boat lol
Off grid dream
Off grid dream 5 månader sedan
Great videos, really enjoy watching them. Dang that’s a $10,000 battery system 😳
Lorem Ipsum
Lorem Ipsum 5 månader sedan
You bring so much joy in sharing your story, I hope there’s always a Tribe member to lend a hand when you need it ❤️
DSS 5 månader sedan
Maybe a composting toilet????
frawldog 5 månader sedan
Trump 20 20
Phillip Sanchez
Phillip Sanchez 5 månader sedan
Hello from Addis Ababa (via Phuket, Thailand). My wife and I have been bust in the last few months moving from one country to another. I have fallen behind in my Delos videos. It has been great caching up. Keep up the great videos! One non-sail question. How do you get the parts of the boat that are on the metals stands? I imagine you have lots of little squares of unpainted boat when all is said and done. I know I am missing an obvious trade secret, but what could it be?
Phillip Sanchez
Phillip Sanchez 5 månader sedan
Oh, man... my answer came at 25 minutes. You read my mind.
Shari Mahigab
Shari Mahigab 5 månader sedan
Love ❤️ your videos
David Walsh
David Walsh 5 månader sedan
Wow, I couldn't watch and listen to Brian gag too. 🤮
Mister Bee
Mister Bee 5 månader sedan
The seal that goes in from inside the boat where the bow thruster comes in...apparently one Amel Super Maru sank because that seal popped up. The manufacturers fix for this is you drill two holes, one on either side of the seal, then add a screw with washer that holds the seal down in place and prevents it from popping up and letting seawater in. If I had one of those boats, I'd do that fix!
Mister Bee
Mister Bee 5 månader sedan
Eeeew, your holding tank contents fermented!! Yummm!!
Troy H
Troy H 5 månader sedan
I'm desperate to know: why didn't you pump out before hauling out?
Wylde Sky
Wylde Sky 5 månader sedan
Well done, you all have a way of of peeking our interest regarding becoming cruisers and then curbing that goal with the never ending list of maintenance. It is good to know all the details that go along with cruising. ✌🤙
David Frost
David Frost 5 månader sedan
She looks beautiful underneath.
jvodan 5 månader sedan
That mains wiring into the inverter plug was not cool! Not the sparking DC side but the shoving of bare wires into the mains socket to connect the power board.
Emily Arriaga
Emily Arriaga 5 månader sedan
Your Tribe is awesome! It is so beautiful to see people take care of others. 🥰
Matt Kwikest
Matt Kwikest 5 månader sedan
man, ryan is such a huge help right now
ronald delo
ronald delo 5 månader sedan
Just curious why u didn’t call a portapotty service to suck out your toilet holding tank. 🤔
XshawnaX 5 månader sedan
I will be so excited to see u guys reach 1 million followers!! It will happen!!!! Cuz it’s a great show!!
XshawnaX 5 månader sedan
You guys are living the dream!! I can’t lie though, it looks very scary at times, especially when you’re in rough seas & storms! Think it’d scare the hell outta me 🤣
Mike Friend
Mike Friend 5 månader sedan
What did your bro go on to do?
fishing with filitsa
fishing with filitsa 5 månader sedan
Your video is good
Ron Parcke-Wms
Ron Parcke-Wms 5 månader sedan
There was a mask I wore when working in a chemistry lab years ago, but i forgot what model but similar design you were wearing. Anyhow, I could not smell petrol-like chemical when working with it in lab. As soon as i took it off O could smell it. I think such mask would work in your situation.
Ron Parcke-Wms
Ron Parcke-Wms 5 månader sedan
Re 8:56, that's COVID19(from SARS-CoV2), not COVID(gen for common cold besides the rhino virus). Mockingbird Media got into misleading but fearmongering to get people afraid of sound of corona virus although many are harmless to humans. Whatever happened to the flu? 🤔
Michael s
Michael s 5 månader sedan
Mari Cieli e Venti
Mari Cieli e Venti 5 månader sedan
Ci abbiamo messo due mesi, ma abbiamo visto tutti i vostri video dal primo all'ultimo. Saluti dell'Italia!
VeryStableGenius 5 månader sedan
How do you do the square areas ? where the supports are in the way ? nobody ever show that part its compelling !
Bill Whitehurst
Bill Whitehurst 5 månader sedan
I know I’ve asked you this in the past or I’ve seen it in the past what did you do when you had a real job
limbodog 5 månader sedan
I got off my boat this morning and was surprised to see a boat that looks exactly like yours with the same exact name and stickers in the slip right behind me!
Dave BongoSlide
Dave BongoSlide 5 månader sedan
Good idea sell your poop to shop owners to help with plandemic mask wares, passing through the shop doors, will give them more justification on why to look like a slave?
Hobbit Homes
Hobbit Homes 5 månader sedan
I was immediately reminded of the movie "Operation Petticoat"
1sheinz 5 månader sedan
Ha ha, it's all beers and boobies. Sir i'd like to recycle a couple gallons of paint. CHEERS AND FAIR WINDS Steve h.
Eli Stark
Eli Stark 5 månader sedan
Started watching for the beers and boobies stayed for the maintenance
Tony deBruyne
Tony deBruyne 5 månader sedan
Hi Bryan, are you aware of Garcia Yachts? They have a 60’ centerboarder that looks like it would be ideal for the Delos II project.
audiotek10 5 månader sedan
Next time you need to pump the toilet waste from the bowl you should use the diving tanks for air 🤣
Jan Dehn
Jan Dehn 5 månader sedan
great musical accompaniment for the shit shifting!
R. Douglas Schuckert, Senior
R. Douglas Schuckert, Senior 5 månader sedan
OMG! I laughed so hard at Brain's gagging that I started to hiccup! DUDE This is GOLD!
Jeffrey A. Smith
Jeffrey A. Smith 5 månader sedan
Ryan and company killed it! Perfect job.
David Gaylord
David Gaylord 5 månader sedan
that is a danger Zone for Nugget to play in
Maj. Tom
Maj. Tom 5 månader sedan
10:58....Battleborn. We have 2yr old BB's in the Airstream. We have heard the scuttlebutt about the new BMS. Keep us up-to-date on the perf. If you have the time and you stop in New Bedford MA. If the covid allows ck out the. You won't regret it some wonderful maritime history. Also some great Portuguese Seafood, Cotali Mar Restaurante and Tony, at the Inner Bay. Bflo Bob
TR5T 5 månader sedan
How did you paint under the stand contact points? Also why are the sail seams not sealed with some sort of adhesive or sealer to give it lateral strength under stress.? Everything you are doing will go such a long way in happy sail times.
U Got LJ
U Got LJ 5 månader sedan
That toilet thing was funny. 😆
chat rick
chat rick 5 månader sedan
No not the toilet again
Dean.Santana.50@gmail. com Dean Bodenhorn
Dean.Santana.50@gmail. com Dean Bodenhorn 5 månader sedan
B have you never worked on job sites where 1 gal and 5 gal are the toilets and finding an empty 1 quick is HAZMAT ))))
Trix Kemuel
Trix Kemuel 5 månader sedan
Curious, how did they install the new compressor and condenser. Was the part with the vacuum pump and R134 charging done off camera? I know per-charged tech exists just didn't think these units would have that sort of line connections.
Edward Finn
Edward Finn 5 månader sedan
Trix Kemuel I think they were pre charged.
andrew nicholas
andrew nicholas 5 månader sedan
Wow she looks clean and sleek! Good work everyone. Job well done.
Tim Rice
Tim Rice 5 månader sedan
Hey an open letter to all the channels I watch (@Sailing La Vagabonde, @Sailing Millennial Falcon, @Expedition Drenched, @Sailing Nahoa, @Sailing Parlay Revival, @Sailing Ruby Rose, @Learning the Lines, @Gone with the Wynns, @Tula's Endless Summer, @SAILING into FREEDOM, @Sailing SV Delos, @Sailing Nandji - Frothlyfe, @Sailing Uma, @The O'Kelly's, @MJ Sailing, @Sailing Zatara, @Sailing Popao - Underwater Ally Adventures) Yep I know there are going to be some haters out there and maybe I should not include other channel names in this letter but here goes. As people that are probably making money (some more than others granted) out of the environment and locations you visit AND quite a few of you now have young ones (or on the way) and should be thinking about the planet you are leaving behind for your family. Could you (as a combine group of SEmost Channels) get some sort of movement going to help save the ocean (and indirectly then the planet). In your years of travel you must have seen the negative effects, whatever they may be (plastic, coral bleaching, lower fish stocks, changing weather patterns etc). Just throwing it out there for discussion. Just think if every sailing channel could rally their audiences into one combined voice how powerful (and global) that could be.
Brian Arenstam
Brian Arenstam 5 månader sedan
Ah yes, A member of the brown fingernail club. I remember those day. :-(
Rohrertech 5 månader sedan
@9:30. you should be running organic vapor cartridges for your respirator. Actually keeps you safe, and handles smells too. Would probably be the right choice for painting the hull as well. Stay safe!
Steve Wood
Steve Wood 5 månader sedan
Port of Pensacola - Sign me up to help with anything whenever you visit our port.
Likethebank 5 månader sedan
Amazing how much you did it 2 weeks! Your channel gave us the courage to make the plunge. We bought a 25 Hunter in Brooklyn!!!! Thank you!!!
Linda Goudelock
Linda Goudelock 5 månader sedan
You look tired my friend. Not the fun loving, carefree man I’ve come to know. Alas, adulting isn’t all fun and games. Maintenance! Necessary but hard work
kyrmarks 5 månader sedan
I wanted to recommend a documentary I saw last weekend, if you haven't already seen it. It's called "My Octopus Teacher". If you love to dive, free dive, or snorkel and you care about sea life, I think you will love it. Cheers everyone! Be safe.
Jason Wulf
Jason Wulf 5 månader sedan
Thank you, AGAIN, for making me look like a crazy man as I'm sitting in my cube at work enjoying lunch, Delos, and the "pump out" video footage! I just could not hold back the laughter!!!
Ty___ Charles
Ty___ Charles 5 månader sedan
i am of rare breed: I can say that i subbed this channel when the most recent video was FULL OF SHIT! 😂 cheers mates
Reiner Lapus
Reiner Lapus 5 månader sedan
brian looks like joel from last of us
Justin Hendrickson
Justin Hendrickson 5 månader sedan
Could you imagine the frenzy of buyers when he goes to sell this boat?
Justin Hendrickson
Justin Hendrickson 5 månader sedan
Has anyone made a compilation of all the times in the last 10 years of this poor man dealing with the shit in this bathroom? That would be something epic funny.
Marcus Crowther
Marcus Crowther 5 månader sedan
Your a brave man. We salute you Brian... XD
buryitdeep 5 månader sedan
I've noticed Karin has picked up more of an American accent.
Chris Hall
Chris Hall 5 månader sedan
How do you manage the supports?
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 5 månader sedan
get some "plumbers aid" from the plumbing shop, if anything smells really disgusting , you wipe some under your nose and all you can smell is eucalyptis, even to the point where you start to dry reach because it smells so bad, you cannot smell anything else makes a huge difference, and it is light (Just a little tube) and very very handy, makes jobs like that so much easier
Mike Z
Mike Z 5 månader sedan
That just made me so happy.
Oman Toodle
Oman Toodle 5 månader sedan
Does your brother have his own channel?
tadd maxwell
tadd maxwell 5 månader sedan
How many props do you have??
mahabone 5 månader sedan
mahabone 5 månader sedan
Hey man buy some C_C;amps wt.....At 6:20 dude if that drill bit broke....
Bruce Demoranville
Bruce Demoranville 5 månader sedan
Pumping the head is totally nasty. I was gagging watching you. I'm replacing all hoses this winter, hopefully the cold weather will reduce the smell. I sure I will be puking regardless.
Christian Mercado
Christian Mercado 5 månader sedan
Looks a lot like when I bought my 75 yr old fixer upper house
Charles Sabate
Charles Sabate 5 månader sedan
You guys need the get the gang back.
RobertMStahl 5 månader sedan
That mask, that mask! I swear it is beautiful, the story, etc. Sailing Nahoa wants smell on The Internet (TM), :/D But, or, nonetheless, the irony I see in IT is elevating. I hope you keep up with Dane Wigington, FWIW. I hope there is elevation in IT 4 U 2. Keep up the good work. 100% propaganda, these conneXionZ, a documentary in the worQz.
John Q. Public
John Q. Public 5 månader sedan
Greetings, I take it the other "experimental" paint wasn't worth using again? How are Brady and Blue doing?
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