DOWN and DIRTY in the Boat Yard! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 289

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Sailing SV Delos

6 månader sedan

If you like BOAT WORK this video is for you :). We haul Delos out of the water for some well needed maintenance! Brian dives head first into what feels like a million projects... Sanding, painting, patching blisters in the keel, fixing a corroded through hull, servicing the prop and bow thruster just to mention a few.
I’ve always admired Brian’s incredible work ethic and the way he can pretty much fix anything AKA “McGyver” :) haha! Hope you enjoyed seeing this other side of what its like to live on a sailboat full time. Many HUGS! Kazza, Brian and little Sierra
PS. A huge thanks to Ryan for being such a superman and to Jeff and Camron for making us feel so at home :)
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Clifford Williams
Clifford Williams 18 timmar sedan
When you haul out, does the boatyard supply the boat jacks?? Or do you have to buy them and lug them around??
Anita Hardesty
Anita Hardesty 7 dagar sedan
It's amazing how much you know how to do Brian! Ryan and Jeff you are awesome. You have a hearts of gold to help Brian so much! Bless you!
adrean tejed
adrean tejed 23 dagar sedan
The sweltering joke understandably permit because gander undoubtedly clip past a bouncy flat. teeny-tiny, jazzy tulip
uctcde Månad sedan
Great video you guys energy is organic and that's why your daughter is always so happy great video
John Bowen
John Bowen Månad sedan
John Bowen
John Bowen Månad sedan
Dreameris Tanas
Dreameris Tanas Månad sedan
he knows more than a minecaft redstone engineer
Jojo Saylor
Jojo Saylor Månad sedan
Happy 👶 Baby Sierra or Ciara
wm stacey
wm stacey Månad sedan
Should’ve spent the money for a new prop would pay you dividends in the future...
MrJhchrist Månad sedan
I wonder if the bottom you took off would work fine on a faster boat? Would the 12-15 knots a performance cat can hit fairly often be enough to keep the soft growth scrubbed clean? The idea seems to work for powerboats that go hoonin every time they move, but I can't seem to find a reliable lower speed limit. Apparently it's somewhere above Delos' 6-8 knots... or was it just the long stretches you spent not moving this season and a fear you might be repeating that, and maybe in colder waters that lead to the decision to try something else?
Job Esc
Job Esc Månad sedan
If you are using a dual battery system, I recommend installing True Smart Battery Isolators to manage your system. True SBI automatically charges and switches the charging based on voltage reading. It has a 3-year lifespan, waterproof and vibration proof. See more details at or for a single item.
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze 2 månader sedan
Brad Jackson
Brad Jackson 2 månader sedan
I just want to say the audio is amazing in your videos especially considering the wind you sometimes have to deal with.
Joey Remo
Joey Remo 2 månader sedan
That kids smile is the best
Gabe Wall
Gabe Wall 2 månader sedan
I’ve done it in the past with a couple boats. A jar of cayenne pepper per gallon of paint
Jeff Matulich
Jeff Matulich 2 månader sedan
Even with you doing a shit ton of work - what was the cost of this "biannual" haul out? Rough numbers would be fine.......Let us know and sorry if it has been asked. And for get about the freebees you get......what would this typical haul out cost in a foreign country for the average sailor off the seas...and what would that cost here in the US - without the free labour......?
蓝仕杰 2 månader sedan
Hello, I am your fan in Malaysia, I like your videos very much
Dana Dane
Dana Dane 2 månader sedan
Been watching you guys all day & I’ve never had an interest in living on a boat for even a couple days until today. Love your videos! Thanks for sharing your life it’s AWESOME & CRAZY & SUPER SWEET in Nugget Town 💜🌊🌊🛥🦞🦞 💜
Eagle Wings
Eagle Wings 2 månader sedan
USA..just started watching your show couple of week ago..very intriguing...but notice one thing is music (non stop )..even when you narrating, or sailing or walking on beach..all different kind of music..can be too much on ears...I suppose..I would rather hear natural, existing I can feel I am really there...your excessive music is really spoiling my joy of watching your beautiful show..hope you understand????
George Butterfield
George Butterfield 3 månader sedan
After seeing how hot it is where you at , you failed to say where the yard is located.
ADe mOngOL
ADe mOngOL 3 månader sedan
Mantaaaap 🇮🇩
bt6joso 3 månader sedan
Hi! Have you considered putting vinyl instead of anti fouling paint? For example finsulate.
Brad Focht
Brad Focht 4 månader sedan
What happened to the younger guy?
Nathan Farr
Nathan Farr 4 månader sedan
Someone worked out that #TESLA will be added to the S&P 500 on Dec 21, the shortest day of the year... savage 😂
Eika Azmi Channel
Eika Azmi Channel 4 månader sedan
Hello i'm your new subcribers.. and fan from Malaysia 😍❤️ hope you all been well right now ... ❤️ Cute smile from sierra 😊
Roshan Shah
Roshan Shah 5 månader sedan
i don't know why but I watched the whole video at a 25 degree angle :|
Chris And stellen
Chris And stellen 5 månader sedan
9:40 damn that baby's a good eater, looking daddy in the eyes while mommy is feeding
Relax G
Relax G 5 månader sedan
Ryan is a nice person!
Bijan Izadi
Bijan Izadi 5 månader sedan
So what _is_ the bow thruster
Bijan Izadi
Bijan Izadi 5 månader sedan
Ahh I see the little propeller pops out and helps maneuver the bow
Reel Love
Reel Love 5 månader sedan
Great Video! Small suggestion: next time your are out, see if you can borrow a sand (soda) blaster to clean underwater metals. You can also buy an inexpensive one and keep it on board. The time savings is amazing and when done everything looks like new!
funnyglow 5 månader sedan
Sailing and Such stunning scenery. I enjoy this a lot. Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
ดุ่ยดุ่ย ลุยเดี่ยว
ดุ่ยดุ่ย ลุยเดี่ยว 5 månader sedan
steven miller
steven miller 5 månader sedan
You're so safety conscious capital. Little nugget is in great hands. I backtracked on the videos and found out it's an amel. Great choice. I'll kick you some cash to keep you going. I was born in the Azores. Terciera as it is. Thanks for that video. Brought back a slew of memories.
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 5 månader sedan
Don't tell me you guys are ready to tag Brady back in? Lol
The Wayward Sailors
The Wayward Sailors 5 månader sedan
Mates helping out is what its all about! We bought a 60ft steel yacht in March and have been refitting it so we can head out yonder. We have zero sailing experience but have had so many mates come down to the yard over the past 4 months on the weekends to help out! A helping hand is priceless, even if its a simple thing like dropping by for a chat at lunch! Cannot wait to get on the water and start giving back!
Britney 5 månader sedan
I love you guys❤️❤️
caravan1984 5 månader sedan
First episode in 6-7 years i actually seen Brian hammering with a HAMMER 😂
Michelle Adler
Michelle Adler 5 månader sedan
More Sierra please!! She's the cutest baby in the world. I want to see her start walking.
Tracey Mitchell
Tracey Mitchell 5 månader sedan
Tired of the ads mid video. If the videos were riveting? That would be good. But it's just two people with a kid and there's no adventure.
Night Prizm
Night Prizm 5 månader sedan
oh been watching you guys for a while sorry thought i was subscribed.. love this channel
Julien Rougeron
Julien Rougeron 5 månader sedan
Thanks for the video guys ! Really interesting to have an insight at the maintenance part of the boat sailing ! Out of curiosity, what is the cost to expect from this kind of maintenance (Haulout + reparations) ? Good luck for the rest of it 💪Keep us updated 😉
Hans Etter
Hans Etter 5 månader sedan
Where did you haul out?
Malcolm Allen
Malcolm Allen 5 månader sedan
Damn, I am miss the whole combined crew of SV Delos... Times and things change... That's life ! 😎
Richard Elder
Richard Elder 5 månader sedan
Hi Brian Its great to see a sailing site that shows that the real world is more than T & A! As a builder who has seen everything over thirty years I found it disconcerting to see an underwater opening on Delos being patched with sticky-poo joining to a pipe of unknown material and condition. The basic rule is "keep the mast up and the water out." That means that every hole that is underwater (including when rail down) must have a properly installed thru hull plus interior backing plate and be capable of being closed with a seacock that is threaded directly on the thru hull. No red brass fittings anywhere underwater. No non-reinforced plastic waterline hose in the system below the water. No dis-similar metals in close proximity (stainless ball valves in bronze or brass housings with brass nipples threaded in and closed by rusty steel handles.) I don't see how the repair job you show meets those minimal standards. Wouldn't be the first time I've seen similar, even on multi-million dollar superyachts...... ps: Are you familiar with details of the Amel that sank at anchor in Granada while un-attended about ten years ago? A failure involving the bow thruster as I recall. I believe there was a serious lawsuit around it? Worth looking into the history for any preventive maintenance it implies.
Ian Sparkes
Ian Sparkes 5 månader sedan
What was the verdict on your previous super slippery bottom paint job ?
Cookswithfire 6 månader sedan
How can we buy Ryan a few beers? Any links?
Brent Larson
Brent Larson 6 månader sedan
What is the epoxy that causes cancer? Just curious.
Sam Tait
Sam Tait 6 månader sedan
As someone on very low income I would totally dedicate my time to your dock time maintenance.... if you ever came to middle England 😂 I’m not far from Lizbeth
Roger 6 månader sedan
Come to Brazil for Summer season! Let's go to ubatuba and Paraty!
The Gnome
The Gnome 6 månader sedan
Look at what Sailing Soulianis did with a Copper Bottom paint
James Haug
James Haug 6 månader sedan
Thank you Ryan! Thank you Jeff!
Steve Garneau
Steve Garneau 6 månader sedan
Love you guys.
Ian Allan
Ian Allan 6 månader sedan
Therapeutic bottom sanding???
Christine Chambers
Christine Chambers 6 månader sedan
I was curious about your haulout in Grenada and just finished watching the videos. I couldn't help but feel sad for Brady and Blue not being on Delos for the last year. Sad because they both saw Delos as "home" and even though they've moved on in their lives, I'm sure they have a lot of nostalgia for those shared experiences with you and Karin. If it was me, I would miss the ocean, too.
A 6 månader sedan
It is true! you guys are making a difference and helping change our minds on how we want to live. I have just quit my job that I hated. I was so miserable and sad with my job, it was sucking the life out of me.
Fifi CH
Fifi CH 6 månader sedan
Once again in this sailing and marine world , I see such awesome people who are solidary and willing to give back. 👏👏👏⛵⛵😍💝
Corsair Cor
Corsair Cor 6 månader sedan
All the time thinking of a name for the kiddo, and we all just call her "Nugget, Nug, or Nugs." LOL
JWB671 6 månader sedan
Shouldn’t you be wearing a vapor filter instead of just a particle filter?
Deadly Dumplin
Deadly Dumplin 6 månader sedan
How do you guys stay fit
Sailing Baylana
Sailing Baylana 6 månader sedan
What is the cost of getting this done on your boat? Its been 4 years since my boat has the bottom done. I am afraid that it will cost too much, especially with the damage it suffered from hurricane Maria. Any advice?
Helga Schmiedt & Marcelo Falcao
Helga Schmiedt & Marcelo Falcao 6 månader sedan
Speedi Sleeve on the seal lip running area. It's a stainless steel sleeve that protects the shaft. I do not know if this is good for this design. But...
Brian Ford
Brian Ford 6 månader sedan
I must have missed it somewhere. Where did you haul out?
operator0 6 månader sedan
@Brian Ford Yeah, I think they mentioned it in a previous video.
Brian Ford
Brian Ford 6 månader sedan
@operator0 Thanks, the city is good enough. Was that in a previous video?
operator0 6 månader sedan
Hampton Rhodes Virginia. I don't know if they mentioned a marina.
Kieran Holmberg
Kieran Holmberg 6 månader sedan
I've just done the bottom of my 6m trailer-sailer and even that was hard enough work for me. Good-work getting it all done, it's looking really good!
MSI2k 6 månader sedan
Such nice people! Also Karin looks so happy and healthy on land.
John Sumner
John Sumner 6 månader sedan
I like you wrote your boat name on the keel, my kids asked me to write write "hi whales and dolphins" on our keel when they were 4 and 6!
rahul sharma
rahul sharma 6 månader sedan
And also guys any help which u need if u come to India. Maybe I can do my bit. But one day I will live your dream boat like one.
Michael Cobb
Michael Cobb 6 månader sedan
You can rinse the gear case of the bow thruster in mineral spirits if needed during fluid changes per Amel's advice. I have worked on several super maramu and I can attest to their foward engineering, with a couple of WTF's to boot 😜. We were happy to see you all at Cobb's marina in Norfolk Virginia for a little while. The stern of your vessel certainly tells stories of the sea! Happy sailing
rahul sharma
rahul sharma 6 månader sedan
Guys I love your videos. It's a dream for anyone to stay in the sea and it's a whole new world. You guys is living a dream, I wish both of you good look and appreciate your efforts so far in living this different life. Hope one day I may live like this for atleast a week
Tom Kolmer
Tom Kolmer 6 månader sedan
Nice looking kid. Kinda looks like Brady just sayn😃😃😃
Crusty 6 månader sedan
What are Brady and Blue up to now-a-days??? Content? Love you guys sooo much! 💯💯🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍻🍻
operator0 6 månader sedan
They are at Lake Tahoe. They bought a small lake sailer and have started up a sailing class for kids.
Eunice Kagimbi
Eunice Kagimbi 6 månader sedan
How do people apply to sail with you guys?
Magnus Berntsson
Magnus Berntsson 6 månader sedan
add chili powder to the paint.
All Pal
All Pal 6 månader sedan
What year is Delos? Did you charted it?
operator0 6 månader sedan
It is an early 2000s. They have never chartered it. Brian bought it and has lived on it since.
Mike St. John
Mike St. John 6 månader sedan
Just started following you anyway, Copper coat? Supposed to be the best eco friendly option!. We are applying CC this year and heading out for two years. Baltic Atlantic Pacific... COVID dependent. Greeting from Stormsvale Swan 40.
Brandon Michael
Brandon Michael 6 månader sedan
Hey guys I hope all is going well. It’s a rough time. I’m still stuck in Myanmar because of covid. Watching your channel helps give me a sense of freedom from lockdown
jay tee
jay tee 6 månader sedan
I respect you have no corporate sponsors,I left the vagabonds when they went the cat path.nothing personal and in a way can't blame them but....
Mgn KDL 6 månader sedan
СНИМИ намордник- ты же не собака!
Unstoppable Zone
Unstoppable Zone 6 månader sedan
Boats = ENDLESS MAINTENANCE. Nothing more corrosive than sea water. Ugh.
Silent Assasin Dela Rosa
Silent Assasin Dela Rosa 6 månader sedan
Sir can I ask for a help? I want to have fishing rod and reels.
Capt. Jack O'Brien
Capt. Jack O'Brien 6 månader sedan
i can pass on what the Hawaiians do.. Next time, mix in a couple cups of Cheyanne pepper with your bottom paint! The slimmey of the sea dont dig spicy ;)
USA Pitbull
USA Pitbull 6 månader sedan
Let me know if you are in NC
Ron Martin
Ron Martin 6 månader sedan
I was watching Zatara and I was quite impressed with the Company Magic Antifouling, I thing they had great results, no hard growth and minimal soft growth... @UCDXkV3KSL4g5ObPsEkKXXpw @UCDXkV3KSL4g5ObPsEkKXXpw
Alexander Rober
Alexander Rober 6 månader sedan
Came across this nice little article o. You guys today
Jack Cade
Jack Cade 6 månader sedan
The idea of a cast-iron keel on a boat in the ocean seems wrong-headed, or am I crazy?
operator0 6 månader sedan
@John Robbins Sounds like that Oyster has a floating ground problem. Sounds like those owners ought to do some maintenance.
John Robbins
John Robbins 6 månader sedan
Cast iron keel ,stainless bolts ,alloy sail drive ,bronze prop ,stainless rudder stock , is not quality boat building You could probably jump start the motor from the electrolytic action going on here As for oyster ,there's a you tube channel out there of a shaft anode visibly fissing away
operator0 6 månader sedan
@John Robbins Amel is certainly not a "cheap and nasty" boat builder. Their reputation for building high quality boats that are built like tanks and can take you around the world is right up there with manufacturers like Oyster and Halberg Rassy. Certainly much better quality than any of the plastic fantastics you see out there.
John Robbins
John Robbins 6 månader sedan
No you're not crazy Jack it should be bronze bolts set into a lead keel But that's the way a lot of production boat manufacturers do it cheap and nasty
Kirk Parsons
Kirk Parsons 6 månader sedan
That rope cutter is awesome !
R S 6 månader sedan
Seems like Karen is ready to dry dock permanently
Reel Creek
Reel Creek 6 månader sedan
Why would you wear a mask outside in the beginning of the video while not sanding? They do nothing for you except make you inhale your own germs and carbon dioxide. Still gave a thumbs up as usual on the vid.
Sally Ohalloran
Sally Ohalloran 6 månader sedan
Nugget is such a smiley cheerful little baby....Love your channel
Murray Jones
Murray Jones 6 månader sedan
Brian watching your episode on the hard you used a product on your prop,a black Antifoul product would it be called Crystal Prop Antifoul,I live and boat in Australia we have this product here but have a huge problem with it being that it just peels off just to let you know before you return the boat to the water if you need anymore information let me know by answering my message
Michael Farinola
Michael Farinola 6 månader sedan
Spurs work, for certain!
constantino fernandez
constantino fernandez 6 månader sedan
Ryan I'm your Cuban fan, I am a faithful admirer of your channel, in your professional opinion which is the best painting in the marketfor the bottom part that you can recommend based on your experience. Thanks ,,,,I buy the beer 🍺 for you.
Matthew Reese
Matthew Reese 6 månader sedan
I completely understand that scary feeling when you home/boat gets hauled out. We had our Nicholson ketch out this past summer at SeaView boat yard in Shilshole Seattle WA. They are awesome and do great work, but a nail biter at the same time. ;-)
John Wallen
John Wallen 6 månader sedan
Brian, I have just started selling microSURE and it might work wonders for environmentally friendly boat hull protection. Sure it kills viruses too but I think it is going to change the sailing/cruising world. It's not that expensive either, $200/gallon. Contact me and I can get you some...John FYI: I've been watching you for 7 years and congrats on the 'new' baby.
preaume 6 månader sedan
Sailing Zatara found some amazing paint that made it possible to brush off anything on your boat and it's beautiful!
aguyinarkansas 6 månader sedan
What’s an address we can mail you all something
Perry Diddle
Perry Diddle 6 månader sedan
This time, for some reason, I replayed the part where you have the newest crew member - the nugget. It is priceless seeing her look up and around taking in all in to see her new world.
Becky Bigelow
Becky Bigelow 6 månader sedan
That line cutter was great don't understand why more boat employ that option.
Adventures of s/v Nepenthe
Adventures of s/v Nepenthe 6 månader sedan
I couldn't quite understand what product you are trying on the prop? I'm right behind you with servicing and painting my Autoprop so thought I might try something new as well!
Justin Gibson
Justin Gibson 6 månader sedan
Where is brady
Kevin Aylward
Kevin Aylward 6 månader sedan
You may want to get one of these basin wrenches for removing nuts in tight spaces like the gray water through hull fitting. It looks like this:
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