An offer too cool to refuse, we TAKE TO THE AIR! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 306

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Sailing SV Delos

2 månader sedan

Time to sail south! The weather is starting to get quite challenging up here with temperatures below freezing and strong weather systems moving though every couple of days. A few hours into our passage and the sailing is fantastic. But we’re not alone… We get a call on the VHF radio from a plane circling above Delos with an offer we can't refuse. We divert course and do an overnight sail to Boston for some very exciting adventures!
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John 26 dagar sedan
Jewell Island. A wonderful last stop.
CUTIE BISAYA Månad sedan
Matt Lewandowski
Matt Lewandowski Månad sedan
the new merch segue was amusing
Danny Donnelly
Danny Donnelly Månad sedan
I'm in tears now as you sail into Boston and fly over the Cape, I'm 65 and live in NorCal now, but your in the land of my youth! I still have a brother and a sister that live down the Cape. after watching you dress nugget in a snowsuit, in the Camden video, I was lmao, boy did that bring back memories. 9 kids in my family, I remember my mom dresses as babies like that, she would say took a half hour to dress you and you're back in after 15 mins. Great stuff! Keep up the great work!!
Birgit Blees
Birgit Blees Månad sedan
Great video! What software do you guys use for editing?
BUCKSKI Månad sedan
Be safe. Dolphins not worth BOB
Haji Osman
Haji Osman Månad sedan
man.. That made me smile!! you really are contributing joy to the universe.. Thank you for living in my generation..
Rick Ancil
Rick Ancil Månad sedan
What is Wicked Salty up to? We miss them!
Razors Edge
Razors Edge Månad sedan
probably heard this before, but Delos should have a reunion! try to get as many of the crew from the channel to meet in one place and catch up! baby nugs needs to meet her extended family!
MrMelodyRoad Månad sedan
We lived aboard full time (winter & summer) at Constitution Marina for 3 years From our slip we could see The Old South Church behind us, The Bunker Hill Monument of our bow and the masts of the USS Constitution (Old Iron Sides ) off our stb beam. those were the days... long time ago. OMG it looks like you were in the exact same slip we were in for 3 years.. UNBELIEVABLE !!!! We also had a sailboat at Falmouth Foreside in ME. for a couple of years and spent many a night a Jewell Island. Great little anchorage.
Scott Secor
Scott Secor Månad sedan
Thank you so much for sharing such good times with us all. Makes the days of the Pandemic that less stressful! Love you guys :-) Take care out there Brian, Kazaa and Nugget :-)
Stuart Smith
Stuart Smith Månad sedan
Does the knit cap come with a speedo?
Nawas Mdnawas
Nawas Mdnawas Månad sedan
Excellent video, so cute baby
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Månad sedan
I fly planes for a living, but have not been in a "small" plane in a long time. such a view!!!
Vadim Smilansky
Vadim Smilansky Månad sedan
I am took a few flying lessons too, but sailing wins :)
Peter N
Peter N Månad sedan
We were anchored in that same cove on Jewell Island on our honeymoon. After consuming a few dark & stormys, I was playing with my shiny new wedding ring and dropped it overboard... one bounce and it went right down the scuppers. Next morning, went SCUBA diving for the ring - it took almost 3 hours but finally, success! 33 years later, the same ring is still on my finger.
Sam Bamford
Sam Bamford Månad sedan
Brian! Go back to the roots and bring Delos to the Pacific Northwest!
Rhiannon Lynn
Rhiannon Lynn Månad sedan
My mother thinks that the Delos Crew (former as well as current) would be perfect people for Sea Shepherd. She's rather an activist, this mother of mine, and thinks that anyone who cares about the ocean ought to support Sea Shepherd, directly or indirectly. You're wonderful people, and Sierra is adorable!
Meat Lady
Meat Lady Månad sedan
Micheal Dean
Micheal Dean Månad sedan
Here I am, watching these backwards again. Was this Sierra's first plane ride and she sleeps through some of it? I have to admit, you guys are fulfilling a dream /fantasy I've had for over 30 years. I think I've said that before. An incredible and enviable partnership. To top it all off, a cute as buttons baby girl. And yes I said buttons, NOT kittens. I dislike cats because of the toxoplasma gondii parasite. Stay Well Stay Warm Stay Safe
Time Bong
Time Bong Månad sedan
Face diapers weaken ur immune system. Been proven many times. Anyways this is just the influenza
Sailing Capella C
Sailing Capella C Månad sedan
Hey guys. Hoping you see us so you can get some tips for living on the water during winter. Check it out
Sailing Pivo
Sailing Pivo Månad sedan
Hey guys! glad you got to experience something new! Thanks for sharing! It is good to see something other than hot sandy beaches.
Defiance 32
Defiance 32 Månad sedan
Marketing beanies when spring is knocking at the door 🤣
aboversite Månad sedan
Seems like a good guy. Glad to hear he is IFR rated. "Popping out on top" is an undesirable situation for VFR pilots. Not a fan of general aviation pilots as a rule.
Gene Desruisseaux
Gene Desruisseaux Månad sedan
Cape Cod Canal.....wonder of the world...large striper bass in the Spring
Ed Megarry
Ed Megarry Månad sedan
Stumbled across Delos about two months ago,,,, now caught up. Sad I can no longer binge watch and will have to wait for weekly episodes now. An update on Brady would be awesome, as well as how Kiril became an editor? Love you guys.
Felix Brandau
Felix Brandau Månad sedan
Awesome music 🎶
steven miller
steven miller Månad sedan
Luv u guys n little nugget. Can,t believe all the copycats alas they cannot compare 2 u all. Hillbilly talk. Keep it up. Born in terciera, azores. I really appreciate your video. Thx
Veronica Caschili
Veronica Caschili Månad sedan
I wait for you in Sardinia. Greetings
Curtis Loud
Curtis Loud Månad sedan
Nugget is getting soooo big!
J. Gravett
J. Gravett Månad sedan
Flying does mess with the pressure in your ears, especially with young ones! It can be painful the first time!
Bryan Bonham
Bryan Bonham Månad sedan
PS: did you hum “ more than a feeling” pulling into harbor? 😃
Bryan Bonham
Bryan Bonham Månad sedan
Brian, the most resourceful and intelligent captain, v-logger, and father. Kaz & baby nugget we love you! Thanks for entertaining and educating us over the last many years! Hope you don’t mind but bringing to you and the Delos tribe’s attention another Chanel that I’m sure all would appreciate. Follow the Boat! Hope to see you guys in the great white north some day. Enjoy the winter off hankered down. Love from Canada 🇨🇦
Jamie Bernard
Jamie Bernard Månad sedan
Finally some wather we have in ND
William Moore
William Moore Månad sedan
loved this episode-- my dad retired from commercial aviation and opened a "fly sail" trip out of New York city. He would pick you up at JFK in a 180 cessna and fly to the Chesapeake then sail in a 35 Pearson till be for sun set- then circle the statue of liberty before landing back in the city, So loved this episode
David Campbell
David Campbell Månad sedan
I was so disappointed I missed you in Boston and your trip thru the cape cod canal.
Eiic Sanders
Eiic Sanders Månad sedan
Thank y'all so much. I have only recently become a follower. Rainy days here are wonderful day's with y'all.
Elias Laurentino
Elias Laurentino Månad sedan
Amazing !!!Thank's ...
Christopher Groves
Christopher Groves Månad sedan
Great aerial views of the Cape and Boston. Do you use the Panasonic Leica 50-200mm lens for much of your vids with your GH5?
DeepFried CherryPie
DeepFried CherryPie Månad sedan
Karen's skin is a nice mix of still sunburnt from the Caribbean and freezing cause y'all are up north now
Scott Brown
Scott Brown Månad sedan
Love you guys stay safe give nugget a hug 🤗 for me, I really enjoy watching your videos.
shamus Månad sedan
Living the dream
Suzanne Chance
Suzanne Chance Månad sedan
Hey there! Did you guys know that you have been selected as one of the "Top 25 Cruising Heroes for the 21st Century" by Yachting Monthly? Well, congratulations and keep up the good work! Really enjoy your channel!
Jo B
Jo B Månad sedan
Proof that you can remove your facenappy and cannot catch the co-cold when eating.......... So reassuring to know the experts are right.
#QUEVIAGEM Månad sedan
Airplanes and Sailboats are cousins!
Tana D'Amico
Tana D'Amico Månad sedan
Sierra is so her mamma!
Marshall Dennen
Marshall Dennen Månad sedan
Sold yachts for 7 years so many pilots sail so many sailors fly- wind lovers and freedom lovers too I think. Really wanted a pilots licence
Liz J
Liz J Månad sedan
We live near Camden...sorry wasn’t able to meet you! But now you see how special this region is so I know you will be back! Maine is a remarkable place.
Karl Giel
Karl Giel Månad sedan
Every time I watch theses guys all I can think is ..... “ Man, these guys are living such an awesome life !!” 👍👍👍👍
fatasford Månad sedan
Awesome much love thanks for sharing
SH!T SHOW Månad sedan
That is so cool, Warms my heart with all the cool people that come along your path
pusong islander TV
pusong islander TV Månad sedan
always be careful with your journey may there be more beautiful places to visit here on Earth, may there be many more vedios
deningman Månad sedan
Is "adventurising" a real word. ...or is Brian being creative?
deningman Månad sedan
@Melmin447 Agree
Melmin447 Månad sedan
LOL, every time I hear him say that I it's not a real word. He's a smart guy...pretty sure he's just being cute. ;)
Henrik Andersson
Henrik Andersson Månad sedan
Såg jag en snusdosa vid förarplatsen..? Karin eller Brian?
southparks100 Månad sedan
I feel like you need to head back to South Africa!
Nedy Infectana
Nedy Infectana Månad sedan
I love watching your vedios...specially cute!
Meliciousness Månad sedan
Is there any reason you can't be in the Florida keys where I hear the water temperature was 75 a few days ago at bahia Honda. All of the keys are interesting somehow but Islamorada, Marathon and key west all nice and many more all nice
lucky mick7
lucky mick7 Månad sedan
Man I love this channel but the videos were way more entertaining when they were actually adventuring and had more people around them no pun intended just some constructive criticism because regardless I wish I had enough money or collateral to sell and buy a reliable enough boat to sail and live on.
Ed Grant
Ed Grant Månad sedan
Now he can really be called "Flyin' Brian".
Kelly Ferguson
Kelly Ferguson 2 månader sedan
Now thats good n true parenting lol we've all bumped our kids head on something while toting them. Cool video I love watching y'alls adventures.⛵🐳🐬🐙🐠🐚🌴🌎🌲🌞
62 to FREEDOM 2 månader sedan
your cold trek sucks
john patterson
john patterson 2 månader sedan
what we going to do in Boston?, Have a Boston Tea Party!
John David Wolf
John David Wolf 2 månader sedan
The plane is two up from the Cessna 170 that Maggie flew in "Northern Exposure."
Sebhat Yidelwo
Sebhat Yidelwo 2 månader sedan
Maan this guy really looks like Poseidon or at least how I imagine him to look like haha
Phil Decker
Phil Decker 2 månader sedan
On Jewell Island, you were in COCKTAIL COVE! Great anchorage. In my previous life, I anchored there many times in my old Catalina 27. Once night, I was tired and accidentally anchored in 6 feet of water, and there is a 9 foot tide there. Just after dark, the keel landed on the bottom, and over we went, slowly but surely. Situation hopeless, but not serious. I slept on the side of the boat that night, and we were back to vertical by morning. I hope none of our neighbors in the anchorage saw us.
Sixth Estate AZ
Sixth Estate AZ 2 månader sedan
18:50 in and I was worried about the Nugget’s ears on the flight. The one cry shot 😔 Was that flight related?
Charles Alcott
Charles Alcott 2 månader sedan
I'm from Chatham. That was so awesome watching u guys fly into and around Chatham! I'm a longtime watcher of ur channel. Safe travels🙂
daverjax 2 månader sedan
Good job guys. Update from Last week with the "Professional" Comercial crabber who fell overbard on the calm St. Johns RIver. after three days the search was called off, and this Thrsday Past a body was found floating in the river under the Buckman Bridge. After recovering it and Coroners Exam; Guess WO it WAS. Yep, our "Professional" Comercial Craber who was TOO "Profesional" to wear HIS LIFE VEST. SO, ANOTHER Darin award Nominee.
mike finsterbush
mike finsterbush 2 månader sedan
Alsome videos!!! Been watching them all morning.. just wondering What do you guys do about Pirates?
John Gambit
John Gambit 2 månader sedan
It would be nice if in your info section below each video you mention the time frame it was recorded. Living in the USA it appears you are 3 months behind the recording verses the release. Just curious. Thanks!
Kyle W
Kyle W 2 månader sedan
So cool to see you flying over cape cod where I grew up, and then Boston which is where I live. Can't wait for the next episode to see what you guys do in Boston.
Bruce Adams
Bruce Adams 2 månader sedan
2:52 !
Robert Colvin
Robert Colvin 2 månader sedan
One of your best videos. I'm with Jenna below. Her thoughts express mine. :). Boston is one of America's great city. Glad you got to see her. Happy Valentine's Day
falcon m
falcon m 2 månader sedan
Life is what you live it as you like it
Mick Thornton
Mick Thornton 2 månader sedan
B&G or Garmin? What do you recommend?
Mick Thornton
Mick Thornton 2 månader sedan
Does anyone else find it ironic that a baby growing up on a sailboat is named after a long jagged mountain chain? She is a beautiful, happy baby!
rys. 2 månader sedan
KavaKavana 2 månader sedan
Such capable people. Love the boat, love the kid, great couple. So relaxed and such a great attitude seems like there’s nothing you guys can’t do. Way to live your best lives
Joe Pagliaro
Joe Pagliaro 2 månader sedan
I have been a subscriber for more than a year. WOW sv Delos is in my backyard. Literally. I live on cape cod and frequent the hanger b for breakfast. I love your work and enthusiasm.
Sailing Amoray
Sailing Amoray 2 månader sedan
Such a great episode! Loved watching a new perspective from the air :)
Михаил Полещук
Михаил Полещук 2 månader sedan
Come on guys, winter isn't comming. It is already ending)
joellyn parks
joellyn parks 2 månader sedan
Nice day.
Rodrigo Hernandez
Rodrigo Hernandez 2 månader sedan
Good Stuff
Monterey Sailor
Monterey Sailor 2 månader sedan
Great episode. You toured the first 20 yrs of my life - I started sailing in Camden, and went on to race at the Chatham Yacht club for 8 summers. Thanks for the memories.
DeafDalmatian 2 månader sedan
My ex is a pilot and has a small plane too. My favorite thing was to have enough ceiling on a rainy day to fly to another airport for dinner. When you rise above the crap weather it is such a wonderful thing to always remember it's ALWAYS SUNNY ABOVE THE CLOUDS!. You don't need to fly to understand this! Safe travels and hugs!
R. S.
R. S. 2 månader sedan
I Snowmobiled 64 Miles in Yellowstone Yesterday & saw -12°F, then Skied Big Sky today at -2°F. Those Red Caps look Great & Now Tie-In Jacque C., Bill Fn Murray a la Wes Anderson & Delos. Too Cool for Igloo School.
R. S.
R. S. 2 månader sedan
that 206 is a Fine Plane & is Basically the State Bird of Canada...that and the 182. I did my time in a 172, but favor Beechcraft A36s these days. the 2020 FAA Mandate of ADS-B in all Craft is Priceless these days.
Amy Lawson
Amy Lawson 2 månader sedan
Been trying to figure out what time of the year you left Maine. Was it late September/early October? Trying to get a feel for when the weather turns cold up there.
Willy Barraza
Willy Barraza 2 månader sedan
Ouch! Thanks for sharing. :-)
Trails And Sails
Trails And Sails 2 månader sedan
You're spot on- boating and flying are so well linked....just in different fluids- water vs gas! Loved this video- brought back found memories of when I was in both expensive hobbies- now just sailing. Oh and seeing Nugget in the back seat asleep so parallels my memories when we went flying. I'd say: Wow!...look at that beautiful view of the coast and the trees all different colors!...hey you guys see that!..Zzzzzz.
Donna 2 månader sedan
How exciting and cool to have the chance to go on that plane ride. Stopping for it 🥰! Fair winds my friends ⛵️. I’m sure you’re back in warm waters by now ☺️. Stay safe! 😉
Randall Thrift
Randall Thrift 2 månader sedan
Winter is half over. today we hopefully get our last big snowfall
jose Dias
jose Dias 2 månader sedan
I guess you going have to send Kaza to a cop schooll
Gavin Ferguson
Gavin Ferguson 2 månader sedan
so want a hat but uk seems import duties almost double the price of everything bought in the uk
Cameron 2 månader sedan
I haven't watched many of your videos, but I specifically remember watching one last year and feeling just as..... amazing as I do this time. Thank you for sharing your journey.
Jos van Laere
Jos van Laere 2 månader sedan
You really should stop calling Sierra a baby. Since she is past 1 years old she's not a baby anymore. I think the right term would be a toddler? It's like the movie Dirty dancing where the main character is still being called baby allthough she's allready 16 years old.
Michael Samuel
Michael Samuel 2 månader sedan
So amazing!! Great one you guys! This is why Delos will always be my favorite sailing channel.
Joze Trselic
Joze Trselic 2 månader sedan
"It's such a tight fit..." who else went: "that's what she said" 😁
latitude 2 månader sedan
Ahhhh mom, please be careful, we all love our nugget. 🤪
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