HORRIFIC Sailing Into a DARK VORTEX of Wind and Rain - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 288

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Sailing SV Delos

6 månader sedan

Beating our brains out sailing into 35 knot winds while getting pounded by BIG waves and never ending squalls.... This video definitely shows the less glamorous part of our lifestyle! Brian described it pretty well - “I don’t think any of us wish we where here right now.”
Not only was our sanity put on test but Delos took quite a beating too. With constant wind shifts we rip our sail and the bow starts filling up with bucketloads of salt water every wave we hit!! NOT IDEAL! It was a scary tiring couple of days but we made it through and get a very warm welcome into the USA.
Hope you enjoy this peak into our lives on the open ocean. A huge thank you to Grace from @calicoskiessailing for being such badass crew and to @kiril_dobrev for putting this episode together!
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Mike Parnell
Mike Parnell 9 dagar sedan
Love you guys!. You are some knarly see dogs hahaha. I want your life hahaha, Delos is so incredible. Keep up the awesome work. Safe sailing.
adrean tejed
adrean tejed 25 dagar sedan
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S H Månad sedan
Kazza, on board lots of calories for a few weeks, it can help your energy and well being, especially caring for nugget. : )
Lars Johannesson
Lars Johannesson Månad sedan
Great great episode!
CUTIE BISAYA Månad sedan
francis shipton
francis shipton Månad sedan
Hi guys i am from Sri Lanka and I really enjoy your videos iit was really interesting the way you caught that theft at night try to make it to Sri Lanka it's there is a lot of nice places you guys can make a nice video good luck to you guys god bless you all and your beautiful little baby.
jacob jacob
jacob jacob Månad sedan
@ 24:47 check out the baby testing mother's energy whether to cry or not, and mom subconsciously encouraging her.
Samin Mahfuz
Samin Mahfuz Månad sedan
aawh ! you guys are awesome
pravesssh Månad sedan
Tell us something about sailing. How you sail with wind and against wind?
Jerry Foreman
Jerry Foreman Månad sedan
Sailing around Hatteras is what crushed Sailing Doodles ⛵ boat. Bad area of seas.
MrJhchrist Månad sedan
Isn't 30 knots wind against current exactly when you avoid the gulf stream? I don't know much about real sailing, but I do live near the gulf stream and have heard many stories of bad things happening when the wind opposes it. So is it that I just have an over simplified understanding, or there were other factors pushing Delos to be there, then? Brian even described wind vs. current when they left the bay in the Bahamas so why choose to beat into that on an even larger scale?
Charles Clements
Charles Clements Månad sedan
O.K. so you were going north. You should have used the ICW.
Charles Clements
Charles Clements Månad sedan
So why didn't you take the ICW, inner coastal waterway? Every one else does. It would be a far more pleasant ride. You could have used it to go all the way down to Florida.
nik son
nik son 2 månader sedan
Not “what on earth”. What in space... X
Chris B
Chris B 2 månader sedan
Holy cow. Thats the marina i grew up going out of.
NightSkyACC /\
NightSkyACC /\ 2 månader sedan
Pritožujejo se ko potujejo z jadarnico 😂😂😂
David Gaudet
David Gaudet 2 månader sedan
I can't get enough !!😁😁😁
PUPSON THEBEACHTV 2 månader sedan
Dana Dane
Dana Dane 2 månader sedan
What a wild ride & a sweet finish!
boombapboom 2 månader sedan
i think you guys are probably the ONLY PEOPLE who've managed to catch a SpaceX rocket re-entry on video from the middle of the ocean. I did some google searching and couldn't find any videos that people have posted to the internet.
sbdreamin 2 månader sedan
That made me seasick just watching, but the dock and Chinese food at the end more than made up for it!
Daniel Brinkman
Daniel Brinkman 3 månader sedan
when its gnarly like that are you guys on wind power alone? just wondering..love you guys
Kieran Firth
Kieran Firth 3 månader sedan
Very good videos but do you ever get worried about little one in the middle off the sea
Tara Morehead
Tara Morehead 3 månader sedan
Just had major oral surgery yesterday, but can help but smile when I see Sierras face. She’s such a good happy baby.
John 3 månader sedan
You are all amazing sailors. I'm usually on the treadmill watching and wishing I was there, but not so much this time.
FTATF 4 månader sedan
Was that a filter or just the ISO way up? I liked that classic grainy look.
Brian Dunn
Brian Dunn 4 månader sedan
Luv it
Shawn 4 månader sedan
Man, the Atlantic is no joke.
Ben Carter
Ben Carter 4 månader sedan
Really like when a lot of sailing makes the cut! Especially enjoying the little bits under the shine. Makes things real
Nosky2 4 månader sedan
Literally witnessing history made while in the middle of the ocean and not even knowing it is pretty fkn epic
Mariaj ImL
Mariaj ImL 4 månader sedan
I would be terrified
aristoteles wambrauw
aristoteles wambrauw 4 månader sedan
My Experience is meet mr, arne buhs at SV. Nora Simrad..
aristoteles wambrauw
aristoteles wambrauw 4 månader sedan
Hi Delos, please visit us, at cenderawasih bay, from Nabire Papua Indonesia
Joseph Feinburg
Joseph Feinburg 4 månader sedan
Watch this on youtube semost.info/award/i6WBpY-HgNmrt6Y/video.html
Billder Inbaja
Billder Inbaja 4 månader sedan
Well produced video... it's not all beautiful islands and bikinis. Been there, done that, ain't pretty on foredeck in a squall line with big gear in the way and a torn headsail... sure is a nice lookin' dinghy though! You guys need a PORTABOTE. No jackline or PFD? Inconvenient, I know... just sayin.
Kyle Mankes
Kyle Mankes 4 månader sedan
At the end of the video, someone says "Beaufort is not our friend." Are they in Beaufort, NC?
goodkebo 4 månader sedan
Fu*%$#+& Cape Hatteras, lol.
Sails 4 månader sedan
A tip for prolonging a flags life. Use clear nail polish on the stitching along the edges. This will double the life of the flag.
Tanam Ikan
Tanam Ikan 4 månader sedan
Halo sailing delos, i'v just watched film "adrift (2018)" if u both ever watched it, we just skip the drama part (LOL), i have no idea about sailing, or even dealing with storm at sea. Just wanna ask about the film, the couple just try to sent the boat from tahiti to san diego, n they face to a storm, and before that the movie just show that they hav seen the black cloud and heavy rainny,. From this movie, i just very curious, why that won't they just took down the sail and anchoring , and just stop a bit until the storm dismiss. Why they just go trought the storm, and made them suffer. I just dont get the idea. A big thanks if u or someone else would give me an insight. Sory for my english if its bad. Thanks a lot. 😁
Hoder Harris
Hoder Harris 4 månader sedan
I grew up in Eastern North Carolina, that area you were in is know as the graveyard of the Atlantic. Dangerous seas have sunk many a strong boat and good captain. Glad you all made it through the worst of it.
Charlene Baicy
Charlene Baicy 4 månader sedan
Are you still here?
Charlene Baicy
Charlene Baicy 4 månader sedan
I am here in Virginia. I hope you had the oppurtunity to go to Captain Georges to eat.
ImaMonaKnight 5 månader sedan
You All Are Amazing.. Thanks Foreverything 💯💞🍒🍀🍉💚💋
Chelsea Carlson
Chelsea Carlson 5 månader sedan
Oh man the joys of upwind slamming on the Gulf Stream😅 .... been there! And it still makes me cringe to think about those rough seas ... as a sailor, meteorologist & weather router it’s tough to watch because I know that with a little more in depth departure planning and strategic routing you can actually avoid the worst of this type of sailing, or at least limit it, with just a quick text or email with a meteorologist. I know it’s not needed 90% of the time for this crew, but I’m always curious if Delos would ever consider working with a pro to help time departures when it looks iffy like this? computer models and software like PredictWind just cannot always get it right. Anyways, fair winds guys! I’ve been a fan since back in 2011-2012 and watching you ever since. Love you guys and so happy for you to have the nugget going on adventures with you now. 💕
goodnews goodnews
goodnews goodnews 5 månader sedan
Don’t u get sea sick with this waves
Bonnie Moench
Bonnie Moench 5 månader sedan
The reason Sierra is sleeping so well is she is on the biggest rocking chair in her life.
Christer Jeppsson
Christer Jeppsson 5 månader sedan
I think you have a kind of "linslus" onboard.
Yildirim Cenk E
Yildirim Cenk E 5 månader sedan
Fake space x
Clint Davis
Clint Davis 5 månader sedan
After sailing for 46 yrs and 5 circums it amazes me how the wives of sailors tolerate such torture. Deep down they hate every minute of offshore sailing and eventually divorce because of the difficult life of Sailing. Watching new you tube sailors who sold everything and quit their jobs only to sell the boat on an average of two yrs. I tell people now that sailing is a rare breed and is not sundowner drinks and sunsets count for 10 % and the res is aggravation with customs, anchors dragging, weird neighbors, payoffs to the locals to watch your boat with thefts, engine breakdown, sea sickness, expensive expensive boat yards, rolling in anchorages constantly, sleep deprivation, sun skin cancer, and I could go on and on. I suggest people who want to sell around the world and spend on average 200 k to do it should consider taking ac6 month cruse ship around the world for 35 k and really enjoy life and seeing the world on a 800’ cruise ship with balcony.
Juli124 5 månader sedan
This was amazing to watch! What a wonderful episode. I've followed you guys since you were in Raja Ampat and this episode just somehow manages to catch the vibe of the "old Delos episodes" while showing how much your lives have also changed. Which hits home for me personally because I've watched Delos episodes through my own hard times and struggles with infertility and now I'm sitting here with a glas of wine, enjoying the video while my toddler and my baby are sleeping in their beds.
Brian was raised in the small city of Flagstaff, Arizona. At the age of 22, he moved to Seattle to finish his degree in Electrical Engineering at UW and with his bright mind and witty smile Brian started up his own software company. By his early 30’s, Brian found something was missing, and he dreamt of bigger adventures and more meaning in his life. He read the book ‘3 years on a 12foot boat’ and the dream to create his own odyssey and sail around the world was born. He sold his house, his cars, and all his possessions that tied him down to a corporate society. Three boats later and endless days of hard work, Brian’s dream became a reality when he bought Delos in Seattle in 2008 with the intention of sailing her across the Pacific to Australia over the course of 2 years. 6 years have now passed, people have left, people have joined and the trip has turned into something much more than just ‘cruising’; it has turned into something truly magical. Brian feels like sailing and cruising on Delos has changed his DNA, he’s a hands-on, laid back, and very smart chap. His stubborn nature means he is persistent with all projects and won’t stop until he gets the task done. Brian radiates an aura of confidence, which automatically creates a sense of trust and safety for anyone who comes into contact with him. Although a software nerd at heart, he has a weird fixation with strong tastes, a low tolerance to bad smells, is the ultimate snuskhummer and a true and loving sailor.👍👍👍👍
Luluita17 5 månader sedan
There can be torment outside and Sierra smiles like it's the best day ever ! Makes my day!!
Catherine FitzGerald
Catherine FitzGerald 5 månader sedan
Not putting away the dingy for such a long trip is lazy and foolish
mateyko555 5 månader sedan
Still no single lifejacket not dreaming about any other safety equipment... guys what the... in 8:02 you can see at least one person attached with harness at least...
John Powell
John Powell 5 månader sedan
Well done!
Klaus Urban
Klaus Urban 5 månader sedan
Hi, I'm here again. This last trip they took was not, as it seemed, as bad as the 15 days in the Indian Ocean. - I saw in your videos your passage through Brazil, Ilha Bela, Paratí, Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande and Rio de Janeiro, the latter where I have lived since my birth, 73 years ago. I wish the three many happiness and good winds and no strong waves. A very Brazilian hug for you.
Adam Deem
Adam Deem 5 månader sedan
Love the video, sometimes sailing is a lot of work and the weather can be challenging but y'all are a great team. Too bad about the sail, but good job getting it down and back underway. What tablet and case are you using at the helm where you aren't afraid of it getting trashed by rain, salt spray, etc. would love to know?
Ben Munday
Ben Munday 5 månader sedan
so, the knot you threw on the halyard when you replaced the jib. can you give links? thanks bryan!
Corrine Terry
Corrine Terry 5 månader sedan
Well done! Loved the video! Baby nugget is cuteness overload!💜
Jeffrey A. Smith
Jeffrey A. Smith 5 månader sedan
What a great way for Delos to come back to the States. After 10 years! It wouldn't have happened that way if there was calm weather, probably.
DA Vane
DA Vane 5 månader sedan
Where does Brian find shorts big enough to fit his "cojones"? absolutely crazy! Every time "nugget" is on camera she makes me smile. Safe Travels.
Charlie Ave
Charlie Ave 5 månader sedan
Omg yall friend is so beautiful 😍
yaryar 5 månader sedan
Stop drop anchor call an Uber and go home!!!😂🤣😂🤣
dannyboytravels 5 månader sedan
Spacex footage from SV Delos is so cool! Amazing you saw live!
Lord OfTheLord's
Lord OfTheLord's 5 månader sedan
Amazing,I dont have nerves for these i will put that diesel motors to max
Ty___ Charles
Ty___ Charles 5 månader sedan
25:53 made my morning
ryfish5 5 månader sedan
Reminds me of the westbound part of the second lap of the Indian Ocean season a few years back.
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy 6 månader sedan
Fantastic video. I know you and your family had discomfort and uncertainties. But this was a great video. ❤❤💯%
peregrinegrace 6 månader sedan
The rough with the smooth eh ? 🙄
gregory fietz
gregory fietz 6 månader sedan
Great ! abit of adventure ! Good for the soul ! im over covid restrictions on the whole world . Love S V delos ......
White Hat
White Hat 6 månader sedan
Ian Allan
Ian Allan 6 månader sedan
Try that sail change on a broad, broad reach if you have sea room. Hide the jib behind the main and take your cocktail... Just add another day to your ETA. :)
CardinalHijack 6 månader sedan
So many American flags and 1 faded Swedish flag haha, Americans are great.
GOD GIRLS & FAMILY ROCK 6 månader sedan
You guys were sailing in or near Hurricane Delta!!! God bless your Journey in Jesus Name...Amen.
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 6 månader sedan
elitepower 6 månader sedan
my first subscribe. lovely baby. nice video.
Boyce McClellan
Boyce McClellan 6 månader sedan
Thats that North Wall you hit off the coast of Hatteras. Biggest seas I ever saw when I was in the Navy was in that area. 40-50 feet!
Mary Elias
Mary Elias 6 månader sedan
Unpleasant and uncomfortable for you but very real and very interesting. Thank you for sharing.
Jugaloking69 Dope
Jugaloking69 Dope 6 månader sedan
good choice sweet and sour boneless pork! good job rockin the waves
Robert Scranton
Robert Scranton 6 månader sedan
SV Delos vids are the BEST sailing videos...You guys are so brave...Kazza..thank you for your intimate sessions sharing your feelings...and the baby seems oblivious to the drama..haha
SaveClimate NOW!
SaveClimate NOW! 6 månader sedan
People aliens I’m dying 😂😂😂
Kirtan Dreamrezzer
Kirtan Dreamrezzer 6 månader sedan
My prayers for your safe sailing. ALOHA
Mikolaj Trzeciecki
Mikolaj Trzeciecki 6 månader sedan
Was there any specific reason for not reefing the sails?
Paul Deatherage
Paul Deatherage 6 månader sedan
I can't even imagine how that felt to dock... LOVE you guys!
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 6 månader sedan
So proud to follow you guys so proud of your crew. Thanks for informative real adventures of sailing. Prayers over you all. Have fun, Stay Safe
Trina Doll-Girl
Trina Doll-Girl 6 månader sedan
You guys are in my neck of the woods.
Escaping to the Philippines
Escaping to the Philippines 6 månader sedan
*Turn around...the Caribbean awaits you!*
ibkennedy 6 månader sedan
Different levels of discomfort! Love it Brian 😉
Rowan King
Rowan King 6 månader sedan
Put it in perspective - I'd prefer to be there than stranded ashore wasting away in an office trying desperately to finance a similar lifestyle
got2flynow 6 månader sedan
One word... "CATAMARAN"... Life gets a LOT easier. Comm'on... join the club.
Ed Felty
Ed Felty 6 månader sedan
Wow, that rocket reentry looks like a comet.
sameclm 6 månader sedan
Isn't it time to change your intro ?
PJ M 6 månader sedan
Brian. When the weather is bad and one of you has to be on the bow changing sail settings, could you wear two way radio headsets with boom microphones? Kaza had a hard time hearing you in the above video. Also, could you not use an electric or gas powered pressure washer to clean the bottom of the boat? Tie a guide rope around the hull to hold on to when you are under the water using the pressure washer spray.
agc812 6 månader sedan
Well done Delos crew! Thanks for the reminder that sailing isn’t all turquoise water and bikinis.
danceswithcarsdc 6 månader sedan
It's the GraveYard of the East/Atlantic, en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graveyard_of_the_Atlantic and y'all survived it. Glad to see harness going forward for the genny down/jib change... Does regular radio/CB/wireless work to get to solo hubby? Anyways crazy meter burned up upon reentry. Tough going, but part of the e. musk empire, luckily on target... Maybe taking out the competition with unexplained UFO meteorites...👾👽🛸🚀🛰️🌠👨‍🚀👩‍🚀
My Thos
My Thos 6 månader sedan
Dramatic stuff and anxious moments, to be sure. But good decisions, good team work and a great outcome. Textbook management course in this video. Well done.
Gary Vetitoe
Gary Vetitoe 6 månader sedan
What a neat experience...enjoy your journey :)
Igor Brandao
Igor Brandao 6 månader sedan
Jason Stoltzman
Jason Stoltzman 6 månader sedan
Thanks for sharing, it is so great to see the community helping in all areas of your trip. Just proves there is still good people in this world.
Alex 6 månader sedan
Brian should get a paternity test, i think Nugg's real father is Neptune
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