BOAT WORK FAIL - When things go sideways! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 312

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Sailing SV Delos

26 dagar sedan

Things were going so smoothly... And then with one simple mistake it ends with a spark and a puff of smoke! I don’t know how many times we’ve said “Boat projects! They’re never straight forward!” We’re about half way though our massive boat-work list and some challenges are thrown our way. First off, our brand new washing machine is a touch too wide to fit through the companionway door, so we have to completely dismantle and rebuild it inside Delos. Then in a comedy of errors Brian drills though a very important electrical wire trying to mount the new washer :( Oh yeah, and the dive compressor is giving us a fit but we'll save that for later. We still manage to make progress and have never been closer to shoving off and sailing south! Woop Woop!
Hope you enjoyed this one! Much love from us! Brian, Kazza and Sierra
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Chuck Bodnar
Chuck Bodnar 3 dagar sedan
For a computer programmer at heart you have become a jack of all things mechanicel, electrical, hydroish ,navigationish and everything else sailingish. All i can say is WOW!!!! you are something. I have been following your world wide adventures for the past 4 years. Its so good to see someone living such an adventurous life. Keep on keeping on!! CB
John C
John C 3 dagar sedan
Chief Engineer x Captain of the boat! Salute 👨🏻‍🔧👨🏻‍🏭👨🏻‍✈️👨🏻‍💻to you Brian! Kazza you are a great partner, Chief Cook x Chief Officer x Junior Engineer Salute! 👩🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🔧👩🏻‍💼 Wishing you guys smooth sailing⛵⛵⛵⛵... Prosperous life❤️🥩🍗🥔🥞🍔🍣🦞🍛🍻🍻🍚🍚🍚🛡️
Ed Rabbitt
Ed Rabbitt 5 dagar sedan
You didn't fabricate a tool. The word you're looking for is fabricobble.
Ton Mutuc
Ton Mutuc 6 dagar sedan
This is so satisfying to watch... I feel productive while on my couch eating Cheerios!
Shelby Starks
Shelby Starks 7 dagar sedan
awesome guys!!
Jon B
Jon B 7 dagar sedan
Beautiful Family! Love your videos as it lets the rest of us realize we all have problems to deal with. Great job on the work.
Paul Triulzi
Paul Triulzi 7 dagar sedan
It’s amazing that Bryan has the patience to tackle all those refits, one after the other. Would like to have him as crew on my boat.
funnyglow 8 dagar sedan
The scenery is so beautiful and stunning.Very enjoyable! Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
Amin M
Amin M 10 dagar sedan
You could fill the drill whole on the cable by soldering iron remember it works just fine, may be in the future
FLightma' x
FLightma' x 12 dagar sedan
You are really hard workers !, many thanks for the help to your friends too 👏👏👏👏👏
Christy Ray
Christy Ray 13 dagar sedan
"Still better than a desk job" should be the caption. Amen to that! (as I sit at my desk working towards the dream to live on a boat)
Duke Bass
Duke Bass 14 dagar sedan
I hope Sierra is receiving the benefit of learning a second language “Swedish” as see learns to talk ?
Summer Hays
Summer Hays 15 dagar sedan
Good 'ol Ryan! He is our neighbor here in NC and such a great guy. We never see him because he is always out on an adventure. Brian, very impressive on your rebuild...not many people could do what you do. Bravo!
A Google User
A Google User 15 dagar sedan
that's incredible. people need to see this before they assume that it is cheaper or easier than "normal" life. every choice entails trade-offs! still, it is incredible to see you all tackle the challenges together, and the sense of accomplishment must be great.
ban chuan teo
ban chuan teo 17 dagar sedan
God bless Ryan... He's a god send!
Amy Bear
Amy Bear 17 dagar sedan
When I would spend summers with my Grandparents on their sailboat The Voyager, it always seemed like we did more work than leisure... but it was worth it!. Luv Sailing Delos! 💗
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 18 dagar sedan
so was this where you were when Sierra got her finger got bit by the chicken?! as alway, amazing! we feel bad, but haven't seen the Svalbard series yet. we will! and amazed at the teaser footage so far!!!
viahj 18 dagar sedan
Love the boat project vids!
Kelvin Tovar
Kelvin Tovar 18 dagar sedan
Sierra is hers father's double!! 😘 😘 😘 God bless you guys !!
Bevan Pope
Bevan Pope 18 dagar sedan
Nothing better than cracking a beer on a Sunday afternoon and catching up on “my” Delos family. I will meet you guys one day!
Michael Twing
Michael Twing 18 dagar sedan
Always fun to watch you complete all your projects!
Isa Paine
Isa Paine 19 dagar sedan
Please add bloopers at the end.
Theo Nijhuis
Theo Nijhuis 19 dagar sedan
Hi Brian & Kazza, Nice to how you guys work so organized. Using the Scrum board is great to see. Works really motivated and gives a good view about the progress. It inspires me to you it too at work. But having a boat means loads of work to keep it sailing. And this returns every couple of years again. I can still remember having you the total rig replace in Malaysia, 2016? Keep on telling your great adventure, enjoy and happy safe sailing !!
Berrin Pohl
Berrin Pohl 19 dagar sedan
I love it when you explain your repair processes, I learn so much in these videos
Carson Mayberry
Carson Mayberry 19 dagar sedan
"It's better than a desk job, right? I keep telling myself that." LOL 😆 and to be your own boss 👍
Daniel Heck
Daniel Heck 20 dagar sedan
Looks good!
Juan Cruz
Juan Cruz 20 dagar sedan
Greetings from Washington, D.C. Happy to see you're doing well and keeping healthy. Soooo much better than a desk job, by the way.
Thom Meyer
Thom Meyer 20 dagar sedan
Brian, once again, I'm amazed at the level of engineering expertise you possess...and Kazza, you are Super Mom and first mate, keeping life on Delos moving forward, while Brian recovers. I am in awe of you both! In addition, you have a phenomenal group of friends. Nugget's smiles lighten the mood, no matter how trying the day might be. Best wishes to all three of you!
karson ryan
karson ryan 20 dagar sedan
Ryan is the man!
AllFouRoux 20 dagar sedan
Super Ryan is such a MVP!
Crump Cates
Crump Cates 21 dag sedan
Hey Brian, I must ask, how safe is an "asbestos insulating blanket"? Even in government nuclear labs, asbestos is no longer used in any kind of insulation/shielding as inhalation of asbestos fibers is the direct cause of Mesothelioma. Considering the extreme temperatures, that blanket could release very harmful fibers. I love this channel and I'm sincerely concerned.
Steve Mazz
Steve Mazz 21 dag sedan
Just thinking.... For some reason there is always something that needs fixing on a sailboat whether it is new or 20 years old there is just always something that needs attention.
Ravenswing 21 dag sedan
Hitting a wire is better than hittin' seawater, in my book! You guys make Volvo proud, taking such good care of the engine. Well done all around, and a nicely earned Florida warmup at the end. :)
Travelbird Márcia Silva-Martin
Travelbird Márcia Silva-Martin 21 dag sedan
Hey Brian, so sorry to bug you with this question totally off subject. Full of hopes to go back into traveling/sailing, myself and 3 more friends got a 56 f monohull in Greece from mid July to end of Aug and I'm in total denial regarding avoiding sailing to Crete in July and August due to strong wind. Would you or anyone reading this have any advice/info about personal experience in this matter. Thanks in advance and you all stay well and safe. PS Sierra is getting cuter and cuter :)
WALT 21 dag sedan
Hajji Velasco
Hajji Velasco 21 dag sedan
fyuzebox 21 dag sedan
I'd like to buy you a few bottles of pirate rum. Can you put up a BTC ADDRESS for donations? Thanks
Mark Anthony Lampong
Mark Anthony Lampong 21 dag sedan
I felt very sorry. i felt very sorry.
Mark Anthony Lampong
Mark Anthony Lampong 21 dag sedan
Very cute baby was cared so much that the wind could not harm and now can toddle. Because I have a lot of subscribers i missed your notification
Jean-Pierre Germain
Jean-Pierre Germain 21 dag sedan
On our SM 007 (Eleuthera), we sacrificed the wet locker to accommodate our full size washer/dryer. We chose a Siemens IQ500 meant for the Turkish market. Given the control boards were made for the Turkish power grid which varies from 190-250 Volts, this machine has been completely reliable. Keep up the great vids. Cheers from NZ.
Sarah Holt
Sarah Holt 21 dag sedan
Damn Ryan is BOSS!!! 🥰
Will Rogers
Will Rogers 22 dagar sedan
Amazing work!! Boat projects ALWAYS take forever. I love watching your tutorials of when you fix things. I have a unrelated question. Do you run a tracking log on passages and if so what program do you use? Thanks in advance.
Robin Burrell
Robin Burrell 22 dagar sedan
I’m guessing you were a gear head teenager that enjoyed working on engines, cars, motorcycles, boats, etc. I can see being a handyman is invaluable for sailing.
Perry Diddle
Perry Diddle 22 dagar sedan
Scott Secor
Scott Secor 22 dagar sedan
Love the progress on the repairs! Great Job to Brian, Kazaa and Ryan for helping out! Nugget is loving her time with the chickens :-)
MSI2k 22 dagar sedan
8:24 that calendar pic :-D
Christopher Groves
Christopher Groves 22 dagar sedan
Awesome recovery on the bow power cable issue... we have all been there with setbacks
Bob Cote
Bob Cote 22 dagar sedan
Love all the knowledge Brian!
Donna 22 dagar sedan
Amazing job on everything guys!!!! 👍🏻😉⛵️
Jesper Porsmose
Jesper Porsmose 22 dagar sedan
Hello from Denmark! Just want to send some love to you guys! Your videos always makes my day alot better! I love all your videos. But really also the ones where you go full repair mode, you learn so much from watching thoes! Much love to you Delos family. Jesper Out :D
Vinh Phan
Vinh Phan 22 dagar sedan
I don't understand people who financially support these sailing channels via Patreon. Lets bust your butt working hard at your job on land only to help pay for someone else's extended vacation fantasy??? How stupid can their Patreons be? Let these sailing people pay for there own vacation like the rest of us instead of begging for money from their viewers.
Paul Mahowald
Paul Mahowald 8 dagar sedan
I used to give $15 every month to HBO. It paid for lots of people who made lots of money. I never watched HBO. Now I spend that money on Patreon. It is a lot more fun and provides weekly entertainment. It is really fun to be part of the group
SabaiSabaiThailand 22 dagar sedan
Hello Brian and Kaza and Nugget! I was wondering if you or any of the other cruisers have looked into Starlink for internet after your testing is complete with the system you are currently reviewing? There are a few videos on SEmost on the one that uses a dish and you have to point it but they are working on a globe type deal for busses/trains cruise ships and so on. I don't get to talk to a lot of boaters and cruisers in general but I am very curious to see if this a possible solution for having internet vs. Iridium go and having the paid Sim cards. I know the "home" version is very compatible in price to having the other regular internet providers and one of the cheapest satellite internet services that I've personally researched. Also if you had this Starlink and not had the Iridium go would you get the Iridium just for the redundancy and peace of mind knowing you have 2 ways of getting messages out? Sorry for the long message like I said I don't get out to ask any cruisers and would love your feedback as well as your tribe. Please if you have any input good or bad it still helps me and others form an opinion Thanks and hope see you in the Caribbean!
Bliss Luis
Bliss Luis 22 dagar sedan
OMG the nugget is sooooo cute
DaDaDit 22 dagar sedan
Cheers Nugget, priceless! "3 degrees C" Says the Swedish Princess.
Go Leafs Go
Go Leafs Go 22 dagar sedan
Your daughter seems to be thriving and growing so quickly. Hats off to baby Momma a true testimant all your hard work is paying off young lady. She is so loved by you two and she is obviously feeling it.
Go Leafs Go
Go Leafs Go 22 dagar sedan
Aw man talk about rotten luck on drilling into a wire loom. Great repair though and keep moving forward. Dismantling a brand new washer to make it fit must have been nerve racking but your "calm" approach to task completion is admirable. Well at least what we saw on camera ..... 😆 🤣
James Merchant
James Merchant 22 dagar sedan
Work it Ya all Rock. Yahoos
JudgeDredd888 22 dagar sedan
What about to measure the openings and buy a washing machine that FIT?
Simon Hantler
Simon Hantler 22 dagar sedan
Good work Brian and co.
Dave Nelson
Dave Nelson 22 dagar sedan
You two went thru a radical change with Brady and Blue leaving and Sierra arriving, but you've transitioned with style. Still the best.
Naomi Doss
Naomi Doss 22 dagar sedan
Sierra is toooooo cute
mick keating
mick keating 22 dagar sedan
You have some good friends there guys, what a lot of work well done :)
Kyle P
Kyle P 22 dagar sedan
Get back to warm. Please!!!!
1eftnut 22 dagar sedan
Ryan’s one heck of a carpenter 👍🏽
Gabriel Shelton
Gabriel Shelton 22 dagar sedan
X FOXTROT WISKEY KILO 22 dagar sedan
Amel 55 ???
Joseph Cowart
Joseph Cowart 22 dagar sedan
Lotta work
Truth Finder
Truth Finder 23 dagar sedan
Brian, great work! I couldn't help but notice Kazas cushions though😊
Tim 23 dagar sedan
All that work! Nice to have real friends that come through in the clutch! Keep on keeping on! Look forward to seeing you on the sea soon (as I'm sure you do to!!!) Nice carpet job Kazza and Wonder MOM in effect!
Hector Perez
Hector Perez 23 dagar sedan
Good afternoon I write to you because I am interested in buying a project boat and I would like to know how much is the cost of the sails of your boat because the one we plan to buy has 51 feet almost similar to yours in size I would appreciate your answer thank you very much
Omar Abu-Hantash
Omar Abu-Hantash 23 dagar sedan
Cool 😎
Christian Borgstede
Christian Borgstede 23 dagar sedan
hihi! It is a pice of shit. Just throw in the water!
brharris0435 23 dagar sedan
Dive compressor...not to be in any way disrespectful ...push the red button reset on the contactor ( you refer to it as a relay). These things are very simple devices and should troubleshoot easily enough. If you want a step by step PM me
Peter Groves
Peter Groves 23 dagar sedan
"Wont fit? We'll take it apart & re-assemble it in situ" said no one ever, great job guys. I reckon Ryan's a keeper Brian, maintenance is so much easier with him around 😂😂Fair winds all & stay safe ⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️
skynomad1 23 dagar sedan
You guys are awesome. I enjoy living vicariously through you. Baby Nugget is too cute. Stay well.
AliB333 23 dagar sedan
Question, why didn’t you schedule surgery for AFTER the boat projects?
malachy1847 23 dagar sedan
Great work on the Engine everything boxed away... just wondering when the last time the Heat Exchanger was cleaned out..presume you have did same in the very recent Past, Great Upload
Ed L
Ed L 23 dagar sedan
Curious on where the nugget will sleep when she gets older
Ancon Ranger
Ancon Ranger 23 dagar sedan
Fun fun!!
David Medley
David Medley 23 dagar sedan
I do appreciate your accelerated maintenance videos. I like to see what repairs it requires to keep sailing, but I'm glad you did not spend a 20-30 min. video on one project. Happy sailing.
Ken Robinson
Ken Robinson 23 dagar sedan
What sound does a chicken make. baaaacths.. LOL
Nathan Dunleavy
Nathan Dunleavy 23 dagar sedan
love seeing your vidoes - -thank you
Bruce Publicover
Bruce Publicover 23 dagar sedan
I am truly impressed with your engineering ability to replace & repair your engine room ... good luck on the compressor. We will be anxiously awaiting the next episode!
Greg Fawcett
Greg Fawcett 23 dagar sedan
Boy...I am afraid of doing that on my boat...Next time use "Weld Mount" Tough as can be.. and you can not break the weld from the adhesive or the many attachments that they will tear the substrate away before the adhesive fails. If you want to ever remove the attachments you can saw them off or grind them off...Best "SV Aquila"
Robert Torres
Robert Torres 23 dagar sedan
Why don’t you get rid of that impeller and replace it with a solenoid? I’m not sure if you’re familiar with sailing vessels Cat Impi, but he got rid of that pesky impeller years ago and has a video of how he managed it. You should give his vid’ a look see and see if that’s something you might consider Brian.
Vesa Honkanen
Vesa Honkanen 23 dagar sedan
If you look from dictionary "Ouh s#it" you see picture of man drilling electric wires inside boat frame. LOL. Love your channel, keep up the great work!
Martin Sassenberg
Martin Sassenberg 23 dagar sedan
15:35 🤣 "No!" I think, Sierra will become a little rebel or pirate when she is grown up. Best part: When she giggles about refusing the cheers "hehe" 😂🤣
Roy 23 dagar sedan
Nice Pull Planning!
Joe Cool
Joe Cool 23 dagar sedan
Cool !
spyder 4351
spyder 4351 23 dagar sedan
Hope we get to see brady and and blue back on the boat soon
Comet Jockey Dave
Comet Jockey Dave 23 dagar sedan
Ya know, I watch other SEmost sailing channels, and I get 10 minutes in, and they just loose me. My attention span just fails me, but every time I watch you guys it can go 30, 35, even 40 minutes, and by the end I'm left wondering where the time went.
garibaldi929 23 dagar sedan
Best wishes, love nuggets grill. Allmost a full time flies
garibaldi929 23 dagar sedan
Brian, When you use heat shrink in a wet inviroment, it is a good idea to use a polyurethane sealant under heat shrunk, then heat it to squeeze sealants out....
Chicoin Tracker
Chicoin Tracker 23 dagar sedan
boomer 23 dagar sedan
thats a smart nugget
Sugar and Penny the Pooh
Sugar and Penny the Pooh 23 dagar sedan
Love you three! 😊❤️🙏
Greg Slivkoff
Greg Slivkoff 23 dagar sedan
Been following you since the Philipines. It's a very different crew and atmosphere than it was then, but I love it now. You guys are changing, too -- becoming more mature. The boat is like life, in need of constant maintenance.
oileng lai
oileng lai 23 dagar sedan
Salut Bryan ⚙️🔧🪛🗜️ heck of a mech job
Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis 23 dagar sedan
It’s crazy how Brian does all this impressive
Steve Mazz
Steve Mazz 21 dag sedan
It is nice to have an electronic engineer onboard who is not afraid of taking on almost any project. Watching them do the full re-rigging some years back was crazy.... and the onboard WIFI system... and the removal of the propane systems.... and upgrading all the instruments.... and, and, and....... great channel.
Thatafact? 23 dagar sedan
Its interesting to hear you quoting metric measurements.
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