SVALBARD Docu-Series PREMIERE!! Fri, Dec 11th 5PM EST

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Sailing SV Delos

4 månader sedan

Full series available at WATCH NOW!
Join us for our HUGE announcement! After 2.5 years of intense post production work and over 2000 hours of editing, out biggest project ever is now ready for your viewing pleasure. This video is a little is a live broadcast from Brian, Karin, Brady, and Alex where we'll share a little bit about the project, answer your questions, and give you the details where you can stream it directly into your living room :)
Be sure to check out for more details.
WHEN- Friday, Dec 11th @ 5PM US EST
WHAT- Live Stream followed by Series Premiere with Brian, Karin, Brady, and Alex about 80 North Series - Sailing On Top of the World
WHERE- Live @

Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
Our 4 part documentary series is now LIVE at! Thanks for the love and support to make this and future expeditions possible! Much Love!
Vicki Overton
Vicki Overton 6 dagar sedan
Thank you, all of you for staying true to your hearts. We absolutely love the new series. Well done!
Melanie Saedi
Melanie Saedi 24 dagar sedan
Watched the series, finally. Thank you! It was absolutely enjoyable, in true Delos style. Miss you all being together. Hoping Senor and Blue will join up with you all soon, at least a reunion. First on my list is to sail in warmer waters. Then maybe some day up north.
Danny Archer
Danny Archer 2 månader sedan
It's always awesome stumbling across a Saffer accent on the SEmostz.
Rajeev Kamble
Rajeev Kamble 2 månader sedan
But, it's not free is it ? I have no way of paying for this.
Klusher 2 månader sedan
Why can't I have the episodes as files? Like you buy a digital dvd
OB Wan
OB Wan 3 månader sedan
I would love to see the series but between Covid 19 issues and relying on social security I just can't afford to give ya'll anymore money.. I guess I'll never see it...You guys keep sharing your lives.. I love you and look forward to seeing future video's.
Wm A Nadeau
Wm A Nadeau 3 månader sedan
Just watched the trailer, I like it, it's very nice. And I have a bit of Northwoods wisdom for you, prompted by the remark about this being outside one's comfort zone . . . If you ever start feeling like surviving severe cold in such a remote region is within your comfort zone, you may be headed into trouble. Dealing with that cold breeds wisdom. Cheers and happy trails!
Shane Schuller
Shane Schuller 3 månader sedan
Loving uour shows on People's Weather channel. Watching from South Africa 😊🇿🇦👍🏻
Mac Gyver
Mac Gyver 3 månader sedan
Señor Brady cleans up alright after resuming life as a landlubber :)
Monkey Famous
Monkey Famous 3 månader sedan
Just got done watching the 4 part 80 degrees amazing job guys truly breathtaking adventure.
chankirtan 3 månader sedan
Finally had a the time to watch the docu-series in its entirety, and just want to express my appreciation to SV Delos for capturing the magnificent and wild beauty of the arctic and sharing your experience. Carpe diem and fair winds.
Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker 3 månader sedan
Arctic is the perfect time to OPB!
Naomi&Allen naomi&allen
Naomi&Allen naomi&allen 3 månader sedan
should really have more links than the one here for 80north it took me a while to find it.... if there are my apologies
Hardy Harr
Hardy Harr 3 månader sedan
Im so glad they stayed true to their mission vs the BS of making everything so dramatic...Just BC of that Ill be donating
Felix Agapay
Felix Agapay 3 månader sedan
Hi Kiril.., love to meet you up in Indonesia. Enjoy
Kevin Wells
Kevin Wells 3 månader sedan
And, I love even more, that you do not manufacture drama in your videos for the benefit of the streaming companies. For an old guy like me that thrives in the spirit of Jacques Cousteau, or even Marlin Perkins (though not so much as Jacques - Mutual of Omaha was a bit of a sell out to the Wild Kingdom! LOL). I hope traditional TV does not invade the internet quickly, but I would suppose it is inevitable - not that anything is traditional about TV either today. Money changes everything. Thanks guys, for your videos.
Kevin Wells
Kevin Wells 3 månader sedan
I did not expect that comment - "we were shipping hard drives across the world" - which tells me we are not as connected, world wide, as we think we are. I do understand, but it is provider related. Which means priority. Which means money. The technology is there, but access to it worldwide is controlled. Hardware and at least a little bit of software. That's my understanding for the world right now.
Kevin Wells
Kevin Wells 3 månader sedan
I'm very happy you did this. You are reminding everyone (I hope) that the ocean is 70% plus of our world. I won't even look up if I have that correct... I loved my Oceanography classes in college so much! I think that is the reason, my past classes, that I love you guys so much. I pretend to be there sometimes, because I still feel I wish I was. Thanks Delos, SVALBARD, and all of you guys.
Q Chronicles
Q Chronicles 3 månader sedan
Awesome series, pay up, you will not be disappointed.
Discover E Productions
Discover E Productions 3 månader sedan
We need to start a delos Fleet. 4 boats living together. Four different channels but all different perspectives from 4 different boats. Imagine that content hahaha. An epic adventure. 4 families sailing around the world together. Where one boat goes the other goes. This would make a rad series. Absolutely love the delos family, Good Vibes for life.🤙😎🥃. Thanks for all you do👍🍻. Eric Melonas (Discover E Productions)
Justin Steele
Justin Steele 3 månader sedan
Nugget and Sharky will get their own vlog for sure 👍 love you all ❤️
Jukka Kuusela
Jukka Kuusela 4 månader sedan
Just amazing series! Thank you Delos crew!
debbie l williamson
debbie l williamson 4 månader sedan
Just watched the trailer.....I' m in!!!!
Charlie 4 månader sedan
premiere pro is SOOOOOO FRUSTRATNING! Give me an alternative! Good job guys, I'm defo watching the movie.
Alexander Wijnhamer
Alexander Wijnhamer 4 månader sedan
Who was that guy next to Blue? The one with the combed hair and the trimmed beard? I have been catching up on older video's and I don't think I have ever seen this guy before! ;)
Kevin Davidson
Kevin Davidson 4 månader sedan
Land locked! Collared shirts...... looking good brotha!
Axiomatic 4 månader sedan
I've been following from to the beginning, it's been such a great experience to be able to tag along. I might eventually have some of these experiences, likely not all, but I have experienced them through you all, it's an amazing gift that I can only hope that more people get to experience. Love.
Affonso Junqueira Jr.
Affonso Junqueira Jr. 4 månader sedan
Chears everybody
kim hadley
kim hadley 4 månader sedan
You should be proud of this. Just binged watched it, was fabulous, totally worth the wait
Dean.Santana.50@gmail. com Dean Bodenhorn
Dean.Santana.50@gmail. com Dean Bodenhorn 4 månader sedan
Senor Brady you look to Domestic Bru, What happened to the Colorful Wild Card ))) Kiril on Zoom just an FYI you thin line shirt your wearing kinda makes me a bit Dizzy ) Yeah This should be a Badge of Merit for your collective Crew.
Scott Junner
Scott Junner 4 månader sedan
I dare Brady to go to Bali and start telling people it's Indonesia.
PaulIsFrench 4 månader sedan
LOVED THE DOCUMENTARY!!!!! Binged it last night and had my final this morning. Thanks for always being inspiring. (btw got a 95% on my final)
Guy D
Guy D 4 månader sedan
Kiril I see you bru😀😜😎
Brandon Hambright
Brandon Hambright 4 månader sedan
Well I missed the LIVE but Brady looks so good and cleaned up, But Bryan I swear he.'s rolling to many burritos
Steve Price
Steve Price 4 månader sedan
Pure ♥. Thank you all for your continued authenticity. The content is always excellent but the fact that it comes from such amazing people is what makes watching you all so enjoyable.
Lars Johannesson
Lars Johannesson 4 månader sedan
Signed up, and I'm happy to finally toss some $$ at you all. I found the SVDelos channel sometime after lockdown here in California, and am now up to your Brazil episodes. You've put more smiles on my face than I can count at this point. As a kid, I was greatly inspired by Thor Heyerdahl's "Fatu Hiva", as well as the Jaques Cousteau show and stories about sailing around the world. I have sailed some, and I have dived some, but your videos inspired me to finally take the plunge and start sailing classes toward an ASA certification, here on the Monterey Bay, and I am hoping to have that sorted by summer. Much love to you all, and thank you so very much for all that you've done and shared.
Fielding007 4 månader sedan
I love absolutely all of the Delos videos, been a fan for quite some time but you guys knocked it out of the park on this series. I just got done watching it and I want more....LOL. I think a lot of folks including myself would love to see more documentaries like this in the future. Thanks for putting this out I really enjoyed it!
Victoria Moore
Victoria Moore 4 månader sedan
Submit to film festivals ❣️
diane strickland
diane strickland 4 månader sedan
Good look Brady!
Victoria Moore
Victoria Moore 4 månader sedan
Thanks Brady, good to know about the head phones.
Victoria Moore
Victoria Moore 4 månader sedan
Love all you guys, miss you all being together!
Gail Lunsford
Gail Lunsford 4 månader sedan
I so happy I
Valerie Sorrells
Valerie Sorrells 4 månader sedan
cheers guys, can't wait to watch it!!!
_ Blento_
_ Blento_ 4 månader sedan
Found SV Delos channel few months ago and so far I have watched over 100 episodes. I fell in love with the crew and their lifestyle. But... there is always “but” ... to make 4 series of sailing of north so expensive ($22.95) - even ticket for 3D iMax is less, it makes me puke. Of course everyone has its own right to do what he/she/they deem to be good for them, but IMO this price gauge is just crazy. Even BBC does not charge that much. Even with perfection in editing this series does not justify the price. Never thought you would be so $$$ hungry. Had you dedicated a part of the income to many foundations dedicated to preserve the wild life in north, I would be a “customer”. Even 1.00 $ (one single US$). This way, Thanks but no thanks. In any case, wish you calm seas, healthy life and happy sailing.
_ Blento_
_ Blento_ 4 månader sedan
@Cruisers Academy - so here is my issue with that. I am Fully aware that I am the last person to judge you but as the member of your network, I feel I could express my disagreement with your approach. It is irrelevant how many hours of editing went into this because THAT kind of work (film editing) is what Delos (channel) has been doing for a living for years in addition to the sailing and not charging us for watching that content. Your initial content is also interesting to watch. If you really wanted to monetize this video/series, then you should have sold this series to Discovery or some other channel. Your editing is top notch, your music choice ... the entire content ... everything is A++. As an addition to the tv documentary, you should have created a “special” extended material for your youtube audience. I would be the first to pay for that. This approach is showing me yours “hidden” almost greedy nature and I am eager to believe all of you are so far away to be greedy. You all seem to be very nice folks. I’m almost certain that such video on discovery would be instant hit with audience and would expand your SEmost and Patreon base and for sure would open the door for another set of documentaries. You guys are so versatile and so interesting to watch that it wouldn’t be difficult to create a whole series on discovery about you and all aspects of sailing. I mean when you see that group of hilly bills can create a very successful channel about gold mining, you could be far better choice. Bottom line is that there are 2 things to distinguish here. A) when youtube channel sell someone else product or services and then it receives some kind of a discount for that product or services (totally ok and acceptable - everyone does it) , and B) when you tuber uses the popularity of its own channel, creates a free content and then creates a content that could be watched only if paid for. This second side / version is where I loose you. There are so many videos on youtube about sailing in high altitudes either north or south, and none of those videos (even those with Skip Novak in the main role) have to be paid to watch. Yes, none of those videos come even close to your editing quality but that still doesn’t justify the mandatory payment requirement. At the end, I wish you and entire channel family prosperous, healthy and happy New 2021 ... and stay safe.
Cruisers Academy
Cruisers Academy 4 månader sedan
Hey there! Over 2000 hours of editing and 2.5 years of work went into the project and we have decided to let YOU, the viewer, decide how much you should pay. It's not $22.45 for the series. That is the average that people have paid. The minimum is $1 per episode which is $4 for the entire 4 part series. Hope that clarifies your experience a bit and hope you enjoy!
Olin Hershberger
Olin Hershberger 4 månader sedan
I hope you let the argumentative drama out. I think that would have been a huge mistake to turn it into one of those stupid arguing reality shows.
cat ferguson
cat ferguson 4 månader sedan
I'm filled with much appreciation by svdelos approach to pay the worth you feel. I honor the freedom of expression, Infinite thinking.
Stephen Duquette
Stephen Duquette 4 månader sedan
It was great to hear from all of you even after the live stream . I'm gonna check out the voyage tonight . Thanks everyone .... Take care and be safe !
Jack Yotes
Jack Yotes 4 månader sedan
Brady, what the F++++++ ? The biggest surprise ever.
Ryukensei Research and development organisation
Ryukensei Research and development organisation 4 månader sedan
Come to Bandung Indonesia
Pia Tallgren • Online Video Producer
Pia Tallgren • Online Video Producer 4 månader sedan
I cant seem to cast it to my Tv from chrome on (mac)
Carly Ward
Carly Ward 4 månader sedan
I LOVE the pay what's fair model, especially that it allows you all to remain true to yourselves and your content. I cannot wait to watch the series! Happy sailing!
Abigail Dunne
Abigail Dunne 4 månader sedan
I think your docu-series is worth $1000 but unfortunately with the South African Rand to dollar exchange rate and the current economy I can only pay a much much smaller amount. I'm desperate to see your series though so I hope you see my small payment as better than nothing. Thank you for all your blood, sweat and tears!!
Cruisers Academy
Cruisers Academy 4 månader sedan
Very proud and happy. Thank you for the love and support!
Mike Pringuer
Mike Pringuer 4 månader sedan
Great work, loving the series and stunning footage. Interested in what camera gear the series was shot with?
Ray Carrejo
Ray Carrejo 4 månader sedan
It was so awesome to watch. I had to stop watching this video and go straight to the website to watch. Best 2hrs on a Sat night in months. I was smiling the whole time seeing how much fun you guys were having seeing everything for the 1st time like little kids. Great Doc u Series. Make more and we will watch. For all you thinking of watching DO IT. Get some drinks and popcorn and enjoy the show.
David Heisler
David Heisler 4 månader sedan
Well done..... can you put it on a DVD and sell it in the shop?
Slay Child
Slay Child 4 månader sedan
Tried to pay to watch it but it kept saying Fraud!!
Thurman Dias-Martin
Thurman Dias-Martin 4 månader sedan
Just watched all four episodes. Paid over the recommended. We’ll done guys. Be proud. Keep doing you.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
Thank you so much for the support!
keebearfull 4 månader sedan
Narrator = A Whimsical Wizard speaking of "dicks skin?!" Dude, I'm in!
John Geronimo
John Geronimo 4 månader sedan
Kiril was spot on. The series is sooo true to the Delos-style. Absolutely love it! Thanks guys!!!!!
Matthew Mc
Matthew Mc 4 månader sedan
Thank you for the epic 80north. Stay safe in Truckee. Carol - keep going.... Delos safe sails. Please please don’t stop now.
AngryDerf 4 månader sedan
Can anyone tell me if I can use chromecast to watch on TV? Are the videos hosted on the 80northseries website or elsewhere?
AngryDerf 4 månader sedan
@Sailing SV Delos Thanks guys! Watched on TV with Apple AirPlay no problems. It was phenomenal. So well done.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
Yes! You should be able to use chromecast. We have had a few playback issues with windows 10 and chromecast but should be working now! Thanks for the love.
Home Account
Home Account 4 månader sedan
Just watched the special 80 North Series.. WOW! talk about hitting it out of the ball park.. There are not words to describe how magnificent and wonderful the documentary was.. I have been a Delos fan going back over 4 or 5 years now, but this was by far the absolute best you guys have ever produced.. Simply wonderful.. flk k
Joe Demeo
Joe Demeo 4 månader sedan
I really enjoy all of your programs. Thank you.
craig evans
craig evans 4 månader sedan
Just binged,...seriously next fecking level work guys congrats
Sailing Rozelinde
Sailing Rozelinde 4 månader sedan
Sailing Rozelinde
Sailing Rozelinde 4 månader sedan
It is so good to see you guys working together again. Thanks :)
Brian Donnell
Brian Donnell 4 månader sedan
Is there a way to download the doc to view without wifi? Going to my off grid house and would love to watch it on these long winter nights. Thanks
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy 4 månader sedan
I believe if you pay for youtubes premium service they will allow you to download content to watch offline. Never tried it though. Sounds promising if it works for those remote anchorages and those boting passages.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
As of right now they aren't available for download but we are considering doing it in the future. In that case you would get an email with a note letting ya know they are available for download.
Roy Haven
Roy Haven 4 månader sedan
Where was Nugget when you went to the artic? Will find out later I guess. Oh, you didn't go. Will watch later.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
The trip was 2.5 years ago so Sierra hadn't been born yet.
M E Boyd
M E Boyd 4 månader sedan
How great it was to see the 5 of you in a video again. Going to watch the series but I don't have the luxury of binge watching.
T.I.V 4 månader sedan
"Show us some Love" "Pay what is fare" this is coming from people that are getting well over $50,000- $80,000 a month plus merch sales and now you are asking for more money? That's bullshit. This has been the craziest year in the history of the world and here you are asking for more money on top of what you already get!!! How much of that goes to helping other people outside of your pot smoking drinking asses?
Johan Stang
Johan Stang 4 månader sedan
Awesome stuff!!
Tech Guy
Tech Guy 4 månader sedan
Just finished the series. Enjoyed it immensely.
kimberly platteter
kimberly platteter 4 månader sedan
Tried - paid - wouldn't stream - what do we do?
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
So sorry for the issue kimberly. Under the video player is a button that says report issues. Can you please click that and let us know whats going on so we can figure it out asap.
Time Bong
Time Bong 4 månader sedan
Omg I can't figure out who is cuter. Nugget or doggo
Brian Mimbs
Brian Mimbs 4 månader sedan
Brady makes a great commentator.. especially asking questions! Bryan and cassa I love hearing there answers! Everyone is great! Would def love to see a future episode with everyone back together for a trip! This channel is amazing! Thank you all!
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
You're the best!
Brian Mimbs
Brian Mimbs 4 månader sedan
Should def do more of this! 5 minutes in and I gotta throw this on the big screen! Love watching people that are honest and the change of life! Great job to you all!
Brian Mimbs
Brian Mimbs 4 månader sedan
@Sailing SV Delos how can I watch the documentary? Thanks
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
Glad you enjoyed it!
Brian Mimbs
Brian Mimbs 4 månader sedan
allen alfreds
allen alfreds 4 månader sedan
I guess I won't be watching 😢 tablet doesn't support casting
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
So sorry for the issue. Under the video player is a button that says report issues. Can you please click that and let us know whats going on so we can figure it out asap. Otherwise you can try mirroring from any other devices you have. Or even hdmi cable from a computer. Much Love!
SAILING CORFU 4 månader sedan
rather disapointing have appealed to a lot of people due to your spontaneous have been loved.Now you are changing a sucesful image .a team that wins never changes ,they say. a ' ticket "to see teh Delos crew?????that was far from your authentic and original aproach that turned you into celebrities with the support of all your viewers.
SAILING CORFU 4 månader sedan
@Sailing SV Delos I apreciate your kind offer. That’s not the case ,at all,it is not a matter of money . Besides fortunately my life will not alter whatsoever within this money range,trust me.! This now is a “product”…….for sale with window display Lost its authenticity
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
This project has taken us over 2.5 years and quite a bit of an investment has gone into making this the best it can be. We are normal people and have bills as well.. The series is based on paying what YOU think is fair to watch. At the very minimum it is $1 per episode. If you cant afford that please send an email to and we will be happy to give you free access.
Flörnagle Deçruiczla
Flörnagle Deçruiczla 4 månader sedan
Is Brady okay? Does he have a medical condition that caused all that weight gain?
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
hahaha it's called land life.
Damien Lery
Damien Lery 4 månader sedan
Did you create nuggets there then Brian ?...ahahaha
Melanie Saedi
Melanie Saedi 4 månader sedan
Maybe she was a Twinkle in Brian's eye on that trip 😉
Flörnagle Deçruiczla
Flörnagle Deçruiczla 4 månader sedan
How much weight has Brady gained?
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
You're really interested in Bradys body huh?
Ron Belanger
Ron Belanger 4 månader sedan
Wow did not see this documentary coming. Excellent marketing. You guys are ahead of the curve for a reason. Congratulations to all of you. The amount I have learned from your channel is insane. I believe you guys are about to surprise yourselves with this documentary. Brighter days. Cheers. 🤔😄👍😎🎼🍷
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
Wow, thank you!
Linda Laffan
Linda Laffan 4 månader sedan
How is California compared to cruising? Living on land vs the sea.
Garry Piatt
Garry Piatt 4 månader sedan
I just completed a binge of all the 4 episodes! It's well worth the investment of the $25/US (PAY WHAT'S FAIR!) I spent! :) All 4 episodes are very well polished with special effects and details of your adventure, you all did a GREAT job putting it together despite the technical challenges. Thanks again for your superb storytelling and love for nature, it's so much evident & expressed in your individual interviews throughout the series.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
Glad you like them!
Rob Brownell
Rob Brownell 4 månader sedan
One of the reasons my family and I love Delos is the fact that you are able to live together and don't have or film or portray arguments and conflict. It is sad that these companies seem to think that you need interpersonal conflict to be successful. In this day and age, it is so refreshing to see quality adventure, film, and production without that. I use your sense of family as an example to the college swim team that I coach as a way to build team unity and culture. Remain true to your vision and standards, and happiness and success will always follow!
elvis dawson
elvis dawson 4 månader sedan
Wish my relationships We’re as healthy as these guys , they all seem to get along , blessed
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
Thanks Rob! much love!
Pamela }!!{
Pamela }!!{ 4 månader sedan
I have been loving the Delos tribe for 5+yrs and this Docuseries is seriously a crown jewel to all your adventures 🏆👏👏👏🏔🗻⚓⛵🌊🧭 80°North has given me all the good feels. Once again Delos has not let me down. Thank you, thank you so much ❤ This was a nice Christmas present to myself. 😊
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
Glad you enjoy it!
vidtodd 4 månader sedan
Guys, to put the special on SEmost instead of a website would be helpful. We like to watch your programs on our smart tv, not on the computer screen. Of course we can send it from computer to the large screen but with a significant quality loss and I want to see your great work clear and large. I'd be glad to pay a nice price for your work, just get into SEmost somehow!
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
The quality while screen mirroring or casting will still be the same quality form the device your sharing from. Unless you have slow internet of course. If you have any issues casting please click the "report issue" button under the player and we can do what we can to help out. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for the love.
Gibb 4 månader sedan
I just watched the Docu, So very awesome. I saved my comment till the last episode. Thank you so very much for sharing your adventure with all of us. Blessings to all of you.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
You are so welcome!
Marc and Monique Vaillancourt
Marc and Monique Vaillancourt 4 månader sedan
Guys, please, I’m Canadian, been up in the northern climes. It’s not a forgiving environment, that’s why I’m presently sitting here in my winter home in Fort Lauderdale. Stay warm, life is much better.
Roger Elzenga
Roger Elzenga 4 månader sedan
Behind a paywall..... well there goes my escapism...
chankirtan 4 månader sedan
@Sailing SV Delos SV Delos deserves every penny of support for the value you bring to this community in sharing your extraordinary adventures. The videography, commentary, and editing are brilliant. And what is truly exceptional is that it is real, and you share it with your viewers in such a personal way and with honesty. Love you guys.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
This project has taken us over 2.5 years and over 2000 hours of editing and quite a bit of an investment has gone into making this the best it can be. We are normal people and have bills as well.. The series is based on paying what YOU think is fair to watch. At the very minimum it is $1 per episode. If you cant afford that please send an email to and we will be happy to give you free access.
Mark Allen
Mark Allen 4 månader sedan
INTREPID! 😊 You are at the center of the REALM.
Michael Manning
Michael Manning 4 månader sedan
neither wild or crazy. No BS
Silas Marner
Silas Marner 4 månader sedan
Oh my! Sierrra's a toddler!! Bye bye infancy. Hello Toddlerhood!
Lk M
Lk M 4 månader sedan
Brady has been on the beach to long. He keeps it up he will be wearing a suit and working for Microsoft . Is it possible for him and blu to be back on delos or is that era over?
Matthew Mc
Matthew Mc 4 månader sedan
Robert Wayne
Robert Wayne 4 månader sedan
Love it! I didn't catch before that you guys were "80 north." Suggestion? Mild edit with big impact.. on the webpage @t add to the heading (or at the top somewhere) "From Delos" or something.
trist007 4 månader sedan
What's the status on Delos 2.0?
TheMorganMonroeShow 4 månader sedan
Just way #OfTheEpic party peeps. Thank you for all of your hard work. STOKED!!!!!
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