Everything I loved about Sailing is gone 😭 Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 309

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Sailing SV Delos

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Rough seas and caring for Sierra have taken their toll on Kazza, and we realize just how tough this lifestyle has become. Northerly winds are brewing and we're making good miles south down the coast of New England. We take some time to reflect how much sailing with a baby has changed our experience on the ocean. I'm basically a single handed sailor, and Kazza is a single parent when we're at sea. After a rough day we finally pull into Cape May, NJ for some much needed rest before carrying on through Delaware Bay, the C&D Canal, and finally into the the Chesapeake Bay.
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Miroslav Tvrdojevic
Miroslav Tvrdojevic 2 dagar sedan
I hate to put my comment , it will be ugly. You are not ready to be married and have a kid. You took this opportunity like sailing, having fun, sex .. I am married since 1987 and still happy without camera and internet. You are so depressed. There is way you can survive. Your face changed from happy to hmmmm.
Tim Ellsworth
Tim Ellsworth 2 dagar sedan
Dude don't see it she's gonna split
Chris smart
Chris smart 3 dagar sedan
I don’t understand the thought pattern in having a baby and living in such a precarious situation. Time to think about the safety and well-being of your child. You are obviously very good at what you do but it only takes a piece of debris to end all you care about, a fall or high fever with no hospital/medical help. Your life in your hands fair enough, but a baby?? I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I watched one of your videos today where you took your boat out for a shake down in crazy conditions with your baby onboard,,, enough said..
Boardroom Social Media
Boardroom Social Media 4 dagar sedan
bloody kid ruined it all. What fun it was before. Be warned.
OneForTheRoad 7 dagar sedan
What you are doing is so difficult that I feel humbled with how inconvienced I get in my life. Parenting is hard on dry land with support around you. But you are forcing yourselves to work as a team while becoming stronger as individuals. I hope it bears the fruit of knowing how much you can truly count on each other as well as stretching your limits of creativity and adaptability.
David Kettell
David Kettell 8 dagar sedan
dont you just hate democrat politicians. i cannot see any possible way that woman got a law degree unless it is really easy in new york.
Errol Guard
Errol Guard 8 dagar sedan
I have been following you for years and have shared your most amazing times and amazing photography, thank you so very much. Best Wishes to you and your lovely little family. Best Wishes from Errol in South Africa
Monsieur Tranquille
Monsieur Tranquille 9 dagar sedan
Well, there are different kind of sailing. You guys choose the hard sailing in the middle of the Atlantic.
Riled Mouse
Riled Mouse 10 dagar sedan
I love how all these people who’ve (almost certainly) only ever lived on land, are lecturing these dedicated world travelers on life with children. Yes, everything changes when you have kids, but let’s not be condescending. During those tough days when you were pulling your hair out chasing around young kids, would you really have wanted to teleport into an existence where you’re living on a postage stamp literally in the middle of nowhere, with no access to anything so much as a grocery store? No ability to bathe, with seasickness being yet another reason for your toddler to be miserable on top of all the other reasons toddlers have to be miserable? At least 99% of people would not willingly choose that option. Just because you’ve had kids doesn’t mean you have any idea what these people are going through.
Forever Once
Forever Once 13 dagar sedan
I love living on boat, and sailing around the world one day... I really want to live a life like this 😭 this is my dream.
Ding Chavez
Ding Chavez 17 dagar sedan
wow shes really complaining about having a kid?
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee 21 dag sedan
Kazza i so admire your honesty, not only sailors but having children is a huge game changer. I would reccomend that you stop and rest more frequently. I think. Alot of people look towards yoi and Brian ans bryan
Love To Travel
Love To Travel 21 dag sedan
I’m all for living on a boat, but that swell is no place for a baby.
Taumy Gilbert
Taumy Gilbert 21 dag sedan
Babies are dream killahs haha! Gotta love our babies
Jwatch 21 dag sedan
Brian need more bigger boat soon --->>>Catamaran boat
Aaron Robert
Aaron Robert 22 dagar sedan
I mean I could do this for awhile but if anyone thinks spending there entire rest of there life on a boat is a good idea there crazy trying to raise a child on a boat like heck no its not ideal even for the child especially once the kid get older for schooling and making friends amd just being a normal child!! I think yall should get a house live inland and go out during sailing season but living on a boat like that heck no its just not ideal!! I just cant imagine living on a boat my entire life like that, it would be fun while u r young but once the older years start as an adult and start making a family... It just wouldn't be that great also its gotta be both of ur dreams not just his or hers and children its gotta be everyones choice, idk I just couldn't even imagine raising a family on a small boat!!
Myco Fairbanks
Myco Fairbanks 22 dagar sedan
You guys make my smiling muscles hurt
juliana chandler
juliana chandler 22 dagar sedan
I can’t imagine sailing with a young baby. Child rearing on tera firma is hard enough.
Lasivian Leandros
Lasivian Leandros 24 dagar sedan
Sorry to hear this. It's one of the main reasons I will never have kids. :( All the best to you both, always!
Lars Johannesson
Lars Johannesson 24 dagar sedan
Toast with cheese and marmelade. So Swedish :)
Dickens Cider
Dickens Cider 24 dagar sedan
Hi, bring your child up on land they will thank you for it. Then continue your sailing adventures. We are about to set sail again ( 68 & 65 ) years old. And if they want to join you it will be their choice.
Joseph Seiler
Joseph Seiler 24 dagar sedan
Come back home to the PNW, Brian. Summer sailing the San Juan Islands and the Gulf Islands around Vancouver Island. Great day trips.
Sergio CT
Sergio CT 24 dagar sedan
3:00 Kazza- I hope when she grows up she'll be okay now we're moving the boat, now I need to hold on...and baby nuggs literally does that! lol👏
justwatching1980 25 dagar sedan
You don't have to give up your whole lifestyle. It's more expensive, but you can dock at a marina and live there for 9 months out of the year and sail for 3. Define your own way to "settle down."
Sahejit Taneja
Sahejit Taneja 26 dagar sedan
You guys have done a wonderful job , as parents , sailors , inspiring and teaching so many along the way kudos to you and thanks for sharing all the knowledge and all the beautiful videos ❤️ , it's not negative or bad to take a break from anything , often we are made to fit into a label and are considered to do it all our lives but even things that once made us happy sometimes become a task , it's completely natural even for the most beautiful place to sometime feel bleak and there is no shame in taking a break , from anything life needs change and different experiences , so please don't feel bad but more happy about a change and to get to experience something else. We are here to have as many experiences as possible and youve taken sailing to another level ❤️ much love and respect for that and thank you for everything 🙏 . Be kind to yourselfs we all will always be here ;)
Kristen Miller
Kristen Miller 26 dagar sedan
We traveled from Philly to FL on our trawler when our youngest was 15 mos and I 100% remember her standing...then falling. Again and again. Cruising with toddlers is challenging, to say the least! Good job Delos crew!
Kildee01 26 dagar sedan
I would never bring a baby out on that ocean. To much can go wrong, to dangerous. After your children are born they always come first, always.
Антон Афанасьев
Антон Афанасьев 26 dagar sedan
guys, your baby is just a miracle! He will grow up to be a real "Sea Wolf"! How glad I am that your acquaintance 9 years ago was transformed by such a beautiful baby! I wish you prosperity and great love! Greetings from Novorossiysk.
Indianinthemachine 28 dagar sedan
Love stories have many chapters... thanks for your many sharings.
DDJ7777 28 dagar sedan
11:30 was that Sierra Smile I heard? :)
Mattias Vinge
Mattias Vinge 28 dagar sedan
Hi, love your videos😊 noticed your heading and cog is totaly different, you can adjust this. It can be usefull in the night if its side current and when on oposit course.
20somthingdrifter11 29 dagar sedan
Even if you do something you love or something you are dedicated to, you are going to have those days when you hate it.
morten UA
morten UA 29 dagar sedan
I've always thought what people who have seen whole the wold (or almost whole) feel and think and what goals do they set for continuation!? Guys I have one practical question: how do you use your induction stove? I also have an induction one but I don't imagine how to use it sailing the world? If you have a video with more details about it please write a link, thank you and fair winds!
mbos805 29 dagar sedan
The struggle is real lol
funnyglow Månad sedan
Yes such a stunning scenery always. I enjoy this a lot. Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
Captain Alex
Captain Alex Månad sedan
Love you guys to death but time to hang up the keys, not forever but just until she’s older.
Patrick Long
Patrick Long Månad sedan
Yacht rock fixes everything
Bob Ershov
Bob Ershov Månad sedan
Hola! Take care of you and be in a good shape to deal with the oceans! sorry if this question was asked many times, but: what type of software are you using on ipad for navigation (at 9:27)? Navionics or something else? thank you
Taco Of Love
Taco Of Love Månad sedan
Need some better weather for sure.
Imabeliever 2
Imabeliever 2 Månad sedan
I don't know how much you guys get to talk to Senior Brady, but I wonder if you miss having his capable hands on deck at times like these?
Luc Scheffers
Luc Scheffers Månad sedan
Don't worry:) It is just sometimes hard. To switch from the whole world to a world which is 30 x 4 meters, is a giant step. But it is her whole world to discover. And she's lucky to have you around 24/7! She is learning fast! How many kids her age knows where to put a headlamp? She does! :) Because you do:) The age between carrying your kid around everywhere and a just a bit less continue attention is a hard. But it will pass, and new things wil come.
Glynis Brown
Glynis Brown Månad sedan
Total respect to you. I really appreciate the direct no frills approach. You guys always keep it real, don’t try and make it something it is not. Can appreciate the hard work having Nugget features on board but also the extreme highs. It will always balance out to awesome. You are favourite sailing channel for presenting the real deal, thank you and safe journeys! 😍 from the Netherlands 🇳🇱 x
Spencer Han
Spencer Han Månad sedan
Get a 60 plus foot cat. With dagger boards. I'm building a full epoxy 65 ft Kevlar and carbon cat here in Maui. Heck...you guys could bigger than that.
oddball79 square
oddball79 square Månad sedan
by the way your baby looks like she was loving every second & when she dose start walking she will have amazing balance... I think what your doing is fantastic soon be mothers day ....MUM get a day off..... Heck being trapped in a a small house with a kid of that age for too long is HELL. may be a mini zorb ball for a safe padded cell for 5 min break
oddball79 square
oddball79 square Månad sedan
looks like mothers day may have to be rescheduled next episode he has a hernia ..... MAKE SURE U NOT FORGET U DUE A DAY OFF
Cam Dening
Cam Dening Månad sedan
Yacht Rock is my favourite Spotify Playlist! The best
sam60727 Månad sedan
Loved this!! Excellent ❤⛵👶 Y'all are killin' it - an excellent team. ❤❤❤
Bluuplanet Månad sedan
Maybe it's time for a second hull.
CoolDude Månad sedan
Time to become a fair weather sailor
Navy SAR Army GRUNT Månad sedan
It will get better when she gets older and can lend a hand on the boat. I watch another channel as well called Sailing Zatarra that has older kids and while it's not a "Party" boat they have fun and do stuff as a family.
Lisa Kay Lindsay
Lisa Kay Lindsay Månad sedan
Feeling for you. It's hard raising children especially when they are really young. I had a hard time and I wasn't sailing. So I bet it's really difficult. Just like parenting without sailing, you need to be able to have time to yourself, so see if there is some ways you can get help for some part of your trip or stop somewhere and get some time on shore if possible. Make sure to get self care. Parents need to take care of themselves in order to take care of their children. Congratulations for doing such a great job! Thinking of you guys. Take care.
EricWaterTruck Månad sedan
Ya gotta get out of the north and head back somewhere tropical
Mark Kane
Mark Kane Månad sedan
good luck guys, not a sailor yet but having 4 kids, i feel ya!
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler Månad sedan
The CPS will take your children away from you for less here in the States.
keith bolger
keith bolger Månad sedan
I just watched Sailing Zatara. They're Sailing shit weather. All feeling crap moaning whinging. The youngest is the only one not caring at all. Switch over to your Channel and your winging because of the weather.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Månad sedan
Having a child changes the whole deal, regardless of the situation (house, boat, igloo, shoe). The entire format switches from self indulgence to total sacrifice.
Forrest Nelson
Forrest Nelson Månad sedan
She will be happy no matter where she is, as long as you are both there. Enjoy the suck (a mantra from my time in the US Military) which basically means things are not always good, don't forget the bad, and deal with what you got. My own child may get diagnosed with a terminal illness in the next few weeks, depending on results. Trust me when I feel the fear and confusion you are experiencing. Take a week trouble free and go over every option. Rash choices never work out.
André Teixeira
André Teixeira Månad sedan
Parenthood and being responsible for a human being changes our lives completely. Having risen my kids to their presente age of 22 an 24 years (they currently attend college) has taught me this much. A have abstained from doing a lot due to the fact of having kids to raise and I have also been forced to do things I would rather not if I was not responsable for them. You will know what is best for you, for Kazza and Sierra. God Bless you and your family.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Månad sedan
what kind of night camera do you have very cool
NateI Månad sedan
Have y'all ever thought about land sailing for a few years? Explore a lot of areas on the land and live out of an RV. You could always take short stents on the boat and then revert back to full time on the sea when she is a little older????
David George
David George Månad sedan
The worst of times are really the best of times. I used to worry all the time that my daughter would fall off the boat or crash into something in the cabin. There is stress in that but it is an incredible time when you think about it. When daughter Alex was 8 years old she had learned the ropes and I cannot tell you how good I felt when she piloted our cruiser west on the ICW from Pensacola into Mobile Bay and north into port at Fairhope, AL in complete command of the boat. This was at NIGHT. She could run the radar, gps, radio, and manage engine gages. She also could dock at that age. Your child will be a super star so soon. Enjoy her while she needs you and keep a box on hand in a few years for her to stand on while she pilots the boat.
Daniel D
Daniel D Månad sedan
I think you need more sun and... new boat. Catamaran?
Ferdinand Samuels
Ferdinand Samuels Månad sedan
Hedonic reset is needed. Take a break from the sea. Not saying revert to a mundane lifestyle, a little absence from your passion rekindles it once you return. Absolutely love your videos. Your journey. Your bond with both family and ocean. One love SVD
Ernesto Meng
Ernesto Meng Månad sedan
Yes you had a hard time. But Baby nugget is so smart and her way to be happy on the boat life. Yes you will have other difficult days, but i rally love Sierra the very beauty baby nugget. She will have a nice life when she will see where she was living the first few years. Wish you better days and thank you Kazza and Brian for all videos and news. Greetings from snowy Switzerland.
Damian B
Damian B Månad sedan
This channel went straight to shitter.
rnupnorthbrrr SM
rnupnorthbrrr SM Månad sedan
The days are long, the years go fast !!! You will one day think, “where did time go”? Focus on the blessings and be encouraged ☺️
k Kessler
k Kessler Månad sedan
Couldn't agree more. That child is learning so fast, cool to watch her balance herself, then try to put that head light on, and drop it while taking her stocking cap off. You're way ahead of me with common sense and I have a 4 yo. (on land and with TV to curb his attention) In the next year or so you'll rewrite you're idea of life with a child and "The Days are Long, and the Years are Fast" will ring clear in your mind and you'll appreciate these times. Even the bad ones. Keep the dream alive and adjust to produce an amazing adult one day. God Bless your family.
vernon smith
vernon smith Månad sedan
Bring your brother back I kind of miss him in blue
condorman1971 Månad sedan
All we parents here with grown kids went trough , where on land or not, all the very same. Complaining in camera?? MMM i'm not sure about that...to be a parent is also a growing process.
Nothing Lasts Forever - Laura Lantry
Nothing Lasts Forever - Laura Lantry Månad sedan
What happened to his son and his friends that used to sail with them?
MotoTraveler Månad sedan
Thank you for your honesty. Those of us that follow your journeys need to hear the truth. The reality is that sometimes life, and sailing, is hard. Thank you for not sugar coating your video.
Rick Frazier
Rick Frazier Månad sedan
Kids will do that to anything you hold dear
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Månad sedan
phase of your life wonderful, too. Thank you so much for sharing with the rest of us.
Laura Marie Ke
Laura Marie Ke Månad sedan
you need gender studies: the father is also cabable to watch the baby half time! be brave, be modern! don't be a mother full time...
Kevin CROWLEY Månad sedan
Having a child tests everything about who you are and what you do. Those little critters are designed to break your soul, change your life, and steal your heart. Pretty easy to deal with when you're a normal family unit dealing with normal life. Put that life in front of a camera and try to make interesting "content" for 675k youtube subscribers? Now that's a challenge!!
allen dabold
allen dabold Månad sedan
what kind of night camera do you have very cool
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Månad sedan
I sailed the C&D in 1985. The engine died and we had no choice. On a few occasions the authorities were like "you cannot sail here!" but we didn't have a choice.
D Bell
D Bell Månad sedan
good luck to you 3 it will all work out. I used to watch your earlier videos as im sure a lot of other people did and think enjoy while you can cause when and if you have kids its never going to be the same. one step ahead of the other and they are 18 before you know it. cheers
Mike Lomeli
Mike Lomeli Månad sedan
My wife has 4-7 days like this EVERY MONTH. She'll be o.k.
branespi Månad sedan
Hello nice people, now you know what’s the real life is for the rest of the world who got kids, if you feel that life is hard just remind yourself that someone got two, three or more kids to take care of. Your life never will be the same anymore in anyway. All the best to you and best of luck✌️
uglyduckling81 Månad sedan
I could see the sailing life aboard a decent sized cat, but to hell with all that heeling and super cramped space of a mono.
caribbeanchild Månad sedan
Too much pressure. It was all over the day you had that child.
bill hanna
bill hanna Månad sedan
Well honey its the Baby or the boat . You new that coming into this deal
Trucking Chaos
Trucking Chaos Månad sedan
I've been following you for quite sometime, responded to you three times and have loved your posts and lives. We all change with our circumstances; however, there comes a time we need reassess our next move. I believe you know this and encourage you to follow it. You can continue on the boat for ever and raise your children there - lucky kids - and be successful and enjoy it. Life seems to require us with age though to follow different paths to the point of not being able to fully enjoy the paths of the past. Look to each other for guidance though your video states what the next step might be. The thing is after you all have lived a life, a great life which most of us have not been able to experience, a better life may be at hand.. Moving forward might be tough and involve a change you once believed could never happen. You have entertained and given hope to thousands, thank you! I'm one of them! Do not allow those you have lifted up and brought their dreams to life within them, to determine via your assumed responsibility because of your Patrons to alter any path that comes to you. I wish you all the best no matter which way your next move takes you. Thank you!
Carlos P
Carlos P Månad sedan
The feelings are the same regardless of where you live. It does get better after about 5 years
peter koller
peter koller Månad sedan
Brian, you are spending your time with two absolutely gorgeous ladies an still are able to live a life style many people envy you for! to put your problems into perspective: you are complaining at an incredibly high level of self-realization.
Mike the Skeptical One
Mike the Skeptical One Månad sedan
Landlubbers are going crazy right now ... my advice is stay at sea as long as you can.
Greg Currie
Greg Currie Månad sedan
Stop whinging. You chose the lifestyle and to have a baby. I think you should be more grateful.
Steven H.
Steven H. Månad sedan
Bring Lisa back as a nanny.
Colleen Månad sedan
That baby is going to develop incredible balance! What a wonderful gift!!
Danny Oktim
Danny Oktim Månad sedan
Dose a child need a social structure with peers or the life you 2 chose sailing alone, but now with a child. Kids need friends.
Scott Minium
Scott Minium Månad sedan
I sailed the C&D in 1985. The engine died and we had no choice. On a few occasions the authorities were like "you cannot sail here!" but we didn't have a choice.
Scott Minium
Scott Minium Månad sedan
I appreciate the bad with the good. I love sailing, and it is so easy to forget the difficulties.
David Hageage
David Hageage Månad sedan
Time for another coule on board. Maybe with kud
taxalterror Månad sedan
I cant watch you anymore, ,,,things change so much when been a parent. Thanks so much for all your videos. ❤
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes Månad sedan
The ocean will always be there. I would consider taking a long, long break. Get back to sailing around the world with your daughter when she's old enough to appreciate it. My hats off to you !
Cutting Edge Stainless Steel
Cutting Edge Stainless Steel Månad sedan
Brady looks like he has aged 15 years in 5, responsibility and kids will do it. Be safe out there.
R Boyd
R Boyd Månad sedan
Good day Captain Breeyawn and Kazza and baby Nugget.. It's been awhile since I've seen an episode, keep your chin up and shoulders straight, y'all have a lot of things to look forward to in your future.. Blessings from South Carolina..
Ship Happens
Ship Happens Månad sedan
Raising little ones is really hard work, and doing it while sailing just makes you guys real superheros! ❤
F Månad sedan
these 2 still on the boat... its time to find land sell the boat. should have never had kids. lol
Overnity Månad sedan
This is the end of an Odessy on you-Tube but alas... all good things come to an end, Please don't stop filming your lives together, even when you are landbound... we still want to know how your all doing... I still miss Brady and Blue... and that German/Austrian girl who was so much fun... keep on shooting and dont abandon us who followed you with bated breath and Awesome wonder along the way... take care x lanceforrestx.blogspot.com/
ExpatMoe Månad sedan
Perhaps a catamaran is a good option with toddlers
Chris D
Chris D Månad sedan
Time to buy a nice house somewheres ;)
Nantucket Catboat
Nantucket Catboat Månad sedan
Can you share what device was creating the night vision images?
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