LOST on a DESERTED ISLAND! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 303

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Sailing SV Delos

2 månader sedan

I know we said this was our furthest point North... But screw it, we're gonna sail right up to the Canadian Border! After getting a tip about a deserted island with a good anchorage and cool exploring we set off in the fog. Cross Island is reported to have great hiking, a protected anchorage, an old coastguard station and if you believe in horror stories there are rumors about a haunted treasure buried on the island too. We get lost bush walking across the island and have to rush to get back before dark. It's “Blair Witch Project” in Maine!
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Anita Hardesty
Anita Hardesty 2 dagar sedan
Zombies came thats why the houses are empty lol. Looks like something out of the walking dead!
Anita Hardesty
Anita Hardesty 3 dagar sedan
Sierra is so cute!! Silly girl. Happy girl when she wakes up!
CUTIE BISAYA Månad sedan
Incredible 💛💛
Elsie Kluever
Elsie Kluever Månad sedan
The view from the peak was so beautiful.
Tony Scott
Tony Scott Månad sedan
This is such a fantastic channel
Dhamu Dhamu
Dhamu Dhamu Månad sedan
Iam from india and I love you dhadarrrrr she is so kudz
1eftnut Månad sedan
“I read it on the internet so it must be true” 🤣. Nice Brian👍🏽
Jesper Clemmensen
Jesper Clemmensen Månad sedan
That is going to be my next question at the dealership. "Which one of these computers has the best traction"?
László Zilahi
László Zilahi Månad sedan
15:21 My first thought was, that there is an other 2 MW radio transmitter in Hungary, so that in Maine couldn't be the most powerful, at least not alone: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transmitter_Solt Then I found a couple other 2MW transmitter e.g. in France: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roumoules_radio_transmitter but the Arecibo Observatory also had 2MW transmitter (before it collapse a few months ago): www.naic.edu/~phil/hardware/xmiter430/430tx_manual_hagen.pdf Most of these radio transmitters are said to be the most powerful on the world, so there are many "most powerful".
Deejay's simple ways of life!
Deejay's simple ways of life! Månad sedan
Lol your kid is so happy. She is adorable. I would get sea sick i think
Jd Travis
Jd Travis Månad sedan
Compass perhaps?
SV MAHENO 2 månader sedan
R 2 månader sedan
wonderful video. beautiul. thank you for sharing
A True Earthling
A True Earthling 2 månader sedan
Yea it's Haarp technology bud screw what they say it's for.
Book Trailers
Book Trailers 2 månader sedan
Enjoying your videos in Kyoto! It won’t be too long before Sierra will be narrating for you. What video will she take while you are sleeping, or perhaps staggering around yourselves, three sheets to the wind? Is there a minimum age to have your own SEmost channel? These are questions you should be asking yourselves! :-) Hugs to all!!
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze 2 månader sedan
jafizzle95 2 månader sedan
As an American, it's crazy how little I knew about Maine before these videos. It's absolutely gorgeous! Would love to visit sometime.
Gabriel Matthews
Gabriel Matthews 2 månader sedan
Sierra ain't got fear.
Gabriel Matthews
Gabriel Matthews 2 månader sedan
Love You All!
Gabriel Matthews
Gabriel Matthews 2 månader sedan
If anything is scary. It's Sierra!
Gabriel Matthews
Gabriel Matthews 2 månader sedan
Duuuuuuude! Stop scaring.
Gabriel Matthews
Gabriel Matthews 2 månader sedan
Good Show! Bats in Belfry.
robertw164 2 månader sedan
Thank you guys so much for heading up to Maine. So many of these sailing channels dial in just warm climes but theres great sailing, harbors and anchorages up north too. Maine is a great place to sail and explore and it's think it's great that you included fog and less than great weather. That's real life and just adds to the challenge and sense of accomplishment after a good days sail. I'm not sure your future plans but sailing the Great Lakes has always appealed to me, Superior in particular. Maybe put that on a todo list.... Cheers guys
TacoMasterGuy66 2 månader sedan
I loved it, when lots of friends on the board, lots of fun to watch everyone together, happy and united.
Drew Skaret
Drew Skaret 2 månader sedan
What a poor excuse for human beings.
J Spar
J Spar 2 månader sedan
come on over to Newfoundland, you wont regret
Benjiman Kekou
Benjiman Kekou 2 månader sedan
watched past episodes and jumped to this episode, kinda missed delos with old crew and winner sailors..... not tired watching epds with wife...
athukora 2 månader sedan
Thomas Maximilian Müller
Thomas Maximilian Müller 2 månader sedan
Sailing inside a Milk Carton!! :D:D Love it!!
Carolyn Churchill
Carolyn Churchill 2 månader sedan
I watched the documentary and IT WAS AWESOME. Go watch it. It's worth everything you think and more!
Susan Elder
Susan Elder 2 månader sedan
I have to say Sierra is the most beautiful baby, her eyes are amazing and her hair is the color of wheat blowing in the wind. I had one just like her but she is gone now. Cherish every moment. 🥰😍😘
Jared _
Jared _ 2 månader sedan
did someone write Yeti on the animals sighted? haha
Mark Ryan
Mark Ryan 2 månader sedan
Encountering those towers on a foggy night without knowing they were there would certainly be a "Close Encounter" experience. Bright flashing lights in the middle of nowehere. What a cool thing to see. What are the plans for the coming tropical season? Is Nugget ready for longer passages? How have you child-proofed Delos? Love to see an episode on what you have done to this point and what you expect to do as Nugget get bigger and more stable walking. Thanks for the great escapism entertainment.
Greg Sandidge
Greg Sandidge 2 månader sedan
That lil one has a good set of sea legs under her! Knowing what I know about video editing, you guys have little time to rest! You make it all look easy!
Kyle Crossman
Kyle Crossman 2 månader sedan
Ovahtah Machais bub! Wish I had realized you guys were in Maine last summer. I was up there hiding from the plague too. I would’ve invited yah upta camp at Moosehead Lake!
marshallc3 2 månader sedan
I’m lovin the great newish music. Great job!!
FLightma' x
FLightma' x 2 månader sedan
Hi Kirill, nice to see you again 🍺🍺🍺 good initiative to keep “updated “ the former crew members, really ! Could be an idea for a next episode , kind of “ meanwhile...”
Craig Rice
Craig Rice 2 månader sedan
Be careful of the weather South east Canada is no joke during the winter Love you guys stay safe
Taisen Des
Taisen Des 2 månader sedan
I think Kazza needs a secondary mini-rudder at the bow (3:42) 😅 👋 👋
Ruff CamZ
Ruff CamZ 2 månader sedan
Just started to watch your youtube...Im from North Carolina USA 🇺🇸 i love how yall took on the nature with the family...i would love for my family also to take more trips like so!!
__________________________________ 2 månader sedan
It's only 1 day away from the new episode! I'm so exited!
Ed L
Ed L 2 månader sedan
I hate having to avoid fishing pots On river sailing it floating submerged logs
Robert Adams Metal Detecting
Robert Adams Metal Detecting 2 månader sedan
Every time I hear the drunken sailor song I think about the episode of you guys getting the drunk guy off the reef.
frawldog 2 månader sedan
i love you man
BK broiler
BK broiler 2 månader sedan
Those low frequency transmitters are hell for whales.
Ron Kemppainen
Ron Kemppainen 2 månader sedan
We have trouble logging into you 80degreesnorth. We tried before when Brady promoted it and gave a donation but couldn’t receive it. Might need to come out on a different platform.
Axeman 2 månader sedan
Lowkey the towers are an Airport for UFO's
Axeman 2 månader sedan
That's the kind of weather we have in London UK
AHMET GÜL 2 månader sedan
dimatrue 2 månader sedan
Want to see the real Arctic? Go beyond Golfstream afterglow, go East.
Mini Foodies
Mini Foodies 2 månader sedan
I enjoyed ur videos 👍🌟 Glad to see u friend and stay safe 😊
Thomas Blesinger
Thomas Blesinger 2 månader sedan
Hey Guys. Great video. If you like hiking and finding your path with the mobile, try using maps3d. You download a map with all the paths in it while having service. Then you can route and follow tracks even if there is no more net service. All you need is gps signal. Works great for me 😀👍
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor 2 månader sedan
Nugget almost has her sea legs. She seems to be over whatever fear over takes many kids. I gotta see that documentary!
Zulfikran Zulmos
Zulfikran Zulmos 2 månader sedan
Love your vlogs.. Hope someday can see Sierra help u guys when she's older 😅😅 Have a safe sailing also 👍👍
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor 2 månader sedan
SV Delos is still so beautiful after all these years.
keebearfull 2 månader sedan
Great episode! Love Cross Island. And woods wanderers with Nugs fast asleep on board the sherpa shoulders. Cool Coast Guard buildings. You should have slept overnight.
Gohan921 2 månader sedan
I watched your first episode when I was sent home because of the pandemic. I finally am caught up to you after watching 303 amazing episodes! You guys made 2020 better! I can't imagine not finding your page in such a down time. I'm just bummed out that I have to wait to 1 day week to watch. Thank you for all that you've done. I will be giving back to you guys in some way.
Nippy Bridge
Nippy Bridge 2 månader sedan
that moment when Sierra is more photogenic than you are...
garibaldi929 2 månader sedan
This video reminds me of the Olympic forest....😁
Weilah de las Montañas
Weilah de las Montañas 2 månader sedan
Yet an other relaxing episode. Thanks!
garibaldi929 2 månader sedan
PS: love your vids
garibaldi929 2 månader sedan
I live in the no. California area and was in the Tahoe area on Christmas. I was wondering what your brother and Blue are up to. I saw a sailing training ad and wondered if that was them on thier boat .
T French
T French 2 månader sedan
If you go anywhere near ice your front bulkhead door should always be secured when underway
Barry Fowler
Barry Fowler 2 månader sedan
Early8Q 2 månader sedan
Kiril sighting! Another great video, thank you!
Edzel Mejia
Edzel Mejia 2 månader sedan
What's up Tampa Bay \m/ (this wave you speak of.. be it Viking or Dolphin.. a thousand leagues tethered.. into the depths of the mighty beast... or something like that)
Donna 2 månader sedan
SpencerPhotography 2 månader sedan
Ugh! - I wish there were two episodes a week. I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!
Zachary Garrett
Zachary Garrett 2 månader sedan
Pirate Nugget is the mood for 2021
the story of nads
the story of nads 2 månader sedan
Hi, im your new subscriber from indonesia, love your journey
Michael M.E. Waldron
Michael M.E. Waldron 2 månader sedan
Now one of my fav episodes! The scenery, the effort and no plans at all...just go! Especially loved the part where "Nugget" is walking around the deck. Great background music with that footage too. She will love that piece forever. Precious memories. Sail yeah! Safe travels to all.
Married With Backpacks
Married With Backpacks 2 månader sedan
We've seen these kinds of submarine antennas in west Australia somewhere, these things as so huge
Martijn van Beek
Martijn van Beek 2 månader sedan
80North: "Soon in this theater": just like a movie trailer! Wow, did I have good laughs about Sierra! Stumbling aboard a rocking Delos and later on the mainland, with her arms behind her as if she were a bird of prey learning how to fly! Lovely filming.
Mike Bunn
Mike Bunn 2 månader sedan
Gotta love sailing in those slippers Kazza ! 😂
Анатолий Гордячев
Анатолий Гордячев 2 månader sedan
really interesting story. Thank you.
mark perrins
mark perrins 2 månader sedan
Hey Brian. Could you do a diagram of your pulley system. You could perhaps patent it. More income eh. I would love to try the system when we finally get back into the boat after the lockdown in the Uk. Love to you all
Ed Nelsen
Ed Nelsen 2 månader sedan
Think Pacific rain forest and San Juan islands. Beautiful.
Tree Time
Tree Time 2 månader sedan
Hi, I'm new to your channel, quick question... do you have any videos in your collection of San Andres and Providence Islands, Colombia? Thanks.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 2 månader sedan
No sorry we haven't been to Columbia yet!
Shannon Pitts
Shannon Pitts 2 månader sedan
This is awesome. I used to deliver mail in Machias. I don't know how long ago this was shot, but it's fun to think that some of my favorite sailing SEmostrs might be less than an hour away.
Magnus Bonde
Magnus Bonde 2 månader sedan
How do you guys like Maine VS. Bellingham/ Washington state?
Jon Main
Jon Main 2 månader sedan
Them: "This is rugged" Me: *Laughs in Oregonian*
Nikka K
Nikka K 2 månader sedan
So well edited and exciting, per usual! I love how pragmatic you are about everything...as a mom to 3, I can relate! The trailer at the end was more exciting than anything else these days!
MA Westbrooks
MA Westbrooks 2 månader sedan
Can you sail your boat on the intracoastal highway? I know it runs from NJ to Florida and is salt water. Was just curious as I ran into a man crewing on a boat, moving it for the owners down that way because it was getting close to winter and he said that way was smoother. Was years ago before I started watching your show and it has stuck with me as a great travel idea!
Fender the Van
Fender the Van 2 månader sedan
Guys!! I really love this videos!! Awesome footage and great edit artwork!!! Yasssssh
Giovanni Agugini Bassi
Giovanni Agugini Bassi 2 månader sedan
Poor Bill and Grace, are totally ignored in the message left in the house. Yet they help out!
chuck pryorl
chuck pryorl 2 månader sedan
........you guys are fairly close to the land that the .....L E G E N D A R Y ......wooden yurt building pioneer Bill Coperthwaite 's compound is.......it's just north of Machaisport I believe........check this out.....the place....and Bills life and legacy are .....A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!......
Bill Liebert
Bill Liebert 2 månader sedan
Northern Wisconsin has its own ELF ( Extremely Low Frequency ) System. Using or used the hard geological bedrock to send the same submarine comms out throughout the globe. Y'all should sail the Great Lakes 😉 Grateful for Delos, Crew, and Support Crew. 🙏🏼⚓️☀️⛵️
DriftFish 2 månader sedan
Where can I get one of those Artic beanies from the 80 north series?
Theo S
Theo S 2 månader sedan
That is super interesting about those towers... I wonder if that was anywhere near where Marconi's first American signaling station was... Time to go down the internet worm hole 😂
Blue Moose Traveler
Blue Moose Traveler 2 månader sedan
hahaha... that's how I feel out in Brazil!!
Garry Gill
Garry Gill 2 månader sedan
Like when Brian said he read something on the internet so it must be true. That was funny.
Travis Lee
Travis Lee 2 månader sedan
Hold on! Did I see a blueprint for a Catamaran on the nav desk?
Shari Mahigab
Shari Mahigab 2 månader sedan
Checkout Worldtowning SEmost channel. USA family just bought a sailboat during covid. They are taking sailing lessons now. Filming. Cool family
Casey Forney
Casey Forney 2 månader sedan
Been following for years! I've really been enjoying watching the 80 North Series, getting to see a different side of travel for sure. Even got some friends hooked on it!
Denis Scannell
Denis Scannell 2 månader sedan
You look like Vikings discovering the new world.
Big Goosi
Big Goosi 2 månader sedan
Oh no... I’m getting Logan Paul vibes
eric Dove
eric Dove 2 månader sedan
I don’t know why your channel came across my stuff but I’m so happy it did!! You guys are amazing keep up the great videos! Definitely got a new subscriber out of me!!
Monty Montaño
Monty Montaño 2 månader sedan
Well, spoiler alert, you didn't die. Look forward to seeing the video. So similar yet so different, Maine is after watching Ran and Uma in Norway..
Sail Ho
Sail Ho 2 månader sedan
I love your boat slippers Kazza 😁
MV Mojo
MV Mojo 2 månader sedan
Munchkin needs a Baby Yoda hat
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