BOAT WORK - Replacing our Fuel Injection, Motor Mounts, Anchor Chain! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 311

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Sailing SV Delos

29 dagar sedan

If you like boat projects you’re in for a treat! With Brian out of commission and not able to do any heavy lifting I take on the huge task of looking after Sierra as well as continuing to tackle our boat work list. In this video we install our new carpets and Brian guides me through replacing our fuel injection system. Our friend Bill from @calicoskiessailing installs new engine & transmission mounts, timing belt, and fuel injection pump and our good friend Ryan hears about Brian's surgery and offers his help for a few weeks.
Cheers and thanks for watching! Brian, Kazza and Sierra
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Richard Merrill
Richard Merrill 5 dagar sedan
Just a fun additional piece of trivia: You talked about using the mizzen for hoisting. You might be familiar with Baltimore Clipper ships (like the Pride of Baltimore). The masts are sharply slanted aft. The tops of the masts were directly above the cargo hatches. Perfect for hoisting. And for some reason the were very fast sailers. Good for evading the British blockades. And a bunch of them were fighting/raiding ships. Great video, thanks.
Ken Nairne
Ken Nairne 7 dagar sedan
We used “Flex Seal” on the bottom of our carpets to keep them from deteriorating . . . works great.
Rune Martin Guldberg
Rune Martin Guldberg 11 dagar sedan
Hernia guy on the winch.
Trilok 13 dagar sedan
Brian: I am totally useless for a while next minute literally doing more work than like a lot of people do daily. (not insulting people just want to saying Brian works very hard )
Maylin Batista
Maylin Batista 13 dagar sedan
She got a Dremel on her birthday!! lovely :D
oileng lai
oileng lai 14 dagar sedan
Gosh..... that is an incredible amount of maintenance work and equipment know hows.... and kazza has turned Wonder Woman 🦾
Kaian Ácrata
Kaian Ácrata 16 dagar sedan
LOL loved the Office jokes in the end.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 18 dagar sedan
I like the size of your carpet. doesn't get old! nice work everyone!
JoHo 19 dagar sedan
Yep, this is why I don't live on a boat....
danceswithcarsdc 19 dagar sedan
Talking people thru mechanical stuff, like learning to delegate instead of single hand everything. Could be good training DIY has its limits Wondering only a little ways into this video how carpet was chosen, is there marine anti mold type more water resistant carpets? I might measure and try scale model with paper and or computer, but geeky jigsaw puzzle 🧩 . I've got a toilet whining, maintenance changed the plunger and now high pitched alarm like sound, took days/ night finally isolated it. Thought it was med equipment, someone flat lining... Catastrophizing.... Anyways good tutorial on boat projects, explains a lot of things by others needing info that you'd have glossed over. But noisy grinding, hammering etc for deer and ducks, etc. Btw beer bellies have a cost, perhaps. And I've got like a decade on you and don't drink. Calico Skies got engines 101. Ryan seems helpful. Cross training Kassa, now Brian doing child care talking Tea 🍵☕ Party, Doll House, hands off only talking, sounds like guy torture! Y'all learning /StepsOffSoapBox
AllFouRoux 20 dagar sedan
Ryan is the MVP
Go Leafs Go
Go Leafs Go 22 dagar sedan
That little Volvo is going to sing like a Canary, great mini overhaul and its going to love you for it!
Adam Kibal
Adam Kibal 23 dagar sedan
Från en Svensk till en annan så vill jag tacka för ni gett mig ett livsmål, att bli en cruiser. Antar att du får översätta detta till Brian
magoo351w 24 dagar sedan
Brian demoted from mechanic to camera man... :)
John Geronimo
John Geronimo 24 dagar sedan
Ryan is a legend, a f***ing legend!
Tom Riley
Tom Riley 24 dagar sedan
Just to say how awesome both Brian and Kazza are (individually as a team and in their interactions)
Cruising the world with Jackie
Cruising the world with Jackie 24 dagar sedan
Where did you get carpet done?
Wesley Moreira
Wesley Moreira 24 dagar sedan
Guys at the comments, stop breaking the 10th commandment “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.”
josh rug
josh rug 25 dagar sedan
Endearing to see kazza doing engine projects!
Jay Charland
Jay Charland 25 dagar sedan
peter chochola
peter chochola 25 dagar sedan
Hello from Iceland ..thanks to you, I changed my view of the world, for me money was in the first place, today I see it differently,your whole story is inspiring,I believe it must be really hard for you at times,The way you do it is respectful.I wish you good luck and nice weather at sea. PS. Is nice when a girl helps with repair !cute!
Jule 25 dagar sedan
Wow Kazza is a rockstar!! Managing at that and carpets too ! must feel so good to have them redone ! You guys make such a great team ❤️
Imabeliever 2
Imabeliever 2 25 dagar sedan
If the surgery post-it falls off more than once, it means that Brian is totally healed and good to go. haha
lisa dungey
lisa dungey 25 dagar sedan
Kazza did such a great job and love how Bill and Andy and the others where there also to help out when Brian was out of service ❤️⛵️🍺❤️
NGinuity 25 dagar sedan
Good call on handing off the binding. Even with the binding attachment on that Sailrite it's still a pain. It's by far my least favorite thing to do when upholstering.
Scott Secor
Scott Secor 25 dagar sedan
What awesome friends the Delos Tribe has out there. Awesome job guys :-) Safe travels on your next leg of the journey! Great to see you on the mend Brian! What a supermom Kazaa is and Nugget is just a ham :-)
Ronald Spiers
Ronald Spiers 25 dagar sedan
a great episode Thanks, but so many commercials now.
Matthew Otto
Matthew Otto 25 dagar sedan
G10 is awesome, I'm a professional cutler, and G10 is my favorite handle material 👌
Philip Pettersson
Philip Pettersson 25 dagar sedan
Hejsan, fan va cool du e Kazza. Efter episoder med en negativ munterhet, se dig i spegel där ser du en bild av toppen seglar tjej. Skep å hoj ta hand om er.
Steve Bensler
Steve Bensler 25 dagar sedan
I'm confused. I know that SEmostrs can't upload the day of. Theres tons of recording and audio syncing and hours (depending on raw content length) of editting etc. But did he say it was Thanksgiving? Isnt that in November? Does that mean the video is like ....4 months behind? Just wondering Never the less I LOVE LOVE LOVE your content and have been watching for years now. I'm a boat person myself and I love working on my boat . It brings me joy when I watch others work on their pride and joy as well.
Roger K. Davis
Roger K. Davis 25 dagar sedan
Great progress.
holly Elizabeth
holly Elizabeth 25 dagar sedan
I love you guys so much...kazza you are a true wonder woman! I suffer with anxiety but your vlogs have an instant calming effect. I admire your positive attitudes so much. And my favourite thing ever is seeing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and listening to the sound of the water. Your vlogs are fantastic, they make me feel like I'm right there with you. Keep doing what you're doing. Love to all and the baby nugget! 😊✌
Predoxsis 25 dagar sedan
Haha Nice ending😂
Ninja Skater
Ninja Skater 25 dagar sedan
Hope your doing well 🙏 Much love to the family and baby nugget 🤗🤗💓😁😁love you 💜
Bonnie Moench
Bonnie Moench 25 dagar sedan
Wow, I am amazed how much work needs to be done to keep your home comfortable and safe. Well done.
Serafin Bäbler
Serafin Bäbler 25 dagar sedan
Good Job, Kazza Superhero ☺️
Riaan Gibson
Riaan Gibson 25 dagar sedan
Kazatron you legend #ladymomsupermomladymechanic 💪🏻🖖🏻
MrC1ean 25 dagar sedan
I hope that Torque wrench is made by Cockford Ollie
Skylake t
Skylake t 25 dagar sedan
Shes one badass woman.
CB Frie
CB Frie 25 dagar sedan
All the injectors were installed with their respective soft copper crush washer ?! I hope? Very important, as they work as a seal too. Similar to the copper washers used on banjo fittings in brake line applications.
Steven Poppert
Steven Poppert 25 dagar sedan
You guys are amazing in all that you do and build by yourself Its amazi1ng Enjoying the new adventures How is Brady and Blue doing
Jeevan Hassan Yadavkrishna
Jeevan Hassan Yadavkrishna 26 dagar sedan
Hi Delos....very impressive videos n journey....👍👍 Is there any opportunity that I can join for a sale with short period. I stay here in Malaysia
Katherine Kinnaird
Katherine Kinnaird 26 dagar sedan
Your friend was a life saver
Bruce Kohorn
Bruce Kohorn 26 dagar sedan
So interesting to see the fixes and what’s Done. Never seen anything about a wastewater holding tank- does Delos use one?
Patrick Clark
Patrick Clark 26 dagar sedan
Kazza you are a super hero!
Karen Mata
Karen Mata 26 dagar sedan
sorry to hear Brian is out of commission...
Chase Hanson
Chase Hanson 26 dagar sedan
Montana crew saying I love yaaaa Also I had a hernia as well And love you brady
Carter Bundick
Carter Bundick 26 dagar sedan
6 weeks recovery from umbilical hernia surgery! JUST HAD IT DONE 03/02 doctor said nothing over 10 lbs. no sternous activity
1sheinz 26 dagar sedan
You got this super Mom ! Technical tip for using the OLD SCHOOL torque wrench - you will notice that the black handle is attached in a manner that it floats on the tool. In order for the required torque to read on the tool ,the handle must be ballanced on that pivot. Meaning NO part of the plastic should touch the metal of the shaft. The scale is set for the handle to be an exact length each and every time. If the plastic hits the shaft ahead of the handles rivit you will get a much lower torque than the scale reads. Learned this 40 years ago from father a aircraft mechanic. CHEERS Steve h.
hannebbell 26 dagar sedan
use a abdominal bind belt for some time , it will help u alot in future while working on heavy stuff
Alan Izat
Alan Izat 26 dagar sedan
The wife and I were dying laughing at your ending
Robert Edge
Robert Edge 26 dagar sedan
It’s great that both of you understand the mechanical functions of the boat. If an emergency happens cross training is vital. Hope you’re headed south soon.
Rosie 26 dagar sedan
Sierra has the most beautiful smile.
jan svingen
jan svingen 26 dagar sedan
The Penta Green have sold a lot of engines...
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 26 dagar sedan
Man Ryan is the man. God bless him and his family. Way to be there for Delos when the Captain was out of commission. Blessings from your faithful followers. Thanks Delos for the lessons and the Lady of the boat is a trooper. Happy Trails
Adventures with Ryan
Adventures with Ryan 24 dagar sedan
Thanks for the love Luis. It was awesome to help them out. They are so worth it. Take care
NightSkyACC /\
NightSkyACC /\ 26 dagar sedan
Check out episode 310 at time 23:58 🤭 SEmost algorithem didnt see it 🤫
NightSkyACC /\
NightSkyACC /\ 26 dagar sedan
@rev ell 🤫
rev ell
rev ell 26 dagar sedan
pollatso 26 dagar sedan
Better to rest now than regret it later...! Good luck from 🇬🇧
SV Westwind
SV Westwind 26 dagar sedan
Thanks for the sweet send off!!! The butter finally melted! 😎👙🧈
masskilla469 26 dagar sedan
Brian when you were using The Navy Jelly getting rid of the Rust and painting the Engine it brought back memories of working alongside my father learning when i was a kid to maintain engines and fix stuff on our Boat.
Lando Leaves Land
Lando Leaves Land 26 dagar sedan
Ugh ... I think I have to get hernia surgery too ... not positive but I lifted some heavy stuff helping parents and I constantly feel a tension there... no lumps so maybe just minor ... I hate going under and just trusting someone to cut me open
Ve9a Centauri
Ve9a Centauri 26 dagar sedan
Karin is All World
Gus Erland
Gus Erland 26 dagar sedan
Load capacity = width * 2 height 3x2*4" (4*4")
Javier Echevarria
Javier Echevarria 26 dagar sedan
Kazza you’re amazing, sweet with Sierra, tough with the anchor chain, strong with the tools, precise with the injectors, ... CONGRATULATIONS !!! Brian ... slow down a little bit, you have to recover 100% to continue all your adventures
Игорь Лысенко
Игорь Лысенко 26 dagar sedan
Can't wait for the next video! GL with the boat repair!
Daniel Pearson
Daniel Pearson 26 dagar sedan
This question is off-topic, but I was watching one of the videos when you sailed the Indian Ocean with the German guys. How do you prepare the fish you caught for sushi before rolling them?
Mlke Johnson
Mlke Johnson 26 dagar sedan
WTF you are promoting November 2020?????
Feigi 26 dagar sedan
thanksgiving on march
jjjoooojjj 26 dagar sedan
"It's always something"
anar kissed
anar kissed 26 dagar sedan
The ad was for a Sierra truck. Heh
Slay Child
Slay Child 26 dagar sedan
Ok, I'm for a loss!!!! Why hasn't Bradey and Blu, come up and join you guys????? He has been there for years and now he is gone? You guys need him there!!!
Chris Bea
Chris Bea 26 dagar sedan
That was a really special episode !
Matt Flynt
Matt Flynt 26 dagar sedan
Great video! Everybody used torque wrench incorrectly. You torque specs are a little off. On those old style wrenches you don't let the handle rock over. That pivot point is there for a reason.
Mr. President
Mr. President 26 dagar sedan
God bless you... I wish you the best health... All of you are my family members... Everyday I pray for you... Lots of love to child.. respect to both of you
Donna 26 dagar sedan
Glad your surgery went well 😊. Awesome teamwork 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😉.
donr416 26 dagar sedan
After 2 weeks you should still keep loads to 20 pounds, and get one of those weightlifter worker belts that covers you from hip bones to well above the belly button. Or a corset if you swing that way! 😀
qaannat 27 dagar sedan
that is a NICE looking door!
lancedaniels 27 dagar sedan
Thanks for posting and sharing. Really impressed w/Brians working relationship w/Karin.
Greg Ricketts
Greg Ricketts 27 dagar sedan
Way to go Bill from Calico Skies! You rock!
Matthias Streu
Matthias Streu 27 dagar sedan
old school torque wrench? first time i saw one like this 😲
Gabriel Dsailing
Gabriel Dsailing 27 dagar sedan
Hope you feeling better after the surgery, and everything is well . God Bless you all always
T.I.V 27 dagar sedan
Brian not supposed to do anything...... Brian doing something in the next clip..............
Cigar Man
Cigar Man 27 dagar sedan
Wow guys been watching since 2012. What a wonderful adventure you've had.
MICHAEL SEYDEL 27 dagar sedan
That is what she said! LOL
PK 27 dagar sedan
16:00 Next time take that track:😂⛵️ ✔️
Peter & Robbie Nuttycombe
Peter & Robbie Nuttycombe 27 dagar sedan
A little copper antiseize on those injectors might help down the line. Hope this helps.
robert elliot
robert elliot 27 dagar sedan
Always roll a splice with your foot on the deck once you've done it.Makes it smaller and neater
sorteio master
sorteio master 27 dagar sedan
dude you are such an engineer... where do you get all that info? i mean would be normal even for the engineer that created the engine you use to need a quick look at the manual in order to remember all the part and order to fit all of it and in the videos you just say everything out of your mind... this is insane... before recording do you get the manuals and stuff? i know you have maintening delos for 10 years but to remember the position of every screw in the boat is way lot of memory
Neill Aspeling
Neill Aspeling 27 dagar sedan
love your guys we our fam are big fans of your guys
Crystal Francis
Crystal Francis 27 dagar sedan
I always learn so much from your videos, thank you. Heal up well Brian! 🤙
Julian Nam
Julian Nam 27 dagar sedan
How the hell does someone acquire the DIY knowledge Brian has?
TR5T 27 dagar sedan
A month no less , do it. You want to make sure even if you feel good. If you were only 65 you'd get a huge discount .
frances gansell
frances gansell 27 dagar sedan
Amazing getting all those chores done under the circumstances.
Austin Weinrich
Austin Weinrich 27 dagar sedan
Thank you for The Office ending!! 🤣🤣
Dana Irwanda
Dana Irwanda 27 dagar sedan
love this type of content.
daniel stark
daniel stark 27 dagar sedan
Excellent Out-tro. OG Delos!
Gear Grinder
Gear Grinder 27 dagar sedan
Kazza has grit.
Mystic_ lynx
Mystic_ lynx 27 dagar sedan
Wow! Stepping up to the plate in time of need. Super mom is an understatement. Amazes me how your still able to get the shots, keep Sierra occupied and mark and cut all the carpet. You could bare the weight of the world on your shoulders Kazza and your an inspiration to watch.
Roger Reyes
Roger Reyes 27 dagar sedan
Brian Down! Brady, where are you!!!!!!
Scott Jones
Scott Jones 27 dagar sedan
Hope you're in a nice warm spot where the BUTTER almost melts
The Dude
The Dude 27 dagar sedan
I hope you have a speedy recovery Brian greetings from Madrid Spain
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