WHAT THE **** are we doing out here?! SAILING in Maine - SV Delos Ep. 298

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Sailing SV Delos

4 månader sedan

It's not always glamorous when living on a boat and even though we are finding ourselves in an amazing anchorage with 360 degree protection, walking trails, wild berries and no lobster pots the weather is getting COLD and we’re wearing foulies inside :P so Brian decides it's time to finish the heater project!! The other side of cruising in remote places is the nearest store is a 6 mile dinghy ride away so Brian goes on a full day mission to find us some food and encounters pretty bad conditions between the two islands, battling high winds and waves breaking all over our fresh groceries. But such is the cruising life....
Hope you enjoy this glimpse into what it’s like to live as a family on a boat. BIG hugs from us! Kazza, Brian and little Sierra
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Anita Hardesty
Anita Hardesty 10 dagar sedan
Lol loved the explosion when Karen turned on the heat switch!
4040pmora 28 dagar sedan
Babies don’t get cold, Their little heaters.
Jay Brose
Jay Brose Månad sedan
That's it. Get Kazza to flip the switch, so it's HER fault if the boat blows up! Nice! LOL
ShadowByNine Månad sedan
I thought you guys were working on a new boat project for a haul designed for high latitude sailing, but you'er evolving Delos instead. Keep up the amazing content and safe sailings.
ShadowByNine Månad sedan
Man as much as I like the old style of mono hauls the Cat's have sooo much more open practical space.
JayRad Månad sedan
hahahahaha "system heat - on"... click. kaaahbooooom!!! hahaha thats hilarious edit. her expression was peerfect! lmao
Visca 2 månader sedan
With all your solar and batteries, running an electric heating was excessive? Or maybe there were other factors in play?
Dawn Everix
Dawn Everix 3 månader sedan
Gonna have to shut the door LOL
Peter Simpson
Peter Simpson 3 månader sedan
I grew up in Maine, grandfather and my son were lobsters, fishermen. They would really appreciate the care you took with the pot line.
Tod Stubbs
Tod Stubbs 3 månader sedan
Streets of Philadelphia.
Fifi CH
Fifi CH 3 månader sedan
That's a cool neighbour💪👍🎉🎊🍻 Really appreciate how you are solidarity with running garbage to shore...... Excellent example of blue water relations!
Fifi CH
Fifi CH 3 månader sedan
Beginning to think the northern blue water cruises are so beautiful and quiet, awesome! The weather clad looks familiar, and we too have to improve heating system!!!
David Walsh
David Walsh 3 månader sedan
Gotta love it when a project goes according to plan!
Wm A Nadeau
Wm A Nadeau 3 månader sedan
atomcentral.com, lol, love it. And as a Mainer I gotta say you guys are starting to get it :)
Erin Berardo
Erin Berardo 3 månader sedan
Hi Brian and Kazza my husband and I would love to go sailing with you one day.
Björn Amberfält
Björn Amberfält 3 månader sedan
Älskar dina små svenska kommentarer som dyker upp ibland,Karin!
Tim Yarrow
Tim Yarrow 3 månader sedan
Now you're up in my part of the world. I learned to sail in these waters. Sea kayaked the entire coast of Maine from Kittery to Lubec. It's a place near and dear to my heart unlike any other. Edit: on another note, I cannot believe that you (techie that you are) didn't go with an air-source heat-pump for heating and cooling on board. Additional benefit: humidity control!
Larry morris
Larry morris 3 månader sedan
sorry boy or girl??
Larry morris
Larry morris 3 månader sedan
I haven't tuned in for a long time 2020 dumpster fire, outstanding young man great looking family. What's Brady up to??
Ra A
Ra A 3 månader sedan
hey every1, any one know if this charlie guy (brian went on thr boat for drilling a hole )has a YT channel or something, I'm really interested for seeing that boat.
Sam Jones
Sam Jones 3 månader sedan
No Monhegan?
Anthony Fasano
Anthony Fasano 3 månader sedan
Thanks again for making me have a dream still in life. Ty. Christmas is here.
Texas Pride
Texas Pride 3 månader sedan
The friendships you create are absolutely priceless. Such a tight community. I'm so jealous...lol. God bless you all and may God bless the World.
Branden Waltz
Branden Waltz 3 månader sedan
Guys please invest in a MOB system or wear the kill lanyard while riding solo in Maggie , if you fall out you're gonna have a bad day.
Michele 3 månader sedan
Hey guys what’s your new outboard? 20hp?
SailorJim 61
SailorJim 61 3 månader sedan
I love maritime fog, it is mysterious, sometimes scary, romantic, but necessary for Maine sailing
Paul Good
Paul Good 3 månader sedan
Anyone catch what Catamaran that was, when he got the hole drilled? Thanks.
Early8Q 3 månader sedan
Ramukanzi in Maine! Love it!
Philip Chisholm
Philip Chisholm 3 månader sedan
Believe I saw you guys departing Norfolk Virginia a few days ago. Very distinctive jib gave you away? Safe travels.
Clint Davis
Clint Davis 3 månader sedan
Be careful with lobster pods. Commercial Mainers will knife u.
Steve Redmond
Steve Redmond 3 månader sedan
To bad you didn’t come earlier in the summer because we had one of the driest summers on record.
Manfred Mann
Manfred Mann 3 månader sedan
You guys. You are so awesome, before and during corona you made life so different to us. Thank you so much . Stay safe and all the best. Always thumbs up.
Mike Bellgardt
Mike Bellgardt 3 månader sedan
What type and model is the heater?
FTATF 3 månader sedan
I am sure you thought about this, but as a northern sailor myself i am curious why you went with that over a heat pump. I know in very cool water it has its drawbacks. The energy density of diesel is tough the beat no doubt....I really want to know your thoughts on this one Brian.
Calle wahlgren
Calle wahlgren 3 månader sedan
Nice One guys!! Love following you. It is so so so so dark in Sweden now and your videos make my day👍😊 Ps. I laughed so hard at the atom bomb switch 😂😂😂😂
Diana Grosser
Diana Grosser 4 månader sedan
Ran sailing installed a children’s bicycle seat in the cockpit for Vera to sit and be able to see what’s going on while they are busy ....have you thought about doing that? It might help with the crying ...poor little nugget 😉 babies seem to pick the worst time to get fussy. I love your videos btw
Ron Wadsworth
Ron Wadsworth 4 månader sedan
I really wish I had gotten to meet you all.i live on vinalhaven island.i been following you guys for years.
Addmend Inc
Addmend Inc 4 månader sedan
Everyone in long sleeves, is this a recording from late summer?
Elvira Ella Salibasic
Elvira Ella Salibasic 4 månader sedan
Brian is such s great husband. I'm going to get it done! My girls will not freeze! Great man 🤗
Christopher Groves
Christopher Groves 4 månader sedan
Fun toddler thing to do... place raspberry on child's finger and call it finger food. they fit perfectly and most kids love to eat them right off their fingers
Lasivian Leandros
Lasivian Leandros 4 månader sedan
At least pull it up and see if there is a lobster in it for your troubles!
Alexander Hechler
Alexander Hechler 4 månader sedan
Great video, as always. Did you ever get the replacement bearings for the washing machine?
STEVEN R 4 månader sedan
Brain "Always something!" Ain't the TRUTH
akajeremy 4 månader sedan
ugh why did I laugh so hard at that explosion clip haha
Roger K. Davis
Roger K. Davis 4 månader sedan
I was so focused on the 80° North Series I missed that Delos put out their regular Friday AM upload !!!!!!!
dirtdude 4 månader sedan
you want the pickup for your heater to be a good distance away from the bottom of the tank so you don't run out of diesel for population.
Eagle 4 månader sedan
WHAT THE F-K are you doing there?
App Dev
App Dev 4 månader sedan
20:29 return of the heroes, like a boss ^^ :D Great episode, take care!
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker 4 månader sedan
The drone shots in the opening sequence are are epic!
David Yeske
David Yeske 4 månader sedan
Don’t forget a carbon monoxide detector.
ken nesbitt
ken nesbitt 4 månader sedan
Cindy Hofer
Cindy Hofer 4 månader sedan
I so look forward to your adventures. Sweet baby and sweet times.
Sal P
Sal P 4 månader sedan
I can't even imagine the amount of bird poop on that island! 🤣🤣
Scott Junner
Scott Junner 4 månader sedan
Nah man. Parenting is hard enough. I turned around once and one of them fell off a fucking waterfall. I note the cut scene at Sierra turning aft.
wiggles1031 4 månader sedan
Lobster pot, how dare they. You’re in lobster heaven.
Domenico Carella
Domenico Carella 4 månader sedan
Got the T-shirt guys...yeeeeehhh!!!
J OZAH 4 månader sedan
Guys, I noticed Nugget Trying to climb the safety net on deck. Do you plan to make it more Nugget-Proof as she getting older? Thanks.
Paul Lecomte
Paul Lecomte 4 månader sedan
Okay, I have to ask you Delos crew, is there a different in taste from a warm water lobster to a Maine lobster, I have wondered being from the north east and never had a chance to sample
Михаил Полещук
Михаил Полещук 4 månader sedan
What date is on video? looks like prety warm out there.
david king
david king 4 månader sedan
have you any details of the heater, thanks
Mister Bee
Mister Bee 4 månader sedan
I love babies so I think most of them are cute...but your daughter, holy cow, she's unbelievably adorable and cute and smiley and jumpy and bumpy..she's the cutest!! Congrats!!
Devilke888 4 månader sedan
As always, love the video! I found your channel during the first lockdown in March. And with the year comming to an end i can honestly say. Finding your channel and watching your weekly video's is the only good thing that came out of this year for me. Keep it up guys! Loving every second of it!
Perry Diddle
Perry Diddle 4 månader sedan
Ahhh. There she goes! Live always had my eyes on your fencing, being curious. Sierra just answered my question. 😂
msnpassjan2004 4 månader sedan
Wonder if there is any odor coming off the heater hose?
Jan Harris
Jan Harris 4 månader sedan
Fabulous photography, excellent editing! I'm loving your discovery of Maine! The cooler weather must be an adjustment after many years of travels in and near the tropics! Please stay safe!
ricky seymour
ricky seymour 4 månader sedan
Been a fan since day one, love every episode.
JL 4 månader sedan
Awesome video like always. God bless all.
J B 4 månader sedan
I’m getting ready to install a diesel air heater next week in my Sprinter van. You videos serve as great inspiration!
Scot Verdin
Scot Verdin 4 månader sedan
Kazza...'System heat, ON?!!" Boom!! LOL
Minnie Joy
Minnie Joy 4 månader sedan
Extremely grateful to have come across this channel. Wholesome content and glad to watch the journey!
devzer0 4 månader sedan
That dinghy brings new meaning to RIGID inflatable boat (RIB)
Victor Raymond
Victor Raymond 4 månader sedan
So glad you are working with Sure Marine. We did just like you and I installed a boiler with fan coil units statically placed. Works great Summer and Winter.
americanswan 4 månader sedan
Surely sailing in Maine is beautiful...but not in winter.
Vaughn Hill
Vaughn Hill 4 månader sedan
Delos js thinking where in the hell have yo u taking me . I wanna go back to the warm climate and get outta this frozen tundra
John Geronimo
John Geronimo 4 månader sedan
Weather is an experience. It's up to everyone to decide if it's good or bad. Bad weather can be a lovely experience :-) :-)
rick fucci
rick fucci 4 månader sedan
Sierra is already getting ideas of mutiny.. I didn't see that one coming this soon...
Vaughn Hill
Vaughn Hill 4 månader sedan
This may be hard for you to. Hear bht take from a parent with alot of experience. Yaw need to break sierra from crying when taw wont pick her up immediately. You gotta be strkng and not pick her up everytime she cries like that . Just saying . Not trying to tell you how to raise her but i learned the hard way. Kids get 3 or 4 and are still crying when they are too big to be carrying around. Shes a beautiful little thing like her parents burr she is a little on the spoiled side the mom and dad.
Vaughn Hill
Vaughn Hill 4 månader sedan
Fog makes you think its scotland
Vaughn Hill
Vaughn Hill 4 månader sedan
Hey man atleast you may have a lobster dinner then hell yea
Paul Cougan
Paul Cougan 4 månader sedan
13.33 min had a great laugh, well edited in, all th best guys from Brisbane Australia
Adrians Smith
Adrians Smith 4 månader sedan
Your ripping around in your tender,it's the ocean life,that's what your doing.
T.I.V 4 månader sedan
0:03 the WORST way to start a video....... is with complaining! Especially coming from people that get "WELL OVER" $50,000 a month from other people! Have a thankful heart & let your mouth be its spokesperson!
REB101 4 månader sedan
Great episode! Thanks!
Pennywise 4 månader sedan
Can I now y is there a hanuman god in ur store room .. 🙄
william vanderven
william vanderven 4 månader sedan
KABOOM that never gets old "LOL"
Mark Coulthard
Mark Coulthard 4 månader sedan
An interesting update on Diesel Engine use for recharging battery bank on smaller boats. betamarine.co.uk/he-hybrid-propulsion/.
Time Bong
Time Bong 4 månader sedan
When's nugget getting her own channel🤔🤣
Richard Chasse
Richard Chasse 4 månader sedan
Even the ending..........Over-the-top ‼️ 👍 ✨ 🍷 ✨ 💕✨
Jerry Foreman
Jerry Foreman 4 månader sedan
Whoa Nuggs! Have to watch her every minute! Love that heater start explosion!
non yayet
non yayet 4 månader sedan
what did ya'll get for a heater on the boat? since seeing responses isn't always a guaranteed thing, maybe you could post that on your next video's written introduction? I'm sure i'm not the only one considering adding a furnace/heater to a boat. and history proves, you are very well researched, with maybe even better resources for your research . please, share your heater details with us. maybe even a video on how and why you chose which heater, etc. we do love it when you (and a few select others) share your wisdom with us viewers. another question: would using a fish finder help avoid anchors tangled in lobster/crab traps? knowing you (and invariably others) are dropping anchor in the same areas that the fisherman drop lobster and crab traps, it might be real helpful to both the sailors and the fisherman. Just a thought.
Richard Chasse
Richard Chasse 4 månader sedan
Nothing like Andy's Machine Shop Service in Seal Cove, Maine. Only in late summer early fall. ✨ ✌️ ✨ 🌞
non yayet
non yayet 4 månader sedan
you should try to hook into some of them Horse Mackrel while you're off the rocks. about a 2.5 bright flasher with a treble hook, 6 lb test line. they get the name because the fight like a horse! awesome fight, hard catching but awesome. then toss a treble hook on the Horse Mackeral to get the stripers that feed off of them. check licensing requirement. Stripped bass are (last i knew) well regulated. but an awesome meal! 50"s of great tasting bass!!
Alan Hanscom
Alan Hanscom 4 månader sedan
Good on you for not cutting the line on the lobster pot. That’s a family’s livelihood you’re holding in your hand. Takes a lot to make up for a lost trap and the cash it’s holding within. But I would not have expected anything less, Brian. 👍
aaron johnson
aaron johnson 4 månader sedan
Beautiful intro sequence!
Carolyn Churchill
Carolyn Churchill 4 månader sedan
Love the videos Delos! Thanks for so much fun content. Such a great distraction from working this Covid mess. -from a Nurse in Tulsa, OK
RedKen 4 månader sedan
I love Brian’s total determination to get a job done. That heater project was a beast to finish. Nugs stole the show once again !
Norm Noffsinger
Norm Noffsinger 4 månader sedan
Wow your Arctic Adventure was worth waiting for nothing can compare to that adventure. Good Job Well done kudos to all
Steve R
Steve R 4 månader sedan
Oh how quickly we forget how the Pacific Northwest weather feels like. Lol
Nolan 4 månader sedan
Im with ya on that, it's 30 here and snowing, Love the snow and cold so Im fine lol
T. Crovato
T. Crovato 4 månader sedan
I wonder why Kazza never has to be heard speaking Swedish to Sierra? I mean, I´m in the same situation as you guys are. I`m Italian living in Danmark married to a Danish wife, and we have 3 children. But when I talk to them, it´s gonna be in Italian, that`s just natural for me. It could be nice heard them in theirs own natural language. Have a nice trip in Maine, and thank you for, that you show us Maine. Who`s never tought it would be such a wonder...
Leonard Bertaux
Leonard Bertaux 4 månader sedan
Nothing like heat for Maine in the summer
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