HURRICANE warning! How We Prepare For BAD Weather. - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 301

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Sailing SV Delos

3 månader sedan

Why is the bad weather chasing us?!?!?! We sailed up north to escape the hurricanes and the second one this season is headed our way. After looking at the forecast one more time we decide to move anchorages to a more protected spot and take advantage of the calm before the storm with a dinghy adventure to a small lobster island before battening down down the hatches and waiting for the weather to come.
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John C
John C 3 dagar sedan
I really admire your family. This is a great sailing adventure, I wish you guys the best!!!❤️❤️❤️
Anita Hardesty
Anita Hardesty 13 dagar sedan
What a great memento to give to one of your supporters! Amazing! Love it!
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean Månad sedan
Wow! I need more adventure in my life.
Alison Mcconnell
Alison Mcconnell Månad sedan
Found your videos by chance and loving them all the best from the uk
Mike 33
Mike 33 2 månader sedan
Just discovered these awesome videos!! Quick question, do they turn off the adds on purpose? I realize they do Patreon but was just curious why there are no adds given the # of views, either way awesome family!
Oubi 2 månader sedan
Phew, this was first video of Delos that I found and watched. I was immediately hooked :) and 4 weeks later after watching all the 300 previous episodes i am here again. Loving your content and looking forward to all the amazing new adventures and videos. Keep up the good work and thank you for all the videos that brightens our days in these trying times. :)
David Starkey
David Starkey 2 månader sedan
You guys are awesome. Sorry so late, VA hospital finally did surgery on my shoulder. 5 holes, rotator cuff, 2 tendon anchors! Talk about anchors, that was an amazing storm! You are always in my thoughts! Clear horizons my friends, miss ya...
Maybleleen Joseph
Maybleleen Joseph 2 månader sedan
U picked the right song for ur intro..its a popular song in the pacific the channel tough.watched so many of you'r vid's, feel like im riding the wave's too..
cody flett
cody flett 2 månader sedan
Just found your videos tonight and I can’t stop watching I love your videos and will keep watching all the way from Canada one of my dreams is to do what your family is doing
Stiff Wood
Stiff Wood 2 månader sedan
Tre Kronor 15:18??? Dont be wimp when u hit some chilly wind Kazza, or no viking in u?.
Teresa Wolf
Teresa Wolf 2 månader sedan you guys prefer Maine lobster, or Caribbean Lobster?
David Hauge
David Hauge 2 månader sedan
I have watched you guys since the beginning as you have transitioned from adventuress people learning how to survive both financially and physically to responsible parents I find myself watching less and less.
AmishNinjaMaster 2 månader sedan
I don't have any children and must admit that Baby Nugget's spit in the smartphone cover caused a gag reflex - - I would not survive diaper changing without full hazmat gear, and a firefighter's oxygen mask!
I Just Think Not!
I Just Think Not! 2 månader sedan
elvis dawson
elvis dawson 2 månader sedan
Delos pure legendary, best vibe on you tube
Jon Bonovi
Jon Bonovi 2 månader sedan
I love watching videos of thunderstorms and then I listen to music I like like delta parole or metallica! Nothing better and more relaxing like that!
Andrew Cartwright
Andrew Cartwright 2 månader sedan
I love you folks
Happy Davis
Happy Davis 2 månader sedan
CONGRATS to your Maine visit. I've been floating 24/7 here for 7 years now on Morgan OI 415 battle tank. 😄Never dull riding out winter storms starting mid October. One thing all of us here in Maine would have said if we seen you was .... To fair winds and following seas Captain. And cheers from 207
Jeffrey A. Smith
Jeffrey A. Smith 2 månader sedan
Start planning for wall space to hang that 1 million sub plaque somewhere, guys.
Rick Janicki
Rick Janicki 3 månader sedan
Can we have a video where you talk us through the polaroid pictures?
Rick Janicki
Rick Janicki 3 månader sedan
I'm looking at my 'Nugget', she's known as 'Squidge', Cherish every single day, my Squidge is 12 now and it doesn't seem like yesterday we were getting big wet baby kisses and her fluffy hair was blowing in the wind. You're in for a wonderful treat watching her grow.
Rick Janicki
Rick Janicki 3 månader sedan
Tell us again why you decided to head north in the winter?
funnyglow 3 månader sedan
Beauty the scenery is so beautiful and stunning.Very enjoyable! Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
Chris Chapman
Chris Chapman 3 månader sedan
Come sail the Great Lakes!! No hurricanes lol Much love! I look forward to your videos every week!
Jayden 3 månader sedan
Will you ever sell delos? For a upgrade.
Doris Wilson
Doris Wilson 3 månader sedan
I cant send you money and feel bad but I love watching you. I got interested in sailing when my son left from Maryland to the keys he lives there now he is a dockmaster. He lives on his boat foe 3 years. He had started living on a boat at the age of 21, I enjoy your little one. He lived thru 3 harricanes. So praying for you.
mookie wilson
mookie wilson 3 månader sedan
really cool to see Brian throwing clay pots in annapolis with M J sailing and Calico skies!!
Dennis Weleski
Dennis Weleski 3 månader sedan
All your videos are so well done. They're full of adventure, family life, sailing and everything it takes to live on a boat. It is very heartwarming to see appreciative you are of your followers.
Sarah Holt
Sarah Holt 3 månader sedan
Hey guys & baby nuggs!! Where are you guys? Last I saw you were in ME. So close! I’m in CT. We love to go up north, it’s absolutely gorgeous!
mw3goy mw3goy
mw3goy mw3goy 3 månader sedan
Don’t catch crabs !
Marta Denny
Marta Denny 3 månader sedan
I live in Camden and I’m loving watching you guys sail around maine! I spend my summer bumping around the MDI islands and have a house on swans island. I love it up there :)
Doug Snyder
Doug Snyder 3 månader sedan
A beautiful beach of smooth round stones... and the baby picks up the one jagged weaponized rock. :-)
George Hiotis
George Hiotis 3 månader sedan
Hey guys why didn't you go up the West coast? Best of luck in all your travels.
rzomg 3 månader sedan
Someone send apotekets hudsalva to Delos. Im poor but I see its needed.
Thyseer Backyard Garden
Thyseer Backyard Garden 3 månader sedan
Awesome yellow land rover defender there at 12:43
Doug Watson
Doug Watson 3 månader sedan
Did Brian's phone pass Sierra's taste test?
scottvhm 3 månader sedan
8:37 yes, baby kisses are the best!! I never tire of snuggles from my little ones, but they just keep growing up!
Dread pirate Roberts
Dread pirate Roberts 3 månader sedan
Hey I hope you read this mate, my name is Steven I own a shrimp boat and my anchor line breaks on 30-40 knot range. Ever since the I’ve always had a spare just in case. My anchor line has snapped multiply times
Dread pirate Roberts
Dread pirate Roberts 3 månader sedan
I just want the best for your family especially now that you guys have baby. Safety first
Sukhi nijjar
Sukhi nijjar 3 månader sedan
Absolutely love your vlogs!!!!!!!
Klusher 3 månader sedan
I turn on ad block when I watch your videos. I'm doing my part haha
Dean.Santana.50@gmail. com Dean Bodenhorn
Dean.Santana.50@gmail. com Dean Bodenhorn 3 månader sedan
Brian you got a we bit soft dude where is your strong German hot blooded nature and during 80 degrees north noticed Karen has everyone finishing a word with YEAH ))
TheMowerMan82 3 månader sedan
You guys should come to Prince Edward Island this summer! Your were in Maine, you were pretty close ! Love to meet you if you were in my neck of the woods.
Brian Visser
Brian Visser 3 månader sedan
Okay now I'm watching your latest vlog, as I say I'm watching you guys sailing to Madagascar, well you have not arrived as per the screening on People's Weather in South Africa, and yes I live near Cape Town. Lots of viewing to do, as my wife and I plan our next chapter in life.
Derek Freeman
Derek Freeman 3 månader sedan
I hope one day you write a book about your travels and behind the scenes experiences. What a life! Keep the videos coming and Friday’s can never come too soon!
Steven Plancich
Steven Plancich 3 månader sedan
Life in the “Cold” isn’t the Best, but only my opinion 🤗 BTW, Hoping washing machine fixed by now 💩
Starship Trooper
Starship Trooper 2 månader sedan
I was wondering that too.
Ian Simmons
Ian Simmons 3 månader sedan
Can't wait for the next instalment - roll on Friday, it looks awesome!!
SV Journeyman
SV Journeyman 3 månader sedan
Nothing like a good blow, I had three days between 25 and45kts over Christmas and broke an anchor swivel just to add to the fun. Who needs sleep anyway.glad you didn't get a direct hit.
Jasper Franco
Jasper Franco 3 månader sedan
How much time is between filming and uploading?
Brows Man
Brows Man 3 månader sedan
Greetings from Northern California. So inspiring to see people doing what they enjoy and making a living at it. Batten down the hatches and ride out the hurricane!
Jerry Foreman
Jerry Foreman 3 månader sedan
Always good to see the Nuggs crew!
AMC 3 månader sedan
I miss you guys i haven’t been on the SEmost for a while. Maybe you could come by Corpus Christi
Nina Simpson
Nina Simpson 3 månader sedan
Lovely content! 🛫 I think you’ll like my friends videos too. They make travel and couples content. They'd love you to follow along ---> #ForeverFarnsworth 🌎
Caren Bryant
Caren Bryant 3 månader sedan
That spontaneous Nugget kiss was so precious. Thanks for your sharing her with us.
Dominique Mindy
Dominique Mindy 3 månader sedan
Hello from Newfoundland!! ❤️
IN GRADINA LA ION 3 månader sedan
Donna 3 månader sedan
Hector Perez
Hector Perez 3 månader sedan
Hello could yall please tell me good sites for project boats thank you have a good day.
Ryan G
Ryan G 3 månader sedan
One thing a friend taught me is cook the bacon in the waffle iron and once they’re cooked just pour the waffle batter in, boom bacon waffles. It only works if everyone eats me tho.
Linda Goudelock
Linda Goudelock 3 månader sedan
Love the sound of the surf on the rocks. Much different from Florida’s sand beaches. When you mentioned moving up the coast to escape the hurricane I raised an eyebrow. Following the tracks of hurricanes over the eons shows exactly how the Gulf Coast, Florida Peninsula and east coast of the US have been shaped. The Gulf Stream can carry the storms to the UK
Happy Island
Happy Island 3 månader sedan
Nice episode 🤙 Respect for the 2 of you. This weather at an anchorage, with a baby and you did sleep well! Well done and keep up the good work 👊
JasC 3 månader sedan
This must be August or September .
Lisa Ryan
Lisa Ryan 3 månader sedan
September 2020
Neilhuny 3 månader sedan
"Don't knock it until you try it" is a good adage, but waffles, bacon AND blueberries on the same plate?!? Weird, man! American breakfasts (brunch?) are so odd.
danceswithcarsdc 3 månader sedan
Add Maple Cream and you might have something there...
Neilhuny 3 månader sedan
PS I shall nip out to the shops before breakfast tomorrow
Greg Wierzbicki
Greg Wierzbicki 3 månader sedan
Thank you your video was just in time nice escape from the present craziness here on the east coast! Sure this was filmed long before releasing date! Cold weather on the water sucks I live on the water in lower Delaware 3 minutes from the Ocean!
Ra A
Ra A 3 månader sedan
Does any1 know if Andy and charlie of Avalon have a YT channel or not?
Greg Happ
Greg Happ 3 månader sedan
I received a Delos flag for Christmas and it looks great flying from the corner of our garage. Love it . May God bless you and keep you safe
Ron Canizares
Ron Canizares 3 månader sedan
What is the brand and model of heater that you have that you like so much?
Royal Atenea
Royal Atenea 3 månader sedan
Nugget is so cute, thanks for sharing your amazing adventures, and good to see you are safe after the storm
Ben Dobson
Ben Dobson 3 månader sedan
I am a huge fan Brian, been watching since nearly the beginning. Your killin it man. 🦎 I'm a Mariner as well, a different area. I've traveled nearly all the mississippi and Ohio rivers and several others as well. Did some MY delivery trips. ❤️ I had the pleasure of a direct hit in Hurricane Hugo. I feel your pain. While your in this side of the hemisphere, shouldn't leave out the adventures of Lewis and Clark....there house is down the street from me at the falls of the Ohio near Louisville KY. Hit me up anytime Your living my dream.
fokas petrogiannis
fokas petrogiannis 3 månader sedan
John Burgess
John Burgess 3 månader sedan
When you are snuggling down prior to the storm, thing of the Vende Globe sailors actually racing through the Southern Ocean in 30-50 knots of wind and huge seas. But then of course they don't have little Nugget aboard. Stay safe. JB in locked down UK.
gost 3 månader sedan
snygg kudde ni har på bänken , god fortsättning på det nya året
Kevin Wells
Kevin Wells 3 månader sedan
Glad you are o.k. Tuning in. But wow, it's always the best time of the day when I watch you guys.
danceswithcarsdc 3 månader sedan
Non Event is kinda an Event... Wondering why not take two mooring balls if available? Like an anchor ⚓ 🔱 on your tail/stern and how Maggie was rigged going on the island... One fails, the other is there and ready too... You would be up tending it, but seem to be up on watch anyways...
Jerry Miller
Jerry Miller 3 månader sedan
You never, ever want to be tied up broadside to heavy wind while on a mooring. The boat must be free to head up into the wind. Wind direction changes as the storm passes.
Mike Ferconio
Mike Ferconio 3 månader sedan
How did you write the title on the water?
Mike Ferconio
Mike Ferconio 3 månader sedan
I have really enjoyed following your journey, I have a quick question, I like the text on the water, is that a "plug-in" or did you make that happen within Final Cut Pro? Thank you
Bruce Millar
Bruce Millar 3 månader sedan
There is something wrong with the planet when you get hurricanes in winter. This could only happen if the ocean temperatures have gone up.
george deehan
george deehan 3 månader sedan
Captain, loving the feather hair 🤙 Bringing it back 💪
Eyesajar 3 månader sedan
After Brian read the letter and concluded that people are awesome and generous he seemed a little emotional. Gratitude was written all over his face. Good on yeah Brian. You are right imo. People are awesome.
Greg Pearcey
Greg Pearcey 3 månader sedan
Blair Witch stuff
Noel Hermogenes
Noel Hermogenes 3 månader sedan
I was thinking... I've been married for a while and there are occasional arguments from time to time. How do you "storm out" of a heated conversation on a boat? Do you go to the bow and she stays aft? stern or starboard? I am thinking of doing what you're doing and just want to be prepared.
Noel Hermogenes
Noel Hermogenes 3 månader sedan
How come you dropped the intro at the beginning of each episode?
MrCOPYPASTE 3 månader sedan
Hi from Portugal!!! Love you, be safe.
TR5T 3 månader sedan
The sound of the waves on the rocks is amazing, it's the same in Brighton England, I've gone there just to sit a listen and of course fish and chips.
Gary Coleman
Gary Coleman 2 månader sedan
@mookie wilson Indeed, sounds great
mookie wilson
mookie wilson 3 månader sedan
yessir. we have a few beaches like that in new england, some names after the town they most look like in england
TR5T 3 månader sedan
I was always afraid for you and the little one, as you know the sea can be a wicked mistress. When you are mooring do you do it front a back? or just the bow?
Byron Goerz
Byron Goerz 3 månader sedan
Try a vanilla custard sauce on waffles... you never go back.
Bob Holden
Bob Holden 3 månader sedan
Put the bacon IN the waffle!!!
Tony deBruyne
Tony deBruyne 3 månader sedan
25 to 30 is nothing for you guys, you sailed in 50kns in the Indian Ocean.
Ryan M.
Ryan M. 3 månader sedan
After the chaos of this week it's so nice to tune into the relative tranquility of Delos
Drew 3 månader sedan
'This, is the Story of Delos' ....... along with the theme music, always gives me a euphoric calm.
Taylor McAtee
Taylor McAtee 3 månader sedan
Anodyne Hipster Influencer
Anodyne Hipster Influencer 3 månader sedan
Ditto. A rare soothing moment often amidst chaos. 👌
Thom Gorman
Thom Gorman 3 månader sedan
Your PredictWind screen shot looked like the face of a monster, with the hurricane as its eye.
Wooshways 3 månader sedan
Luv the outboard gear shifter as a token to remember Delos. I feel a new retail item coming into the Delos online shop. Luv u guys. Happy New Year...
pkane5472 3 månader sedan
Did you'all catch "The next Morning" superinposed on the water? What a nice touch....
WMarsh Marsh
WMarsh Marsh 3 månader sedan
Ever since Brandy and Blue left the boat" Delos videos have have lost lots of it's appeal
A Howard
A Howard 3 månader sedan
They have their own channel but have only posted one or two videos. They aren’t doing anything spectacular either. Covid has really affected all the sailing channels. It is a little unfair to think Blue and Brady would have any big affect on Delos videos.
Silas Marner
Silas Marner 3 månader sedan
18:30 Sierra's goin' "whatever Dad 'n' Mom!"
mcoffey56 3 månader sedan
4 months later...yeah, whatever.
Roy Haven
Roy Haven 3 månader sedan
I can't wait to hear Nugget start talking. Adorable!
Tod Stubbs
Tod Stubbs 3 månader sedan
Have you been to New Zealand during your amazing adventure?
Davies Diaries
Davies Diaries 3 månader sedan
Love the videos guys , thanks for the great content!
Lloyd Hall Jr.
Lloyd Hall Jr. 3 månader sedan
wow so cool we loved the gift so cool touching and the baby is gettig so big
Idaho Rider
Idaho Rider 3 månader sedan
You've been sailing a long time. You definitely don't take anything on chances, you check and recheck. I would feel very safe as a passenger on your boat you've got the knowledge and the experience. Safe travels keep having fun. ,⛵
Matthew 3 månader sedan
Man... that shifter knob is another reason why I comment every video. “Best SEmost Channel ever”
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