Flying a Kite through New England! Cape Cod and Isle of Shoals. Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 294

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Sailing SV Delos

5 månader sedan

Join us as we fly the kite and sail through New England visiting Cape Cod and Isle of Shoals NH along the way! We set sail leaving Block Island in our wake. The conditions are absolutely perfect so we decide to hoist our spinnaker from Precision Sails. We have an amazing sail and stop in Hadley Harbor, just next to Woods Hole, where we switch out to our new outboard engine on Maggie. With wind in our favor we sail to the Cape Cod Canal and then to ProvinceTown (P-Town), Cape Cod where we explore the beach and lighthouse. We make it to Isle of Shoals in New Hampshire where we explore the islands by drone and dinghy, actually making it into Maine waters for the first time this season!
Thanks for watching and sending you all much love and lot's of hugs! Brian, Kazza, and The Little Nugget
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Jesper Clemmensen
Jesper Clemmensen Månad sedan
C'mon guys - babies don't care about seals and sunsets. They care about what they can reach. 😉
fergy Ferguson
fergy Ferguson 2 månader sedan
Well I have to say I’ve watched you guys sail all around the world,and how beautiful the place’s you have been and we got to see...but nothing beats just how beautiful America really is...thanks and smooth sailing..
Sam Jones
Sam Jones 3 månader sedan
Welcome to the land of private islands and beaches.
Caroline Rabanera
Caroline Rabanera 4 månader sedan
The toothsome hawk regionally welcome because birthday ordinarily balance as a living argentina. descriptive, dysfunctional pleasure
Joseph Feinburg
Joseph Feinburg 4 månader sedan
Watch this on youtube
charles wiese
charles wiese 4 månader sedan
Happy thanks giving.
funnyglow 4 månader sedan
Beauty the scenery is so beautiful and stunning.Very enjoyable! Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
Dude's Channel
Dude's Channel 4 månader sedan
"She's so cute when she gets scared" I'm melting you guys!
Jan Harris
Jan Harris 4 månader sedan
This is a delightful video. The camera work and editing are excellent! It's absolutely none of my business, but when Covid is finally resolved, it would be great to see you bring back a rotating crew. There was always an energy in having other adults sharing in your adventures. I suspect that Sierra would also benefit from having the opportunity to engage with other people on an ongoing basis. It would also ease your workload, because you are basically sailing shorthanded now.
Janelle 4 månader sedan
I spy Cleveland's ledge
Janelle 4 månader sedan
Hi from cape cod! I wonder if it was you I saw in the canal!
Adrian Erangey
Adrian Erangey 4 månader sedan
Lanyard Captain. Please put it on !!
Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIY
Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIY 4 månader sedan
Hi Brian. Just in case you didn't know about it, I've got a tip for cold water diving when you don't have a dry suit. I had to repair a crack in a swimming pool in December, water temp 46F. I had the family pour heated water down into my suit from the neck. I was down for an hour forcing two part putty in a 7 foot crack. Other than my face, I felt fine.
Jorge Ducci
Jorge Ducci 4 månader sedan
One question " what kind of Sail Boat is it & how many year old have it ? . Say Hi to "our " little Nugget Pls. Pray the Lord ////
Melissa8472 4 månader sedan
oh wow nuggs has some real chompers now! and omg you were near and sailed past where i went on a sort of vacation/bringing my uncle back from Wisconsin by car! i saw and walked in the ocean for the first time in my life in York and checked out Cape Neddick! and also today i woke up from a dream that i just got aboard as crew and i couldn't have been happier until i woke up and realized i wasn't actually there! well wishes from Wisconsin!
kristine soares
kristine soares 4 månader sedan
Wish i caught a glimpse of Delos as you sailed thru NH! Love you guys!
Frank Branker
Frank Branker 4 månader sedan
I think now as Agenda 21 is starting to take over the land. More of us are getting ready to live on the water.
Chip 4 månader sedan
Brian and blond, I’m actually jealous about your nautical accomplishments, but your latest videos suck. I’m not interested in your child. I get it that he/she/it is an important part of your life but not mine, Goodbye.
Noeffnwaypal 4 månader sedan
I've been binge watching your videos lately. Have you ever thought of releasing a recipe cook book? You all seem to come up with some great dishes while out at sea!
Loxen 4 månader sedan
Love the google earth view, really nice to be able to see where you guys are in the video
Antti Kalpio
Antti Kalpio 4 månader sedan
Are you guys planning to sail the baltic sea? I’d love to buy you lunch in Helsinki. I love your adventures ❤️ Also you should do another walkthrough of your boat and the technical customizations you’ve done to it. I remember an early one but not recently.
John Stranack
John Stranack 4 månader sedan
Hey guys just a heads up that there seems to be another you tuber that has posted a video on your account.
Patrick Goff
Patrick Goff 4 månader sedan
Sorry I missed you ! I sail on Whale Watcher out of Barnstable Harbor up to the stellwagen banks to show folks the whales. Been watching for some time, sorry I didn’t subscribe sooner.
Mandy 4 månader sedan
Love how big Nugget is getting, such a happy lil sailor. Has anyone heard from Max & Frida? Hope they're good & healthy with the new baby. Happy sailing Delos 😄
VimalKumar Patil
VimalKumar Patil 4 månader sedan
A software engineer can turn into anything! Anything and everything! But I should understand that you are mentally so strong and so your wife, else there was no way you would have made this long! Strong so strong that you literally have courage and mental stability to hold on to everything..amazing
Asit Kumar Das ROCKY 47007
Asit Kumar Das ROCKY 47007 4 månader sedan
I love to see reunion all sv delos crew all the crew
Rick Martin
Rick Martin 4 månader sedan
it would be cool if you met up with La Vagabond so Nugget and Lenny could play.
paul 4 månader sedan
Hi, when are you going back to sea.? See that you ar on a port for more than a week now.
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson 4 månader sedan
Can I ask what kind of drone you fly? And how did you attach that stick that you grab it with. Is that something you made or purchased? Thanks...enjoying the videos and your adventures:)
myfreedomfirst 4 månader sedan
Masks don't work against a virus.
Francis Arrigo
Francis Arrigo 4 månader sedan
I’m surprised you didn’t stop in Wood’s Hole and explore the Institute
Kenny Chang
Kenny Chang 4 månader sedan
It’s been a pleasure and will continue will be ...watching u guys...❤️🏆🏆❤️🇺🇸🇮🇩
HDtech&game 4 månader sedan
Do you catch the drone with a big magnet on a stick? Interesting!
Olga Danes-Volkov
Olga Danes-Volkov 4 månader sedan
You must be giving so many people (like me) such pleasure following your adventures when we’re all inside. Nugget is adorable, Karin unfeasibly lovely and I could listen to Brian read the telephone directory - if such a thing existed now! Thank you guys!
Vin Ju
Vin Ju 5 månader sedan
little nugget makes me smile everytime....specially when alot of shit is happening around the world this days
MrDenis7p 5 månader sedan
Hello Delos! We see you on our AIS Just 3.8 miles away from our Location. How Cool. Thank for uploading all the Good Videos you made since you began!
Lucille Lavnder
Lucille Lavnder 5 månader sedan
love the new look, gone are the days of 985 beers stowed for passage
John Blomquist
John Blomquist 5 månader sedan
Wish you would have tried one of those new OXE models, although it may be more power than you need. Not sure what their smallest is but stops the need for regular gas onboard, which is huge.
Bruce 5 månader sedan
Does anyone else think Brian sounds like Keanu Reeves? Thanks for sharing, SVDelos!
Sea Shepherds
Sea Shepherds 5 månader sedan
Very effective video crew- I got homesick, very homesick.
Nicholas Devine
Nicholas Devine 5 månader sedan
5:15 Delos makes that other vessel look small, even though it's probably 30' to 35'.
Tim Yarrow
Tim Yarrow 5 månader sedan
Does it ever feel like you're sailing an isolated ecosystem survival pod through a dystopian world? Funny thing is, you're now (or were) sailing in my home waters. The New England forests all the way to the coastal tundras much farther north are my home waters. And yeah...stay long enough in these waters and you'll experience the strength of the gales that quickly blow up in these latitudes!
What Yacht To Do
What Yacht To Do 5 månader sedan
Have been watching and now just subscribed! You guys are real pros! We are fairly new (1.5 years) into our journey. Be safe!
WhiteVanMan 5 månader sedan
Great video, lovely to see New England, I am more then a little bored by Caribbean islands.
Pete's Creative Recycling
Pete's Creative Recycling 5 månader sedan
Can someone explain why the mizzen was flown with the spinnaker? I've never done that before and don't understand why this was done.
WastedTalent 5 månader sedan
I’m from Portsmouth and have been going to the isle of shoals since I was young, very cool to see you guys in my neck of the woods.
Cool Moo5e
Cool Moo5e 5 månader sedan
I love Maine waters tons of cages? yes but still a great time.
Celtic Highlander&ASeal
Celtic Highlander&ASeal 5 månader sedan
the baby loves the camera she smiles everytime its in front of her so cuteeee she makes me smile. kids are so full of joy and simplicity until schools get their claws in them
JIM CLINTON 5 månader sedan
Ok guys, now that the news is out about Brady & Blue and sounding like they are gone from SV Delos I have a suggestion for you to think about. How about getting Josje, Leeesir, Kiril & Dillon all back on board and go down through Panama and on to New Zealand next season. They would be a great mix and a super crew to bring in a full new season. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!! 629,000 SUBSCRIERS WOULD LOVE IT....
Marc Cohen MJC
Marc Cohen MJC 5 månader sedan
What app are you using on your Ipad charts? It looks good.
Brandon Hambright
Brandon Hambright 5 månader sedan
Totally awesome vid. You guys have always brought a lot of beauty, history, laughter, and of course the schooling I guess you might say of sailing and ocean life to so many of us. Can't believe this Nugget! Growing like a weed and such a joy to watch her. Just seen Brady and Blues channel. Sure nice to see them and how there coming along out there. Sure miss you all together doing the wild and crazy's But hey life moves on. The one thing I got to say, between the Trautman boys there will be a huge variety of experiences and knowledge to share to a very large audience. Did I mention Brady appears to be eating way to many Burritos? You all rock in my book. Great stuff and I know there is more to come. See you later little Nugget.
Peet Ky
Peet Ky 5 månader sedan
gray seal is popcorn for great white shark. remember jaws
Sean Colahan
Sean Colahan 5 månader sedan
So cool seeing you explore my New England backyard...hope you enjoy it as much as we do:-)
Ed 5 månader sedan
Kazza in blue jeans !!! Yowee Yowwweee !
james hoskinson
james hoskinson 5 månader sedan
Why not just get an electric start for the new motor then all your lady need to to is push a button to start it.
Jacobi Albert
Jacobi Albert 5 månader sedan
Consider eye protection for Sierra when she is out and about.
Chef & knife
Chef & knife 5 månader sedan
keep surfing the wave mate
Kevin Davison
Kevin Davison 5 månader sedan
Had the opportunity to go SCUBA diving with the seals at Duck Island in the Isles of Shoals this past summer it was super awesome as they are used to divers and will come up and interact with you.
Gillhawk 5 månader sedan
love the maps you added in! keep up the good work!
familyguy92 5 månader sedan
10:05 Did anyone catch the fish jumping out of the water?
Org 5 månader sedan
Love watching your vids, Im in NZ now but my extended family in the US has a property on MV and I have great memories of holidaying in New England, shame you didn't call into Oaks Bluff, keep up the good work, it fuels my dreams :-)
Sailing Pachamama
Sailing Pachamama 5 månader sedan
Krill n kaza did a great job on this one. . .Could turn up our intro song though.
Martin Sassenberg
Martin Sassenberg 5 månader sedan
I highly revcommend sunglasses for Nugget.
Martin Sassenberg
Martin Sassenberg 5 månader sedan
05:08 Wow! What is this? Look at the water surface next to to the boat to the right. Is there water coming up from the ground?
Martin Sassenberg
Martin Sassenberg 5 månader sedan
The Blue Epidode. :)
Randy Dreese
Randy Dreese 5 månader sedan
Best wishes on a speedy recovery. Get well soon.
Keith Henley
Keith Henley 5 månader sedan
deos died today
emar alf
emar alf 5 månader sedan
I thought about doing this myself, i know next to nothing though. I can learn everything i need to, there are schools etc. But what really "bothers" me is, how "bad" can out of season weather be? Im not asking for sunshine 24/7 if i go sailing, but id rather keep out of storms
daniel buckner
daniel buckner 5 månader sedan
"They can breathe underwater for 16 minutes..." Hahaha Karen!
mnguy mnwater
mnguy mnwater 5 månader sedan
I enjoy all your episodes, have any plans on sailing with Brady and Blue in the future? I miss that part of your blogs.
Peter P
Peter P 5 månader sedan
Don't sell your almost 0,2 Bitcoin until somewhere around end of 2021. That should be the peak of next bull run for BTC. Not financial advice :) Great videos, love you all. Keep doing that great work. I hope we meet someday on water.
Elsa Arnovasari Kontrak
Elsa Arnovasari Kontrak 5 månader sedan
Cool men
นพทิน กสิคุณ
นพทิน กสิคุณ 5 månader sedan
Fc ไทยแลน
ricky seymour
ricky seymour 5 månader sedan
Come To Nova Scotia.
Pamela Waltz
Pamela Waltz 5 månader sedan
Brian...I Love the Delos gear but every time I see Alex's face on your Chasing Bubbles t-shirt, I really want one! I've tried several times to link thru the documentary and other searches for his merch but to no avail! Are you still in touch with his family to see if they would still sell the shirts? Such a beautiful, but heart breaking story!
Mike Bunn
Mike Bunn 5 månader sedan
Don't ever change the music on your intro. As soon as I hear Brian say "This is the story of Delos ...." and the Ramukanji music plays I just feel good ! got the music in my car I didnt realise it was quite so tailored to the Delos crew 😉 Your such a good story teller Brian. My favourite channel for a long time now. Cheers from NZ
Fred54 5 månader sedan
They are lobster pots.
John DeCriscio
John DeCriscio 5 månader sedan
Isn't it nice to be in an area that is respectful enough to wear a mask for the protection of all involved.
Jimmy Labragotto
Jimmy Labragotto 5 månader sedan
With all the respect, this is a smoking hot couple
Tyler Farnham
Tyler Farnham 5 månader sedan
New sail is looking good.
trnrbrnr 5 månader sedan
This episode reminds me how great it is to live in Rhode Island. Summers here are the best!
David Cuzick
David Cuzick 5 månader sedan
Great episode. I love the show and you three are awesome! Thank you for being so inspiring. I have an off topic question.... What is the high speed internet system you use on Delos?
road glider
road glider 5 månader sedan
road glider
road glider 5 månader sedan
jim mclaughlin
jim mclaughlin 5 månader sedan
Hey Brian Karin and little nugget so happy you all got to stop here in Massachusetts loved the shot of the light house on long neck it's been a long time since I was there had to walk out the rock jetty to get all the way out glad you all had a great time rauck on and peace out!!
Michael Parks
Michael Parks 5 månader sedan
Just found your channel after watching the exploring alternative channel. It must be absolutely amazing to do what you guys are doing. 💙💙💙💙💙
ragingbullwinkle Rocky
ragingbullwinkle Rocky 5 månader sedan
Love the new outboard, the problem is I just watched this.
zzzx xzzz
zzzx xzzz 5 månader sedan
That thin coat of prop paint wouldn't cause a thump and continued vibration after ! Wishful thinking on your part ?
Jakob Klingebiel
Jakob Klingebiel 5 månader sedan
Enjoying your videos a lot! Can you give me a hint where I can find, or how you made the catch handle for the drone? I had a hard time landing my mavic 2 lately on a boat on the Danube river and this thing would have been super handy... Best regards!
Thomas Schmitt
Thomas Schmitt 5 månader sedan
the video quality on these is better then anything I could do... and they are doing it from the middle of the ocean. Love the vids keep it up! Safe Travels
Harrell Morlan
Harrell Morlan 5 månader sedan
It's amazing to watch all the people wearing a mask that will not stop a virus that has a 99.98% survival rate. Our government as well as all the others are using these mask as symbolism and are compelling obedience. Communism starts when weak minded sheep give up their entire live for faux safety. I do enjoy the videos you are traveling in places I have seen and a lot I haven't seen. I was in the US Navy and had the chance to see many places in the world. Keep up the great videos and God Bless Y'all.
Natalie Galligan
Natalie Galligan 5 månader sedan
My husband and I bought ourselves a 28' sailboat a few years ago and Hadley's Harbor was our 1st overnight. At about 3am a 50 ft. Hinckley dragged anchor into the boat next to us. Wild night for our maiden voyage. We learned to really pay attention to where and how to anchor. Beautiful spot. We go back every summer.
Amy Bear
Amy Bear 5 månader sedan
Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker 5 månader sedan
There's just nothing like the tip of Cape Cod! My father taught me to sail in this harbor and I taught my son there too :-)
N K [Nate] Wood
N K [Nate] Wood 5 månader sedan
-Sailing SV Delos: You keep using that *_ONE_* descriptor, *"CRA-A-A-ZY"* , over and over! Find another, *OR ELSE!*
Hillary Levenworth
Hillary Levenworth 5 månader sedan
How delayed are you posting these videos? The last crew was much more up to date!
Don Crawford
Don Crawford 5 månader sedan
Did you film some of your gear advertisement in Tahoe?
Kenneth Young
Kenneth Young 5 månader sedan
Diving around here , 6 mil neoprene, or like us older types drysuit is the way to go. We get in in January some years chasing scollaps .
Matt Lorfeld
Matt Lorfeld 5 månader sedan
Really liked the text overlay as you explained the Spinnaker
Eric T
Eric T 5 månader sedan
Come to New Haven, CT! I'll give you a tour of Yale!
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