Off The Beaten Track in Hurricane Sound, Maine- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep 297

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Sailing SV Delos

4 månader sedan

We set sail for Hurricane Sound in Penobscot Bay, where we discover a pristine nature preserve and dinghy through a tidal reversing waterfall! Eager to explore we depart Blubber Island and set sail for Hurricane Sound on the west coast of Vinalhaven Island. We make a stop at Hurricane Island to explore the abandoned granite quarries that supplied this beautiful stone used to construct the Brooklyn Bridge and Washington Monument. We anchor near a place called The Basin that has huge tides and a restricted inlet to a large bay inside the island where the escaping water creates a reversing waterfall caused by way too much water trying to escape. It's a serious 12 knot current and we have way too much fun exploring it with Maggie!
Fair winds, and thanks for watching! XXOO- Brian, Kazza, and The Little Nugget
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Jay Brose
Jay Brose Månad sedan
You're south now, but lobster rolls ... om nom nom.
joao ricardo
joao ricardo 2 månader sedan
u guys inspire me to do this one day! all the DIY stuff is amazing, thanks for showing me something I never thought I wanted to do.
Sergio CT
Sergio CT 2 månader sedan
Sparks are okay 🤣👌
Patrick Cummings
Patrick Cummings 2 månader sedan
Awesome! There is no hood like Fatherhood! ( speaking as a dad):). We are are currently in Grenada getting ready to sail North where our family can can join us. Thanks for the great videos! Transition from explorers, to family explores you get a “10” on a scale 1-10 ! Stay health and be safe!
David D
David D 3 månader sedan
Sierra Nugget: Berries are really good, and so is the chain mud. Much love to you guys.
Shannon Voelbel
Shannon Voelbel 3 månader sedan
You are lucky that you have a good eater that eats anything and everything she is so beautiful
Shannon Voelbel
Shannon Voelbel 3 månader sedan
I went back to the beginning from the first episode
Weilah de las Montañas
Weilah de las Montañas 3 månader sedan
Super interesting and at the same time very relaxing episode. Thanks!
Tod Stubbs
Tod Stubbs 3 månader sedan
Have you explored much south of the equator?
Windpipe 3 månader sedan
David Walsh
David Walsh 3 månader sedan
Sparks are OK? Thanks for sharing
Scott Ireland
Scott Ireland 3 månader sedan
My son weighed twice as much sleeping than when he was awake. I still have marks from the kidpack straps.
Purpose_is_Found 3 månader sedan
Wait who was the other man (there was a second man’s voice) when the heater situation didn’t work out
Louis Seaman
Louis Seaman 3 månader sedan
Did the instructions mention using denatured water in the heating system? It would alleviate mineral precipitation, and I use use it in my engine HE as well. Anti-freeze might be a good idea, for a variety of reasons.
bboySteeezy 3 månader sedan
when ever delos crew cooks bacon, u know they are going to have a great day!! lol
H P 4 månader sedan
I feel like sierra is like a mini blond natalie portman
Ron Wadsworth
Ron Wadsworth 4 månader sedan
I'm so excited to see you guys come to vinalhaven.i wish I had known you was here I would have brought you lobsters.
funnyglow 4 månader sedan
Such stunning scenery. I enjoy this a lot. Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
Bevan Pope
Bevan Pope 4 månader sedan
Awesome simultaneous drone and boat piloting skills by Capt Breeyawn on those rapids!!!
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy 4 månader sedan
Delos, go back to cape cod. Provincetown and Wellfleet have a lot of history to show, Origin of the US coast guard and a long history of the whaling industry. Original landing place of the europeans. You'll see whales off P-town. Check out billingsgate island, which was lost to sea. Watch out for the tides!
Jesper Porsmose
Jesper Porsmose 4 månader sedan
"Sparks is a part of the game" :D hahaha Love it!! :D
Zachary Schweter
Zachary Schweter 4 månader sedan
woodpecker hole tree - the mushrooms on the tree are horse hoof mushrooms - snap one off, turn upside down and put an ember on top and let smolder - smoke keeps mosquitoes away and nats and no-seeums
Zachary Schweter
Zachary Schweter 4 månader sedan
that's a fire-tube boiler to create steam to power the quarry... they're still made today - just replaced 6 of them each 40' lomg 27' high... although natural gas - but used for heat on NYCHA campus as well as heating water for domestic use....and yes that's a heat exchanger
Bruce Dysart
Bruce Dysart 4 månader sedan
Another great video. Thanks you guys. I sail on the British Columbia Coast and we get those tidal currents in several places as well. I am also a white water canoeist and it was a bit jarring to see you guys going through that water without PFDs. If one of you two had fallen out you would have been swept downstream and possibly hit a rock. I know you’re both fantastic swimmers but maybe not so much with a head injury. Sorry to be a kill joy. I love you guys and know you’re very safety conscious. Maybe that’s why this stuck out for me.
C Lacroix
C Lacroix 4 månader sedan
I’m from Maine and live about one block away from the Kennebec River which leads to the ocean at Popham State Park about 13 miles away. You must have sailed right past that point getting to this island here. I have lived here nearly all my life and never knew the history of these particular places or ever even heard of any of them before. It was neat to hear about it and learn something new. Thanks for sharing that! When people who aren’t from here hear of Maine they think it’s all just everything you see here, but come off the coast a little ways and it’s not quite as peaceful in nature everywhere else. It gets kind of boring seeing the same thing everywhere you go as far as coastline goes....just trees and water and more trees... then there’s the cold winters.... I suppose I’m too used to it and can’t wait to go see some even more beautiful stuff elsewhere in the world. However the way you filmed this makes it seem so tranquil and serene all around kind of like I’m seeing it for the first time in a new light and makes me feel like I’m taking the views we do have here kinda for granted. It is beautiful, but I still wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to trade it all for some year round sunshine and palm trees swaying in the wind on a much, much warmer beach! Thanks again for sharing!
SV Saving Grace
SV Saving Grace 4 månader sedan
Just a thought, put some tension on those upper shoulder tabs. It will pull the load (your daughter) over your shoulders a bit more and make the load more stable.
nedj10 4 månader sedan
The backing guitar gives this vid a kind of Gordon Lightfoot just don't take on any loads of iron ore please...
Lane Adams
Lane Adams 4 månader sedan
Where are you guys hoping to sail this next season??
Mark Allen
Mark Allen 4 månader sedan
The vaccination contains the entire genome of a 14 week old cloned fetus of a Caucasian male from 1976. It also sterilizes 60-70% of females. It has nothing to do with the virus or a cure. It is a bioweapon. Beware. ❤
Grr wuff
Grr wuff 4 månader sedan
Thanks for taking the time and paying the attention to making this G O R G E O U S video - superb video production value... Bon Voyage globe-trotters of all sizes 🎅🏼
Bluuplanet 4 månader sedan
Breakfast looks like a mixture of blueberries and blackberries in the pancakes.
Bluuplanet 4 månader sedan
When nugget gets a bit bigger, she won't sit in that back-pack seat as much as she will be standing on the waist belt or framework down by her feet to see around your head ... and steer you like "Ratatouille"
Ketchikan Alaska News
Ketchikan Alaska News 4 månader sedan
Your videography is getting so good
Scott Dovey
Scott Dovey 4 månader sedan
Hey Delos! We enjoy your videos and are working on buying a similar size boat and are curious about what insurance is needed. Any pointers would be great!
General Pinochet
General Pinochet 4 månader sedan
when's brady going to visit you guys....
Robert Travis
Robert Travis 4 månader sedan
Just Beautiful!
Brows Man
Brows Man 4 månader sedan
You guys should consider picking up a Maine Coon breed of domestic cat as long as you are there. It is said they came over on sailing boats from Europe and therefore love water. They are related to Norwegian Forest Cats and Siberian Cats. They are huge, fluffy and gentle.
Ty H
Ty H 4 månader sedan
Oh, yes, the nugget napper. Our little one did the same thing on every hike when we placed her in the backpack. I’d come home exhausted and she’d be rested and ready to go. Good times. Enjoy them.
moz 4 månader sedan
simply a lovely vlog guys
GMH 4 månader sedan
Put a hat on that kid, shes so cute what a beauty.
Bill Child
Bill Child 4 månader sedan
THESE ARE TRYING TIMES AND WE LOVE TO WATCH THIS SV DELOS AND CREW NOW OF 3 SAILING SAFE AROUND THE WORLD.. I hope they don't mind me posting this comment and song I wrote after being in the hospital in April after a fall and the Pandemic was taking off. Please share for those who help us when sick.. now.... from the past and into the future. The only reward I get from writing and sharing this song is to show them my gratitude for their selfless occupation whether professional or volunteer.. I play the guitar but my left shoulder needing a total replacement won't endure without pain long enough to record the song 5 or 6 times to get a flawless track. A cappella isn't so bad I guess.. I hope you and they like it. Please share if you will... Thank you !! Here is an important song I wrote for the wonderful job caregivers here in this nation and around the world are doing helping us who have been sickened by the Corona virus through this difficult time. Imagine what they do putting themselves in harms way on the front line of this pandemic.. exhausted and often feeling deep sorrow for patients who suffer long agonizing days or weeks and many, 3,000 a day and reaching near 300,000 dead across our country to date are lost.. Please share this song with everybody and especially any caregivers you know who need to hear how much we appreciate what they do for us everyday and night... @j75k "Smiling Eyes" on SEmost by William Child
William Bunting
William Bunting 4 månader sedan
Oh. Make sure that red hose isn’t internally lined ie drinking water lines. If it is the problem is that the internal lining delaminates if you use anti corrosion fluid, back fills, and then the flow stops.
William Bunting
William Bunting 4 månader sedan
That is the way I carried my two daughters on walks. They loved it. When Sierra gets older she will start steering you by your ears, or your hair.
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 4 månader sedan
I wear my rash guard as a nightshirt a lot. I’ve never had a shirt made like this. It’s light and warm in brisk weather, not hot in hot weather, and never gets damp.
Roger Cazier
Roger Cazier 4 månader sedan
Brian, I love your voiceovers. You could make a living with your voice alone.
H P 4 månader sedan
Wow Brian you need to have a separate channel for you narrating asmr history with that voice slightly soften, really, i just stumbled to a video tittled "softest voice pure asmr" and pete beard channedl if you need reference, and also, im pretty sure theres a lot of people here want to watch sierra development exclusively, keep up
S/V Pame
S/V Pame 4 månader sedan
You're not in this area I don't think, but I just read a news release that said a Japanese freighter just lost 1900 shipping containers overboard near Hawaii in the Pacific. They said the containers are drifting in all directions. Please notify any yachties you know of that are in the Pacific.
M H 4 månader sedan
Sierra reached for the button and said let's start this poop up and get on out to sea
Ratt Race Productions
Ratt Race Productions 4 månader sedan
It’s a boiler!!!
Suzy Rottencrotch
Suzy Rottencrotch 4 månader sedan
Another 1800 shipping containers added to the ocean from container ship One Apus stay safe out there
Ralf Retter
Ralf Retter 4 månader sedan
Guys love your videos... But you both should know a lot better... No life jackets on.. Kill switch not attached to your clothing😎. Nugget wearing a life jacket, great but doesn't help if mom and dad get injured😥 Sorry not being funny.. But please.. It takes a split second.. Especially with Nugget on unpredictable water. 😜
MrGielie 4 månader sedan
We always looked at people funny with those backpack carriers until we tried one... and now wonder why we haven't bought one sooner
William Schall
William Schall 4 månader sedan
Nice video... how deep are the tides in Maine..??
THOMAS BOLDT 4 månader sedan
I love that osprey pack. I knew it was a winner on the first day I bought it. Put my little one in it at the store and during our walk home, she passed out for a nap. Score!
Lynda Alderton
Lynda Alderton 4 månader sedan
You need to see if you can get a little hood/canopy, on the backpack, to keep a bit of the sun off Sierra.
A&A Britten
A&A Britten 4 månader sedan
So good in 4K!, thanks.
OriginalKarasu 4 månader sedan
what is that skin colored thing at 1:09 xD
Luluita17 4 månader sedan
Great history lesson!!! Thanks guys! ⛰️⛰️⛰️⛰️⛰️⛰️⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️
daverjax 4 månader sedan
Well as the old sayig goes; Never take the quarry for Granite. Just thikning, would'hn electric space heater been better? that way you'd have a zonal system vice overall plus, you would'nt have ahd all that Overthought Pluming to deal with. ah well....F.W.F.S>
daverjax 4 månader sedan
Roland Corrigal
Roland Corrigal 4 månader sedan
The music at 3:29 is covering the riff from Made in Japan - Buck Owens. At least it sounds like it...
XPresident 4 månader sedan
Amazing video you produced here! Just fantastic!
Shorty Smallz
Shorty Smallz 4 månader sedan
Brian if you’re going to take Maggie into water like please put a life jacket on, stay safe
sly1cool54 4 månader sedan
How far behind real life are these videos? I noticed in a recent video they were just dealing with Hurricane Isaias, which happened in like August. Love the videos! Just been curious for a while.
Paul Deatherage
Paul Deatherage 4 månader sedan
My 2 most favorite shirts are your rash-guard shirts. I'm thinking GREAT xmas gifts!!!!
Bo Peep
Bo Peep 4 månader sedan
Wonder if they have one of those airplane type neck support pillows for nuggets?
Eric Linz
Eric Linz 4 månader sedan
"Brave New World" 1998 with Leonard Nimoy. It's on Bitchute... but you might need DuckDuckGo to find it... or otherwise. You are the ending.
Magnus Eriksen
Magnus Eriksen 4 månader sedan
Old man´s beard (Usnea) - Skägglav!
Matthew dowd
Matthew dowd 4 månader sedan
We used to go to the east coast every summer from California to sail on my stepdads mason 43 sailboat. Maine, Boston, hamptons and Nova Scotia. Loved every minute of being on the water. Learned to row the dingy and all kinds of other fun stuff. Getting fresh lobster right off the dock. And having hot totties when it got cold. Great great fun. Boat was called “blue sky”
Bruce Oronte
Bruce Oronte 4 månader sedan
Hi Guys, Um, are you posting these vid's with a delay....Where are you. I live in Kittery Point and we just had a knock down rain, sleet, Ice, Snow storm and have been without power for 20 hours. If you are still here where are you hunkering down and what the hell are you thinking sailing in this crap up here....Hope the heater is finally working. XOXOX, God speed.... Bruce
Cameron Ogilvie
Cameron Ogilvie 4 månader sedan
3:22 it's officially a dad-bod!
Robert Crawford
Robert Crawford 4 månader sedan
How are you guys hanging in the noreaster we just went thru?
Pelham 4 månader sedan
Maine, lobster, and turf wars at sea. It's a great place. Amazing history with sturdy homesteaders. True Yankees
Liz J
Liz J 4 månader sedan
We moved to this part of Maine 5 years ago and its an amazing place! Great to see you (online) in my backyard. Come back again! Check out Hurricane Island Science and Leadership
gmgmil 4 månader sedan
Carrier looks very comfy 😍what kind is it?
Keynote Bushcraft
Keynote Bushcraft 4 månader sedan
Great video! What is the recipe for your waffles? They look delicious.
Jim Deveau
Jim Deveau 4 månader sedan
Gotta tell Sierra what my dad used to tell people when they'd try starting a car that was already started... "if it's humming, it's running!"
Paul Elgersma
Paul Elgersma 4 månader sedan
Awesome episode. Thank you.
Peet Ky
Peet Ky 4 månader sedan
children sometimes eat dirt because they are missing some minerals they need. probably more common if you are vegetarian and don't eat any red meat.
Rogue9ine 4 månader sedan
Mad skills Brian! Driving the dingy and flying the drone at the same time in a current!
Gabe Hawkins
Gabe Hawkins 4 månader sedan
3:47 whats the song its so nice
Michael Testa
Michael Testa 4 månader sedan
wow baby nuggs has gotten big soon your going to have a little helper
exbvick 4 månader sedan
My wife and I hiked more with our twins in packs at that age than we do now. They are 19 now ha.
MrModog32665 4 månader sedan
Nugget is always so happy and turning on her million dollar smile!!!! She's such a perfect lil kid!
Tallouse 4 månader sedan
Would love to see you guys and La Vagabond colab together. I could see y’all getting along. Plus your kids look like brother and sister lol
Shawn Leary
Shawn Leary 4 månader sedan
How is Bryon not swearing his ass off during these projects? If I Patreon do I get the uncut version??
Ghost Writer101
Ghost Writer101 4 månader sedan
Just some tidbits on the Washington Monument. "Weighing 81,120 tons, the Washington Monument stands 555' 5-1/8" tall. The walls of the monument range in thickness from 15' at the base to 18'' at the upper shaft. They are composed primarily of white marble blocks from Maryland with a few from Massachusetts, underlain by Maryland blue gneiss and Maine granite."
sysims2005 4 månader sedan
I know that area like the back of my hand. The Basin is amazing. We live on Hatchet Cove in Friendship and if you are still in the area let me know and I have a mooring and a wonderful group of people that would love to host and help in any way.
sysims2005 4 månader sedan
Were you staying on Hupper? The light house is Port Clyde, one of my favorite stops on the Maine coast.
reza mobasseri
reza mobasseri 4 månader sedan
Such a beautiful family; you look so happy. Inspiration for the rest of us.
Kim Tan
Kim Tan 4 månader sedan
"Baby nugs". Love it!
Andrew Arneson
Andrew Arneson 4 månader sedan
Khrungbin vibes
slurm 4 månader sedan
OK. I give up. A skillfully crafted history lesson based on your location gets my panties off. I am going to order that t shirt that I have been meaning to order.
milynda kelley
milynda kelley 4 månader sedan
Best times of your lives.
Peter Zimmerman
Peter Zimmerman 4 månader sedan
What are some of your favorite beers from foreign lands?
Peter Zimmerman
Peter Zimmerman 4 månader sedan
You guys like beer. What’s unfortunate is that all you see nowadays is IPA. Don’t get me wrong I love a nice bitter beer now and again but these ones are so overly hopped. Brewers in the United States are in all out Hop wars.There used to be a brewery up in Seattle, something hook or hook something, that made a nice bitter that was still refreshing. Alas, I never see that one anymore. It was great traveling in Central and South America. A nice beer called Imperial, I believe it’s Costa Rican but I was able to find it from Guatemala to Columbia.
Susan Woodward
Susan Woodward 4 månader sedan
I lived in Stonington in Penobscot Bay in the 1980's and 1990's before moving to Alaska. I am astounded how warm the climate is now! I remember kayaking among thin sea ice on Thanksgiving Day!
Beazle Teats
Beazle Teats 4 månader sedan
Awesome video guys. You should get one of those long haul neck cushions for Sierra when she falls asleep in the backpack...I've seen smaller one for toddlers and small kids.
Dave Derbort
Dave Derbort 4 månader sedan
Ever noticed that Nugget is a bit of a “Ham”
Gordo Bud
Gordo Bud 4 månader sedan
We love watching your videos- we are armchair watchers from way back in New Brunswick Canada - Bay of Fundy - Highest tides in the world lol We live in Saint John New Brunswick and have Reversing Falls as well but you would not be able to take a tender through it. Only at slack tide can one pass. We sail the Saint John River system and do not venture out into the Bay for the reversing tides reason - it really must be planned and we just like to go when we want lol If you ever make it to New Brunswick, hit us up we will give you a great tour of Saint John with great Canadian hospitality...after COVID of course.
R.J. Verde
R.J. Verde 4 månader sedan
Pause the video at 11:41 and look at little nuggets adorable smile!!!!
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