SPLASHED! Our Destination? Sailing North until it gets cold! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 291

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Sailing SV Delos

5 månader sedan

I like how Brian described it- “It doesn't matter where we go, but step 1 is to untie the lines and just go somewhere, anywhere.” After 2 weeks of hard labor the day is finally here and our home is going back into the water :) Being back feels absolutely AMAZING! After a big provisioning it’s time to set sail, but first we need to figure out where to go. . And that’s exactly what we did! We made a rough plan to sail north until it gets cold. We go through the narrow C&D canal and get a visitor out in the middle of nowhere :p
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MANY hugs from us! Kazza, Brian and little Sierra
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Dayko 20 dagar sedan
3:54 What is that silver thing in the water? It kinda looks like it has a fin.
Jan Terje Halsen
Jan Terje Halsen Månad sedan
Who leave a thumbs down on this sort of thing! Please tell me, Im genuinly baffeld!
Jan Terje Halsen
Jan Terje Halsen Månad sedan
My God! I learned so much from this!
CUTIE BISAYA Månad sedan
Wow 😯
hom iksa
hom iksa Månad sedan
i dont know why but the dinghy guy really made me smile.
tourdogg Månad sedan
Thanks, I can't believe I have sat up here and watched you and your family for hours...lol Thanks for the adventures...Totally awesome!
Gasper Koren
Gasper Koren Månad sedan
BRYAN: It's so nice to be home. ME:But what is your home? DELOS: The Whole WORLD!
bebosing Månad sedan
You guys are soooo cool!!! Seeing the love and patronage that comes your way, all I can say is, "the good draws to it the good" "May the wind be always at your backs and the sun shine warm upon your faces" Hiiiiii Nugget!!!❤😊
captured92 Månad sedan
have you created a cult?
ruben romero
ruben romero Månad sedan
Good show SV Delos..
Dave Womack
Dave Womack 2 månader sedan
I wanna do that .....what I'm I doing wrong?
CHENNAI TAMIL 2 månader sedan
dear sir I like your videos so kindly enable your join button we will support you.
Justin Parsons
Justin Parsons 2 månader sedan
Haha tough 3 weeks working hard to get by ? Try your whole life!
Ella Kobe
Ella Kobe 2 månader sedan
I love you guys..God bless...
Hải Tống
Hải Tống 2 månader sedan
I envy your life. Maybe one day I can get an RV and do it on land.
Matteson Group
Matteson Group 2 månader sedan
How awesome!! I love seeing your fans chase you down!! Good stuff
Laurensia Chia
Laurensia Chia 2 månader sedan
Bolehkah saya ikut berlayar bersama Anda?
Слава Лежнин
Слава Лежнин 3 månader sedan
Owen Eichensehr Roots Music
Owen Eichensehr Roots Music 3 månader sedan
Wegmans! Provisioning Delos! That’s super cool, I live in Buffalo which is right near where Wegmans is headquartered! We love Wegs in Western NY!
Rosie 3 månader sedan
I came across your channel yesterday and I fell so in love with it. What strikes me the most is your innovative, knowledgeable and truly empathic side. I am not surprised that you get a lot of help from people... After all, you reap what you sow and you two are really there for others. It's amazing.🌹
Suprabhat Mohapatra
Suprabhat Mohapatra 3 månader sedan
Why don't you produce your food by hyrdoponis system in your boat too?
Tre Thu
Tre Thu 3 månader sedan
I love this movie.
Hans Schweikert
Hans Schweikert 3 månader sedan
Why did you change batteries? I thought it wasn't that long ago you upgraded to expensive Li ion batteries?
Guy Allen
Guy Allen 4 månader sedan
Hey guys Assateague State Park outside of Ocean City Maryland there is wild horses on the beach and they run from I guess Maryland to Virginia and it's just a cool thing for the baby to see and you all if you never seen it before
arampolo Polo
arampolo Polo 4 månader sedan
if your wife won't sail with you change your wife :)
Kris Francois
Kris Francois 4 månader sedan
what about this double fin horizontal under the fin of the boot with this edge tech device im realy olso looking for e very good ship
Kris Francois
Kris Francois 4 månader sedan
hey that bodem spot way cleaner and smooth can give you maybe some more speed knopen shine that completly smooth
Evan Tee
Evan Tee 4 månader sedan
Bring back Brady..
Ruth Long
Ruth Long 5 månader sedan
I have driven over that bridge a million times on our way to white crystal beach love seeing you guys sail there
David Ente
David Ente 5 månader sedan
It was great meeting you at the dive shop today. Amazing how small the world can be, when I’ve been watching your videos, and then you show up at my shop. Fair skies and following seas!
Bonnie Moench
Bonnie Moench 5 månader sedan
Just a little hint...if you find you have too many fresh veggies and they are starting to ripen too fast, you can freeze the following. Tomatoes, peppers, and celery. They can be used in soup and other dishes such as pasta sauce, chilli etc. I just tried freezing avocados, simply mash them up then make small scoops and freeze on a tray. You can thaw them and use them as usual. I just put the frozen scoops in ziplock bags. It has saved me from throwing out veggies, especially when I shop at Costco when buy more than we can use.
Murdock Erudite
Murdock Erudite 5 månader sedan
Ship clean. Well organized and in order
i ii
i ii 5 månader sedan
Brian, changed the batteries? What? you just put the lithium ion batteries in, now you are changing to Battle Born lithium ion batteries. Please explain.
Bosthian 5 månader sedan
I don't know, I miss more interesting episodes. It's becoming too boring.
Владимир Глебов
Владимир Глебов 5 månader sedan
Incognito__love 5 månader sedan
Guys I love you. You all super cool.
ดุ่ยดุ่ย ลุยเดี่ยว
ดุ่ยดุ่ย ลุยเดี่ยว 5 månader sedan
I want to know how much money you spend on buying and repairing this boat.
Mike 5 månader sedan
say hi to joe in his basement.
randito70030 5 månader sedan
New subscriber. Just came across your videos. Absolutely love the episodes. It’s great to see people living life the way they want. Told my wife about this, she told me not to think about a sailboat!! 😂
Steven Talbott
Steven Talbott 5 månader sedan
Pretty awesome, haven't sailed in years. I use to keep a 26' O'day in St Petersburg, Fl. Little island hopper, Bahamian cruiser. Really miss those days.
Emily Tyrrell
Emily Tyrrell 5 månader sedan
I was in Boston last weekend and my friends decided on Sunday that they wanted to go to this navy vessel I went somewhere else. I saw your Instagram story and saw you were there and not only that you were in the same group as my friends. I actually cried lol I had no idea you guys were there as I’m not really on social media too much. Would love to know when you guys are by Long Island would love to meet you! So crazy seeing you guys up in my area and not the Caribbean lol love you guys
funnyglow 5 månader sedan
Sailing and Such stunning scenery. I enjoy this a lot. Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
Monk Petite
Monk Petite 5 månader sedan
Lol what to do with fans ..😂
JB Austin
JB Austin 5 månader sedan
Just subscribed! I couldnt be farther away from sailing. I live in Minnesota and am a snow plow driver. But you guys have an amazing channel and my wife and I love your videos. They are so well done and organized! We wish you guys good luck and good seas! :) @sailingsvdelos
Nuno Serafina
Nuno Serafina 5 månader sedan
Sierra is so beautiful!
Brows Man
Brows Man 5 månader sedan
I think you guys should consider crossing the Atlantic and visiting Ireland, the land of my ancestors. The people there are so friendly and welcoming and the countryside is beautiful and sparsely populated,
Drone Dude Spain
Drone Dude Spain 5 månader sedan
Bryan, Kazza and Sierra.. best intro music of all the sailing vlogs! Your channel is unique... Btw, the diesel here in Brunei is still the same price as in Ep. 52 back in 2015! Keep posting to inspire!
Patrick Ross
Patrick Ross 5 månader sedan
Cheers! Been a fan for a long time I think I’m going to have to patreon subscribe to the Delos crew
Helen Bell
Helen Bell 5 månader sedan
Why did you change the batteries??
G LS 5 månader sedan
This will bring the truth to the table... ipfs.io/ipfs/QmRPJgXb9dDJb8kXa9nU5H84ANjQhHW2GfgEtWodAa5ezw?filename=The_Covid_19_Genocide_of_2020_-_Claire_Edwards_ENHANCED_AUDIO.mp4
Amy Bear
Amy Bear 5 månader sedan
I spent my summers as a child, sailing with my Grandparents aboard their vessel, called the Voyager. We took her down the Mississippi, through the locks, and into the Gulf, all the way from Port Clinton. Then, around the coast of Florida, and up the Eastern seaboard... past Chesapeake Bay, New York, into the Saint Lawrence Seaway, and home to Port Clinton. This trip your taking makes my 💗 remember, the many times we took this trip. Much luv Delos!
John Danser
John Danser 5 månader sedan
So cool to see Delos in my old stomping grounds. Did the canal way back in 1966 to Philadelphia area in a Boston Whaler bought in the Chesapeake Bay area. Sixteen years old with 2 buddies aboard so a great experience for a young boater. Just sold my boat a year and half ago therefore Delos is now the boat in the family. Love you 3 and your adventure so much which reminds me time to make a patron payment. Hope you can make it up to Cape Code soon.
Darrell Sheldon
Darrell Sheldon 5 månader sedan
I thought the Coast Guard flyby was cool-this just really warms the heart to see how much y'all mean to so many. Keep on keepin' on. Love to all.
Charlie Brilhante
Charlie Brilhante 5 månader sedan
I have a question about nautical charts. Do you use paper charts and do you carry them on board to have just in case?
MrsMommyRN 5 månader sedan
Yay! Welcome to Maryland! We have a bow rider and we enjoy our life on the Chesapeake Bay!!!
Jeremy Thompson
Jeremy Thompson 5 månader sedan
Привіт привіт, I recall those electric wenches or something they are called (to roll in the sails and adjust), how well are they holding up? And what problems you may have run into with them if you have yet (I know with electronics it's like a gamble with how long they last) .... спасибі und tschau tschau пока!
pallas athena
pallas athena 5 månader sedan
That adorable baby driving already!! Such a cutie!!
Doomed to Sail
Doomed to Sail 5 månader sedan
Love the turkey vulture footage!
Ray Desjardins
Ray Desjardins 5 månader sedan
Why did you have to change Battle Born Batteries? Or did you add some?
Livvy Downer
Livvy Downer 5 månader sedan
You guys should come up to Camden Maine US. It is a very beautiful town.
Gardureth 5 månader sedan
Wouw Brian youre so lucky, look at her shine what a beatiful girl, and Kazaa looks great too!
Windy Daze Sunny Daze
Windy Daze Sunny Daze 5 månader sedan
Fellow sailor bearing gifts, miles from shore, in a dinghy no less, Delos you should have stopped, you barely slowed down. Careful getting jaded.
Bryan Eley
Bryan Eley 5 månader sedan
Great episode! What happened to Brady and Blue?
fokas petrogiannis
fokas petrogiannis 5 månader sedan
Robby Lafont
Robby Lafont 5 månader sedan
Is there a way to have a physical copy of the Delos journey map from start to present? A digital interactive version would be cool too....
Faiz Mohamed
Faiz Mohamed 5 månader sedan
Guys good job
Lorem Ipsum
Lorem Ipsum 5 månader sedan
You guys and this channel are my happy place. Love you guys ❤️
coyy2k1 5 månader sedan
I missed quite few episodes, why did yall go back to a monohull?
Dudley Fort
Dudley Fort 5 månader sedan
I am sorry I did not go to see you when you were in Camden but I assumed you were staying in a patron's house.
Brad Gibson
Brad Gibson 5 månader sedan
Why new batteries so soon???
Patricia Treval
Patricia Treval 5 månader sedan
Trish My brother just told me of your videos I love what you guys are doing
Sui 5 månader sedan
How'd you like the pass through of my home state of delaware. I know it was short but it's always nice to see famous people mention the place. Unlike rhode island we don't get a lot of mentioning. Hope no one was rude while you passed through :)
Roger de Pass
Roger de Pass 5 månader sedan
Sweet Hat! Brian, love it...what is it?
Trina Doll-Girl
Trina Doll-Girl 5 månader sedan
I've driven over that bridge a 1000 times. You are in my neck of the woods.
parth shah
parth shah 5 månader sedan
were is brady
Serban Oprescu
Serban Oprescu 5 månader sedan
I hope Karin talks to Sierra only in Swedish. The baby should know the languages of both of her parents!! It would be a pity to lose one.
Steen Keilstrup
Steen Keilstrup 5 månader sedan
Another 20 mins of endless.: "HUHH" 😎Please Please 🙏 Drop that sound (it's not a word) - otherwise great video as usual, thank-you.
Justin Case
Justin Case 5 månader sedan
"Coming out to meet you on my dinghy!" And... Why not? :)
James Haug
James Haug 5 månader sedan
What are Brady and Blue up to? Sure do miss seeing them. Bring ‘em back!
andrew nicholas
andrew nicholas 5 månader sedan
I love this channel. Good work guys.
Sean Bailey
Sean Bailey 5 månader sedan
Getting colder in new england guys.. better head south... nice job on the paint job
Terry Plunkett
Terry Plunkett 5 månader sedan
Would love to see an update on your satellite internet installation. Performance, cost, pros and cons
Jas Can
Jas Can 5 månader sedan
I have the 4 pad square marks on my boat that are starting to be easy to see under water. The marina gave me 10 mins before they splashed me after painting.
Nikos Klavdianos
Nikos Klavdianos 5 månader sedan
Keep on! :) Why did you change batteries?
Gujarati Traveler
Gujarati Traveler 5 månader sedan
Guys 1 Request... if you guys really serious about an Environment then why don’t you avoid using so many Tissue paper.... use water jet...and it might set trend for western culture and that really helps to protect so many trees.... love from India 🇮🇳
Donna Kawana
Donna Kawana 5 månader sedan
I love your in NY state. I'm proud Annapolis has treated you as family... wish I wasn't stuck on the hard. Rather be homeless on a sailboat. Than a city. But things are getting better cuz god has us...Seeing lil nugget getting bigger doing more an just an angel... love y'all have fun
Lando Leaves Land
Lando Leaves Land 5 månader sedan
Isn't great being able to take your home from place to place? Where do you want to live today? Man, I love the sailboat life. Delos represents it so well... total inspiration. If it weren't for Delos and the documentary "Chasing Bubbles" ... I wouldn't have started. Live your dream guys !!!
Robert Mecalis
Robert Mecalis 5 månader sedan
Oh yeah, watch the current in Hell’s Gate.
dan siwek
dan siwek 5 månader sedan
Why change the batteries? What happened?
Kim Hally-Hettrick
Kim Hally-Hettrick 5 månader sedan
Wegmans started here in my home area!!!! Aren't they great?
Scarlet Begonias
Scarlet Begonias 5 månader sedan
What a humbling experience it must be to have strangers come out of the woodworks to lend a hand.
John Muckridge
John Muckridge 5 månader sedan
You guys are so kind and approachable, It is fun to see people meet you
Tamara Richard
Tamara Richard 5 månader sedan
❤️ your videos..🤗 You’re heading somewhere cold..😳 I would be heading somewhere warm..😁 it’s snowing here today, October 26th..in Petawawa Ontario Canada..🇨🇦
pAbLiK PoKuZ
pAbLiK PoKuZ 5 månader sedan
gibshredcamel 5 månader sedan
We want senor brady!
Sherman Hartman
Sherman Hartman 5 månader sedan
As someone from near atlantic city, I'm not surprised buddy came out with his 9' dingy. Nj people are wild.
MSI2k 5 månader sedan
Crazy people lol you guys should keep your transponders off LOL
Sailing Intention
Sailing Intention 5 månader sedan
Hey, Brian & Kazza! You guys must get tired of answering so many comments and stuff! Well, you're famous now. A fellow Amel Super owner. I talked to the broker who helped you buy Delos (I think). I'm trying to get Sailing Intention channel going again. Check it out.
christopher berthelet
christopher berthelet 5 månader sedan
St. John nova Scotia
Rob Palermo
Rob Palermo 5 månader sedan
I love that you are close to me Good Sailing Rob Palermo
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