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Sailing SV Delos

4 månader sedan

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Eight sailors, filmmakers and adventurers pile into a 48 ft sailboat with the goal of exploring and capturing the beauty of Svalbard, the Northernmost settlement in the world, only 600 miles from the North Pole. The sailing expedition brings 24 hours of sunlight, dangerous glacial ice flows and up-close encounters with polar bears, beluga whales, walrus' and much more! After 2.5 years of post production and over 2000 hours of editing it's time to bring YOU our biggest project yet!
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This is made possible by YOU! So thank you so much for all the love and support you guys are sending us! It means a lot! Much Love, Karin, Brian, Brady & Blue!
SV Delos

Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 4 månader sedan
AHOY DELOS TRIBE! This is it. 2.5 years in the making. 2000+ hours of editing and post productions work. This is our biggest and most bad ass project to date! Everything from start to finish was done by us. We wanted to stay true to YOU and our editing style so we've decided to self distribute at instead of going with a popular streaming network which would have required us make sacrifices for what they think would sell... This 4 part documentary series is LIVE and ready for you to stream at . Thanks for all the love and support over the years that has made something like this and future projects possible! Much Love - The Delos Crew
Lloyd Main
Lloyd Main 3 månader sedan
Can I down load it and watch it anytime. Or do I have to watch it while steaming like a one time deal.
Stiff Wood
Stiff Wood 4 månader sedan
I wonder if you considered the tourist/environment *laws and regulations on Svalbard* as can be found in some of the guidelines from the Governor (Sysselmannen)? ( For drones: e.g., never fly higher than 120 meters off the ground ( For polar bears: e.g., it is prohibited to lure, pursue or otherwise seek out polar bears in such a way as to disturb them or expose either bears or humans to danger. (§30 Punishment: fines or imprisonment for up to one year, participation included (
COSMIN LUMPY Månad sedan
romanii mei unde sunte-ti?
Jason Coetzee
Jason Coetzee 2 månader sedan
Big fan, although can’t believe post- production took 24 months. It seemed like a couple of weeks max. Not worth the minimum $4 required to be honest. Overall, a bit disappointing. I’m sure though, this is only the start of something great.
Henke P
Henke P 2 månader sedan
Great trailer, great way to be able to support you.
Atlas Design
Atlas Design 3 månader sedan
Can't wait to see this guys!! Come to England!
funnyglow 3 månader sedan
The scenery is so beautiful and stunning.Very enjoyable! Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
I Just Think Not!
I Just Think Not! 3 månader sedan
looks promising. hopefully less of alex blue. id rather poke my eyes out than listen to her
Al Fazri
Al Fazri 3 månader sedan
Karin: "bears" Me: yeah, no shit.
dirtdude 3 månader sedan
Was totally classic Karin
Ruben VD
Ruben VD 3 månader sedan
Wait, I haven't followed you people for a couple months and now you're at the north pole? I need to stay on top of stuff more.
Mikko Fishing Adventures
Mikko Fishing Adventures 3 månader sedan
Very nice and awesome adventures around the world
Darrell Bibby
Darrell Bibby 3 månader sedan
Love it. So funny when Kaza says, ... Bears
Olga Danes-Volkov
Olga Danes-Volkov 3 månader sedan
This has been an amazing video. Well done. So professional. Thank you. Fabulous
TENNESSEEWILSONS 3 månader sedan
Just paid for the video. Heading for the binge watch!
Karyn Lee
Karyn Lee 3 månader sedan
Well done! Amazing footage and information. I'm really happy I saw this!
3 månader sedan
Looks like a National Geographic trailer
Av Ya
Av Ya 3 månader sedan
I spent two hours on no special adventures but lots and lots of empty talk. Commendation for photography and editing. Luckily I only spent $ 4 on it (too much).
Lloyd Main
Lloyd Main 3 månader sedan
Is this downloadable or do you have to watch it live? Will it go right to my SEmost canal.
Lloyd Main
Lloyd Main 3 månader sedan
Found it. Glad I could watch it on my tv. There is a link on home page just below the intro. Cool video
Cardinham Killigrew
Cardinham Killigrew 3 månader sedan
Amazing. We just watched this. The cinematography is stunning, the story is great! This is worth the watch and support and hope they do more specials like this. 5 out of 5 Stars! Watch it, you will not be disappointed!
Ron Miller
Ron Miller 3 månader sedan
SV Delos,I am 62 years old on a BUDGET OK!!!I am SO Grateful for SO MANY AWESOME VIDEOS that are here, available on you tube Including your AWESOME,EXPERIENCES!!!I am what many would call a CORD CUTTER.I am here (On Facebook because my older source of entertainment was TOO COSTLY!!!)I am aware of what youtubers can be rewarded with how many views they may get and that is GREAT BY ME!!!As much as I Love and appreciate your time,effort,commitmant and hard work,I will not contribute to watch 80northseries.NOT ME!!!
__________________________________ 3 månader sedan
I got the documentary but on the site it buffers alot. I'm not sure how to make it buffer less. I can play youtube without buffering so I'm assuming it's the site. Any tips?
Amber Isbell
Amber Isbell 3 månader sedan
I know it say Gunnar Magne as the narrator, buuutttttttt come on! That sound like Kazza distorting her voice!!!!
Marcelo Paletta
Marcelo Paletta 3 månader sedan
Hi! I'm from Brazil, and I wanted to know if the doumentary has a Portuguese translation.
Matthew Fetherston
Matthew Fetherston 3 månader sedan
Can not wait to see the bradey bunch back in action
Kjared Collins
Kjared Collins 3 månader sedan
Syph Donkey
Syph Donkey 3 månader sedan
Can’t wait
Wayne Federico
Wayne Federico 3 månader sedan
I put in only $25. its worth 1000/ So if we all put in a few nickel's to watch this epic ride, its well worth not buying lottery tickets this week... Carry-on peeps.
Damien Dae
Damien Dae 3 månader sedan
I have just finished watching the whole series. While I still enjoyed it, I have to say I was expecting much better. The first 3 episodes are quite repetitive with too much blah blah, too many platitudes, no story-telling which is surprising considering Delos usually excels in that field. Why ask Brian, Karen, Brady and Alex to introduce themselves? I would have liked to hear more from Andy, Mia, James or Kiril. If this is meant to be a separate project, who is the targeted audience? This is not a documentary about Svalbard, nor a story of the Delos crew, it just feels like some footage put randomly together. I was also expecting to see more based on what Delos shared on social media back then - what happened for instance with the cabin we only get to see in the bloopers at the end of episode 4? I wish there were more long shots of the landscapes: this is the arctic, no need to rush things, take some time to show how peaceful, vast, breathtaking the Svalbard Islands are; 2 hours of broadcast and it is edited like a 5-minute video. I am afraid Delos was overwhelmed by this project this time. I know I sound harsh but it’s really a pity; it could have been so much more, certainly after such a long wait.
Dr.PickleJuice 2 månader sedan
I sadly agree. Very repetitive.
TheEstampe 3 månader sedan
I agree. If you want to see some excellent sailing adventure in the Arctic, I highly recommend the SEmost channel YachtTeleportCom or how an Australian couple sailed through the North-West passage during 2 summers while filming the local wildlife and beautiful landscapes.
Dino Maa
Dino Maa 3 månader sedan
Clear movie night schedule this Friday, I'm a explore me some North Pole from the couch. Brady & Blue I missed you guys.
Jack Pine
Jack Pine 3 månader sedan
Watching this, you can see what Blue’s influence on the channel in the past was, and how much better it is without her influence today. Today, we have our channel back and thankfully it’s back to normal, so real, sincere and super good editing/filming and most importantly free of the Azul virus. Hopefully this is the end of her on this channel! I do have a favorite scene from her Delos was when they were all hiking up an island lookout and as Brady approached the top he sneezed directly in her face...that painted a very clear picture of her place on that boat. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!
Dave Scott
Dave Scott 3 månader sedan
Harsh, but true, today the channel is way better without Alex's influence. Delos has it's uniqueness back in spades, and we love it again!
TaeGiMyBabies D
TaeGiMyBabies D 4 månader sedan
when I'm broke and it's either rent/food or delos...
Spyridon Mouroutsos
Spyridon Mouroutsos 4 månader sedan
Gypsy Rover Adventhers
Gypsy Rover Adventhers 4 månader sedan
Just finished watching the series....LOVED IT!!
George B
George B 4 månader sedan
Tried to pay for this but PayPal has a Facebook & Messenger account agreement. I don't use or care to use either of them. I'd like to watch this documentary, please advise
SoCal Gal
SoCal Gal 3 månader sedan
I'm in the same boat 🤦🏼‍♀️ Hate paypal/facebook. No internet shopping or banking here.
Laurie Graham
Laurie Graham 4 månader sedan
Just watched episode 1 this looks like such an epic adventure. Looking forward to the rest.
Robin V
Robin V 4 månader sedan
wow cant wait for it!!!
Chris Bowen
Chris Bowen 4 månader sedan
Mike Cofojohn
Mike Cofojohn 4 månader sedan
Wow! Thank you, Delos crew!
Piotr Szczyglowski
Piotr Szczyglowski 4 månader sedan
“Sweet”! You guys are “craaazy”! Cool stuff
Matthew Fetherston
Matthew Fetherston 3 månader sedan
Dont you mean Cray cray?
Paul Dyson
Paul Dyson 4 månader sedan
Best Delos video yet!!! Love what you do Guys Keep up the great work!
Dale Schultz
Dale Schultz 4 månader sedan
It’s about time.
Christo' Amato
Christo' Amato 4 månader sedan
This is going to be an event. I am really stoked to see it and am going to delay the gratification of watching it until I have just the right crew assembled. I love the release strategy too.
ทัวริ่ง คลาสสิค
ทัวริ่ง คลาสสิค 4 månader sedan
Mike Sandberg
Mike Sandberg 4 månader sedan
You guys are nuts. Thanks.
Maurice Harley
Maurice Harley 4 månader sedan
If you need to take guns to protect yourselves from polar bears, then you shouldn't be there in the first place. It's obscene to think that you'd be prepared to kill an animal in the name of making a documentary. It's their habitat, not yours.
Pamela }!!{
Pamela }!!{ 4 månader sedan
Your docuseries was Incredible! 👏👏👏👏 I binge watched all 4 in two days, everything about it was wonderful, and the whales! Omg, trying not to give any spoilers away. This was the best Christmas gift for myself💕 🧭🤿🐧🐳🐾⚓⛵🌊
Wandering Beast
Wandering Beast 4 månader sedan
svalbard is amazing, cant wait to go back
Carl Carlos
Carl Carlos 4 månader sedan
Kevin Houghton
Kevin Houghton 4 månader sedan
HOLY MACKEREL! I'm SO PUMPED! Thank you for your perseverance and extremely hard work. You bring so much joy to so many.
justin watch
justin watch 4 månader sedan
I haven't seen it yet. I hope there's tater tots.
marco dal porto
marco dal porto 4 månader sedan
Stoke level is high!
Ken Sherlock
Ken Sherlock 4 månader sedan
Watched last night, well worth it, great quality & amazing footage!
Hyman O'Cohann
Hyman O'Cohann 4 månader sedan
It's as though Delos wanted new seas and Drafted the crew . Who's turn is it to dive and check the Anchor?
Gyula Pap
Gyula Pap 4 månader sedan
This starts to look better than a David Attenborough... ;)
Matthew Mc
Matthew Mc 4 månader sedan
David Vogen
David Vogen 4 månader sedan
Good job guys! I enjoyed the series.
zzzx xzzz
zzzx xzzz 4 månader sedan
Definitely not a trip for a child !
Peter Hunsader
Peter Hunsader 4 månader sedan
This is going to be AWESOME!
Ryan Winkle
Ryan Winkle 4 månader sedan
Looks cool but kind of a jump in content with crew and place. What happened?
THE MAD DREAMER VLOGS 4 månader sedan
Love you guys exited to seee the rest. 😍😍😍😍😍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
rocky southflorida
rocky southflorida 4 månader sedan
Tom Rowland Pod cast Saltwater Experience on the SEmosts with Brady and Alex was Awesome! Great job you two legends! IF anyone from SV Delos tribe is interested in a Brady and Alex up date! Check out the Tom Rowland Pod Cast! Cheers and 2 and half years and 2000 hours of editing produced a epic docu series! Really great job!!!!!!!
Adam Day
Adam Day 4 månader sedan
This will be on the big screen with the surround sound turned up.
Robert Adams Metal Detecting
Robert Adams Metal Detecting 4 månader sedan
Just finished watching all four in a row. What an EPIC ADVENTURE! Amazingly beautiful. Well put together and presented, as usual.
Deardra DeBoard
Deardra DeBoard 4 månader sedan
This is a MUST WATCH video from Claire Edwards United Nations whistle blower
Steve Price
Steve Price 4 månader sedan
Are there any plans for DVD sales on your site or anything like that? I purchased it just now but just wondering if there are any other ways to watch planned?
Two Wheels Three Sheets
Two Wheels Three Sheets 4 månader sedan
RAD!! Great footage & editing!! 🖤
Happy Texan
Happy Texan 4 månader sedan
Angelspeake: How to Talk With Your Angels: Mark, Barbara, Griswold, Trudy: 9780684815473: @t: Books Read the book & do the techniques. You'll be blown away.
Fabian Thomas
Fabian Thomas 4 månader sedan
I love it when kazza says BEARS!!!
Raya Angelova
Raya Angelova 2 månader sedan
That made me smile widely :)
S/V Lusca
S/V Lusca 4 månader sedan
Incredible, we want more
Bird Dog
Bird Dog 4 månader sedan
Wait this was filmed 2 years ago?
Aaron Runalls
Aaron Runalls 4 månader sedan
You guys are trippen me out man
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet 4 månader sedan
Watched the whole thing! Incredible series!
TuccoBenedicto 4 månader sedan
Some truly amazing footage, Well done 👏
Jonathan McGuire
Jonathan McGuire 4 månader sedan
wow can't wait...well i can, Great trailer
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet 4 månader sedan
it is seriously amazing
Sailing SV Balance
Sailing SV Balance 4 månader sedan
Oh yes guys!! This is going to be a great film!! Can’t wait to see it!
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet 4 månader sedan
we binged the entire thing, it is incredible
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor 4 månader sedan
Something good will come out of 2020 yet!
Mike Dixon
Mike Dixon 4 månader sedan
Seriously who would give this a thumbs down. They are crazy and this trip is fraught with danger. While an adventure the brutal nature of survival is daunting to say the least. Can I come! 😃
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet 4 månader sedan
Diane Griffith
Diane Griffith 4 månader sedan
Wondering if that boat had to be completely winterized before sailing? Wow, incredibly fascinating. Wow!🥶🥶🥶
JD Gibbs
JD Gibbs 4 månader sedan
This has been one amazing Delos weekend!!! The new episode, the podcast, the live stream then the docu series. Fantastic work! My typical Friday starts with your newly released episode, this weekend was like a holiday with Delos. Thank you
Gustaf i Viga
Gustaf i Viga 4 månader sedan
Nautor Swan never lets.u down👌😄 s/v Delos rules!!!!
Tobias H_K
Tobias H_K 4 månader sedan
Trailer is absolutly dope (Y)(Y)(Y)
Dan Moores
Dan Moores 4 månader sedan
This is 1000% worth watching, so inspiring keep up the good work!
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet 4 månader sedan
Tracy Raley
Tracy Raley 4 månader sedan
You guys are nuts.
Seldom Scene
Seldom Scene 4 månader sedan
Wow! That was spectacular! Really first rate filmmaking. Well done everybody.
sandyc6569 4 månader sedan
Johan Stang
Johan Stang 4 månader sedan
Awesome trailer, I watch though the complete series in one go. I could not help myself... :)
Living in the Pacific
Living in the Pacific 4 månader sedan
Just as an update... since watching the Docu-Series, I'm getting inundated with life-preserver ads on facebook. That's so funny! 😂😂😂 Excellent production!
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet 4 månader sedan
John Sears
John Sears 4 månader sedan
I have been soooo waiting for this!
pbonck 4 månader sedan
It’s a little too obscure to be able to watch Episode 1. I tried. No luck yesterday.
Almir Costa
Almir Costa 4 månader sedan
Não cuti a arma pra se dedender dos ursos. Na verdade eles estao na casa deles e estão ameaçado se extinção.
Kremen Jelezov
Kremen Jelezov 4 månader sedan
I just binge watched the whole thing. What an epic epic adventure! The sights, the sounds. It was you guys who fired up the sailing passion in me years ago and now, with the licenses and couple of thousand miles sailed later, this is a bucket list destination. Specially good to see Kiril there as well, as I am Bulgarian and a photographer. Some beers are on me guys!
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet 4 månader sedan
we binged it too, absolutely incredible
J C 4 månader sedan
That was cool!! The wildlife, landscape, your demeanor, the style of the video, etc. Thanks!!
xtremefight 4 månader sedan
I had parts shrink just watching this.
Jeremy Philip
Jeremy Philip 4 månader sedan
Thanks for the early Christmas gift. Merry Christmas 🎄
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod 4 månader sedan
sorry, don't have the extra money this time of can trust me I won't watch it
Cruisers Academy
Cruisers Academy 4 månader sedan
Hey! If you can't afford the minimum of $1 per episode you can reach out to and they will set you up to watch for free.
Brian Hiatt
Brian Hiatt 4 månader sedan
Love it!!!
Church of Philadelphia
Church of Philadelphia 4 månader sedan
Definitely watching this during holiday. This looks epic and it's going to be nice to see the whole crew together.
Daksh Malhotra
Daksh Malhotra 4 månader sedan
I m a marine engineer and sailing in LPG tankers nd I m 100% sure I'm gonna love this documentary. CHEERS MAN , wat an ending to 2020 . Trailer looks AWESOME 🤩
Sailing Someday
Sailing Someday 4 månader sedan
Im now watching guys need to have a chat with Nat Geo to fund an expedition for you! - Fantastic job Delos Tribe....
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet 4 månader sedan
right?? I want more!
dapuma71 4 månader sedan
quietlysecure 4 månader sedan
Rumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Start posting your videos on Rumble. See you there!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't support the Google dictatorship anymore!!!!!!
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