Update from BRADY and BLUE! Where did we go?!

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Sailing SV Delos

5 månader sedan

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Hey Delos Tribe,
Brady and Blue here! Thanks for being part of our lives for so long and constantly inspiring us to follow our path and live life to the fullest. Evolution is a key part to growing and we've evolved A LOT over the past year since leaving Delos. If you're interested, head to our channel (Linked above) and see what we are up to!
Much Love!
Brady and Blue

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SV Delos

Moh hassan Abdurajak
Moh hassan Abdurajak 17 dagar sedan
B & B.
Dino Anello
Dino Anello 23 dagar sedan
Ya know what gets me? All these brady bashers... based on his beliefs? C'mon now ya know you ALLLL wanted to be him at one point. Naked girls around him, people giving him beer. Oh and by the way, sailing around the world. Something most of you, slumped behind your computer, in that dark corner of your basement, would never have the balls to do. Also I am a photographer and video producer for 30+ years and ONLY heard about the Delos project this past autumn. So stop dogging on Blue. If you watched any amount of the videos, you'd have seen the way that Brady treats animals and all kinds of people from all reaches of society. It's not really a stretch to imagine which way he most likely leans politically. And to that point, why does this have to be about politics? Y'all are some weak ass mofos... To all the rest of the tribe .. peace and keep supporting!
Dawn Everix
Dawn Everix 27 dagar sedan
Sure miss you guys
Lito Kemp
Lito Kemp Månad sedan
Always enjoyed Brady's great vibes! Glad to see you back. Come back to Cape Town again some time!
Darkest Love
Darkest Love Månad sedan
🥰🥰🤩Love these guys. Great people!
Spyder Baker
Spyder Baker 2 månader sedan
In Truckee. Up for some turns at SB Saturday?
Cruisers Academy
Cruisers Academy 9 dagar sedan
Just saw this! We ride squaw :)
Soarin Dragon
Soarin Dragon 4 månader sedan
You should add Brady's channel to your "Other Sweet Channels!" list. The description is not visible on Android TV... at least not on my Nvidia Shield TV.
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod 4 månader sedan
...always time for a little B 'n B
Cigar Man
Cigar Man 4 månader sedan
Fantastic to see you guys again i watched all your guys videos under a different account in the past I haven't turned in to Delos for about 6 months. What a wonderful surprise to see what you have been up to over the past year.
Popeye 4 månader sedan
ok ok enough with the junk food!
Ben Harrison
Ben Harrison 4 månader sedan
SO happy to see you guys........
dirtdude 4 månader sedan
i can't think of anything nice to say.
David Madison
David Madison 4 månader sedan
Miss you both!!
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith 4 månader sedan
Saw the title and HAD to check out. So great to see the two of you again. Good on you both!
agc812 4 månader sedan
It’s good to see you both!
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez 4 månader sedan
Missed you Brady and Blue....you have been out way to long man...I’m happy you guys are doing fine! These are difficult times that hopefully will end soon...cannot believe we are going thru this ####! Looking forward to your new channel...pls be safe! Cheers.
SV Valmika
SV Valmika 4 månader sedan
Look up Hunter RMV on you tube. I have done a few videos and pics for them but they could probably use Blue's skills. They build off road RV and are based out of Gardnerville Nevada, right down the hill from you. Contact me if you are interested.
Doug Ford
Doug Ford 4 månader sedan
Can't wait
General Pinochet
General Pinochet 4 månader sedan
missed senyor brady man, without him onboard delos feel half full......
Nick Willems
Nick Willems 4 månader sedan
Please don't make a baby
SV Amour
SV Amour 4 månader sedan
We all miss the Brady humor. It is so good to laugh. Good luck all!!!
Craigx71 4 månader sedan
Nice to see you guys are still together and sailing!
Julie Perry
Julie Perry 4 månader sedan
Great first episode. These guys are a power couple. Love the equality, respect and partnership that comes through in the way they interact and live their life. Exciting year and adventures ahead. All the best Alex and Brady.
irongoatrocky 4 månader sedan
I was once told "if you cant say anything nice"....................
latitude 4 månader sedan
Where’s the baby? We need baby content in this channel....more nugget 💕
Irie I
Irie I 4 månader sedan
Finally it's party time again! Just don't get a baby anytime soon.. Just teasing you Brian, you still the man! Hopefully Delos and Blue Bird meet up in the ocean one day..
katwilliamsart 4 månader sedan
good luck guys, really looking forward to seeing what you've been up to. Great to see your faces again x
Sir Thomas
Sir Thomas 4 månader sedan
Blue = Yoko Ono
Radar NJ
Radar NJ 4 månader sedan
Sweet! Suggest you chill on the potty mouth. You are better than that.
Shawn Buell
Shawn Buell 4 månader sedan
Brady, Blue, great to meet you this Year, stop in for a drink any night, always on the move, too, where ever the wind blows, formally , the verdi ranch..😄
Spirit Flower
Spirit Flower 4 månader sedan
Woo wee 😊 good to see your guys faces here on SEmost... and, to hear about your sailing school! definitely going to check out your Channel@ blessings to all! 🤗 p.s. I just wanted to say I think it's perfect Brady and Blue doing what they're doing and yay that they are going to be sharing it with us to through SEmost! I think it's also perfect and wonderful what what Brian and Kazza and the nugget are doing on Delos! And, B&B, what an adorable fat head dog you have 😘
John Kaveski
John Kaveski 4 månader sedan
from my wife and myself we wish you two all the best you have gave us so much enjoyment. God bless you both.
Andrea e Camilla
Andrea e Camilla 4 månader sedan
Hi guys! Congratulations on the video, keep it up! You were an inspiration to us to start our adventure and tell it a little like you and we are happy! You made us understand that it can be done and it is not just a dream. Thank you for the inspiration you give to all your followers and for the passion you show in each video! Good wind
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 4 månader sedan
So happy for you all! I’m now a follower of cruisers academy as well. Kind of glad you took some time to just enjoy Tahoe. Back on the video releases groove is happy to see!
David Adland
David Adland 4 månader sedan
congratulations Brady on your tahoe retirement. I will miss your rollicking good times with Captain Breeyauwn over the 7 seas.
swiMClub7 4 månader sedan
Ay, I love the whole team, but I can't watch the fam vids. It ain't the same without you Mr. Brady. Much love.
emcowboy02 4 månader sedan
Much love
Ra Wilson
Ra Wilson 4 månader sedan
You guys rock, really enjoyed meeting you two and Sean for breakfast last August. Me and my girls will catch up with you when your back on the water. Best to you and the entire Crew. Andy
Eric Ness
Eric Ness 4 månader sedan
Saw your snow boat time lapse on the Weather Channel! So cool!
Greg Knipe
Greg Knipe 4 månader sedan
probably not much work in Tahoe these days.
Trevor Byron
Trevor Byron 4 månader sedan
Wait a minute...youve got your own boat? And your new sailing channel?...awesome
RidgeRunner4X4 4 månader sedan
I wouldn't spend a lot of time trying to "Be Delos", as the old Delos doesn't exist any more... Still a good channel, but it is totally different now. Make your own brand, and make a clean break.
Steven C LaRue
Steven C LaRue 4 månader sedan
It was great to see you crazy kids again! Best of Luck. Thanks for the memories.
Tobias Kühl
Tobias Kühl 4 månader sedan
It's nice to sail smaller boats right? I've watched your adventures for 7 years and dreamed to sail where you sail but I am more happy in my 14 foot wooden boat I think. All good wishes to you and much joy doing what you do!
John Sanders
John Sanders 4 månader sedan
Catalina 22! What year is the "Blue Bird"?
alan coglietti
alan coglietti 4 månader sedan
Maycon Camelo Naves
Maycon Camelo Naves 4 månader sedan
Muito bom... já me inscrevi lá... show ....Boa sorte pra eles....🙌🙏
Randy Hodges
Randy Hodges 4 månader sedan
Life is change, but have missed you guys and great job on the vid Blue. I want to continue to follow your adventures so keep it up
Stephen Duquette
Stephen Duquette 4 månader sedan
We for sure miss those Delos days ! Things will never be what they were for that time has passed and new horizons lead us somewhere new. Atleast we have hundreds of episodes of memories to return to and new adventures awaiting us .
Stephen Duquette
Stephen Duquette 4 månader sedan
I'm so glad you're going to continue making videos for us . You have been pioneers of the SEmost sailing /snorkling/scuba/party movement that shares so many beautiful places with the rest of the world. You have developed your skills and that would be a lot to waste . The world has changed but atleast we can still keep in touch. Sail on !
Life With Us 4
Life With Us 4 4 månader sedan
Woohoo. I’ve been searching for you guys on SEmost from time to time! 😍😍
Ron Zander
Ron Zander 4 månader sedan
So great to hear from you two, been wondering what happened. We're just down the hill in Orangevale if you ever want to come over for a beer, let us know. Can't wait to check out the new channel.
David Bate
David Bate 4 månader sedan
Hi guys, what would be your thoughts on motoring a 46 ' launch from Singapore to nz stopping at jakata, bali australia, lord howe islands then to nz around december
Peter Sobocki
Peter Sobocki 4 månader sedan
Missed you guys, look forwards to following you two.
BoofingBlow -
BoofingBlow - 4 månader sedan
I grew up in Tahoe and my family still lives there, hopefully I’ll see you guys around! You’re launching that sailboat right down the street from my house!!!!!
Tigger 4 månader sedan
James Hall
James Hall 4 månader sedan
Good to see familiar faces........ All the best!!!
Bill Scott
Bill Scott 4 månader sedan
Beer, first thing in the morning. Beer, first thing in the video. Brady is back. I would join your school. (pun intended)
Игорь Лысенко
Игорь Лысенко 4 månader sedan
Missed you much, at last you have your channel. Awesome!
Simon Hantler
Simon Hantler 4 månader sedan
If I recall there’s a cool diner in Truckee? Got a flat on my motorbike there, awsome little town. Watching from waiheke NZ.
Doug Northcote
Doug Northcote 4 månader sedan
Right on! Bout time you two!
Pedestrian 4 månader sedan
Hey! Missed you guys so much!!!
Nicholas Griswold
Nicholas Griswold 4 månader sedan
I am glad to see you both again.
David Allred
David Allred 4 månader sedan
I have really missed you guys.
Ryan Cashman
Ryan Cashman 4 månader sedan
Missed them both I'm sure they will be back on the Delos for a sail or two in the future at some point
TAIT 1904
TAIT 1904 4 månader sedan
💕💓💞💓yay thank you for coming back
Randall Thrift
Randall Thrift 4 månader sedan
Was thinking about you two just yesterday and was wondering what you were up to. And now I know. :-) :-)
j Greer
j Greer 4 månader sedan
I am so stoked!!!
Bryce 4 månader sedan
more antifa. thanks
Sister Brothers
Sister Brothers 4 månader sedan
On which channel are you going to announce your engagement?
Scott Kahler
Scott Kahler 4 månader sedan
they are now showing videos of san andreas where rick moore is going thru a hurican
Aaron Feldman
Aaron Feldman 4 månader sedan
Thanks for the update. I had been wondering what had become of the two of you. When you left Delos I thought that it might be for just a brief vacation. After many months had passed I wondered why we had never really heard an explanation of why you had left.
Jason Berry
Jason Berry 5 månader sedan
Uh oh they got a dog, we all know what's next
Chauss 5 månader sedan
Have wondered about you guys. Thanks for the update!
John Boyce
John Boyce 5 månader sedan
Hello Blue&Brady, Have been following Delos for years, pleased to see you doing a new channel and living in the Tahoe area. I'm a glider pilot and flight instructor, flying out of Truckee from May through September. Gliders are to powered aircraft kinda like sailing is to motorboats, don't you think? I would definitely like to experience some sailing, for the pure spirit it would give to me when I fly a glider. Maybe you'd like to take a flight with me as well sometime? It would give you the same kindred experience in reverse, no? I'm FAA certified. Years ago I posted a note to Brian, he responded and said that he'd had some flight training at one point. You were many 1000's of miles away at that point, but not anymore! Feel free to reach out. I live in San Jose. JDB / John Boyce jdbpilot@earthlink.net
Cris Moore
Cris Moore 5 månader sedan
I missed you two
Cris Moore
Cris Moore 5 månader sedan
Yeahhhhh there you are. High 5. Gooood to see ya.
Fred McElroy
Fred McElroy 5 månader sedan
Brady & Blue in our backyard. I WILL buy them a beer soon🌴
jmcmurrah 5 månader sedan
So happy to see you back on SEmost, Blue and Brady! ❤️❤️
Peter Brown
Peter Brown 5 månader sedan
So glad to see you are well.
Manfred Mann
Manfred Mann 5 månader sedan
Brady you found a great partner .
Sailing SV Cat's Paw
Sailing SV Cat's Paw 5 månader sedan
Hey! 👋🏼 I’m down, lemme click on over there ❤️
Doug Watson
Doug Watson 5 månader sedan
So good to hear from you two again! Looking forward to your new SEmost channel.
Mukesh Das
Mukesh Das 5 månader sedan
1:20 I quit my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Jebmo 58
Jebmo 58 5 månader sedan
Alex is so full of s***
Ursee Sambora
Ursee Sambora 5 månader sedan
I miss watching you guys... happy everyone is well!
Nancy Jobbins
Nancy Jobbins 5 månader sedan
Congratulations to Brady and Blue! Happy for them 😃!!
AurorA Cocktales
AurorA Cocktales 5 månader sedan
Oh NO 😱 Where are Josje-Rama 💞✨ and her lovely sis Phoebe 🎶 ⁉️ Tell me it's not true 😭😭😭
gibshredcamel 5 månader sedan
Yes! I can stop harassing Brian about brady!
Amila Perera
Amila Perera 5 månader sedan
1:16 My entire life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
August Sandberg
August Sandberg 5 månader sedan
Love the shirt, Brady! ;) Congrats on the new channel guys, looks great! :D
Ronilo Tagyab
Ronilo Tagyab 5 månader sedan
Must have many children too!
Mallory Butts
Mallory Butts 5 månader sedan
Miss you both
Ian McLelland
Ian McLelland 5 månader sedan
Tara Wright
Tara Wright 5 månader sedan
I've been waiting all year for this.
MedinaMcKee 5 månader sedan
Good luck! You will be awesome.
nuitNo.6 5 månader sedan
You people raised me!! :)
Doctor_Kraken 5 månader sedan
Andrew W
Andrew W 5 månader sedan
Have been re watching Africa through to Trinidad again and was wondering how you guys were getting. Great stuff and I look forward to watching.
Cecilia Maillard
Cecilia Maillard 5 månader sedan
I am very happy to see you again, you are really good at everything you do and now I see that you are sailing a smaller sailboat that is similar to the one that me and my boyfriend own in Sweden. We are inspired by Delos and we watch your videos for hours and dreaming sailing out to the sea next year. Thank you for everything you do for us viewers who have to work from home and wait until the pandemic leaves us you are wonderful. Good luck!
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