BEST SAIL to Jewel of the Maine Coast + Classic Wooden Schooner Tour - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 305

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Sailing SV Delos

2 månader sedan

We have one of the best sails in Maine so far! We’re on our way to a super quaint little town called Camden. After being out in some of the more remote Islands for a few months we are in desperate need of some fresh food and boat parts. The trees are changing color and we fall involve with this cute town. So much sailing history here! Brian meets some of the local wooden schooner captains and goes on a private tour of some pretty impressive boats.
Hope you enjoyed the episode! Much love from us! Kazza, Brian and little Sierra
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Calico Skies Sailing
Calico Skies Sailing 2 månader sedan
Ah Camden Harbor, all the nautical history, beautifully maintained yachts... and then we roll in with giant solar arrays and jerry cans all over deck, cue the banjos😂
Taisen Des
Taisen Des Månad sedan
Yes. The lovely sea gypsies have arrived. 😅 🥰 👋👋
Donna Kawana
Donna Kawana 2 månader sedan
I love that tho.. It's like walking in to a home that's lived in, an one that's kept like a museum. Beautiful to visit but I wouldn't want to live there... Lol.... I love that you both live it!!! ✌️
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 2 månader sedan
The Beverly Hill Billies of sailing :)
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 19 dagar sedan
The facial expressions of Sierra are priceless!
NightSkyACC /\
NightSkyACC /\ 26 dagar sedan
6 degres not cold -30 here
Ra A
Ra A 27 dagar sedan
nice background music for first few min!!
Tony Scott
Tony Scott Månad sedan
a rather toasty baby.
Rax stone
Rax stone Månad sedan
Sierra and Lenie should meet someday!!!! I know it will!!!!!! 😊
Taisen Des
Taisen Des Månad sedan
This scene made my week (2:26) 😅 😊 🥰 🥰 I would title it: "Dressing a little argonaut". 😉 👋👋
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson Månad sedan
cgtctcgl.,.,, Nnnn,n, ,n,,cfggkk Know K"kkkll Klkklkk Kokomo !
Michael Twing
Michael Twing Månad sedan
Dive tanks look lonely on deck.
Pablo De Leon
Pablo De Leon Månad sedan
jahrasta kim
jahrasta kim Månad sedan
Cnt believe days run past, little nugget growing fast and walk fast aswell. Lots love delos tribe, god bless always
Arctic SeaCamel
Arctic SeaCamel Månad sedan
Totally normal clothing for kids. In Finland. For like 9 months a year. 🤪🥶
Derek Murawsky
Derek Murawsky Månad sedan
So, you *do* have a dehumidifier... Your air-conditioner. It's counter-intuitive, but if you have the power you can run it with your heater and it will pull water out of the air. Not efficient at all but it works.
chris zimmerman
chris zimmerman Månad sedan
Ok Bryan you need to do a cooking class. Every time I see your poached eggs I try to make my own but fail miserably. Please show us how you make yours
SlipOnA_Juul_ Månad sedan
bruh i live in quebec its -15 celsius rn
Jared Graham
Jared Graham Månad sedan
So cool! I grew up in Gloucester and knew Ed Boynton (the name of that first schooner) and was good friends with his family. I love following your adventures! I’m always reppin a Delos hoodie!Thanks for sharing your experiences and giving me some warm memories from my youth. ❤️
Scott Henecke
Scott Henecke Månad sedan
Thank You for the boat tours. Question, when was this videotaped? The trees still have leaves on them...
Bill Whitehurst
Bill Whitehurst Månad sedan
Did I miss something what happened your hair or long hair where to go?
Patric Månad sedan
20:23 go down backwards? That's what she said.
John Paddock
John Paddock Månad sedan
So, this video touches my heart! I lived in Maine for a few years as a teenager and fell in love with Maine. My wife and I got engaged in Camden in 1996. My family with our little nuggets vacationed in Camden in early 2000s. Camden is the jewel. Love the town the people and the ocean and history. Glad you guys saw it. Wishing you all the best as you head south again!
Sune Bertelsen
Sune Bertelsen Månad sedan
wow wow! don`t tell a machinist that`s a simple steering!!! machining such parts back in the days comparing the carpentry is miles ahead! said the machinist :D
Andre Marais
Andre Marais Månad sedan
I have loyally watched and enjoyed SV Delos for years now. All the adventures and various crew members. I wish you bon voyage, fair winds and goodbye. I am not much into family shows. I realize that your lives evolve and wish you all the best. Bye.
Super Wag
Super Wag Månad sedan
I used to like Delos channel since the beginning, but lately, it feels more like “filler” content than anything. All filler, no killer as they say. Hope it gets better soon or the audience is going to drift off to other places 🤞
Kurt Dutton
Kurt Dutton Månad sedan
My first experience ocean sailing was in Maine on the schooner Stephen Taber. We had to raise anchor sometimes twice a day and let me tell you it is brutal
Sarah Holt
Sarah Holt Månad sedan
I’m sooo confused?? Is this the fall?
Roy Haven
Roy Haven 2 månader sedan
I laughed so many times when I saw adorable Nugget being cute.
Artshine 2 månader sedan
Julie Ffitch
Julie Ffitch 2 månader sedan
Really wonderful episode, so emotional for me to watch. It's the only place you've been, that I've been to too! (I live in Cornwall, England). but my uncle, Father Titus Oates, lived in Camden for many years and was the Rector of St Thomas Church, which I spotted on the skyline! I visited him twice and fell in love with Camden. Thank you for the memories!
Richard Carter
Richard Carter 2 månader sedan
Sick of the winding
R 2 månader sedan
so cool she understood. give me a baby kiss. and a great baby hug
R 2 månader sedan
mask? why not? seems odd.
Russ Eager
Russ Eager 2 månader sedan
Dehumidifiers are great, saves from mould as well as moisture
JoeyMcSmokey 2 månader sedan
I Love my SV Delos gear. Forgot to tie knots in my hoodie string and lost it the first time I washed it, user error. But other than that, it has held up beautifully with NO SHRINKAGE! Thanks guys. Stay warm. Happy sailing!
Bradford Palmer
Bradford Palmer 2 månader sedan
I just love watching you guys. It was cool so many people are so friendly. You guys bring out the belief that there is GOOD IN PEOPLE.
William Dobbins
William Dobbins 2 månader sedan
@sailingdelos ...missing the old intros and theme songs....
Phil Jones
Phil Jones 2 månader sedan
Get Frida back onboard.
Wesley C Golden
Wesley C Golden 2 månader sedan
It's great to see you are well however you're brother not in the vid hope hes fine as well caught you guy just after leaving the west coast years ago
Miracles 320
Miracles 320 2 månader sedan
your living the life ive been struggling to even come close to...night and day extreme pain hoping the next day is the day i get closer to my dreams....seems so impossible now, missed too many opportunities for 4 years straight.
jeanne fanning
jeanne fanning 2 månader sedan
Are your videos like 4 months behind real time? I'm confused.
Ionuț ENACHE 2 månader sedan
Curtis Rosselot
Curtis Rosselot 2 månader sedan
I think its Curtis Island! Lol
J. R. Rogers
J. R. Rogers 2 månader sedan
Baby hugs, chicken soup for the soul.
Reynaxis Solutions
Reynaxis Solutions 2 månader sedan
Hi to you and your family. Watching from Papua New Guinea.
Nala 2 månader sedan
waw so nice to watch ur videos. nice to see good down to earth people , but with cool interest still 🤣
Brent Salamorin
Brent Salamorin 2 månader sedan
New subscsriber here! Just awesome content. Been binged watching your content. If you ever get to come to the Philippines one day you already have a fan here. Also, not sure if you have it yet but I think you can really improve your video angles by having a bite mount for your gopros
Anodyne Hipster Influencer
Anodyne Hipster Influencer 2 månader sedan
Great episode. Lived the old schooners.
Kalvin Montain
Kalvin Montain 2 månader sedan
Just did a binge watch of some of your videos. Great job! Really appreciate your spirits!
john miglautsch
john miglautsch 2 månader sedan
You mentioned that you don't have a de-humidifier, but I think you have an air conditioner. If you can run A/C, that acts the same way... give it a try :)
Truly Amazing Sailing
Truly Amazing Sailing 2 månader sedan
Ok Brian I have watch and really enjoyed your videos, very interested in Maine because I was thinking of heading that way vs the Bahamas. But my wife is rethinking the Maine thing and is saying we should go to the warm sand of the Bahamas and BVI. So how cold is it in July in Maine. How difficult is it vs the Bahamas and BVI? My wife can handle cool but cold is why we moved to Florida. Watching the nugget get dressed is painful. Cheers Thanks
Tom Tribby
Tom Tribby 2 månader sedan
I thought you would take the NW passage and complete your circumnavigation
Symphony Farm
Symphony Farm 2 månader sedan
SWOK'in!!! ( Sailing With Our Kid)!
Dory Sailing and Traditional Small Craft
Dory Sailing and Traditional Small Craft 2 månader sedan
Jonathan and Schwab! Aka Cap'n Outlandish, great guy glad you bumped into him, the photos he's posting on Facebook of wintering over in Camden are epic.
Beatriz e Filipe Casal
Beatriz e Filipe Casal 2 månader sedan
It's crazy, I just can't stop watching u, guys! ❤ While I'm in lockdown watching u gives me some freedom. Thanx! So cool seeying life through ur eyes!!! As we say in portuguese, "Bons ventos"!
Buick Outdoors
Buick Outdoors 2 månader sedan
We are still in the -30s Celcius in Northern BC. It has warmed up from -40 so its actually not that bad now.
Piotr Szczyglowski
Piotr Szczyglowski 2 månader sedan
For next winter you could jump the Atlantic to spend the cold season in Sweden:) Keep up the vlogs. You guys win with all Netflix series!
MarkAfterDark 2 månader sedan
Is this video current? Just amazed that the trees look like it's fall, while sitting here in Northern Missouri with half a foot of snow and negative 5 f for the past week or so and it's only going to get colder.
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith 2 månader sedan
Remind us, Delos got from Pacific to Atlantic by way of canal?
Daniel Reilly
Daniel Reilly 2 månader sedan
The reason so many schooners are there in Camden is because Penobscot Bay was one of the last places where coastal trading schooners were economically viable. By the early 1900's, railroads were hauling all the freight on the east coast that used to be carried by ships like Grace Bailey. But the railroads didn't yet run all the way into Maine, and could never reach the Islands off the coast. Yet there were important lumber and granite industries on those islands that needed to get their products to the mainland and ports further south. So ships like Grace Bailey filled this niche until the great depression when the quarries and lumber companies shut down. Then the Windjammer cruising business started! The old schooners were very cheap then, and Camden was a very cheap place to berth them. And so now you see the great concentration of historic and modern classic boats in Camden Harbor. Hopefully this video will bring some attention to Maine Windjammer Cruises so once this pandemic is over business will come back with a vengeance!
OofMart 2 månader sedan
get starlinkk
Dean.Santana.50@gmail. com Dean Bodenhorn
Dean.Santana.50@gmail. com Dean Bodenhorn 2 månader sedan
the Nug clothes reminds me of the younger brother in movie "A Christmas Story" that had so much on cannot put his arms down or get up ))
Jakel84 2 månader sedan
24 mins in. Baby Yoda with the knob
pusong islander TV
pusong islander TV 2 månader sedan
Wow what a beautiful town, stay safe thank you for sharing the adventure
e.7.2521 2 månader sedan
Anyone know where the video of Brian talking about selling everything and starting to sail. I thought it was at the beginning or end of the Indian Ocean. That was years ago. I cant seem to find it.
Kenelm Russell
Kenelm Russell 2 månader sedan
Moisture inside a boat in cold weather is a problem. Reduce moisture and condensation by opening all the ports, companionway and hatches wide. Allow lots of dry and cold outside air to flow through the entire boat. Then close up again after a few minutes. The warm interior will become comfortable again quickly. The various interior surfaces do not cool much and retain their heat. The high humidity air has gone and interior surfaces will be notably drier. Consider installing rigid pinkboard one inch thick foam panels in the drippy overhead areas. Pressure fit or glue in. Use ensolite flexible foam (1/2 in thick) also where rigid is difficult. The warm surfaces of the foam do not form condensation. Put some kind of fuzzy tape on condensation prone metal port frames. Your boat will be so much drier and much less drippy! I have done this throughout our 39 foot Fast Passage and the difference is amazing.
Richard Chasse
Richard Chasse 2 månader sedan
Camden. The millionaire's harbor. A beautiful place, for sure. Kept our 36 footer at Wayfarer in winter, Rockland in the summer. Place is packed in summer. Penobscot Bay is one of the sailing meccas in the USA. Happy you were able to make it up. Tons of Maritime History.
Allison Baker
Allison Baker 2 månader sedan
The hoodie is really fantastic! I got one for Christmas and wear it all the time!
Donna 2 månader sedan
Wonderful video! Sierra’s hug...😭❤️☺️.
naytron1 2 månader sedan
Very nicely done Lisa, great video!
MANEESH PK 2 månader sedan
Please give Siearra masks while you guys go out.
Mark Perry
Mark Perry 2 månader sedan
Very beautiful area but way too cold. You all are brave to be that far north during this time of the year. Great tour of the area and old boats. Thank you for the tour. 😎✌️🇺🇸⛵️⛵️⛵️
J P 2 månader sedan
People need to realize that white folk desigend these sailing ships... you know us evil nazis! Our history is under attack.
Ben Munday
Ben Munday 2 månader sedan
Brian, I dont know if you'll read this: but I was thinking about an episdoe about Episode or series about Delos, in a tach-nical {heh-hah?} framework: what I would love to see is walkthroughs of rigging. I know it sounds like a can of worms if released to the 'Net. Maybe a different channel? wherein, you walkthgouh the halyards, lines, hardware, deck mounts, systems, vendors, capabilities and uses, 'as used on Delos', not as a 'B'est 'P'ratices, but as your decisions and wisdom have indicated through the process and over time? Just a thought an deep curiosity sir! love seeing your lines in action, but rarely get to see the crew working the rigging. Kind of, a Captains Channel, or Technical adjunct channel. Forking your membership and Multiplying views, and more specifically, advancing community wisdom. Anyhow, some thoughts.
William Dykes
William Dykes 2 månader sedan
Those few minutes of video on the schooner are some of the most interesting you've ever shown.
Korben Dallas
Korben Dallas 2 månader sedan
"I can't put my arms down"!
Mondo Enterprises
Mondo Enterprises 2 månader sedan
I am 60 yo. the Smiling Cow and I go back to age 7 or so in the late 60's early 70's. Great Maine store! Miss the balsam fir incense!! You guys scored big time coming into spending time in Camden!
YES BIGFOOT YES 2 månader sedan
dlG907 2 månader sedan
How far behind are the video's.
sxtn102 2 månader sedan
It just calms my soul to sit down and fill up with the gentle loving family that you've become. And I have to admit... that baby Nugget is such a joy to watch! She has a deep thinker in there that will be interesting to watch as she grows. Mom's looking a bit exhausted these days... hoping you are well, Kazza, and just reflecting the effects of trying to keep up with the little one. Looks like your days are numbered in the north so a Bahama adjustment may be just what the doctor orders! Y'all take care and keep us updated! Much love, guys! Lynn
danceswithcarsdc 2 månader sedan
Salving? Now I gotta look something up. And provisioned. Neat old boat tour(s). Ice box. Fibre v. Wood, could get technical and geek out. Missed Woods Hole but found some history. Being Snow birds make sense, given you've got the choice. Camden I think I've been to. Had a special camp in Maine for dyslexia, etc, and may have been one of the closest towns/cities. Storm came thru and a tree went down on the main kitchen building and I think it closed up, for good/permanently... Very long time ago, at 57 I think I'm older than even Brian (sp?)... Anyways get warm, seem to be lagging by months (Feb 8 and only Fall there) but taken some time on this and other video editing. Good job
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 2 månader sedan
get hoodies w/o zippers please.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 2 månader sedan
put a handle on the back of nuggets suit perfect!
rjraineyjr 2 månader sedan
Never underestimate the increased force COLD air creates. It can catch one by surprise how much sooner a reef or two is required. Motorcycle riders on Interstate highways also get tossed around more in the colder weather.
Thomas Nisbett
Thomas Nisbett 2 månader sedan
Spent many Summers in Camden when I was a camp counselor at Bishopswood Camp, in Hope, Me. the steeple at the start of the movie, Peyton Place, is the church in the middle of Camden - a very beautiful spot at any time of the year.
Manfred Mann
Manfred Mann 2 månader sedan
So cool and cold. Paradise for lobster fans. I would love it but too cold for me ;-)
M J 2 månader sedan
Constant vacation but constant repairs and problems solving, thinking ahead of time🤷🏻‍♂️👍💃🏻🕺🏻
fargneta 2 månader sedan
Your complicity is wonderful, you make me feel good, relaxed and at the same time curious about your adventures ... I would do anything to help you on your journey ... I love you guys
fargneta 2 månader sedan
I look forward to all your videos, you have the ability to take me to those beautiful places through your beautiful stories. You are a fantastic family and I think your daughter is a very lucky child, to have 2 special people like you... A greeting and a hug from Italy, and if you ever want to come to Rome, know that you have an apartment in your own free arrangement. I love you, and I wish you all the best in the world ... !!!
Ben Munday
Ben Munday 2 månader sedan
you check'd yer snubber: funny. dive the hook honey! welcome to our home lattitude!
Ben Munday
Ben Munday 2 månader sedan
oh I forgot, Brians from Seattle?
Aaron S125
Aaron S125 2 månader sedan
Does anyone know a good website or anything for finding a trip. where I can go on a month sail and try this out before I buy my own sail boat.
Black Army
Black Army 2 månader sedan
How far behind is the vlogs now days?
RD 2 månader sedan
Hi there Delos, Where do you order your Delos shirts? I’d like to order custom gear for the crew of my boat, IZZI. I saw a guy today in Sausalito, CA Wearing a Delos shirt and thought that was cool. I’ll order one tonight. The nugget is so cute 🙂
Douglas Toney
Douglas Toney 2 månader sedan
I've followed your adventures all over the world. It is wonderful that you are discovering the rich sailing heritage of Maine. I've spent a week on the Grace Bailey. It was fantastic. We sailed through some tight spots that would have made me more than a little nervous at the helm. I've made multiple trips on the Stephen Taber in Rockland. Captain Noah runs a great schooner down there. Not only is the sailing adventure great on these Maine schooners, the food is unbelievable. The feasts that they prepare on a wooden stove is amazing. The lobster (soft shell shedders) on the beach is unlike anything I've had elsewhere.
C H 2 månader sedan
Love that little town. So pretty. I really enjoyed seeing the old boats.
Odyssey Tech Arts
Odyssey Tech Arts 2 månader sedan
The title of this episode gave me flashbacks of the passage to the Andaman Islands... the other Jewel of the sea. Put you glamors on!
Steve Rides
Steve Rides 2 månader sedan
Josh Stembridge
Josh Stembridge 2 månader sedan
So very beautiful place up there. Left about 2 months ago to come back south for the winter. To Oriental N.C you'll like it in this area too
C K 2 månader sedan
You guys motivated me to purchase a sailboat. I found one for $560,000 that I like. Now I just need to come up with $560,000.
Olli K
Olli K 2 månader sedan
2:45 - If only she could say, "I can't put my arms down!"
Biomirth 2 månader sedan
Great sailors who apparently don't know yet about the discovery of these weird things called 'viruses'. Frustrating.
Lee Caesar
Lee Caesar 2 månader sedan
What brand is the nuggets cold weather gear. It’s so awesome
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