Riding the back of a Hurricane 💨⛵😬 + Our Downwind Pole Setup -Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 308

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Sailing SV Delos

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We test our limits as sailors by riding the back of a hurricane down the coast of New England! A hurricane is passing to our east and we decide to ride the north winds the low creates as it passes by to make a jump south. In anticipation of a rough sail ahead we rig our downwind poles to catch as much wind as possible. The weather is cold and the wind is blowing but we're under control and making good miles, but realize just how tough it is to sail with a baby in these types of conditions.
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Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos Månad sedan
Sending everyone out there lot's of love and hope that the recent crazy weather in the US hasn't affected you too much! We made it down to Florida and we're enjoying really nice weather now. Delos is being prepped for her next season, our eyes are on Mexico, Belize, and Central America :). If you'd like to check out what we're up to in real time find us on instagram.com/svdelos or facebook.com/svdelos . XXOO to everyone and have a fantastic weekend! Brian, Kazza, and the Little Nugget. PS- Please let us know if you enjoyed the informational segment on the downwind poles! Sometimes it's hard for us to know if you all like this type of content but I think it's super interesting so hope you do too :)
willis gemutlich
willis gemutlich Månad sedan
@FreddieFender I got mine at 14 and now I'm 41. I've never had trouble renting equipment, but I'm always accompanied by someone over 18. Haven't bothered to send in my logs because A: I used ink, and half of them got wet, and B: I use a piling system, not a filing system. Haven't needed it. My favorites so far were the cenotes in the yucatan and the reefs off cozumel island there. jacque cousteau called cozumel his favorite reef or something along those lines. (do your own research on that, the locals may have been boasting)
Gigi Barnette
Gigi Barnette Månad sedan
So glad y’all made it to the warm! Enjoy 😊
Brian Warby
Brian Warby Månad sedan
I like the information segments too. I'm waiting for an update on your electric tech. How is it going with the induction cooktop? Lithium-ion batteries? etc.
Celtic Woman Forum net
Celtic Woman Forum net Månad sedan
how long you going to be at south lake FL
Ed Månad sedan
Been loving this season. So glad those cranky new englanders treated you good 😎
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson 2 dagar sedan
I am from coastal Maine in a town called searsport and I thought I discovered all the awesome spots in Maine but I was wrong. I have spent my whole life backpacking and mountain climbing and have had some really awesome adventures. Watching your videos and the places you visited while here has given me a new perspective and you have inspired me to buy a boat and hit the seas. Thank you for sharing your life and stay safe out there
NPC Goy 01001
NPC Goy 01001 23 dagar sedan
What a channel!🥰
Mijali Barbagallo
Mijali Barbagallo 25 dagar sedan
are you going to stop at some point for Sierra to go to school with other kids?
Steve Shane
Steve Shane 26 dagar sedan
Bring back Brady and get a Cat! 😁 I cant imagine how tough it must be with a kid. You guys should consider more room or bring back a crew. You guys are going to burn out working to hard 😥
MedinaMcKee 29 dagar sedan
As someone who raised two munchkins once upon a time, check out Baby Einstein videos. The perfect solution when you need 20 minutes or so of time to get something done or just to get a little break.
Elsie Kluever
Elsie Kluever Månad sedan
That was some inspired sailing ⛵️. Glad everything worked out.
Elsie Kluever
Elsie Kluever Månad sedan
We just love love love little Nugget.
Hi.... Ths s James from India.... Really love ur videos.... But i always worried about ur baby... Please be careful while u sailing.... All the best
Scott Minium
Scott Minium Månad sedan
I was wondering why not put Sierra in a carrier on your chest or back instead of having to carry her? Probably some reason I'm not thinking of, and still curious.
NunyaBizness Månad sedan
Idk if you remember me. We spoke a few times. I found your channel in 2016 and it gave me hope. I have since been working towards owning living on and sailing my own boat. I've actually come a long way. When I started watching your channel like I told you before in a pm, I was basically paralyzed from the waist down. 3 yrs of pt and surgery after surgery. Just dreaming while watching your shows. Well currently, after a ton of hard work, I am back to work, I walk fine, no crutches, wheelchair or cane. And I am not held back in the slightest. Got some money in the bank, and a plan to accomplish reaching the goal of sailing full-time within the next 5 to 10 yrs. Totally achievable. But I won't lie, I stopped watching your vids for a few years because I didn't believe it would ever happen for me N after all the struggle I would get depressed watching as if it were unachievable. Got my head out my backside and watching again and it is in the works now. I know we barely know each other. But I love and genuinely appreciate the part you guys played in me getting my life back. Cheers
Anders Larsen
Anders Larsen Månad sedan
Such a lucky kid.
Krozmar Månad sedan
How do you do potty training and such on a sailboat? Seems like alot of focuse on everything while still educating nuggets..
Lando Leaves Land
Lando Leaves Land Månad sedan
I've been waiting years for an explanation of your pole setup. Thanks guys !!!
Dale Deonarine
Dale Deonarine Månad sedan
Just love the nuget.nuggs
Dale Deonarine
Dale Deonarine Månad sedan
All my love to delos crew.
킹마 Månad sedan
4040pmora Månad sedan
You guys are working 3 times as hard as you would on land. Your an incredible team & loving family, Thank you for the amazing videos to give the rest of us something to dream out.
carlos albernaz
carlos albernaz Månad sedan
Very nice videos!
Barbara Ness
Barbara Ness Månad sedan
I was so concerned about y’all going north up the East coast! I have seen how rough, and dangerous it can get up there, especially during the winter. Now that I found your channel again I’ll be sure to check in on y’all to see how you are doing.
Barbara Ness
Barbara Ness Månad sedan
I’ve missed a few months of watching your channel because of some phone issues. I’m so glad to see y’all are well, and that the little one has grown so much!
Robert Campion
Robert Campion Månad sedan
I just discovered you all & I’m blasting thru all the videos so fast! I’m loving that I can leave myself for 20-25 minutes during an episode & live vicariously thru you all. Lots of love, good vibes, & good beers from West Virginia! 🤘🏼
Jonica Beird
Jonica Beird Månad sedan
Riding the back of a hurricane is the best I've seen yet. That's one that I wish lasted longer. Within the coming year we'll be residents of Santa Maria Island after picking up a Maverick Hybrid 440 in Cape Town. Hope to meet up with you one day
Justin Case
Justin Case Månad sedan
That's a sweet two-pole setup, there, Delos! "I'm listening to a podcast about time..." Cool. I spent years on physics forums discussing time. Ironic, isn't it? Ah, yes... Baby on board. Our little tyke was two when we received orders to head overseas. Quite the trip! Alas, we didn't have the pleasure of figuring out how to sail with him aboard. I don't envy the challenge before you, but I can indeed relate. Having watched you for a number of years, I also know you'll weather that task, as well.
Sunny Sharma
Sunny Sharma Månad sedan
Its very informative . Really impressed
Gigi Barnette
Gigi Barnette Månad sedan
Sounds like y’all might need some land time, to recharge. A land vacation so to speak. :)
Trygve Thomassen
Trygve Thomassen Månad sedan
Brian what will happen when Sierra is 6-7 year then ?, school in the boat ore? ,stop seiling ?live in ?sverige?ore what??
csgno1 Månad sedan
You need a nanny or a crew person, doing it all with just two is tough
PhuketBungalow Info
PhuketBungalow Info Månad sedan
guys, do us all and yourself a favorite and ALWAYS using the safety lines in weather like this. No one wants to see a Video about a man over board maneuver in such conditions. cheers from Phuket and fair winds, you guys rock
Feather Sky
Feather Sky Månad sedan
Love You All ❤️ ✔️ 🦅 💙
Frothlyfe Månad sedan
10 off the wall years i got ahold of this channel three months from the start it set a path in my life .....wow ten years
Frothlyfe Månad sedan
Get back at it show Her the world you open my eyes open hers
Susie Southall
Susie Southall Månad sedan
Hi Brian & Kazza & Sierra, greetings from the other side of the Atlantic! There's probably a way to see which other channels you like to follow so I apologise if you already know these guys but Mothership Adrift are a beautiful family on an Amel like Delos and it's lovely to follow both you and them simultaneously as your trajectories take you all these amazing places and all the children grow in confidence and character! Thanks for the dedication and work that goes into your films, we absolutely love them and escape in them while we wait to get our own Rival 42 back in the water this year!
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson Månad sedan
Hans Rugaard
Hans Rugaard Månad sedan
Fredag eftermiddag er DELOS VIDEO TIME her i København - vi misser sjældent en video fra jer!
T. Pa
T. Pa Månad sedan
Greetings to you from Hannover; germany i am a. Couch sailer. Love to see your videos, thanks so much; i wonder that the trees still habe leafes like autum....whish you easy sailing thank. You
Zachary Schweter
Zachary Schweter Månad sedan
you guys are crazy for going outside instead of Long Island Sound as there is tons of duck-in places vs. the Atlantic and the monster waves that can occur .... but you are terrific sailors..
Time Bong
Time Bong Månad sedan
Watching your videos make me miss the navy. Wish I could be there ide take care of nugget for y'all. She's so adorable
fatasford Månad sedan
Thanks for sharing your awesome as always
Time Bong
Time Bong Månad sedan
Little nugget going to be a mermaid by 5 years OLD
SV Amour
SV Amour Månad sedan
Hurricane??? What Hurricane? That Hurricane passed over 6 months ago Brian. Delos went from the number one sailing channel to this poser sailing channel.
Dean.Santana.50@gmail. com Dean Bodenhorn
Dean.Santana.50@gmail. com Dean Bodenhorn Månad sedan
hate to say it B but I was thinking same thing long time since seen you to kiss or anything the baby comes and you go bro ))
Sail Ho
Sail Ho Månad sedan
As a mother of three, I can say that not only sailing looks different with kids. Whole life is a challenge. Completely different attitude to safety issues, different plans, richer feelings. But - that is one question: would you like to back to life without your daughter? for sure not. This is real life!
Vincent Giasson
Vincent Giasson Månad sedan
Hey Brian, really enjoyed your sailing lesson. Before starting to watch Delos, I know noting about sailing. Now I watch sailing video from other SEmostr and I able to spot their mistake!!! Question for you, in heavy sea, do you miss having Brady on board?
JWeb Holes
JWeb Holes Månad sedan
Hey. I don't know if it's realistic for sailing(below deck?) but when our daughter CONSTANTLY wanted to be held we put her in the backpack and my wife was able to work hands-free in the kitchen. Even a half an hour where you're not wrestling with "a little squirmer" from arm to arm was a relief. All the best from Cincinnati!
General Pinochet
General Pinochet Månad sedan
Let kazza stay at home and Brian and brady rock it like the good old days
tammy Månad sedan
Enjoyed 80° north last night awesome thank you
Mister Bee
Mister Bee Månad sedan
Your baby is SO FREAKIN CUTE!!! I just wanna hold her!!! If you ever need a sitter I'm available! Your pole setup is sometimes called the John Denver, it's far out man! I really really appreciate when you explain how your boat works. I've been sailing since I was about 5, almost 50 years ago, but not much experience on sailboats with steering wheels!
Olga Danes-Volkov
Olga Danes-Volkov Månad sedan
Another amazing instructive video for a non sailor! Really felt for Kazaa with the lack of sleep. You can’t see any way forward for exhaustion. So pleased to hear you’re back in warmer climes. Sail on! xxx
Hello hello hello !!!!
Hello hello hello !!!! Månad sedan
You have a big following, please wear your life jackets.. Iv volunteered for the RNLI for 8 years. It’s so important. Love the show tho :)
Assistant To Daniel
Assistant To Daniel Månad sedan
God bless you guys for bringing Sierra into the world and being great parents for her. She will have, as you too I pray, many wonderful lives ahead.
Chris Hammer
Chris Hammer Månad sedan
.... It's time for a nice big Cat... ;-)
Hotflop2011 Månad sedan
Seems Kaza is totally done with sailing
Jennie Evans
Jennie Evans Månad sedan
Wonderful video!! I have always wondered why Brian has never rigged a way for Sierra to be restrained in her car seat while on deck? In case both you and Karen are needed to work.❣️😍
jimmi phaze
jimmi phaze Månad sedan
nugget is looking beautiful......soon bri will have 2 carry shotgun....4 all young lads.....getting older .....wow....time dosen''t wait.......peace......
David NCW
David NCW Månad sedan
Always good stuff, TY! I work in the shipyards of the NW US. We constantly throw away worn fire hose. Excellent for chafe protection. easy to sew in place too. Hit up any commercial ship yard.
Athol Foden
Athol Foden Månad sedan
Why not think of going to Hawaii... send Kazza and Nugget Fedex ahead to set up base camp, pick up some good hands and maybe a rookie too like Brady and Blue did to Europe.... Best videos are of places we haven't seen from other sailors... Carib getting boring
Valeria Lamberti
Valeria Lamberti Månad sedan
Are the videos shorter?
Chris Fossum
Chris Fossum Månad sedan
I know this was difficult time. The Delos Tribe will make it through! Kazatron is an amazing mama. I really enjoyed seeing the rigging of the downwind sails. It shows how simple, yet complicated sailing in different conditions can be. Stay safe and sail on!
Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr Månad sedan
Awesome explanation of how you guys are sailing. Very funny to see you guys in winter clothes!!!!!
ushoys Månad sedan
I lost my tuppence some time ago
Mirror16 Månad sedan
I hope Kazza's joy of passages returns when little nugget gets a bit older and doesn't require constant babying. If not, how much longer will this channel last?
Klusher Månad sedan
Just watched a beginning of the 80 north series. Found out that Kazza is from Kiruna. I drive through Kiruna every year to go to Norway on holiday. Small world
Sunny CJ
Sunny CJ Månad sedan
You are my sweet salty sailors! 🤠 Got a doze of boatlife on a sunday morning once again and love everything you do! Stay free & thänx 4 sharing! 🙌 Stranger-hugs from Berlin ♥️
Martin Sassenberg
Martin Sassenberg Månad sedan
Has Nugget ever met other Babies or Kids? I wonder how she reacts on other "Nuggets"...
Kyle Schaff
Kyle Schaff Månad sedan
What kind(s) of podcasts do you listen to when you’re having to spend a lot of time on watch? Just curious
Anjin- San
Anjin- San Månad sedan
Hey Delos Crew crew...... put some weight on the end of your poles...... it'll help keep you from Rolling.
ReFeatured Månad sedan
What would happen if the ship tipped?
Gordon Mitchell
Gordon Mitchell Månad sedan
Thank you for sharing your journeys with us...chin up.
Rauf Bolden
Rauf Bolden Månad sedan
Delos takes good care of her crew, as it should be.
A Day In The Life
A Day In The Life Månad sedan
As a father, I have to say, you chose a hard life. Land life isn't failing.
Scot Verdin
Scot Verdin Månad sedan
I got my Delos beenie in about a week!! Thought it would come after winter based on the advisory. I love it and thanks from Seattle!!
J B Månad sedan
I almost went mad from lack of sleep... gotta get your 💤
Michael Månad sedan
It would be nice if you could port along the coast to get rest... I know crossing the Atlantic or Pacific is impossible but going along the coast of the USA? please explain?
Doug Koyama
Doug Koyama Månad sedan
You folks could maybe benefit from the same sort of seat rig RAN sailing uses in the cockpit for their daughter. It seems like the sort of thing you could set up below as well. Thanks for the videos, they bring lots of peace right now.
Steven Carter
Steven Carter Månad sedan
I love you guy. you're awesome. :)
Vern Holmes
Vern Holmes Månad sedan
It is always fun to sail with you guys! FW&FS
Sailing Past 60
Sailing Past 60 Månad sedan
Kazza, look into carrying nuggets "piggy back" African style. Works REALLY well. Comfortable for both you and Nugget, she'll feel like she's in the middle of everything and your body heat will lull her to sleep. I used this method for years when I needed to do chores while holding my baby up past toddler (4+)
plackCrack Månad sedan
Cannot wait for the Baby Nugg's merch!!!
__________________________________ Månad sedan
I don't know what it is about this episode but it brought a tear to my eye. The combination of the music, the hardship, the pure humanity... I think this is one of my favorites. I love you guys so much, and while I can't financially support you, I wish I could give you everything I have for bringing joy to my life. Be safe out there!
Karen Williams
Karen Williams Månad sedan
Great video! I'm SO looking forward to watching the little nugget take the helm and sail Delos. I know it'll be some time before that happens, but won't it be exciting?! Take care, stay safe and keep living your best life. Hugs 😊😎🌎☀️🍺⛵ For the nugget: 🦊🐷🐩🦄🦓🐵🐕🐈🐥🐻🐭🐘🐧🐦🦎🦋🐌🦀🐙🐳🐡🐟🐋🐠🦀🦐🐛🐢🦆🐸
Devilke888 Månad sedan
Brian and Kazza seem like the type of people that would be my best friends. Wish i knew you guys in real life! :)
Melvin Sadaya
Melvin Sadaya Månad sedan
Keep safe always and Godbless you more and more
Justin Enright
Justin Enright Månad sedan
I don't normally comment, and I can't afford to contribute. Your videos help keep me sane. The sail ya'll chose to do wasn't dangerous, necessarily, but I imagine a bit uncomfortable. There's wind, and wind, and WIND. Choosing WIND must have been a hell of a ride. All these people who watch you, including me, probably don't understand the sea state you were in. Waves looked to be what, 15-20 feet? I've crewed some charter vessels in Bermuda when I lived there where we had high winds and big seas. I think we even survived a rogue wave once. (obviously a small one, no bigger than 30 feet or so) How is the Nugget developing her sea legs?
Gary Schmelzer
Gary Schmelzer Månad sedan
Really feel sailing on the ocean on a continuous basis..is no place for a baby or small child...my opinion.
Vitaliy Tikhonov
Vitaliy Tikhonov Månad sedan
Oh, why are the subtitles resuming by themselves after I switch them off and an ad shows?(
radzinskylonnie3 Månad sedan
I’m a long time fan and a long time sailor. I sailed the world in my 20s got off the boat for ten years to have a family then slowly became a weekend sailor. Now I’m 56 and heading back out to hit all the islands I missed, I feel Kazzas pain. I’d suggest a few new crew members to ease the sails or a more permanent area to sail and call home. Being miserable at sea is depressing and not a healthy place to sail. The ocean will never be far away.
Vitaliy Tikhonov
Vitaliy Tikhonov Månad sedan
My most sincere likes go to you, Delos!
Trevor Miller
Trevor Miller Månad sedan
Won't be long until little miss wants to go to the playground and exploring everyday.
Rick Lamb
Rick Lamb Månad sedan
Very great episode, thanks a lot !
Pedro Santana
Pedro Santana Månad sedan
Loved your video ! Amazing family ! Its an honor to be able follow you ! Greetings from Portugal
Tray Månad sedan
Hålla tummarna 💖
30ubr2 Månad sedan
Chance? On the same day, on the Soltaramaras channel, you talk about the same thing, the polecats, without the intention of spamming, I attached the link semost.info/award/o6SfgrKahrSbtZA/video.html&lc=UgygRTUKR6-yTQSfUJF4AaABAg.9KEreMgKzFv9KFusIXRRVe
Tod Stubbs
Tod Stubbs Månad sedan
Is Brian becoming bossy?
Tod Stubbs
Tod Stubbs Månad sedan
Be honest.
Kyle P
Kyle P Månad sedan
Get back south where it’s warm and easy. I really like watching you guys deal with wind and seas and a baby nugs. Thanks for the ride
Amy Rhoderick
Amy Rhoderick Månad sedan
Parents from the beginning of the history of parents: "G-d, I'm so tired, I'll never get sleep again" Sailing parents: "hold my milk.." Loved watching the setup, hoping to get my own sailboat This year, have always loved watching Delos and definitely into instructive content! When is Nuggets night watch?? (chuckle) safe travels and enjoy the warm weather!
paul gallagher
paul gallagher Månad sedan
I really enjoy your passage videos. Also interesting to see your whisker/jockey- pole set-up. The informational content is always interesting, and well worthwhile for me.
BobbyHampton Månad sedan
Is there a HUGE spot light at the top of the mast or several places that would light up the deck at night if needed? Maybe something like a switch labeled “EMER. LIGHTS” that in some sort of emergency at night you flip this one switch and boom. “LIGHT UP THE WORLD”
Jacen Bowen
Jacen Bowen Månad sedan
Make it to Gulfport MS one weekend, I'd drive down buy you guys dinner or lunch when you got here
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