COLD WEATHER SAILING! What We Really Think - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 300

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Sailing SV Delos

3 månader sedan

Woop Woop! I can't believe this is video #300!! What a journey it's been, from newbie sailors to crossing the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans. We've had the pleasure of exploring 6 continents and sailing with almost 60 amazing Delos crew. From party boat to family boat you've stuck with us as we've evolved over the years and it means the world to continue sharing this lifestyle that we love so much!
In this episode we sail Delos to Mount Desert Island, Maine and anchor right in the middle of Acadia National Park. Once we figure out how to anchor Maggie with the incredibly high tides we begin exploring by foot and hike the highest trail accessible right next to Delos. Brian decides to tackle some more boat work fixing our washing machine which takes an interesting turn. At the end of the day the washing machine is in pieces, but we now have unlimited hot water from our new heater system so things begin to look up.
Just want to give a huge THANKS to all of you who have watched and supported this project over the years! You’re the best and we love every single one of you and you have made this possible for us! If you are new here and have not yet subscribed please do! It helps us out a lot. HUGS ~ Kazza, Brian and little Sierra
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Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 3 månader sedan
HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!! If you had a few too many celebrating last night we thought you might like to kick back for a bit and nurse that hangover. Fair winds and wishing everyone out there the best as we begin 2021! XXOO- Brian, Kazza, and The Little Nugget
Harlod Shekelbond
Harlod Shekelbond Månad sedan
You should have gone snorkeling.
Salimufari 3 månader sedan
HAPPY 300 Episodes y'all. Thank you for the many hours of entertainment.
Andrew Rohn
Andrew Rohn 3 månader sedan
Try applying rust proofing paint to the new washing machine part. It should make it last longer.
Tigger 3 månader sedan
Best of years I'm wishing for you!! ❤❤❤ 🎉🎉🎉
mad.jic 3 månader sedan
Happy New Year from south of France. Never saw Delos in the Mediterranean, despite her Greek name. Maybe coming here would be a good idea for years to come ( capricious winds, but plenty of nice things to see, eat, and drink !). Good winds and good seas, Delos !
Anita Hardesty
Anita Hardesty 3 dagar sedan
Hisense is a walmart brand that's why it didn't last. How kind of people to drop off gifts! The world would be such a better place if people did this all the time!
FG Bekker
FG Bekker 24 dagar sedan
great video
Jordan Cooper
Jordan Cooper 24 dagar sedan
I know it's hard bc it's a small space, but I have a washer like that (but slightly bigger) and minegets dirty like when I keep the door closed. I'm not sure why, but it gets stinky and dirty if I shut the door when I'm not using it. Maybe you could rig something up to keep the door open, but slightly out of the way!
ShadowByNine Månad sedan
That baring was too good, spun to fast and the centrifical force blew er all apart.
Ronilo Tagyab
Ronilo Tagyab Månad sedan
Nice videos Thanks! 4 nuggets would be great!
Ryan Fitzy
Ryan Fitzy Månad sedan
You guys are truly amazing ppl. selfless and caring parents. I really enjoy you guys sharing your lives with us all.
Ryan Fitzy
Ryan Fitzy Månad sedan
you guys are awesome to watch . from niagara falls canada much respect
francis shipton
francis shipton Månad sedan
Happy New Year to the two of you and the little baby.
francis shipton
francis shipton Månad sedan
From Sri Lanka. Hi guys i am Francis shipton. I really enjoy your videos thanks i wish if I could be u on your beautiful 🚣 it's looks like the little baby to is making a great trip i wish you guys a safe and wonderful journey god bless you guys.
jahrasta kim
jahrasta kim Månad sedan
Yooohooooo.. I make it in 300 episode.. God bless always guys, more love and more fun delos tribe💓💓💕💕💖 lots love here from the philippines.
Sailing Double Trouble
Sailing Double Trouble Månad sedan
Our washing machine did exactly the same thing. All that stuff on the ‘spider’ that we thought was gunk was actually corrosion . Had to get a new machine ....💰☹️
Bob Littlefield
Bob Littlefield 2 månader sedan
Yup, Canned bread. Its a New England favorite with beans and hot dogs on Saturday night. Love your video's in my retirement days!
Ben Munday
Ben Munday 2 månader sedan
oh hey guys? I really want to watch 80 degress, but I only want to pay in bitcoin. and I want you to be accumulating. can we arrange it? please DM/email.
Ben Munday
Ben Munday 2 månader sedan
somebody probably already said it, 'anchor buddy'...but a bungee for the float snubber adds fun for keeping the dinghy as close to the bouy as possible!!?
John Parker
John Parker 2 månader sedan
300! Awesome Delos Crew! Looking forward to more! Fair winds!
Harrell Morlan
Harrell Morlan 2 månader sedan
I think I would put shitty diapers in large knit bag throw them out tied off of course and let the sea do the cleaning before washing.
Walkyrie 2 månader sedan
wow finally caught up on 2020, i always binge watch your videos in the winter when the days are dark grey and cold. Love to see your adventures thank you so much for sharing them with us @Sailing SV Delos. xxx
funnyglow 2 månader sedan
Such stunning scenery. I enjoy this a lot. Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
Lizzie Gutierrez
Lizzie Gutierrez 2 månader sedan
You are a very happy family. I recently discovered your channel and am thoroughly enjoying this episode now. Have a wonderful day, wherever you, Kassa and Nugget are!!
Zepth Qalev Xanders
Zepth Qalev Xanders 2 månader sedan
you guys are living my have inspired me so much just by watching ... from Cebu, Philippines!
Rick Stevens
Rick Stevens 2 månader sedan
Years ago I asked a friend, who was expecting a baby what he wanted . He said little boys are great but little girls love their daddy. Its stuck with me for 40 yrs. You two are truly blessed....
Theresa Hopkins
Theresa Hopkins 2 månader sedan
I live on Vancouver Island in a place called port alberni if you want to come and visit that would be awesome.
Jon Bonovi
Jon Bonovi 2 månader sedan
I love watching videos of thunderstorms and then I listen to music I like like delta parole or metallica! Nothing better and more relaxing like that!
A Parson
A Parson 2 månader sedan
If you sail to Juneau, Alaska there is a guy there named Alan Delos Cleveland who drives cab and writes songs. Never heard the name Delos before, but now I've heard it twice.
Michael Winter
Michael Winter 3 månader sedan
15:51 holy crap! from Neil Young comes to mind
Julius Harms
Julius Harms 3 månader sedan
Hi Brian, I think your washing machine broke, because you were using it while sailing through waves. When the machine is rotating with high rpm you basically have a gyroscope. The pitch movement of the boat going through the waves then creates high torque on the machine due to the conservation of angular momentum. Cheers!
John Gambit
John Gambit 3 månader sedan
So you released this video on Jan1st, however Maine should have snow at this time of the year. How far back did you film this?
Carluci Wang
Carluci Wang 3 månader sedan
Congratz ! Wish U The Best >Love< Indonesian Canadian Citizen > Toronto, Canada
Living On The Delta
Living On The Delta 3 månader sedan
i want to see brady lay a deuce on the beach real
Living On The Delta
Living On The Delta 3 månader sedan
oh christ what is with the voice.i couldnt stand it with jaque cousteau and national geographic chic either.why dont you go back to being real cuz this sucks.ill check back in a year
paanikki 3 månader sedan
Congrats for the 300th video. When looking at Brian's continuing battle with the washing machine, I kind of miss the boat my parents had when I was 3 to 12 years old. Very few comforts, but also fery few things that needed to be fixed. No running water or refrigerator in the galley, and just a magnetic compass and charts for navigation. And the boat was just 8m/26ft, so the amount of maintenance work was manageable, even though the boat was all wood. These days, even boats much smaller than Delos have a huge amount of sophisticated equipment and gadgets, all of them are absolutely necessary to us, of course... The 80north is MINDBLOWING !
Bruce Henry
Bruce Henry 3 månader sedan
THAT'll teach you to clean things when that film of dirt is what's holding it together. LOL
Scott Harriman
Scott Harriman 3 månader sedan
Sorry to break it to you, but that's not Mount Desert Island under the red X on your map 😉 The center of the X is somewhere between Deer Isle and Isle au Haut.
DJ D 3 månader sedan
Wow...that is a lot of people hours of production work! Just think of tv shows that have entire teams of people working on it and the quality of your videos have always been just as good as mainstream programs.
Susanne 3 månader sedan
If you have a hot-glue-gun, draw Xs on the bottoms of Sierra's baby foulies boots with the hot glue to give them grip and traction on deck :D
gary gerard
gary gerard 3 månader sedan
now that's a happy kid heck, the whole darn family is happy God bless you all, 'your boat and directions
Milena Seymour
Milena Seymour 3 månader sedan
This is such an amazing thing u guys are able to do!
Jason C
Jason C 3 månader sedan
when was this( time of year) , curious as we sail in Canada 50 Knts north latitude from here , and would like to at some point sail in that area.
Curtis Carpenter
Curtis Carpenter 3 månader sedan
The iPhone 8 Plus is a good phone for a good price. Less than $400 refurbished. Also water resistant.
Sammy the Ditch Doctor
Sammy the Ditch Doctor 3 månader sedan
Brian did you put the new seal between your case halves on your washing machine? I did this same repair to my front load washer this summer and had a brand new machine for $100. This is exactly what happens! The dissimilar metals in the arm and the drum cause the arm to eat itself! I caught it the first go around as it was what was wrong with mine. We need to come up with some zinc anodes to keep this from happening! Anyway Its supposed to be pretty important to replace the seal when you split the case halves and I didn't see you rolling the new seal in place.. but you may have edited it out...?
Tubby Tours
Tubby Tours 3 månader sedan
what drone do you guys use?
Joseph Schneider
Joseph Schneider 3 månader sedan
Anybody know who makes those baby foulies!?
Jeremy Faulkner
Jeremy Faulkner 3 månader sedan
Nuggs wants to sail, turn the engine off! :D
J OZAH 3 månader sedan
Love you guys, soo much.🌹🇬🇧
Padraig Doohan
Padraig Doohan 3 månader sedan
Hi love the video
Jesse VanDusen
Jesse VanDusen 3 månader sedan
Cool! Congratulations! Great videos & keep going! Happy New Year to you!
Aluizio Oliveira
Aluizio Oliveira 3 månader sedan
i need more videos :(
James Merchant
James Merchant 3 månader sedan
Most Excellent Stay Dry and Warm.
Sailing Dacia
Sailing Dacia 3 månader sedan
We're going to be in the Florida Keys on our boat in a week! If you're in Islamorada by Loreleio we would love yo say hi :)
Mr. Jett
Mr. Jett 3 månader sedan
It's really been 300 episodes, huh.... I FRICKING LOVE IT!!!!
mycorona66 3 månader sedan
sorry but the website is buggy as shit. paid $20 to watch it and it buffers on the videos i can watch but season 2 wouldnt even let me try to play it and now none of the seasons will let me play them and it wants me to pay again.....meh
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas 3 månader sedan
You can make the part and fix that washer... u can do it! :-)
Chasing the Horizon
Chasing the Horizon 3 månader sedan
Hey Capt'n Breeyawn, what ever happened to Delos 2.0, aluminum hull 60-70 footer?
Mike Cofojohn
Mike Cofojohn 3 månader sedan
Congratulations on an incredible achievement. The only thing better than your editing is the three of you. Happy New Year
Grant Saunders
Grant Saunders 3 månader sedan
What an amazing life! Thanks for sharing it!
Tony Duncan
Tony Duncan 3 månader sedan
Just curious, what is the boat monitoring app?
Kyle P
Kyle P 3 månader sedan
Dude anddudette. It’s cold. Love you guys!
Jomongeorge George
Jomongeorge George 3 månader sedan
Nozza 3 månader sedan
You guys could have absolutely put 80 North up on SEmost Originals. I think SEmost would have loved to have it. But this way you get a lot more revenue for your work.
DALE HESLER 3 månader sedan
Bad weather coming near Maine. Plz.stay safe
Luce Buce
Luce Buce 3 månader sedan
Another great video. Tying a dinghy like that is called " na tiramolu" in Croatia, the way for people to pull in their boats from shore. People use the same way to dry their clothes in Croatia and Italy also, across the streets.
Daroi Laurigue
Daroi Laurigue 3 månader sedan
And good luck guys.... keep safe specially the little guy...the baby captain...god bless you guys....
Samuel Jones [Chaparral HS]
Samuel Jones [Chaparral HS] 3 månader sedan
It's called an outhall.
Dave Horn
Dave Horn 3 månader sedan
Been with you all since the beginning! Happy New Year! Wishing your families all the best in 2021! 🍾🥂. Wish BB the same! 🍻
Garth Martens
Garth Martens 3 månader sedan
Thank you for your awesome videos. Nugget is too precious. We love watching her.
Dan Wood
Dan Wood 3 månader sedan
Congratulations, Delos Crew past and present. I’ve enjoyed your videos for years and inspired me to learn to sail and dive. All the best for your future endeavors.
John Dodds
John Dodds 3 månader sedan
Mmmm, we bin the washing machines, they just don’t last in our house after repair
John Dodds
John Dodds 3 månader sedan
Sailing uma is in that area
Pablo Larran
Pablo Larran 3 månader sedan
Happy 300 video!!!!!!!
C. Douglas Lyon
C. Douglas Lyon 3 månader sedan
Will you be stopping on Cape Cod on your way south? There is a case of beer in it for you!
Joe M
Joe M 3 månader sedan
beautiful family. you are blessed, and to have such a strong group of followers. congrats on #300
zendesigner 3 månader sedan
how to make money. you get 5 figure dollar number per episode from your patreons. Don't buy a new washing machine ? Pretend to fix it, TWICE .... Now you have made enough money for 20 washing machines with some cash to spare :-)
TEG 3 månader sedan
Congratulations on 300 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
Christian S.
Christian S. 3 månader sedan
HAHA...It seems like watching Delos can be fun in black & white, too. For the sake of an ep.300 special I just watched it on my ebook reader (Onyx Nova3), actually pretty smoothly ;-)
André Y
André Y 3 månader sedan
Congratulations beautiful family!! I wanna thank you guys for incredible inspiration for my life! Thank you all! I’m living in Japan and I start to saving money to buy my sailboat, this life style is what I was looking for! I also want to share here another incredible people who inspire me! Thanks to: SV Delos Sailing Emeral Steel Adventures of an Old Sea Dog Sailing Zatara Gone with the Wynns Hashtag Sal Sailing Hunk of Junk Sailing Uma Steel Ambition-Twolynne Life in a Nut Shell Homo Zarpiens My life changed! Thank you all! 🙏🏻 See you around the world soon!
Sailing Sula
Sailing Sula 3 månader sedan
Happy New Year from Scotland ! Good effort on the washing machine by the way..
Mi ck
Mi ck 3 månader sedan
There has to be some kind of electrolysis going on with that washing machine. There’s no wither way to explain that much corrosion. Might be worth looking into some sort of earthing/grounding of the AC system. It’s be interesting being on the water but maybe it’s as simple as running the earth wire to an anode on the hull?
Hugh Tattersall
Hugh Tattersall 3 månader sedan
I think the anode in the washing machine may need replacing! Happy new year!
Here CHOCKY chocky
Here CHOCKY chocky 3 månader sedan
That dinghy anchor method could be a good way to deter dinghy thieves.
Tiffany Beck
Tiffany Beck 3 månader sedan
I wish your videos where longer I could watch your videos all day it’s so fun and seeing what you guys do and how you live in a boat is just absolutely amazing hopefully some day I’ll be able to meet you guys and until then I’ll be liking and sharing your awesome videos happy new year to you all
H P 3 månader sedan
24:00 hachew iyhh uwh uwh uwh wwuuuu - Nugknot
Andy Fullwood
Andy Fullwood 3 månader sedan
Sorry.... I forgot to congratulate you all on the videos. Brilliant and captivating.
Andy Fullwood
Andy Fullwood 3 månader sedan
When the situation arises, what would be the maximum size of a boat for solo sailing. Would only be for certain periods of time that it would be solo.
R G 3 månader sedan
Happy New Year to the Delos crew. Thanks for everything.
latitude 3 månader sedan
Happy new year
Randy Buckley
Randy Buckley 3 månader sedan
her smile makes me smile
Tigger 3 månader sedan
"Almost tearing up?" I'm balling down here-- How very cool!! Niceee package those Mainers put together for you ❣👍👍😎 Has anyone yet asked: "Ya ahn't from these pahts, are ya?" 😆😉
David Gaudet
David Gaudet 3 månader sedan
Love you guys enjoy and thanks!!!!
Belo MOLNAR 3 månader sedan
Your Amel Super Maramu 53 is very good ketch. All your facilities in your ketch are well ballanced and usefull. Your are handsome engineer.
strong002 3 månader sedan
Thank you so much for sharing your lives and adventures with us.
C Puzz
C Puzz 3 månader sedan
Sierra with that shift knob is Grogu from Mandalorian.
Jeri Clarke
Jeri Clarke 3 månader sedan
Welcome to Maine- our tides, lobster pots, cold water, hidden rocks and fog
Shrinivas Prabhakaran
Shrinivas Prabhakaran 3 månader sedan
Happy New Year Delos Family wish you a happy healthy and prosperous 2021
Jeri Clarke
Jeri Clarke 3 månader sedan
Desert Island. Dessert,the food at the end of a meal , has 2 s’s
Nala 3 månader sedan
machine - use viniger in the softner cab and ur good no dirt, also u might need an extra water filter on the water machin tab
David Checa
David Checa 3 månader sedan . Congrats !!!
Stuart Rogers
Stuart Rogers 3 månader sedan
Congratulations for the 300 milestone guys!
ClementsHomebrew 3 månader sedan
Congrats on video # 300!
R.J. Emerson
R.J. Emerson 3 månader sedan
You guys are so awsome and have such awsome lives....blessed!.... T.C.B⚡
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