BUCKET LIST! 🍎 NYC by Sailboat - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 292

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Sailing SV Delos

5 månader sedan

We get the most amazing delivery on the planet when a #delostribe member surprises us in front of the Statue of Liberty with the best NYC gift ever! Our buzz is short lived as our dinghy engine fails right in front of the Statue of Liberty as we're trying to line up the perfect shot. Kazza comes to the rescue sailing Delos to scoop me up all while taking care of Sierra and filming. She is a serious super-woman sailor and Mom :)
Many warm and loving hugs from us to you! Brian, Kazza, and The Little Nugget
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Darlene Ermis
Darlene Ermis 15 dagar sedan
I love NYC
Darlene Ermis
Darlene Ermis 15 dagar sedan
Your baby is adorable 🥰
Doug Dragon Quad Clark
Doug Dragon Quad Clark 27 dagar sedan
Unsubscribing. That is not you hold a fork! 5:37
Nedy Infectana
Nedy Infectana 2 månader sedan
Hi nugget...ive just started wathcing your video this month...amazing...you're so cute baby...
Muhammad Andreansyah
Muhammad Andreansyah 2 månader sedan
Joe from the last of us?
Wayne Master
Wayne Master 2 månader sedan
First bridge, Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, you've made it. 💖💖 Welcome to NYC.
Greg Sandidge
Greg Sandidge 2 månader sedan
After just discovering you guys and watching 1/2 dozen of these videos, something just dawned on me, I've yet to see your lil one (nugget) with a binky. Nothing against binkies folks. We've raised six youngsters and nary one ever had a binky. Whether intentional or not, it's nice to see another lil one without a "pacifier." What does this have to do with sailing? Absolutely nothing! Keep up the the great adventures. My feet are planted firmly on terrafirma and you guys have given me a new found appreciation for the hard work involved in sailing! Godspeed from Oregon!
Willow 2 månader sedan
East River waters are rough waters to sale. clearly you caught the top of the incoming tide towards the Long Island Sound. In another couple of hours the tide would have switched and the current would flow like a torrent back towards the battery with unbelievable ferocity at low tide. this area was once known as the whirlpool.
Tod Stubbs
Tod Stubbs 3 månader sedan
Every time I watch one of your vids I just want to sell up and sail away. I love being on the ocean. When are you coming to New Zealand?
George Kent
George Kent 3 månader sedan
Fresh Bagels and the Statue of Liberty are two great check-offs when visiting the city.
Nova Jane Guevarra
Nova Jane Guevarra 3 månader sedan
Watching you Delos tribe From Philippines
Gin Mador
Gin Mador 3 månader sedan
get elons internet soon!
Our Cabin Life Appalachia
Our Cabin Life Appalachia 4 månader sedan
Awesome. Thanks for sharing your view of the statue. I’ve never seen pictures or video from sailing/boating . 😎
Kip Lav
Kip Lav 4 månader sedan
Hey dude, welcome to New York City! We call it Lox here - or Nova, as in Nova Scotia. Most people don't refer to it as Salmon, even though it is. And I think Russ & Daughters on the Lower East Side (Houston St) ships worldwide. From Wikipedia: Lox is a fillet of brined salmon. Lox is one type of salmon product often served on a bagel with cream cheese, and is usually garnished with tomato, sliced onion, cucumbers, and capers. Yum, I am hungry now, and running to the deli to get a bagel! BTW, you can freeze bagels. And after defrosting - before toasting - dip them in water. They come out great. Love your videos.
Drew 4 månader sedan
That bagel cc and lox looks deadly! It's hard to find a bagel as good as in NY/NJ. My go - to bagel shop in Maryland is in Pikesville and they bring them in from NJ! then boil and bake them off fresh.
Angela Siegfried
Angela Siegfried 4 månader sedan
NY City is one of the very few cities where Covid numbers are quite low and you could have safely visited.
Steve Staunton
Steve Staunton 4 månader sedan
Cool music sailing through New York :)
Doug Ackerman
Doug Ackerman 4 månader sedan
So cool sailing into NY. Definitely a buck list thing for me.
James Kahl
James Kahl 4 månader sedan
I have a boat in deltaville what kind of washing machine did you put on your boat
NiniVioline 4 månader sedan
The music in the last episodes is SO COOL!
I Kutia P
I Kutia P 5 månader sedan
Are you still near New York City???
Chris Millar
Chris Millar 5 månader sedan
Another great video :-) Tucson Az.
Jeff Constantine
Jeff Constantine 5 månader sedan
Live for Us All💛💛💛💛
David Wergin
David Wergin 5 månader sedan
NYC ? I took a bite out of the Big Apple 🍎 once, There was half a worm inside. 🐛
Tanya Robinson
Tanya Robinson 5 månader sedan
Soooo fricking cool!!
Shauna Kennedy
Shauna Kennedy 5 månader sedan
I’m just curious why didn’t you stay in the Bahamas
RidgeRunner4X4 5 månader sedan
Does it feel strange to pull into a new anchorage after a long sail, go to bed, and get up for breakfast and not have to worry about needing to go clear customs and such?
frawldog 5 månader sedan
osterotto 5 månader sedan
This is one of my dreams!! Sailing along the east river!!
Gustavo D-Darkbr
Gustavo D-Darkbr 5 månader sedan
Its really epic but i would never do it lol, imma just keep watching this vids from home in land.
First Last
First Last 5 månader sedan
Awful if you had to buy a new outboard in NY state or NE US. Once you got north of Delaware/Chesapeake bays, price points increase the further north you went.
Sailing Hangtime
Sailing Hangtime 5 månader sedan
Great video as usual guys. Your music selection is spot on! Keep on keeping' on.
Sailing Hangtime
Sailing Hangtime 5 månader sedan
Great video as usual guys. Your music selection is spot on! Keep on keeping' on.
Jesse VanDusen
Jesse VanDusen 5 månader sedan
good job! great video! i look forward every weekend to watch you all! been watching for 6-7 yrs now & love this channel!
Home DAD
Home DAD 5 månader sedan
Sail the Great Lakes and visit Toronto.
Em Gregory
Em Gregory 5 månader sedan
My hometown. Thanks for stopping by. Your family is so beautiful. Happy adventures and come again!!
Ricky L. Hendricks
Ricky L. Hendricks 5 månader sedan
From a population of 10 at double titty yacht club to 10 million at NYC.
NeverEnoughPyro40 5 månader sedan
You probably got a dirty diaper wrapped around your outboard, Or you hit a dead body!
michael mcdonald
michael mcdonald 5 månader sedan
That was exciting!! Thank you Delos.😄😄
JoHo 5 månader sedan
It was a writers night at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville many years ago, our table was right next to you! It was awesome! You were banging the keyboard and I'm thinking that's frickin' Michael McDonald 6 feet from me! The best writers night I ever attended!!
Melynda Anderson
Melynda Anderson 5 månader sedan
Paul Chapin
Paul Chapin 5 månader sedan
Thomas Hempstead
Thomas Hempstead 5 månader sedan
Authentic "Blue Water" sailors....all of them...
Wade Rogers
Wade Rogers 5 månader sedan
A great episode you guys and so cool to see people extending their hospitality to you because they're following you online and then on AIS! And wow, what a reveal of the Chrysler building! Well done. I've never been to the 'Big Apple' but lived on the east coast for a few years (Wilmington) and the entire eastern seaboard has such a rich nautical heritage I liked how this episode was filmed. There were some great panning shots that showed the city, Delos, etc. Nice to see your video quality is still stellar after so many episodes!
Gott mit uns
Gott mit uns 5 månader sedan
Brian and Karin Trautman - I stumbled onto your video, "Living on a Self-Sufficient Sailboat...", posted on the "Exploring Alternatives" channel. I'm a landlubber who has never sailed anywhere, but your video was enjoyable. You have made adventurous lives in a mucked up world. Here are a few links that you might find interesting. bibleprobe.com/buddhatoldofjesus.htm www.chinabuddhismencyclopedia.com/en/index.php/Siddhartha_Gautama_Buddha_prophecies_Jesus goodnewsaboutgod.com/ Best wishes for open skies and smooth sailing in the future.
alex ellinson
alex ellinson 5 månader sedan
Check out these old salty dog shipwrights from the last century...Cheerz semost.info/award/n4Nugc9gbbGplqo/video.html
Danielle Mcdonell
Danielle Mcdonell 5 månader sedan
it would be cool if you guys became beta testers for Starlink internet by spacex if it didn't cost you guys anything lol.
Jesper Porsmose
Jesper Porsmose 5 månader sedan
Thanks for some awesome vidioes Delos. I have now just watched the whole show from beginning to end for the 2 time. Your show is amazing. Keep up the amazing work Guys!! 🙏
Peter Lane
Peter Lane 5 månader sedan
Nuggs lol she’s getting bigger every vid!
Edward Grant
Edward Grant 5 månader sedan
How nice to have some locals welcome you with a bagel delivery! There still are plenty of good people in this world!
Jan Harris
Jan Harris 5 månader sedan
I visited NYC twice as a child. I loved it, but have never made the effort to return. This is a spectacular video from your perspective on the water! I really enjoyed it!
Jim Getz
Jim Getz 5 månader sedan
Foot tapping music.
Paul Miazga
Paul Miazga 5 månader sedan
Just in case no one on the mainland told you what's been really going on while you folks were out living the life of Reilly: semost.info/award/n396hs18gsipuWs/video.html
Chris 5 månader sedan
I was in NYC this 4th of July, no fireworks, everything shut down, the city has turned in to a 3rd world country, absolute shit hole....
Mike Biron
Mike Biron 5 månader sedan
If only the whole world could ride on Delos together, in peace and harmony, and exploration. The world would be a better place.
Art A
Art A 5 månader sedan
Where r you guys anchored ? Can't believe it SV Delos in the house!
Art A
Art A 5 månader sedan
Welcome to NYC SV Delos!
Ollie Williams
Ollie Williams 5 månader sedan
You guys should sail to mackinac island!!
Lorem Ipsum
Lorem Ipsum 5 månader sedan
...no your other left... got me one of those too 😊 Great vid guys, can't wait for the next one 👍
Gary Hoot
Gary Hoot 5 månader sedan
I miss Brady,where is he bring him back for a reunion please,you need to see him too.
gaz gaz
gaz gaz 5 månader sedan
nugget will be the most famous kid on this planet...well she is allready...but imagine when she will see herself...😐..on youtube...the best...🥳
Bijan Izadi
Bijan Izadi 5 månader sedan
It might in fact be cheaper sailing under those bridges than driving on them haha
William 5 månader sedan
There is a curse upon modern sailors, known as the outboard.
Gus S
Gus S 5 månader sedan
Brilliant absolutely brilliant footage! From Melbourne Australia! Watched every video! Enjoying your journey 🙂
ดุ่ยดุ่ย ลุยเดี่ยว
ดุ่ยดุ่ย ลุยเดี่ยว 5 månader sedan
Sunny CJ
Sunny CJ 5 månader sedan
Hey lovely guys! ☀️ My girl & I stumbled upon your channel via the 'exploring alternatives'-video 2 days ago and been absolutely "blown away“! I decided a boat is next step anyhow - you nailed this to the (happy) end! 🤠 Now I bruised your hp for info about those spinning wind-energy tings, but no success! Do you think I can put one on my RV (1995 Hymer) to stay off-grid during the dark season in northern germany? Lotsa love around the whole wide world from Berlin, Chris & Sarah ! 🏖
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 5 månader sedan
Welcome aboard! You should take a look at the Silent Wind Turbine, it works pretty well. It should work on an RV as long as you can keep the blades clear. Fair winds and wishing you the best in your travels- Brian
richard wickliffe
richard wickliffe 5 månader sedan
been watching for a while now peace x
darrell lynn
darrell lynn 5 månader sedan
i have the same coffee grinder love it
MSI2k 5 månader sedan
"The other left" LOL Man, Kazaa is one gorgeous lady
Metalosopher 5 månader sedan
SEmostrs please, please be careful with the selfie close ups. Remember, most of us are watching this on 70 inch screens, and having a giant face the size of my wall looming over me is NOT comfortable. Imagine someone talking to you, unwittingly leaning their face 5 inches from your face, and than multiply that times 70. Not pleasant at all.
Paul Chapin
Paul Chapin 5 månader sedan
I am watching on 125 inches and see no problem.
pascalblotiau 5 månader sedan
not used to see New York harbor so quiet and nobody at the Statue
Mallory Butts
Mallory Butts 5 månader sedan
Love you 3
dusty 5 månader sedan
Your from the west coast have you seen Breaking Waves Sailing ⛵️ channel 🙂
JP Merrick
JP Merrick 5 månader sedan
Folks check out Lloyd Harbor Huntington Bay Huntington Harbor also Essex Conn
Ron Gamache
Ron Gamache 5 månader sedan
You guys are my calm in the desperate storm I live in on land Love it. Don't ever quit
Dale Deonarine
Dale Deonarine 5 månader sedan
Michele Walters
Michele Walters 5 månader sedan
Does Ciera (Sierra?) have any balance adjustments on land?
S/V Lusca
S/V Lusca 5 månader sedan
We like the city also, always some action to see. On the other side I can go out in the forest to camp out to get as far as possible from humans, ahh life’s balance
Walter Majors
Walter Majors 5 månader sedan
Will we see Brady and Blue on Delos again?
Ryan R89
Ryan R89 5 månader sedan
Man im pissed i live in rhode Island and i missed u guys some bull shit
Texas Pride
Texas Pride 5 månader sedan
I have quite the catching up to do. With politics and the election I havn t watched in a few weeks well maybe a month. Time to unwind.
SV Kochanie
SV Kochanie 5 månader sedan
Hello 👋 Delos crew, Monika and I have been watching you for around 5-6 years and you are our inspiration 🎉 this is the first time thought we decided to write a comment ... so here goes 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️ after seeing your outboard fail we thought you might like to consider an electric replacement .. either the torqeedo or ePropulsion May not be as fast but they are fast enough & eco friendly .. might be worth looking into 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️
bam bam
bam bam 5 månader sedan
Wow, been gone for awhile . This is surreal , no brady, a baby and new york city!!! O. M. G
Robert Mecalis
Robert Mecalis 5 månader sedan
Not gonna lie, brought a tear to my eyes sailed this same route back in July 2001 with 3 buddies one the owner of the boat now passed. Wonderful guy great friend.
Gav Hirt
Gav Hirt 5 månader sedan
Waisted the gear box welcome to NYC.
Ricardo Vasconcelos
Ricardo Vasconcelos 5 månader sedan
Awesome. I have great memories of NY. Best trip I ever made.
danceswithcarsdc 5 månader sedan
Loxs bagel generally am thing, didn't make it to dinner, lunchtime likely, crazy *20
Marina Capri
Marina Capri 5 månader sedan
I grew up on the Long Island sound and now you’re heading out to Block Island. I’m so jealous, and very happy for you.
Mal in Colly
Mal in Colly 5 månader sedan
I have to say it; Brian is the spitting image of Rapunzel's Dad in "Tangled". Put a king's crown on him and there you go!
ricky seymour
ricky seymour 5 månader sedan
That's what she said, end of the video.
mike sims
mike sims 5 månader sedan
Nugget was fun for a bit but that little girl has a name, use it!!!!
Someone Normal
Someone Normal 5 månader sedan
what are you going to do when the baby grows up for school?
manolis hadjiconstantinou
manolis hadjiconstantinou 5 månader sedan
Enjoying this beautiful channel, with all your adventures! Thanks for sharing! By the way what has happened to your brother? I miss the crazy bugger!
OLITRAVEL CHANNEL 5 månader sedan
wow...great Video. Thank you. I have already subscribed you now :) I have on my new channel short travel videos from Europe. Have a look if you have time. Best regards from Switzerland.
Gavin Dyett
Gavin Dyett 5 månader sedan
when you are scoping up $11k per video from Patreon. You can afford a new motor hehe.. keep up the great videos
Valerie J
Valerie J 5 månader sedan
That was awesome! Stay safe.
RobertWardJones 5 månader sedan
Sounds like the outboard lower unit gear box needs repair.
N K [Nate] Wood
N K [Nate] Wood 5 månader sedan
-Sailing SV Delos: If you *_DO NOT_* stop describing virtually *_EVERYTHING_* as *CRA-A-A-A-ZY* , I will UNSUBSCRIBE! Immediately! You got that?!? Well, *DO YOU* ?!? *ADVISE* ...
tjbonzo 5 månader sedan
11:21 - I don't think it was intentional, but nice imitation of Lady Liberty with Nugget as the tablet.
EJ S 5 månader sedan
Great views of NYC. Curious as to what the expense for the mooring ball was in the bay? Keep safe!
Eleanor Arscott
Eleanor Arscott 5 månader sedan
Welcome to the Big Apple 🍎. Lights so beautiful in the dark. Stay safe.
Aloha TVn
Aloha TVn 5 månader sedan
Another fantastic video 📹 👏 👌 👍.
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