Destination Block Island! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 293

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Sailing SV Delos

5 månader sedan

If you wonder what it’s like to live on a boat as a family, sailing from Island to Island, bicycling, hiking and collecting your own dinner this episode is for you :)
Continuing our trip North we decide to sail through Long Island Sound, making a quick stop at the Thimble Islands in Connecticut where we get the coolest pizza delivery ever. We depart in the morning and have a fast sail to the famous Block Island in Rhode Island. It's a place we’ve heard so much cool things about along the trip and we're excited to show you what it's all about!
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Dion Carlos
Dion Carlos 2 dagar sedan
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Anita Hardesty
Anita Hardesty 11 dagar sedan
The one thing that freaks me out on a sailboat is when the boat tips to the side. I feel like the boat is going to tip over lolol nugget patrol lol cute!! She is absolutely adorable! You guys are awesome parents!
Darlene Ermis
Darlene Ermis 15 dagar sedan
Your baby is so adorable and happy.....if I were younger I’d come aboard and be your nanny for free❤️
Jenna Ryan
Jenna Ryan 20 dagar sedan
The pricey donkey sequentially sniff because handsaw exclusively fire beside a able dibble. lacking, whimsical fly
Jay Brose
Jay Brose Månad sedan
Sierra's smile? Is what makes parenting worth it.
Noemii Anderson
Noemii Anderson Månad sedan
Omg CT where I am!!!!
Jairo Rojas
Jairo Rojas Månad sedan
I love the reading of the fun facts.... just made it click to me.... the cartoon family guy has a lot of real mentions of this clams
stephen20105 Månad sedan
Like being a pilot monitoring gaurd
Gemma Ragain
Gemma Ragain 2 månader sedan
I think you guys have the best, most fun followers. Love all the deliveries! Safe travels.
anubhav bajpai
anubhav bajpai 2 månader sedan
Man! You are like the beetles of saling....!!!
Nomine Patris
Nomine Patris 3 månader sedan
That type of radio traffic definitely let's you know you're in New England.
Benjamin Weidner
Benjamin Weidner 3 månader sedan
CT is known for its pizza great to you get a taste.
Randolph Quintana
Randolph Quintana 3 månader sedan
That's "Captain Nugget" to you Brian..... lol
gregory roberts
gregory roberts 3 månader sedan
I have been meaning to watch this episode since I left BI . You biked right passed my summer rental in your way to north light. Lots of seals out there this year.
Scott Corneau
Scott Corneau 3 månader sedan
Thank you for visiting a TINY, BEAUTFUL Island.....
Edson Dantas
Edson Dantas 3 månader sedan
Feliz natal
Edson Dantas
Edson Dantas 3 månader sedan
Feliz Natal sr comdante e eletomecanica e esta linda modelo e princesa jesus abencoe ao lindo cascal maraviloso
Dawn Everix
Dawn Everix 4 månader sedan
I have been on an aircraft carrier and it looks the same out at sea, it is beautiful
Damien Tyrer
Damien Tyrer 4 månader sedan
Loving the series been binge watching it for 2 days solid now
Flashline Media Consultancy
Flashline Media Consultancy 4 månader sedan
This is my next venture, but I will be heading to South Africa to dive with the GW community, I'm saving for my underwater housing for my Canon 1DX, but you guy's are living the dream
petra r.
petra r. 4 månader sedan
what kind of belt is this what kazza is wearing at 1:54?
stepnahalf 4 månader sedan
Greetings Delos, When you were on Block Island did you run across any glass orbs? here is a link to an amazing project to stimulate tourism in the area. I love your channel, keep up the great work and stay safe. Stepnahalf in Wisconsin
Trix Auburn
Trix Auburn 4 månader sedan
So, how big was that 405 year old Quahog?
stone jizo
stone jizo 4 månader sedan
Years old suddenly enjoy your Channel today was my first time in countering it and I've been sitting here now for about 3 hours🤗stay safe😷
Gary Laaks
Gary Laaks 4 månader sedan
Another lovely video. Awesome.
Jason Malone
Jason Malone 4 månader sedan
So did you get a new outboard?
Ezyan Mahmod
Ezyan Mahmod 4 månader sedan
wow so beautiful morning
Bryan Sykes
Bryan Sykes 4 månader sedan
so funny. she is working on that dang corn. love yall
Nicholas Devine
Nicholas Devine 4 månader sedan
I'm sure you guys already assessed the cross beam on the bicycle seat for Sierra, but it makes me nervous as it looks like she could hit her forehead on it in the event of an emergency breaking.
Gopala Krishnan
Gopala Krishnan 4 månader sedan
Please put one full vedio on Seeras naughty activities
Gary H.
Gary H. 5 månader sedan
I must say, while all of us are working a daily job, watching you live your dreams of exploring this world is a gift that we dream and you live..... Awesome..........!
David Stebenne
David Stebenne 5 månader sedan
BI is my favorite place on earth! Been going there on family boats (dads or mine) since 1965. In fact my profile pic was taken on clay head trail a few years ago. Safe travels!
DriftaholiC 5 månader sedan
Would that be a poo canoe?
Daniel May
Daniel May 5 månader sedan
I was at the helm of my grand fathers super maramu sailing though block island channel back in 1994 as a 14 year old. My grand mother was very nervous :D. When I found your channel 4 years ago I had to check if it was his boat you had bought. It wasn't. Oh, and I'm half swedish and half american :)
frawldog 5 månader sedan
Usa sucks
Survival Health and Healing TV
Survival Health and Healing TV 5 månader sedan
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Survival Health and Healing TV
Survival Health and Healing TV 5 månader sedan
Survival Health and Healing TV
Survival Health and Healing TV 5 månader sedan
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Survival Health and Healing TV
Survival Health and Healing TV 5 månader sedan
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Survival Health and Healing TV
Survival Health and Healing TV 5 månader sedan
jon alleva
jon alleva 5 månader sedan
I wish I saw this so I could've possibly met you and bought you a beer in person
Prabesh Maharjan
Prabesh Maharjan 5 månader sedan
I like your Videos and Lord Buddha Logo on your lovely home. Love From Nepal❤
Lydia Johnson
Lydia Johnson 5 månader sedan
“I’m a little bit rusty”. Yeah, right. Did you see Kaza “stick that landing” jumping off the bicycle? Nice!
Lydia Johnson
Lydia Johnson 5 månader sedan
I love seeing Brian and Kaza travel as a family with Sierra. But, could Uncle Brady come visit? I’d love to see him getting to know his niece for a few days. Sierra should know him.
Rus13 5 månader sedan
Hello guy's! Respect from Russia!
Zach Grimes
Zach Grimes 5 månader sedan
Love the classical music during the poo pump scene.
Murdock Erudite
Murdock Erudite 5 månader sedan
Ciara-" if anyone spill my drink on this boat"
Musing Thalia
Musing Thalia 5 månader sedan
I began watching the first episode of SV Delos on Oct. 17th, 2020 and today Nov. 12th, 2020 I am caught up. What an AMAZING JOURNEY...gotta say, I"ll be watching every episode and Sierra is a DOLL BABY! She makes me SO HAPPY!
Kevin Wescott
Kevin Wescott 5 månader sedan
Are you coming to Maine? Kevin in Camden
Rick McRight
Rick McRight 5 månader sedan
I can't help myself smile everytime Nugget starts to mumble her words. She's wonderful!
ดุ่ยดุ่ย ลุยเดี่ยว
ดุ่ยดุ่ย ลุยเดี่ยว 5 månader sedan
Mike Gehl
Mike Gehl 5 månader sedan
Man, wish I had known you guys were aproching the Thimble Islands - my daughter, a very-soon-to-be-minted MD lives just inshore, and I would have been happy to spring for, and have she and her S.O. deliver a proper Zuppardi's New Haven fresh clam pizza, kind of a local icon. (Let the pizza wars begin...) But all Connecticut coastal pizza is great! Glad you got into the clam culture (sung to the tune of Monty Python's Spam skit); it kinda defines the area.
MO GAINS 5 månader sedan
New subscriber from beautiful Trinidad and Tobago One love ❤️👍🏼👊🏼👊🏼🇹🇹.
Grant Peachey
Grant Peachey 5 månader sedan
you always amaze me cool but corny is it teething>>>>>>>>> lol the best had to say that
Kevin Davison
Kevin Davison 5 månader sedan
So how do people find out where the boat is at any one time to meet you and deliver pizzas? I didn't realize you were in Maine a couple months ago except I saw you on the news. the video's haven't caught up yet. is this a patreon thing or some other social media outlet information.?
Kevin Davison
Kevin Davison 5 månader sedan
@Sailing SV Delos Thanks that's a cool site If I'm reading it right you're back in Chesapeake bay right now. a cool place to check out would be Chincoteague Island, VA, there is one of the last herds of wild horses roaming free on the island. I enjoy your videos and I have always enjoyed boating and marine stuff I have no ideal how to sail but after watching your vids I might like to learn one day.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos 5 månader sedan
You can always check out
Shukie Shox
Shukie Shox 5 månader sedan
Come and visit Philippines 🇵🇭
Dennis Dela cruz
Dennis Dela cruz 5 månader sedan
You should've named your daughter Moana.
Charles Philips
Charles Philips 5 månader sedan
ct bread and pizza is the best
swee how
swee how 5 månader sedan
Modern Robinson Crusoe
Sail Ho
Sail Ho 5 månader sedan
In UK they have a habit to call coast guard station for radio check. I was shocked ( I'm Polish). How it looks like in USA?
Libyan Soup
Libyan Soup 5 månader sedan
If you've ever wondered what it's looks like to have your yacht struck by lightning. (yes the strike is caught on film). A multiple strike so powerful that it actually blows a hole in your hull below the waterline and you're single handed sailing and your yacht start sinking at night in a very remote anchorage. Most of your electrics are fried (no radio, and in a place so remote that you have no other way of calling for assistance).....the water is rising inside your boat and you have no choice but to dive over the side into the pitch back sea and patch the hole in the hull whilst being circled at arms length by sharks (Yes the sharks are caught on film too). Do yourselves a favour and watch 'Sailing into Freedom's' latest episode
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 5 månader sedan
Sierra is just SO adorable. People and fellow sailors please spare a thought and if possible funds to another great channel Sailing into Freedom. Peter’s boat got hit by lightening. Blew a hole in the hull and wiped out almost all of the electrics, gopros and drones. He has got the boat onto dry land. I have no financial link to Peter and Margarida but they need help. To everyone on the sea...stay safe.
Kevin Dreher
Kevin Dreher 5 månader sedan
Another great episode....keep it up.
Владимир Глебов
Владимир Глебов 5 månader sedan
Casey Littel
Casey Littel 5 månader sedan
“Look at those birds, they’re like, floating!” .... yup, they sure are Kazza!
videojones59 5 månader sedan
When I go for a day sail on a weekend in the summertime on Long Island Sound, I never fail to tune the VHF to Channel 16. It is a source of never-ending entertainment. Maybe even more fun than S/V Delos!
Scott Secrest
Scott Secrest 5 månader sedan
You guys got batteries in fortllauterdale a few months ago im getting a 5th wheel and wanted to put a bigger battery pack in it. Please let me know where and who did it thanks
R Gildersleeve
R Gildersleeve 5 månader sedan
Fun, make your day, all the accolades and Sierra's cornonacobbcomics.
Sandy Martin
Sandy Martin 5 månader sedan
love watching your videos at work, makes the time past so much quicker!
Ben Hyman
Ben Hyman 5 månader sedan
Love the pump-out music - haha
ryan morris
ryan morris 5 månader sedan
WAtch MY aSMr
Filman Santiago & Family
Filman Santiago & Family 5 månader sedan
You don’t have the million subs yet, but this following is the legit of all Legit. Bagel and pizza in the shores of New York and Connecticut? That’s crazy. 😊👍👍👍
Expat Explorer
Expat Explorer 5 månader sedan
Everyone loved you guys including myself!!!
Paulo Borba
Paulo Borba 5 månader sedan
Muito bom
John M
John M 5 månader sedan
People love your channel because of who you are, great people with big hearts
SLLEPNAD 5 månader sedan
I just watched mr. Brady’s Post on instagram yesterday. I do not agree with him. Way to alienate half of your subscribers. Your channel was fucking awesome, from now on... not interested. See ya.
gina kleine jaeger
gina kleine jaeger 5 månader sedan
Thank you for taking me back to the most beautiful place I have been to in my travels. Growing up on our boat we would come here every summer and I have such a wonderful memories. We used to scooter all over and I hope you visit the Bluffs as I haven’t finished this episode yet.
Scott Markham
Scott Markham 5 månader sedan
Those are geese.
ahmad asyraf
ahmad asyraf 5 månader sedan
Have you guys been to Malaysia?
Captain Jazz
Captain Jazz 5 månader sedan
I’ve only sailed to The Block during off season. Now I remember why.
subocajw 5 månader sedan
Uhhh about antifouling..... Yes I’m a little late with my reaction. Next time you need to do antifouling consider Finsulate. No poison, totally different concept. Will last at least 5 years, but probably more like 10. Check this: Good luck, MasarapSailing, Netherlands 🇳🇱
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 5 månader sedan
wahoo!!! love block island, have a blast
Daniel Samuelson
Daniel Samuelson 5 månader sedan
Hell ya guys, thats my home town in the Thimble Islands. I'm happy you got to experience my childhood playground. Block Island too!
Refitting Reverie
Refitting Reverie 5 månader sedan
After watching your videos for the past 5 years I could no longer take it. I had to buy a boat of my own. Cheers Delos!
Nikki 5 månader sedan
What a life...
Kyla Davenport
Kyla Davenport 5 månader sedan
Thanks another amazing video
MJ Sailing
MJ Sailing 5 månader sedan
"We were going to film this thing about cooking clams in pasta, and we got drunk and forgot." THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!! 😂😂👍
sebastian licht
sebastian licht 5 månader sedan
I have been watching these videos for three years now and have been waiting for Delos to arrive in Branford Connecticut. I am so glad you made it!
shamus 5 månader sedan
Spent many weekends on Block Island
Swim Cat
Swim Cat 5 månader sedan
Maceration--- like the disposal in the sink --- uh kind of lol 😆. Block Island 40 almost bought one
Clarissa Kay
Clarissa Kay 5 månader sedan
You should see the fog here in the north of England right now, it's like Silent Hill.
mario 5 månader sedan
So when are u going to the French poly to visit all them islands, would love to see the old crew again.
Christopher Jung
Christopher Jung 5 månader sedan
02:40 looks like sweden :)
Chris And stellen
Chris And stellen 5 månader sedan
i kinda wanna do what u guys r doing but then again i don't wanna leave my little city in mid alberta
Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson 5 månader sedan
The beauty of sailing you can experience all weather and nature where ever ya'll hearts desire! Love it!
trending amazon products
trending amazon products 5 månader sedan
Sir we miss your brother Pls call him back to delos
Dial a Dingo
Dial a Dingo 5 månader sedan
A fellow SEmost sailing channel Sailing into freedom recently been hit by lightning, any chance of a shout out to them, check out there channel, thanks
supperman 5 månader sedan
You know there are child labor laws. Captain Sierra will require an extra ration of corn. See to it!!. hahaha
SLLEPNAD 5 månader sedan
I unsubscribed from senior Brady’s channel for his political BS, now I am unsubscribing from yours as well. I wish you the best.i will not support the view of dishonesty and the support of lies. I wish you the safest of travels. God bless.
Ann Marie
Ann Marie 5 månader sedan
That's cool! I think this was in the summer. Block Island is busy during summer especially 4th of July. My family and I always spend summer there because my in-laws have a house there. They don't live there the whole year. Maybe one day we will cross path and I'll say hi. If you go back next year there's a animal farm named Abrams farm that Sierra will enjoy to see the animals.
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