6 Week MINI REFIT 😬⛵The Projects that Nearly Broke Us - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 310

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Sailing SV Delos

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You know that feeling when you’ve bitten more than you can chew? Winter sailing in New England is no joke, and it took its toll on both Delos and her crew. We find ourselves facing a gigantic project list to complete in only a few weeks before Karin's US Visa expires. After running aground 4 times we finally make it to a dock in Annapolis to begin tackling our list. Delos is now over 20 years old and she's in need of some love, and we're in the perfect place for us to get some work done. After writing our to-do list we both feel a bit stunned by what we’ve taken on, and things don't get easier as Brian heads in for surgery making him incapacitated for at least two weeks.
Thanks for watching and for all the love! Below are some links if you want to get even more emerged into our sailing life as a family. Many HUGS! Kazza, Brian and little Sierra
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Psychosis Media
Psychosis Media 4 dagar sedan
Dam if i knew you were in Annapolis i would have offered to lend a hand. I currently live in White Marsh MD. I don't know much of anything but willing to lend a hand or back. Good luck guys.
Tiago Goncalves
Tiago Goncalves 6 dagar sedan
I did the same operation in brazil without general anesthesia, i was awake and fully concious the whole time. I think this must have comercial reasons Behind it in the US..even for minor dental surgery they knock the pacient unconcious.. And that's not necessary or normal choise for a doctor. This must be kind of a deal with farmaceutical company..Tipical businnes with human health. I'm glad to see you recovered well and is already sailing storms haha. I would always refuse this kind of anestesia unless it was the kind of operation it really is the better way to do it.
Michael Ward
Michael Ward 9 dagar sedan
I grew up on the Chesapeake...and in 1983 I was first mate on a 53’ Ketch which ignored my advice and left the dock at a Marina At Windmill Pt. Va with storm warnings posted and into the Chesapeake where we encountered conditions much like yours. After the Captain became overwhelmed, I took the wheel and sailed us back up the Rappahannock River to safety in Urbana...lots of damage but we were safe...I’ve had a healthy respect for the Chesapeake ever since! I really enjoyed your video and will be a subscriber going forward!
Kolin Boorom
Kolin Boorom 9 dagar sedan
I saw the tickets and I said out loud “this guys a developer!” I just started watching recently and didn’t know
Angela Vermaak
Angela Vermaak 9 dagar sedan
Karin & Brian, just love how "real" your videos are. Thanks for letting us in on your sailing life with your beautiful daughter. Keep your chin up...🌸💕 PS. Brian's narrative abilities and smooth voice are great!
Kama Ringwood
Kama Ringwood 11 dagar sedan
Kazza, I wish you had some good friends around to help out and make winter on a boat more fun. The problem of moisture under the mattress can be solved with Hypervent. I found it in a foam shop, it works.
Rune Martin Guldberg
Rune Martin Guldberg 12 dagar sedan
Dirt in the motors compression is always bad.
Kimble Mooney
Kimble Mooney 12 dagar sedan
American really need universal health care - tax the rich to pay for it.
atey4kids 13 dagar sedan
Motherhood is amazingly great and it will definitely change your life because you now have a huge responsibility for the welfare of the life you created. Much love to you Karin and Sierra ❤️
Michael Mullins
Michael Mullins 13 dagar sedan
Have you ever tried running diesel purge through the fuel system before an oil change? I do it on my automotive diesels and it usually clears up any carbon buildup on the injectors.
Sudhakar G
Sudhakar G 18 dagar sedan
Get well soon Brain. Hope, everything turns out fine there.
Sun shine
Sun shine 19 dagar sedan
On your bed, there are mattress insulators basically a kind of mattress spring let’s air flow below mattress. You can use gym Mats to insulate the walls.
G Peterson
G Peterson 19 dagar sedan
Those are some great & kind fans helping you. Wonderful couple! You guys did an amazing job organizing & completing tasks. Wow.
3rd youtube channel stop deleting me
3rd youtube channel stop deleting me 20 dagar sedan
23:58 I spy a titty!!!..lol
tinfish73 21 dag sedan
Thank god it was a hernia...a himnia is much more serious...
Mark Berberich
Mark Berberich 24 dagar sedan
Big blue eyed Kazza... Great chick 👌
Darlene Ermis
Darlene Ermis 24 dagar sedan
Honey you’re going to get mold....that will make you all sick.
Darlene Ermis
Darlene Ermis 24 dagar sedan
You need to take a vacation from sailing! You both would enjoy your precious baby girl so much more ❤️
Mark L.
Mark L. 25 dagar sedan
Nice buck... Bucks have antlers(they fall off every year around Jan-March. A new set of antlers start growing around may-June. Female deer do not have antlers. Cattle for example have horns...they never shed:)
Matt O
Matt O 25 dagar sedan
Can’t imagine paying cash for surgery good luck Brian!
Edwin hookahm3n
Edwin hookahm3n 25 dagar sedan
Are you guys still in maryland thats were im at i would love to meet you guys been following for years
Voyage et Virage
Voyage et Virage 25 dagar sedan
Feel like you guys need a guy like La Vaga's Andre to join your voyages and make things a bit easier for a while.
Beau Scott
Beau Scott 25 dagar sedan
Love seeing Scrum/Kanban being used in every day projects! Cheers from another software dev!
Robert Jaquillard
Robert Jaquillard 26 dagar sedan
keep navigating the stairs with nugget my bud...keep pushing those mini limits to make your child strong!
(-Permaflox-) 26 dagar sedan
NightSkyACC /\
NightSkyACC /\ 26 dagar sedan
23:58 on the right side there is a picture from TAHITI TAHITIAN 2007 🤭
Kevin Walsh
Kevin Walsh 26 dagar sedan
So we call that tape you used on your shore power rubber tape. We still wrap shore power splices on navy ships with it.
Nicholas Griswold
Nicholas Griswold 27 dagar sedan
The nugget is so cute. Glad your surgery went well. It wasn't until my 60's that I did much of that but.... I have been overhauled a lot in the last few years. Love your channel and your family. I look forward every week to a new episode.
Pavil Reutov
Pavil Reutov 27 dagar sedan
22:08 is that the guy from vessel doodles on the left?
Youtube Stash
Youtube Stash 27 dagar sedan
I pretty much understand the purpose of most of the tools: Circular saw for long cuts, jigsaw for curved cuts - but what's the shotgun on the wall for (29:16)?
Abundalanced Life
Abundalanced Life 27 dagar sedan
scrum! cool
John Mayer
John Mayer 27 dagar sedan
The problem with the mattresses is obviously that they don't get any airflow underneath. I am using a mattress underlay (plastic mesh of ca. 2 cm thickness) underneath them to ensure airflow. Works wonders. Another thing, I don't know if you have got a dehumidifier, in cold climates it has to run 24/7 in order to keep humidity at bay.
Source Energy
Source Energy 28 dagar sedan
buy me a beer to watch this
sokin jon
sokin jon 27 dagar sedan
the best entertainment ever on you tube
Korhan Cakmak
Korhan Cakmak 28 dagar sedan
Hey Brian! call 9-1-Brady, :-)
sokin jon
sokin jon 27 dagar sedan
I look forward to seeing the next episode. A Swede who takes care of a Swedish engine, perfect! 👍
sokin jon
sokin jon 28 dagar sedan
It's nice having a workshop to fix stuff for once
Future Isscary
Future Isscary 28 dagar sedan
Loved this one. I grew up in the Baltimore area, used to sail with my in-laws, ski around Annapolis, was fun to see!
Tom Riley
Tom Riley 28 dagar sedan
Just wondering - when they regalvanise chain - how do they avoid having the zinc stick the links together fixed or having "missed" Bits when the links move apart - or is this just not an issue - made me wonder?
Garry West
Garry West 28 dagar sedan
About time a new boat company got involved with you. A new Delos. So much respect being an electrical engineer your Kaz and Brian’s efforts keeping boat afloat.
sokin jon
sokin jon 28 dagar sedan
I just saw Bobby from Sailing Doodles helping with the chain!!! Cool!!
Peter Dandridge
Peter Dandridge 28 dagar sedan
First clean the engine then work on it. My kind of mechanic. Well done Brian
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas 28 dagar sedan
You're blocked exhaust was more than likely the cause of the injector problem... hey?
Bill Hunter
Bill Hunter 28 dagar sedan
Nice EKG--not
FUBAR337 28 dagar sedan
I’ve had 4 ventral/Umbilical hernias... not fun. Just take it easy.
Domenico Carella
Domenico Carella 28 dagar sedan
Hey Brian how are you doing...feeling better buddy? BIG HUG to all of you !!!
Mattias Vinge
Mattias Vinge 28 dagar sedan
How do you get snus when you are sailing around?
hick schnak
hick schnak 28 dagar sedan
New crew? Maybe new old crew. There are many old crew I can imagine being a good babysitter 🙂
The Camping Trucker
The Camping Trucker 28 dagar sedan
Hey have you heard from Max and Frida, Josje and Babs? How are they?
Pat Hamer
Pat Hamer 28 dagar sedan
Dehumidifier? They work great.
alida flus
alida flus 28 dagar sedan
I look forward to seeing the next episode. A Swede who takes care of a Swedish engine, perfect! 👍
The real Messias
The real Messias 29 dagar sedan
I am so happy for you, place number 2 of the sailing families, but may you can achieve place number one again, change to a catamaran and get Brady back, you all together are the best entertainment ever on you tube
David Self
David Self 29 dagar sedan
John Caouette
John Caouette 29 dagar sedan
Brian, it is nice to see both sides of the sailing life in your videos ie: the good parts and hard parts and the many skills and tenacity that you have to take on the maintenance of your Boat. Can you imagine if you didn't or couldn't do these things what it would cost to hire people to do them. I also like a challenge and wouldn't steer away from one either. Nice work and keep it up.
alida flus
alida flus 28 dagar sedan
Look up "The Boat koozie - Easy Insulation for an old Boat". - from the Sailing Uma channel.
Howard Beer
Howard Beer 29 dagar sedan
Hey Brian That exhaust hose ?? There is a big possibly that the whole of the hose is like that all the way to the outlet Best to check ok. Age and occasional dry running has caused that to happen
Sparkyvett Mahrs
Sparkyvett Mahrs 29 dagar sedan
I just saw Bobby from Sailing Doodles helping with the chain!!! Cool!!
Bernd Traber
Bernd Traber 4 dagar sedan
Good thing, you caught that too. The sunglasses gave him away.
peregrinegrace 29 dagar sedan
Get a lattice for under your mattress , so that air can circulate and moisture evaporate. I use a dehumidifier in the uk almost six months of the year.
James Logan
James Logan 29 dagar sedan
Be very careful driving at night in Maryland it is so overpopulated with deer it makes driving dangerous.
mark bowman
mark bowman 29 dagar sedan
LOL 24.40 Brian in a high pitched happy voice "Crew, we can have more crew again" Kazza in a kinda low depressed voice "yeah exactly"
alain miclette
alain miclette 29 dagar sedan
kudos on maintaning your "house". if that was carbon buildup on the exhaust pipe, plus that much carbon on your injectors means your engine is not run up to ideal power most of the time. diesels love to work and hate idling or very low load conditions. best is to aim for 75 to 85% of max rpm under load most of the time, otherwise then give her a good workout once in a while, like 95% rpm for an hour or two, it should help keep carbon deposits down and your engine much happier and reliable=safety at the end of the day. love your show! all the best!
justagirlsd3000 29 dagar sedan
You guys are amazing. 🙏🏽💖👨‍👩‍👧
Jon Ryan
Jon Ryan 29 dagar sedan
You know what they say...only good boat is a sold one..cept maybe when it's also your house hah
night trucker
night trucker 29 dagar sedan
Well get well soon and i was so glad to see Sailing Doodles helping you if i could of been their to help you out i wish i was.
Fifi CH
Fifi CH 29 dagar sedan
🤦🏼‍♀️hearing all these domestic, medical problems, it's all overwhelming. Regarding Brian's surgery.... We all hate any op.... His surgery I've seen done on a member of family, he'll be fine but don't forget to stay calm.🙏🙏 Brava Kazza she's a Woman with a big "W".!!🥰😍🤗
Fifi CH
Fifi CH 29 dagar sedan
OMG 😳😳😳 you left me feeling exhausted 😬 You two, no, you three are incredible. Looks like you had every conceivable repair to do🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️🙏 Awesome courage.🌅⛵🥰
Ashton Pierre
Ashton Pierre 29 dagar sedan
Matheus Henrique Marcolan Daniel
Matheus Henrique Marcolan Daniel 29 dagar sedan
You guys are GREAT!!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 29 dagar sedan
done something that not many people have done and you should be very proud. You guys are Warriors of the sea and land !
DriftFish 29 dagar sedan
Look up "The Boat koozie - Easy Insulation for an old Boat". - from the Sailing Uma channel.
Richard Ulloa
Richard Ulloa 29 dagar sedan
You guys are so awesome!! Wow, a great video! Good singing from Kazza, too!
ify 29 dagar sedan
You three/five for this video... Is beautiful!! I wish i could support! Thank you three and patrons!! Much respect! Thank you to. to the patrons helping you... I would too, but Colorado isn't on your list of ports 😆😆😆😆 Cheers!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 29 dagar sedan
Carol Bell
Carol Bell 29 dagar sedan
Hi Brian , would you please inform us with the surgery information and updates, as some here are facing similar issues. Praying for family, poor Sierra knew! She is very beautiful like Mom.
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith 29 dagar sedan
Great videos as usual. It sure would be nice to see you installing a new power plant for motoring. Delos has put so many miles on your motor, why not jump to hopefully new more robust technology.
TheMasonsx5 Månad sedan
I would like to see more provisioning 😊
Richard Månad sedan
What do you mean Kazza is not an American citizen yet?!
Katie Luv
Katie Luv Månad sedan
When you plan a long overhaul like that, you should let us know. Some of us are quite skilled in mechanicals and carpentry. We would love to pitch in and help, especially since some of us do live near your port of choice (Annapolis in this case). :)
ushoys Månad sedan
That topless woman on the calendar at 24:36 is the most shocking thing I've ever seen in my life.
Mazda rx7
Mazda rx7 Månad sedan
Cabnits, closets etc should neve have solid doors covering the opening. You can never have too much ventalation in a boat. I used to always use rock salt drips to dehumidify
Dave Scott
Dave Scott Månad sedan
It's so great to see Kazza getting her strength back and not being so defeated and joyless...kudos to you three and hoping Brian is feeling better!
Bravo21 Månad sedan
LoL! The look on her face when you said 'We can have crew again!' too funny :)
François BYVOET
François BYVOET Månad sedan
Message for BRian : quite a pity for Software IT industry that you left your job ... I would love so much to work with you as main PM for what ever big crazy IT project ! You knows always where the project is going and how to mitigate the issues popping up ;-) at the same time keeping always your calm and good mood . So impressive ! In fact, even if you would do just 1 h status meeting remotely per day , I m sure some shitty projects wrongly managed could be finally fixed anywhere in the world ... Not to mention your natural born charisma!
Gerhard van Waltsleben
Gerhard van Waltsleben Månad sedan
Lekker man lekker
Sean david White
Sean david White Månad sedan
I'm in bay ridge. 43 bay drive. Come on by. I'm two blocks from you.
Tony Hill
Tony Hill Månad sedan
The thumbnail tells me she tried to cut his toes off with a angle grinder.
Crispin Swainston Harrison
Crispin Swainston Harrison Månad sedan
Bryaaan, we need to see more detail on the DIY !
Steve .Collier
Steve .Collier Månad sedan
That was a monster video had the most maintenance work I have ever seen on your channel, chose a good location cool temp where sweat is not a problem, wow so many projects that had to be addressed. Karen a wonderful person to have as first mate, little nugget adorable and a handful at times, very enjoyable video, a lot of work to put that together
Bill Whitehurst
Bill Whitehurst Månad sedan
Must be very rewarding to see the post it’s go from one side to the other
Bill Whitehurst
Bill Whitehurst Månad sedan
That’s before you leave United States!
Bill Whitehurst
Bill Whitehurst Månad sedan
I volunteer to babysit nugget when she’s out of diapers for a few days or a week even! I come with references
M J Månad sedan
I can’t own a boat bcs I can’t do all that.👍
J. M. Grimm
J. M. Grimm Månad sedan
Loved the engine time lapses!
Tread Lightly
Tread Lightly Månad sedan
So glad your surgery went well Brian. Much love from WA can't wait for the next episode!
Tiki Tom
Tiki Tom Månad sedan
uhh can you say, New Boat? When is Delos 2.0 coming?
Dalic Månad sedan
If you guys need anything to help you all, I can come down to help.
Tim8mit Månad sedan
I know your videos aren't in real time I hope the hernia surgery went well and you are back in good health
chris downing
chris downing Månad sedan
Ventilaton is a major pain in damp climates. Even in warm dry ones you have to stop breathing. Don't know what your hatch arrangements are but if you can make up covers out of plastic sheeting you can keep the hatches open, stay dry, warm and carry on breathing.
Cool Moo5e
Cool Moo5e Månad sedan
great video, wish I knew you guys were back in Annapolis I would have swung by.
Jay Brose
Jay Brose Månad sedan
Hope the surgery went well, and that you're now steel belted, Brian!
CME4 Sheepdogs
CME4 Sheepdogs Månad sedan
I tuned in to see the Delos update and then you showed me a 6-point buck just walking casually by the dock and I instantly thought "get the rifle out, were having venison tonight!" Oh, and when our kids were little and would venture around at night, we would take out the companionway stairs so they couldn't get out and make a splash.
A&A Britten
A&A Britten Månad sedan
Umbilical hernia, usually fixed with a small incision, a bit of mesh and some stitches. Back on your feet in no time at all. Get well young man.
doire aintu
doire aintu Månad sedan
I spy with my little eye, a picture of a topless lady on the bulletin board in the galley.
Richard Kaye
Richard Kaye Månad sedan
Aero mesh should be under those mattresses guys , works a treat
Peter McGreevy
Peter McGreevy Månad sedan
Thanks Sally and Rodger for helping out........
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